Saturday, September 24, 2005

Having Sex with Radhika

Having Sex with Radhika
Badshah is back again with yet another series of fresh stories, Well I feel motivated when somebody visits Desilovestories.com and feel delighted with my content, "Dude, I reached here last night. I am fine. Everything here is so empty, so not like our Jammu. Anyways do me a favor, call up my place and tell mom that I am fine. Also call up Radhika, I had met Radhika once before, when my friend Vicky had introduced me to her in college. Vicky had flown to the states to do M.S. I had never spoken to Radhika after that first meeting, and was envious of Vicky, coz she was a bomb. She was really fair, shoulder length thick hair and a decent figure. She was slightly on the plumper side, if I recollected properly, but would be a great fuck, I had thought. Vicky must have really enjoyed this hot piece of ass. I myself had gained a lot of confidence with girls when it came to sex. Even helped a girl reach multiple orgasms, once. I was kind of proud of this accomplishment of mine and knew that I can satisfy any girl I want. Anyways I had no such intentions about Radhika, as she was a friends fuck. So I called her up and told her the message. As soon as she picked up the phone, she was very arrogant until I introduced myself again to her. She said "ok thx for the message, Bye". Whew! What a bitch I told to myself. Don’t know how such a nice guy like Vicky ended up with such an arrogant female. A few days after the incident I got a mail from Radhika. She walked for my apology and said that she was really sad with Vicky leaving and all, and hence wasn’t in her proper senses when she spoke with me. She said she would like to speak to me again and if it is possible, cud I call her again next Sunday. I told myself "why not" and called her up that Sunday evening. She picked up the phone and immediately recognized my voice. She appreciated me calling her up and began talking about Vicky. Most of the conversations that we used to have included Vicky most of the times. We went on like this for about a month, and I had started impressing her with my smooth talk and smart jokes. She had agreed to meet me also, but in a public place. We met at her college. She was wearing this body-fit sleeveless top and baggy jeans. A lethal combination I would say. We sat in the canteen and were talking about the good' old memories of Vicky. One day I called her up and told her that Vicky has seemed me, and he wants to talk to you immediately. He said it was urgent, so call him up now. The next day I called her up again and found that no-one was picking up her phone. I called her friend and asked what the matter. She said that her friends are not in town and she has been crying all day. I said, gimme her address, I think something is wrong. I rang the bell and she dint open the door for 4 rings. Finally she opened the door. She was in a complete mess, hair all messed up, tear marks all over her face and really pathetic clothes. But with all this horridness also she looked a babe, with the boobs protruding out and the pajamas getting a veggie. I stared at the swaying of her ass as we moved into the living room. She got some water for me and sat opposite to me.

She started talking about Vicky and told me that they broke up as he has found a babe in states and is screwing her. He said it’s his room-mate and she is an Indian too. They live together and make love all this while. I told her I am sorry and went and sat next to her. With my hands on her thighs I told her to relax and this bad time will pass away. She kept her head on my shoulders and began crying. I started rubbing her thighs and squeezing it gently. With the other hand I was rubbing the back of her head, helping her relax. We were in this position for about 15 minutes, after which she felt better. I told her, do u want me to make tea or something for you. She said, oh no, I will make it for u. I said, thx, I really wanted it, and I don’t know to how make it. But since you dint ask me, this is the way I made you ask me. She started laughing and went into the kitchen. I followed her in the kitchen. She seemed in a much better mood now, coz she kept laughing at every joke I cracked. I sat on the table and spoke with her. We were freely touching each other and occasionally her hands were touching my stomach as well. I was getting horny by each of her touches, but dint want her to think that I wanted to make use of the opportunity. I stood next to her and kept playing with her hair. She was oblivious with my intentions and that that i was just making her feel good. I asked her "u have really nice hair, what do u do to keep it so good" ... "She said i shampoo it twice a week that it, nothing more" I said "Ok, and what about the hair on your head, how do u maintain that “she looked at me, stunned and then burst into laughter. She said "you guys r really naughty" I put my finger on her lips and said "Radhika, seriously what do u do to maintain itself, you are so pretty. I look into your eyes and my heart skips a beat. I touch your cheeks, your lips they make me want to kiss you. I don’t know what that Chut, Vicky saw in that girl to have given up on this pretty girl" While saying all this i was moving closer to her and was really close to her face.
I dint anything after that and wanted her to take the initiative of kissing me. She sadiron Badshah, don’t say such things. I am not that great " I stopped her and said "use my eyes to look at itself and u will see the angel i see. I always wondered what beauty is, my questions were answered when i saw you. I can’t .... " I was stopped with a smooch on my lips.

