Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sex With Sexy Virgin Office Friend

Sex With Sexy Virgin Office Friend
Hi friends, I am Vishal, a guy from a small town.
I have shifted recently to Faridabad and currently working in Delhi.

It was my first day in the office and there was a hot girl also waiting for joining. My eyes lit up as I thought that I will be getting a chance to work with her during my training sessions.

As days passed we became good friends and started to share our personal moments with each other. It was almost 4 months now from the day of joining and on this Valentine day I planned to propose her.

I was very lucky that she accepted me even though I was not so good looking and a Sardar too. Slowly we were enjoying each others company and we used to exchange few warm kisses and hugs.

Then the day came for which I was dreaming for a long time to have sex with her. Now I am telling you how this happened. One day we have to deliver the assigned project and we have to stay late in the office. It was almost 3 in the night when we left the office and she was so much tired and in the cab she leaned on my shoulder, I was also a bit tired and hold her swiftly.

She stayed in the PG and she told me it is not possible to enter there so late so I offered her to stay in my room. Initially she denied, and then I said “That means you don’t trust me”. She replied that “It’s not like that” and finally she agreed.

We reached Faridabad at almost 4:15am. I prepared coffee for her and sat beside her, then offered her my T-shirt and lower. She took a bath and changed in the bathroom and when she came back she was looking so sexy in wet hairs and loose outfits, I tried to kiss her but she pushed me back and said “Be in your limit, don’t try to take advantage" ,but a small smile on her face told me all the story inside her.

It was a single room and only one bed, so we have no other option than sitting that single bed. Slowly I started to move my fingers on her wet hairs and turned her towards me, then I tried to kiss her and she didn't stop me. I kissed on her lips and started to use my hands on her belly. This made her kisses more passionate and hot, then I put my hand inside the T shirt and I was surprised that she was nude inside. Her breast was very soft and her nipples were getting erected. I started to press her boobs gently and then I drop my shirt and she began to kiss on my nipples and put me down on the bed. I was feeling hardness in my lower and then I took her T-shirt off.

It was the most beautifully shaped breast I had ever seen. She sat on my lap and her boobs were right in front of my lips, I started to lick them and press them hardly, she was moaning and her ass started to move to and fro as I was fucking her, hats made me feel that she was getting excited.

Then I put her down and kissed on her belly. She was moaning and pushing my head down to her lower. I put my hand inside the lower and I felt her panty was fully wet, I dropped her lower and began to kiss on her panty. Slowly and gently I took her panty off and now she was fully nude and looking like goddess. Then I started to rub top part of her pussy (Clitoris) and licking her erected nipples.

Now she was moaning like anything and that made me wilder. I dropped all my clothes and showed my 6" dick to her, she had never seen a dick in real before. I gave it in her hands, she pressed on the tip gently. Then I asked her to suck, initially she denied but on so many requests she agreed. She was sucking my dick slowly then I asked her to suck it fully and a bit faster. She was a quick learner and then she started to enjoy Blowjob and I can't stop my moaning.

I always Used to keep condom in my purse I offered her the condom to put it on my fully erected dick, she did so like an obedient student .Then I pushed her on the bed and jumped over her . I parted her legs and rubbed my dick on her most sensational part. Now she was enjoying every bit of it, then I targeted my dick right on top of her love hole and gave a hard push. I was surprised that her pussy was so tight and I was unable to enter in the first time.

Then for the second time I tried a bit gently and able to insert almost 2” of dick, then she began to cry with pain and now it was not possible for both of us to stop. I pushed hard and she screamed in pain and holds me tightly, I was pushing to and fro and now she was in the heaven, moaning and shouting to go harder. For almost ten minutes I was fucking her very hardly and then I cummed and fell down on her breast , she was also tired and hold me in her arms and we rested for two hours while hugging each other.

It was almost 7 in the morning I woke up and went to the bathroom for bath ,after 2 minutes I realized that someone is coming towards me and it was no one else than her. She knocked the door and I said I am inside then she replied “I know … open the door”. I soon understand that it’s the time for one more shift of nice sex in bathroom.

I opened the door and she was still nude and I put on the geezer and started the shower. We started to kiss passionately and I took her up in my arms and she crossed her both legs around my waist, my hands were on her soft and perfect ass I was kissing her and trying to insert my finger in her ass. I started fingering her ass for few minutes that are enough for both of us go wild.

