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Mera Suhana Safar

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Mera Suhana Safar
Desi Mumbai GirlI hurried through platform no 7 of Howrah Station as there were just 20 minutes left before the Mumbai Mail left. I located my first class compartment lugged my suitcase into the cabin and heaved a sigh of relief. I saw through the window an elderly couple and a stunning looking lady quarreling with the porter who left their luggage on the platform but wouldn’t move it inside.

The lady in her late 20’s was truly stunning. She was above average height, very fair complexion, dark- eyed, straight sharp nose, straight haired, lovely large breasts bursting through the seams of her blue blouse and erect nipples showing through her sky blue chiffon saree. She wore a sparking diamond nose stud on her left nose, dangling ear rings and a necklace with a diamond pendant, gold bracelet and silver anklets. A rich woman from Rajasthan was what I could make from her looks.

The argument didn’t get them anywhere as the porter walked away waving his hand and leaving the lady and the elderly couple fuming. I got down from the compartment and helped lug her suitcase and a couple of small bags on to the compartment. She was seething with anger and was taking out on the elderly couple. I realized that they were her parents and they had come to put her on the Mumbai Mail so that she could take a connecting train to Pune and join her husband. The guy who had booked the tickets told her that the ticket that was waitlisted would be confirmed and when she reached the station her ticket continued to be in the waiting list.
“Who will run after the TT?” she fumed
“Get onto the train and he will come, beti!” her father was trying to cajole her.
“You and your ideas, as you grow old you have become senile!” she shot back, “You expect me to stand in the corridor till he comes?”
“Please, if I may?” I intervened, “You could sit on my seat and I will locate and try to get you a confirmed seat”
She frowned at me but accepted my offer and walked to my cabin and sat down with an arrogant toss of her head.
“Take care of her beta!” pleaded the old man, “She has had a row with her husband and somehow I have persuaded her to go back!” “Put her on the train to Pune, ok?” he implored.
By and by the train departed and I slowly made my way back to the cabin, collected her waitlisted ticket and went looking for the TT. All the time she was sulking and handed over her ticket to me as though she was doing me a favor. I felt like throwing the ticket right back at her face and asking her to fend for herself. The thought of the pleading old man and the sight of her lovely body however egged me on. Maybe I will be able to fuck this desirable piece of ass, I thought.

I located the TT and persuaded him to allot a berth available in different cabin. I came back to her and said, “They have allotted a berth to you in cabin ‘E’”
“I won’t move anywhere from here!” she snarled
I was losing patience, “Never mind, I’ll go!” I said tersely and moved to pick up my suitcase. Her expression softened a little and she looked at me as though pleading and saying, ‘don’t go!’
“Look, I will go!” said the Malayalee gentleman sitting in the opposite berth, “I am a handicapped person so please help me move my things to that cabin.”
I picked up his luggage and helped him across to Cabin ‘E’.
“She is a lovely lady that wife of yours,” he said, “keep her happy” (he assumed she was my wife)
“You are a rugged and handsome man yourself, grab her and fuck her well she will be alright!” he said and winked mischievously.
I made my way back to my cabin and glanced at her. She was looking out of the window; she looked at me and smiled. She looked bewitching. I occupied the seat opposite hers and looked away. By that time we were in Kharagpur and the train chugged out after a short halt and before long it gathered speed. There were two guys who got into the train at Kharagpur. One of them wanted a lower berth and wanted to know whether I would swap berths with him. I glanced at her and she nodded her head imperceptibly saying no.
“Sorry, my wife is not well and she needs my help!” I said glancing at her. She smiled a little, my heart raced and my groin hardened at the hint of things to come. The two guys went up to their berths and promptly went to sleep. I opened the packet of idlis that my mother had packed for me. She looked at me and said, “Please have puris and sabji, I have brought enough food for more than two!”
It was the first time she spoke softly and husky voice turned me on even more.
“No, thank you!” I said with a grim face.
“Please, I am sorry in case I annoyed you in any manner!” she pleaded, “Please eat with me”. She motioned me to sit with her in the same berth and opened the Tiffin carrier. The aroma of delicious food filled the cabin. I moved across to her berth. She served me and we ate together. In conversation she told me that her name was ‘Madhu’ and her husband ‘Sunil’ was a jeweler in Pune. They were married for just under one year. Sunil was a successful businessman and spent most of his time in his jewelry design unit. He came home pretty late, gobbled some food and usually hit the sack immediately. Once in a while he would hump her, a series of in out/up down strokes till he released and rolled over and went to sleep. Once when she held his cock and tried to insert it after he was spent, he yelled at her and called her a whore. So much for her sex life, is what she said. Her mother-in-law had since started taunting her for not conceiving and that’s why the trip to Calcutta to see and gynecologist and ensure that everything was alright.
