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Dating with Sexy Nurse

Dating with Sexy Nurse
I don't want you to think I'm weird or anything. I just got curious about some things, and one thing kind of led to another... It started when I was dating a nurse by the name of Luke. No, that sounds wrong. I really don't swing that way. I better back up.

She was called Luke by everybody, but her name was really Lucretia. That makes a lot of people think of poison, which concerns some patients, while a pretty young woman called Luke just makes them smile. Some of the other staff would refer to her as Miss O'Cyte, to see if the patient got the joke, and she did look Irish, it's true.

Anyway, Luke was interested in the whole thing of how the mind affects the body, and vice versa, but also how they could act independently. She had sitting in the apartment she shared a book about astral projection, or soul travel, or out-of-body experiences, or a couple other names. I looked over the book while I was waiting for her to get ready and I got curious. I had heard of it, of course, but never thought much about it.

We talked about o.o.b., as it's called sometimes, that night, and I got fascinated. Luke and I talked a lot when we dated, and maybe for that reason (or maybe despite it) never did much physical. Those conversations might be a sign that we were suited to be together, but we drifted apart anyway. We were friendly but hadn't dated for a while when she got a job in another city.

I doubt that she ever experimented with it, but I did. I trained myself, did meditation, the whole thing. Not very intensively; it was a couple years later before I felt I was getting anywhere.

Well, if you don't believe in such things, you don't have to. There IS a potential for self-delusion there, certainly. But the evidence is pretty good if you study it. And me, I have to believe considering what happened.

The usual start is standing in your bedroom looking at your sleeping (or tranced) body from outside. With a little practice you can roam around outside. Some people claim they have gone places I don't want to believe exist or can be gotten to that way, like Hell or other planets.

Having somebody take your body while you are out is an obvious notion. There's an H.G. Wells story about it, and a Hindu story about two men switching bodies and having sex with each other's wives. But there is no authenticated case of it happening. That just may mean it can't be proved. Though I sort of have...

Anyway, I should get around to what I was going to talk about.

I had met at work a woman named Josephine Fields. Dated her a couple times, and I think I liked her more than she did me. It happens. I felt like a session of flying around and it occurred to me that since I knew where her apartment was I might look in on her. Voyeurism doesn't usually do much for me, but here I was tempted. Odds were she wouldn't do anything all that interesting anyway.

When I got into her bedroom, up by the ceiling, I found her sound asleep.

But the night was a bit warm, and she had kicked off the covers, and she was sleeping nude. I looked down at her, her mouth slightly open, arms out from her sides, legs spread, breasts thrust up. I thought to myself how much I would love to just slide into her...

Well, with astral projection, the will is very important, since about all you have is will. And before I knew it I was inside her, but not the way I wanted. I was walking into a room where she was sitting in a chair. Everything seemed distorted in a way that was half-familiar, though the room wasn't familiar at all. I realized that I was in a dream of hers.

I didn't know what to make of that at first, but I didn't want to upset things, so I let Josephine do the driving, so to speak. It turned out that she was less inhibited in her dreams than in life - I guess we all are -- and it didn't take too long before we were kissing. When we got serious about it, I tried influencing things, and somehow the living room changed into a bedroom, fancier than hers was, and the full set of clothing she started with gradually vanished as I touched areas of her body. My own went as she fondled me, which seemed fair.

She liked a lot of foreplay, a fact which I filed for future reference, and when we had gotten to that point I found that the erection she wanted me to have was no longer than I really did, though it was thicker.

She felt very good, and I wasn't sure whether that was because she wanted to feel good to me to increase my reactions to her, or if I was idealizing myself -- it was sort of my dream too. There are worse philosophical problems to face.

I was not sure whether I even could have a climax when I was out of my body, but I decided to try to avoid it. It might wake me up, and it might well be messy. (Mind-body problems too.) And in any case I like giving women as many orgasms as I can, and in this situation there was no reason not to keep going for hours if she wanted me to. So I worked at it.

I fondled every part of her body that I could reach, including some I would have trouble with awake, penetrated her everywhere with my fingers, experimented freely because I got instant feedback, and could both do exactly what she wanted and give her a lot of surprises. Josephine was mentally exhausted and I'm sure physically satiated by the time we were done. She dreamed that we fell asleep together.

And I went back to myself, not actually feeling very horny. I went to normal sleep, and didn't actually feel any psychological effects until the morning. I did wonder then, though, how Josephine would feel towards me. Was she going to want to jump me? Or would she have been worn out for a week?

Neither one. She acted no different at all. A couple of days later I visited her dreams again and we did much the same again and it made no difference again. That puzzled me, and made me wonder if it was all just my dream.

Then I thought about dreams. The theory is that we dream many times during each night, and the only ones we normally remember are those at the end, the last one before waking in the morning unless something else (including a dream) wakes us.

So I went to bed early. I slept my normal quotient, and set my alarm to go off a little early, before Josephine would be getting up. I put myself into a trance, flew to her bedroom, entered her and her dream and then her again, brought her to an intense peak -- and got thrown out when the orgasm woke her up.

This time there was an effect. She recalled dreaming about me, and what we had been doing with each other, and she was timid about speaking to me. She was timid a few days later when I did it again. She was still timid and cautious the next time we dated. The time after that it was a whole other story.

We went back to my place and it only took a few minutes and a few kisses before I could see the lust in her eyes, and not much more time before she was naked. Once I was, she lay on my bed and raised her knees and lost any hesitation, exploding under me a couple of times then, and then again in the morning. (And fairly often in the next couple of weeks.)

As it happened, the relationship didn't last, but it was certainly intense while it did, and we are still good friends. Since then I get to know a woman to a certain point, then investigate her, so to speak, to see what she might want me to do. I certainly don't want you to think that any woman I want falls into bed with me. Not all, if you want, follow their dreams. They won't do anything they really wouldn't consider anyway. They just consider it earlier and oftener.

An edge is about all you can expect from life.
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