Radhika was kissing me. My head kept saying, "Badshah stop, this is wrong" But my body was saying "She is an apsara, fuck Vicky man, feel her" I started playing with her hair and her tongue too. She reciprocated well as our tongues battled. She shut off the gas and took me to her bedroom. "Badshah Sit down, i will just come", she vanished into the other room. I couldn’t believe my luck. I immediately checked my wallet, and was pleased that i was carrying my condom( i always do, u never know when u will need it ). She came in wearing the most orgasmic dress i had ever seen on a girl. She was wearing a black sleeveless dress, which was hugging every part of her body. All of her legs except the upper two inches we exposed. She looked deep in my eyes and said "Badshah, nobody has ever been so nice to me as u have been, and now i want thank you for that" She immediately sat on my laps, with one leg on each side and started kissing me. She started with my cheeks, my neck and then my lips. I was rubbing her back as she moved her fingers in my hair. She was making these noises as her bust was crushing my chest. Before i knew it i was lying on her bed and she had already taken off my shirt. She was kissing every part of my body, as i cud see her ass sway. I wanted to grab it and do things with it, but what she was doing was also ecstatic. I pulled her top up and told her to remove it. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which was very apparent from the way her boobs were protruding out. She looked deep in my eyes and said "Badshah, fuck me and make me comm. I have a lot about your fucking skills and now i want to check it out myself" Saying this she tore open my jeans and pulled it down. My soldier was all ready to start camp. She looked at it and said " Woah, that is nice, really nice" I liked all the dirty talk she was doing, but i never said a thing. I have a tendency to let my actions do the talking. I placed my hands on her but and slowly caressed it. She said "Badshah... Oh yah, take me. Take me now" I lifted her up and started kissing her. My hands went all over her back and her panties were off in a flash. Wow, she was shaved. She looked at me staring at her cunt and said" you like what u see baby..." i nodded my head in affirmation, and went on my knees. I used my tongue to prepare her for the great fuck, while she played with my dick. Her scent was driving me wild and my swift tongue movements was making her more horny.

The more horny she got, the more sexy the smell got, the more lusty strokes i made with my tongue. It’s like a positive feedback, which i and Vicky used to discuss when we were in college. But now i had this goddess all for me and she wasn’t too hard to get as well. I took her hand off my penis and told her to lie down babe. I asked her to spread her legs wider for me and scream "Badshah i want you ... "she did as i told her and i was getting bigger and bigger. I dint imagine myself being so big. I ripped open the condom packet and gave one to her. She couldn’t put it on, so i had to wear it myself. I placed my dick at the doors of her love hole and gave a light push. She was all wet, but yet so tight. Hers was the sexiest pussy i had ever seen. It was tight as well as smooth. I don’t know whether it was my movements or what but with every slight push i made, she was getting tighter and tighter. God she was so tight that it hurt me, for the first time in all my experiences. I made around 50 strokes before i collapsed over her. I looked up and she had already closed her eyes in exhaustion. I lightly slapped her as she opened her eyes. She looked at me with those eyes. As i thought Govinda's song "akhiyon se goli maare" is so right for this girl. We caressed each other and went off to sleep. When i opened my eyes Radhika stood there all naked. She smiled at me and said "Honey, here is the tea you wanted. I hope you still want it, or do you want me to serve u with something else." I noticed the twinkle in her eyes and said to myself, this is going to be a great daygirls.
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