“It will be humping once in a while, maybe till I get pregnant and then be consigned to some corner!” she said in a matter of fact tone. “I am not sure he can make me pregnant,” she sounded worried, “He doesn’t discharge most of the time, only has a sensation but no semen emission”
She was speaking and eating and tears welled up in her eyes when she said this. She brushed it off with a quick move and sniffed. Her pallu fell off for a while and I saw two lovely looking breasts. I stopped breathing for while and wondered what kind of a man was this Sunil. I would have served this beautiful woman like slave. She saw me looking at her breasts but made no move to cover them. Her eyes met mine briefly and then she looked away.
Dinner over I went looking for the attendant who could give us bed rolls. I spread the bedrolls for her too and went to the toilet and changed into my pajama and top shirt and returned to the cabin. She had already gone to bed in the same saree.
“Want to change?’ I asked, she nodded and closed her eyes. I switched off the light and occupied my berth. She hadn’t covered herself and was sleeping on her back with both arms above her head. The sight of her smooth skin, deep navel and protruding breasts rising and falling rhythmically sent my pulse racing and gave me a rock hard erection. I turned to face her and put my hand inside my pajama and started moving the foreskin forward and backward. I didn’t want to come and finish it off as I enjoyed the erection and was hoping that I would get some opportunity to fuck her before the journey got over. Presently I fell asleep. I woke up with a start and realized that someone was shaking me awake. I opened my eyes and found her standing over me. I pulled my hand out of pajama and looked at her a little sheepishly.
“I want to go to the toilet, will you accompany me till the end of the corridor?’ she asked.
I found it difficult to get up as I had a rock hard erection and it was showing through my pajamas. I managed to get up and followed her drowsily. Her swaying hips woke me up completely and it became even more difficult to manage the erection. She went into the washroom and I gratefully rushed into the other vacant one, peed and tried to bring a modicum of decency to the erection and came out and was waiting for her in the corridor. She also came out and used the wash basin for rinsing her mouth when the train lurched; she lost her balance and lunged towards me with her pallu in total disarray and hands in the air. I grabbed her round her waist my hands making direct contact with bare skin and held her tight. She also grabbed me and held me tight, I could feel her heart pounding and we leaned against the laminated partitions and remained in a tight hug. I looked down into her eyes and she lifted her face up and mouth open. I covered her mouth with mine and we kissed passionately sucking on each other’s lips, mouth and tongue. I held her around her shoulders with my left hand and she put her arms round my armpits to hug me even more firmly. We were kissing all the time. I felt her breasts over her clothes with my right hand and then put my hand under her pallu and touched her flat tummy and slowly fiddled with her blouse buttons. We heard a noise in the corridor; someone was opening the one of the cabin doors possibly to go to the loo. We broke our hug and walked back to our cabin. I saw that the corridor was empty and leaned forward to kiss her again leaning her against our cabin door. I pressed into her and she responded by pressing her groin against my erect penis. I now realized that a sensational fucking session was possible all we needed was little space.
We walked into the cabin; both the guys in the upper berths were snoring away. I sat her on the berth, put my right hand around and pulled her closed to me and kissed her deeply with my tongue playing with hers. With my left hand I started undoing her blouse buttons, she helped me undo the tougher ones and before long I had undone all the blouse buttons. I searched for bra hooks.
“They are also in the front,” she whispered.
I searched for and found the bra hooks, unclasped them and pushed up her bra cups. Out tumbled two lovely full moons with pink areoles. I fondled them, kneaded them, gently squeezed the nipples and moved down her neck and took her nipples in my mouth and played them with my tongue. I also sucked like a baby would.
