Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fucking my maid Sangeeta

Fucking my maid Sangeeta
Hello friends I want to share my experience with this sexy maid servant. Females who want to meet me only ( Hyderabad ) Now lets come to the story Her name is Sangeeta and she is like 30-31 when she started working in my house at Hyderabad . I am a bachelor and staying with another friend. She is married, petite and a bit good looking. I had an eye on her from the very first day and I thought she too knew that I was always looking at her.

Each day we talked a bit and for some reason she would try to talk with me even though the work was to from my roomie. It was only about a month since her arrival my roomie went abroad for 6 months and it was me who was alone in the house to pass the winters.

Each day she would come to house early and wake me up. I would try to flirt with her and she would just smile and enjoy. One day she asked me how to watch movies on computer as I usually pass my time on my computer and so does my roomie. I said I'll teach you a bit and she came and sat near me.

I could smell her body and since it was quite early in morning I started to feel a bit hard as well. Anyways I kept hold of her hand while just telling her how to play a movie. While doing all this she was just like in my arms and after all I couldn't just resist and tried to lock her in my arms and she said nothing. I said she is very beautiful and I liked her very much.

She said she had been expecting this from me and smiled. This gave me more courage and I asked what more she expected. She said nothing and just smiled. This gave me more courage and I just pulled her and started smooching her. She just to withdraw for a moment and gave in as quickly.

I kissed her for about 5 minutes and then slipped my hand into her blouse and started crushing her small boobies. She made horny expressions while I did this. I then asked her to get rid of her blouse and which she did. She was now in my arms and her bossom in her black bra looked sexy like hell. I helped her out of her bra and smelled it while she got rid of her sari.

Now she was only in her peti coat which has a long slit from the side where she tied it. I saw bit of her sexy thighs and knew she wasn't weary and panty. I pulled her towards me and started to suck her small boobies like a hungry kid. I rolled my tongue over her nipples several times and they were quite stiff to my enjoyment.

Then I slipped my hand into her petticoat from side slit to feel her pussy. At this point I went back to her lips and lip locked her. From my hand I felt her moist hairy pussy and mouth had the taste of her lips. I soon made her lay in my bed and sat near her feet. She pulled her petticoat up and showed me her nice hairy pussy which I was longing for.

My cock was all hard till this time but the sight of her pussy made it stiffer. I pulled her legs apart and pulled her legs right up to me. She made a lock from her legs and I bent upon her. She helped my cock right over the entrance of her love hole with her hand. Her hand was soft and it gave my cock hardness it never had earlier.

I gave her a jerk and was inside her, she was I think a bit surprised by this and her eyes got wide. At this moment I felt like she hadn't had much sex earlier and I started my thrust to make up for it. I started in slow motion but my speed grew and she kept hugging me tighter and tighter.

The more her body touched me I got wilder and so my pumping started her moans and my spirits rose more by her moans. God at that moment I was totally wild and so stiff that felt I would just make a hole through her. She pushed me and got on top of me but I still kept humping her.

This was difficult for me but she helped me by starting her own thrusting motion in sync to mine and I really enjoyed her. We were just making noises and kept hugging her tight and pushing into her deep. Though I had been pumping her with great force and then I realized that she was getting a bit loose and wild and I gave her two big jerks

Inside her to reach the depth and then she gave in and so did I. It felt like I had just squeezed all my strength into her. All my hot syrup exploded into her. I tried to pull out but she resisted and had all of my juice inside her. At this point I tried to withdraw but she hugged me again and started to roll her tongue on my nipples and it acted like a quick recharge and my cock was all stiff again.

I pushed her onto her fours and got behind her. I tried to enter from behind and she resisted. Then I pushed myself into her pussy and got hold of her nice soft ass and started to pump her again. It wasn't long before my machine got into fourth gear and her moans were now like screams as I was now nearly tearing her apart.

She tried to push me back but I gave her some 10-12 jerks quickly to which she was almost ready to fight off. And another explosion inside her. I pulled her and kissed her back all over. I laid down like a tired person she just smiled and laid over me. After this I played with her small but firm boobs and kissed her all over.

At this time I talked to her and asked her to make love me whenever she liked. She told me that her husband works in a factory and many times in night shifts. So many times she wants to make love he hurried yanks in her and pushes her aside. She told me she liked me very much as she felt good and equal partner in the act.

What more can I ask for my roomie is yet to return and my bed has been hotter since this winter started. I recorded a small clip of her nice ass and boobies a few days back but she bargained to me into deleting it and gave me a nice blow job. She sucks the hell out of me since then.
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