She got down and started sucking my dick and this time she did it so passionately like she was sucking a lollypop. Then I turned her around and began to fuck her in doggy style. I inserted my tool in her and this time I was so wild as my dick was so erected by her nice blow job. She was screaming like hell but it didn't affect me and I was fucking her so hard for almost 10 more minutes and then I licked her ass hole and lubricate it for inserting my hungry dick in her slim ass. Her hole was still very tight as it gave me a glimpse that it’s a fresh ass. I inserted my index finger in her ass hole and moving it to and fro slowly.
She was really enjoying this and she started to finger her pussy.

Then I tried to insert my hot and red dick in her sexy ass hole and in the first attempt it was hardly going in as I don’t have a condom this time so I used some oil to lubricate my dick and I asked her to massage my dick with oil that is already in the bathroom. She was getting more and more expert now in handling my dick. She massaged my dick as well as my ball sack. I said “would you like to have balls too in your ass hole” she smiled and turned around in a perfect position for ass fuck. This time I knew it she wanted me to go harder on her, so this time I was ready to fulfill her desire. I inserted with a hard push and it was my time to scream a bit as that ass hole was so tight and it was painful for me as well. But we were so much excited till that time so I keep on stroking hard and getting harder and harder with each stroke and my bathroom was echoing with her loud screams. We did it for almost 20 minutes and then we were taking bath and washing each other and kissing each other for the next ½ an hour. Then we came out and wore our clothes

Then we took our breakfast. Since it was a holiday we planned to go to Akshardham, a very nice temple and IP park. Every Delhi natives know why it is famous for..
Ok I tell you IP Park is famous for lovers and no one stops from doing nasty things
I enjoyed each and every moment with her in IP Park and did what I could do there from pumping to fingering her pussy. Then I asked her “would you like to stay with me tonight” she said “I want to stay with you for the rest of my life and you gave me the most beautiful moments of my life” .I was so happy to hear this and then I hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.

Then we went to one Punjabi dhaba for dinner and then I stopped my bike on one medical shop to buy some more condoms, this time I asked her which flavor she likes.
She said strawberry and I purchased that and also I took one tab for enjoying more sex.

This time we came back and right on the door I took her up in my lap and started to kiss her and sucked her lip juice wildly. She was also kissing passionately and while kissing I shut the door and I put her on the bath tub and dropped her t-shirt and started fondling her boobs and kissing her lips. We locked our tongues for few minutes, it was all so passionate as we lost out breath and then we separated and looked at each other and smiled to get our breath back.

I carried her in to the bathroom again and asked her to wait for a moment, then I went to the kitchen and took that tablet and came back to the bathroom. We kissed and hugged each other and she again did a nice blowjob. This time I sat on the toilet seat and she sat in my lap with her back towards me and this is one of the hardest position for a girl,I knew that … She sat and inserted my dick and now she was having the charge to handle the pace and force so she started slowly and started to moan and I put my both hands on her boobs from behind and we were kissing and locking our lips for minutes and then she got a bit faster and I too started to rub her Clitoris. She was now screaming but enjoying each of her jumps. She did it for 10 minutes.

I turned her towards me and again she was jumping in my lap now. I also put my hands under her ass and started pushing her up and down. Now I can lick her erected pinkish nipples, they were so tasty and she screamed “don’t bite” but I bit on the inner area of her nipple and she screamed with pain and passion. I fucked her in this pose for another 10 minutes. I took her to the bed and started to fuck in doggy style and she was screaming “please bas karo .. bas karo…” But I can’t stop myself and that tablet was working and I was fucking her for the last half an hour and I was not down.

I turned her down and put her legs on my shoulders and Inserted again. Now it was not in her limits to handle more strokes but I was fucking her like hell. She was just screaming “NO… NO… NO….”.But I didn’t stop and then I pushed her to the corner of the bed, I was standing and she was on the bed. I fucked her in the furniture style and many more I fucked her ass too. She was screaming and leaking like a fountain.

I know almost 20 positions of fucking and on that night I tried almost all of them and I fucked her for almost one and a half hour…. Thanks to that tablet.

After that wild sex she asked me that what happened to me and how did I stay so long in sex?
What should I say……..so I didn’t tell her anything and said you were so sexy so I can’t stop myself. Then we slept and now this is our weekly routine and we both are enjoying our life…..
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