“aaaahhhhh….” she whispered and at the same time reached for my pajama string. She deftly pulled at it, rolled down my pajamas a little and held my turgid and blood gorged cock in her hand and gently moved the foreskin forward and backward. She said “ aapka ye to bahut lamba aur mota hai.. aur kitna sakht hai ek dum lohe jaisa” I just smiled. By this time I was moving my hand right up her leg. I lifted her saree and petticoat up and ran my hand up her smooth legs and thighs. I reached her panties and found it soaking wet. I gently pulled down her panties. She gently lifted her ass so that I could slip it down her ass as well. I gripped her ass and rubbed my hand gently over it. It was so smooth and silky. I checked for movement in the upper berths. There were sleeping so blissfully. I laid her on the berth, pushed her saree and skirt up, pulled down the panties completely, spread her legs and gently massaged her “/v\”. She was hairy down there and wet. I knelt between her legs, brought down my pajamas and thrust my cock into her. It slid in smoothly. I didn’t burry it very deep. I rapidly thrust in and out in the mouth of her vagina where the all the nerve endings are located. I could see that she was having the time of her life.
“zzzzt and aaaaarppp” came a sound from one of the upper berths. The guy directly above belched loudly and we could hear noise of him trying to get up. I hurriedly pulled out my cock from her, pulled her saree and skirt back down to her ankles, covered her with a blanket and quickly moved to my berth. The guy from the upper berth eased his bulk down and took his own time coming down. He again belched very loudly and moved toward the toilet leaving the door open behind him.
“Can’t you shut the door behind you?” I called out a little angrily
He murmured something I couldn’t hear. He possibly suspected that we were screwing down below and wanted to spoil the party. I started after him, when she motioned me to stay back. I shut the door and came back to her berth and started kissing and fondling again.
“Wait till he goes to sleep again,” she whispered.
He came back to the cabin and took his time going up to his berth. He yawned, cleared his throat very noisily and made such a nuisance of himself that the other fellow also got up. He said something to him in Telugu which sounded like, “the two below are fucking away to glory, look at them now they act as though they are sleeping innocently. Close your eyes and they will start fucking again.” Both of them laughed lewdly. We too were pretty tired by then and fell asleep. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t fuck her well enough. There’s one more night to go, I consoled myself.
The next morning dawned bright and the train stopped Palaza. I fetched her some hot tea. The two guys above wanted to come down and sit. They planted themselves directly in front of where Madhu was sleeping and stole glances at her protruding breasts and sexy figure. I asked her to cover herself properly. She liked the way I fussed over her. I sat next to her and just to thumb my noses at the guys sitting in front of us, I put my hands around her. She snuggled into my arms and slept with her face against my chest. We had lunch at Vijayanagaram and the train was moving again. This time she made me lie down and put my head on her lap and started ruffling my hair. She even leaned forward and kissed me over the eyes unmindful of the glances of these guys. She looked at them scornfully as though to say, ‘this is my man and do what you can, you can’t stop me from making love to him.’ I was fascinated with this girl’s personality: she could seethe with anger, be arrogant, be sweet and gentle and also make love with so much passion. The myriad of expressions that had fleeted across her face over the last 12 hours fascinated me. The desire to fuck her was replaced by desire to make love to her and I mentally decided to follow her Pune if necessary to ensure that I made love to her.
We dozed off and before long the train chugged into Nagpur. Both guys in the cabin picked up their bags and left the train. I was excited when I realized that the cabin was all ours now and in case none boarded the compartment till we left the station I will have the time and space to truly fuck Madhu.
I found out that the cabin next to ours was vacant and it was a coupe’ at that. Adrenalin pumping I went looking for the TT, I found him allotting berths to passengers who were boarding at Nagpur. It took some persuasion, a little arm twisting and a few bank notes and he allotted the coupe’ to me.
Went back to our cabin and started shifting luggage to the coupe’.
“Where do you think you are going?” asked a stunned Madhu.
I came back to fetch her luggage and purposefully led her to the coupe’.
“You, chaalu maal, you have manipulated things so well that you will surely take me tonight, know?” said she looking appreciatively at the coupe’.
The train would stop for long so I grabbed a towel and went looking for a washroom in the station. I found a clean one in the first class waiting room, washed myself and shampooed, changed into a fresh pajama and top shirt and returned to the cabin fresh and ready. She looked at me and blushed. She knew I had freshened myself so that I smell good when I fucked her.
“You want to have a bath?” I asked
“No, you will have to take me as I am, unwashed and smelly,” she giggled mischievously.
“Your smell will be an aphrodisiac!”
I could hardly contain myself and stood on the platform impatiently waiting for the train to move. The lights turned green and with a long hoot the train started moving out of Nagpur. I got into the train and slowly made my way to the coupe’. The mere thought that we had total privacy excited me and I had a hard on.
I walked into the cabin and shut and latched the door, sat a little away from Madhu and was looking at her. For the first time in 18 hours she looked nervous. She was fiddling with her pallu and did not meet my eyes. The train had gathered speed. I was in no great hurry but did not take my eyes off her. She looked at me, averted her eyes for a while and looked back at me and made a face.
“Why keep me waiting, take me, know!”(kyon sata rahe ho, lo na!)
I smiled broadly at her, pulled her close to me, put my right around her waist, held her chin with my left hand and kissed her deep and hard. She too melted into me and I hugged her with both my hands.
“Close the windows, know!’ (khidki bandh karo na!), she whispered when I was smothering her with kisses. I broke our kiss for a while, licked my lips and lowered the shutters. It was dark inside now. I spread the bedrolls properly and gently dragged her to the berth, made her lie down and kissed her forehead, then nose, each eye, upper lip, lower lip, ears, neck, cleavage, pulled her pallu off and kissed her flat stomach, played my tongue round her navel. There was black mole to the left her navel that complimented the small mole to the left of upper lip. She was breathing heavily and was ruffling my hair, rubbing my shoulders and back, feeling my biceps, feeling under my arms and my nipples.
“Take off your shirt”
“I will undress you first!” I said and unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulder. The fair and smooth skin was so alluring that I rained wet kisses all over her shoulders and back. I unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders. Those large creamy milk globules with their pink areoles were even more alluring. I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked as would a child. The sucking sound I made excited her even more and she giggled and pulled me closer and tugged at my shirt, “Uttaro naa, please!”
I took off my top shirt. She looked at my broad chest and well formed forearms and biceps hungrily and kissed and licked me at all my sensitive points. We then hugged chest to chest. She rubbed her breasts against my chest and put her hand inside my pajama and felt my blood gorged, turgid cock. She deftly pulled the pajama string and removed my pajamas. I shook my pajamas free and stood before her with my cock up and ready. She held me cock in her hand and kissed it and gently licked the shaft, she pulled back the foreskin and sucked the tip. The sensation was so terrific that I pulled back. I didn’t want to ejaculate so early.
I pulled her saree free, reached inside and pulled down her panties, it was soaking wet with her juices. Her hairy pussy was even wetter. I felt her pussy with my hand and rubbed the clit with my middle finger. She squealed in excitement. I tugged at her skirt string and wanted to take it off.
“Hai, total naked!” she exclaimed, “just lift it up, know!”
“No way, I want you in nude”
She let me take off her inner skirt. There she was a Goddess with creamy skin, large breasts, pink areoles, well formed body, wide hips, hair in the armpit and groin, wet and ready for me. I lay her down again flat on her back; she bent her legs at the knees and spread her legs apart. I took off her toe rings, bangles, necklace and mangal sutra. Only the diamond nose stud, ear rings and a silver waist band remained. I gently squeezed the soles of feet. I followed each squeeze with a kiss and a lick. Slowly wound my way up, the soles, the foot, the calf muscles, the thighs, the waist, the hip, the stomach, the shoulders, the neck, and the cheeks, behind the ears, her hairline, the nose, the forehead, her forearm, and the fingers. I carefully avoided her breasts, her pussy and her lips. When I was kissing and licking her body she was licking and kissing whatever part of the body she could lay hands on. She carefully avoided my turgid cock. She possibly wanted to keep it back for the main course.
The train had slowed down and stopped at a station. We could hear the vendors hawking so many assorted things. I continued lying on top of her and with my swollen cock resting on her naked breasts opened the shutters a crack and found that we were in Nagpur. The train moved again and we were shortly cruising slowly over the Godavari. This time I kissed her deeply and passionately in her mouth, kneading her breasts with both my hands. The cling clang of metal when the train was crossing the bridge over Godavari added to the excitement.
I bent her knees once again and spread her legs and gently, ever so gently penetrated her. It was like putting your cock in an oven, she was so hot inside.
“Aaaaaahhhhhnnnnggggmmmmm” she moaned, “Looks like your thrusting a hot knife into me!” “mmmmnnngggaaaaahhhhhh great! Don’t take it out! Keep it inside, move from side to side” she was giving me instructions with every thrust. I smothered her with kisses deep into her mouth with every thrust.
“I love you, Madhu! I love you like mad!”
“Sab jhoot, you say all this just for fucking me!”
“No real, I love you Madhu! I truly love you!”
“Let’s see if you say they same thing after you have come!” (Paani nikalne ke baad dekhti hoon)
It looked like I would come, so stopped for a while and waited for the sensation to die down a bit. She too lay still. When the sensation to come eased a little, I reached for her again. She held my cock and moved my foreskin backward and forward till it become erect again.
“I’ll come on top?” she asked diffidently.
“Be my guest” I said happily
With a squeal of delight she rolled over me. She squatted on top of me and worked on my cock with her hands till it became hard. She held my cock in her left hand, supported her weight on her right hand and gently lowered herself on my erect cock. Once again I had the feeling of thrusting into a hot oven. She threw her head back and moaned. Supporting herself with both her hands she started riding cock. She rode and rode and rode. I gripped her waist first, then her breasts, then her ass cheeks, and thrust back from below with great force. “Hai ma, hai ma” she moaned in pain and pleasure.
The sound of our moaning and grunting was in perfect sync with the rumbling of the wheels over the rail track at high speed. I stopped her when I was ready to come. We held back for a while and started again. Sometime I would go on top and sometimes she would. The small ceiling fan was not blowing enough air and the window shutters were down, so we head worked up a pretty good sweat. We were both breathing heavily and I was pouring sweat. I wanted to move away little.
“No, no!” she said and dragged me back and held me tight. She buried her face in my chest and said that I smelled so sweet. She slowly smelled my armpit and said “aaahhhh so intoxicating!”
I inhaled the woman smell from her. She hadn’t washed for almost 24 hours and the smell from her armpit was heady. I inhaled deeply and found myself becoming erect again. I put my face in her groin and inhaled the her wet woman smell. I was rock hard.
“I will enter now!”
“Ji, huzoor” she said bent her legs, spread them wide and brought her knees to her chest.
This time I entered her firmly and thrust into her vigorously and worked up a furious pace.
“Hai, Hai, mai mar jawan!” she screamed huskily enjoying the potion of pleasure and pain.
I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came in a series of sprays and with one deep thrust emptied myself into her. She reached for my balls, gently squeezed them and shook what little juice was left into her. She purred happily like a satisfied cat and smiled at me. I admired her and the range of expressions that flirted across her face from seething anger and scorn to sexual satisfaction.
I was spent; I hauled myself up to the upper berth and fell asleep.
When I woke up it was pretty dark. The bout of fucking had indeed lulled me into deep sleep. I looked below; Madhu was sprawled on the lower berth totally naked and sleeping blissfully. The train ground to a halt and I peered through the shutters and found that we were in Vijayawada. I slipped on my trousers and shirt, gently shook her awake.
“I’ll go and get some food, ok?”
“Hahn, theek hai,” she mumbled groggily.
“Shut the door and latch it from inside”
I went down to the platform and fetched some puri and baji for her and some lemon rice and curd rice for me. I also bought two small bottles of hot milk. When I returned to the cabin, I found that she had slipped on my pajamas and top shirt. She wanted to go to the loo while stood guard outside. I watched her swaying hips and bouncing breasts and had an erection again. She returned to the coupe’ and the train chugged out of Jalgaon, clanged over Tapee and gathered speed. We silently finished our meal. I dusted and spread the bed rolls out again. We sat down and started conversation.
“Nobody loved as much as you loved me over the last few hours,”
“Yeah, in a few hours from now you will be off to be with your husband!”
“Don’t talk about him now!” she said and slapped me on my thighs.
“Ow!” I exclaimed as it stung pretty badly.
“Sorry,” she said and started rubbing my thighs.
“Careful!” I warned, “I’ll have a hard on again!”
She gently reached towards my groin and found my hard again. She unzipped my fly and slid her hand in and reached my cock which had already started pulsating. I looked at her fondly, pulled her close to me and kissed her. She lifted her arms up to help me slip the top shirt over her head. I cupped her breasts with my hands first and then started licking and sucking them.
“Choosne me ustaad ho!” (You suck very well), “Chodhne me bhi” (fucking as well) she added as an afterthought.
It was dark outside so I pulled up the shutters, switched off the lights and we were lit in the dim blue light inside the coupe’. I took off my clothes and undressed her completely once again. I lay her down on the berth, spread her legs, she bent them and brought her knees to her chest. I entered her in one thrust supporting myself with my hands. I then started thrusting vigorously. As the momentum caught on we tried to match it with the sound of the train rumbling over the tracks. It was heady stuff. I came inside her after sometime.
“Ho gaya?’ she asked (over already!)
“mmmm..” I mumbled.
“Nahin, mujhe aur chahiye!” (no, I want to do some more!)
“Hey, at this rate, my cock will fall off!” “I can’t get it up again, I am spent!” I said.
“Ek baat bolloon?” (May I say something) she said
“hmmm” I said
“Idhar chato na!” (Lick me here please) she said shyly pointing to her triangle.
I looked at this stunningly beautiful woman and wanted to please her. I smiled pulled her close to me, kissed her and fondled her breasts. I kissed her navel and moved down to her triangle and kissed her vagina, she guided my face to the spot and I licked her diffidently first and as her thrusts become urgent I licked her more purposefully. This was the first time I was doing an oral job on a woman. Somehow, I had never liked the idea but today the heady smell of her hairy pussy and the sheer beauty of this woman made me feel that I would do anything for her. I licked her pussy intensely and I could feel her shudder and have an orgasm. My face and mouth were smeared with her juices. She breathed deeply, pulled me to her and hugged me; she wiped my face and mouth on her saree.
“Mujhe yakeen ho gaya ki tum mujhe bahut chahte ho” (I am convinced you really love me) she said
“Kis tarah?” (how) I asked slightly puzzled
“Jo sachha pyaar karta hai na, wohi us aurat ki choot chatha hai” (only the guys who loves the woman truly licks her pussy and makes her happy) she said puring like a satisfied cat.
She kissed me passionately and held my cock. It was not as hard as she wanted it to be.
“I’ll get it up for you” she said and moved down to my groin. She started a gentle hand job and then worked up a good pace. She then started sucking the tip of my cock. The sensation was heavenly and I was up and ready again.
“Don’t move!’ she commanded and came over on top. She squatted astride, inserted my cock into her and started riding. I grabbed her breasts and pulled her forward so that I could suck them. She set up a furious pace and from the smile on her face I knew she had another orgasm. I didn’t have one however.
“Nahin nikala?” she asked and went down on me and sucked my cock till I came.
When I wanted to withdraw from her mouth she would not let go.
“Choosti hoon na, thodi der!” “swaad accha hai.” (Let me suck you for some time, you taste good)
I came a few times in her mouth. She finally took my cock out, wiped it clean. She grabbed a bottle of water, rinsed her mouth and spat the water out through the open window.
She wanted to sleep with me on the same berth but the space was not sufficient. So we shifted to floor of the coupe’. We softened the floor with two bedrolls and went to sleep in each other’s arms.
We woke up and found that the train halted somewhere. She sat on my face and peered out of the window and could read only ‘GHOT..’
“Hey what name they have for a station!”
“What?” I asked a little puzzled
“GHOT” she said and giggled uncontrollably
“Not G H O T but GHOTI” I corrected and both of us laughed so loudly that the whole station would have heard us.
“How much time to Mumbai?”
“About two hours,” I said
She hugged me, put her leg over me and buried her face in my chest and neck and said ‘mmmm’
I found myself hard again. As we were hugging each other and gently pressing our groins against each others, the wetness of her pussy and hardness of my cock ensured that the cock entered her again. This time we didn’t try to push into each other. We were on the floor of the coupe’ and the rumbling of the train over the tracks and its movement ensured up/down and in/out movements at varying pace. I came again. She asked me to bury myself deeply into her.
“Drop every drop of your juice inside, I want to be pregnant!’
“What’s the guarantee that I will make you pregnant?”
“It is 13 days since my LMP and the doctor said if you ‘do it’ around this time I will conceive!”
“Good luck, but if your baby has green eyes like mine!”
“I will say, ‘Indradev’ gave it!’ she said and giggled.
It was around 4.50 a.m. and the train wound its way into Mumbai Central. We savored the warmth of each other’s body and the fragrance of each other’s body. Finally, after a long and passionate kiss we broke loose and put on our dresses, freshened up a little and got off the train.
We stopped at the first class waiting room for a wash, some hot breakfast and I put her on Deccan Express that would take her to Pune. She hugged me and kissed me unmindful of the people around and said, “If this time I don’t get pregnant, come to Pune and keep fucking me till I get pregnant!”
She gave me her address and telephone numbers. I got off the train and it chugged out of Mumbai Dadar on its way to Pune.
We stopped at the first class waiting room for a wash, some hot breakfast and I put her on Deccan Express that would take her to Pune. She hugged me and kissed me unmindful of the people around and said, “If this time I don’t get pregnant, come to Pune and keep fucking me till I get pregnant!”
She gave me her address and telephone numbers. I got off the train and it chugged out of Mumbai- dadar to on its way to Pune.Mail me if u like it at capt_sanjay79@yahoo.com

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