Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fucking Co-applicant Turned Sex Partner

Fucking Co-applicant Turned Sex Partner
I am Mr.V from Hyderabad, India. This so happened when I just completed my Engineering in the year 2008. I was preparing for my abroad plans, when I met this girl called Ms. S. She was not a fair girl but at the same time not too dark, light wheatish colour, but, but, she is so sexily carved my nature, any one just look at her could not stop bulging their pants and make a BIG tent out of it!! She is 38-28-36. Man, sizes don't make perfect, but the proportionate of the body can make you mad. I met this girl S at a consultancy, she too was preparing for her abroad plans, I was introduced by my consultant that she too was applying for the same university and for the same course. I was so happy that I can have a wonderful time in the US, but India is lucky for me always. I introduced myself and she did. I informed about her staying in hyd and where she was studying.

After we exchanged our numbers, we used to call regularly every now and then, the day has come for our lives to test our destiny. A week for our interview on the same day at Chennai. We booked our tickets in a 4-tier A/c compartment in the train, we were adieu by our parents, her was was looking like a old traditional man, always sensing bad about things.

The train had left the station,luckily the other two seats booked haven't turned up after the train has left the station. Time has been so lucky for me, I was in my Nike tracks and my tee-shirt and she was as usual in her tee and jeans which was so tight on her, my goodness!! It would have torn if she puts at least a gram of weight in her thighs.

As we were in A/c compartment our windows were tinted and we had shut the metal doors and locked from inside due for security someone like beggars might turn up. I relaxed on one side of the lower berth and she was not so comfortable in her jeans, so she asked to accompany her till the toilets, as she was single and afraid of going alone. So, I went along with her to the toilets and she went and changed into her night pants and tee. We went to our cabin and locked and were relaxing in our berths. We were chatting and the topic turned to relationships and families. She was so obsessed with her father, as he used to scold for talking to guys, tears started rolling out of her and I sat beside her and started to console her, we were so comfortable in each others arms that we did not want to leave and were in each other arms for about half-an-hour or so. I was semi-erect in my pants as such a sexy girl in my arms, could not believe it!!

I had take first step and started rolling my hands on her back in order to console and was satisfying myself. She, all of a sudden kissed on my cheek, we saw into each others eyes and we started smooching each other, her lips were so soft and pink. We kissed passionately for 15 min and I started licking her lips, cheeks, ear lobes, MAN, kissing a girls ear lobes makes her go mad...on kissing her ear lobes, she hugged me so hard that her 38D boobs started pressing my chest. I could feel her nipples erecting and pooing my chest. My hand went into her tee and was rubbing her back, at the same time kissing each other.

I went and checked the lock of the cabin and as I turned she hugged me tight and I started lifting her tee to which she responded and out were her melons in a black bra. WOWW....those were awesome. I went to her pants and started untying her pant and came down the pants, where she was in her netted panty, white in colour through which I can see her small hairs around her pussy. She was so shy to see me that she kept bending her head, we again started kissing each other so passionately, she lost her control and she held my cock in the pants and was pulling out. I helped her remove my tracks and tee. I was in my red tommy, she laughed seeing the colour of it. I became mad seeing such a sexy bitch, nude and laughing at me, I slowly removed her bra and there came out the melons.

I started squeezing them hard to which she was moaning AAAAhhhh!!!!! I started sucking her left boob and squeezing the right one. She closed her eyes and was rubbing my cock in my underwear. I slowly came down kissing her boobs, belly-button and reached her pussy...she was leaking with juices and her panty and the seat became wet with her juices.

I pulled her panty down and started licking her pussy, to which she started moaning loudly. She was a virgin-because my tongue was tight in entering her pussy, I started stroking with my tongue about ten minutes and she came, all the juices flowing out like a water flowing out of the dam.

I said its now my turn and she was first hesitant in doing, I started rubbing her clitoris and she was ready for a shot and now I asked her to suck. She immediately accepted and pulled down my tommy and rubbed my cock with her tender hands and put the tip of my cock to the tip of her tongue. It was AWESOME experience, I was on CLOUD 9 at that time, it was a wonderful touch, slowly my cock entered her mouth and slowly she started stroking with her mouth, circling her tongue around my cock. It was tickling and made me even more harder. I put her on the seat and mouth fucked her, shot loads of cum in her mouth, which she swallowed and as my cock was coming down is size, she liked the size of it and she kept on sucking to which I again became HARD and I kept rubbing her clitoris to which she was about to reach her orgasm and we were ready for a FUCK!. She was lying down I came on top of her and slowly put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy, as I was a virgin I was a bit tensed too. Slowly tried to enter her pussy, but was too tight for me to enter.

Though we had lubricated because of our juices and her cunt hole was small could not enter easily. Finally I started smooching her and entered by slowly pushing my dick into her pussy, tears started in her eyes at first and slowly after going in and out she had the ecstasy of going fast, to which she started giving a rhythmic movement of her bum, I slowly increased the speed and now was riding her like a horse. We were having so much pleasure that we both started screaming....fuck u bitch.......mother fucker were the words coming out...finally I was about to cum and she at the same time reached her orgasm and finally exploded in loads of cum in her pussy. We slept on each other until our breaths came to normal. The whole seat became wet with our juices, we wiped the juices and sat on the berths huggung each other. The fire started growing in ourselves again and the cupid shot an arrow into our minds and we started kissing again and this time more slowly and passionately, for about half-hour and started investigating our parts, exploring each other, she started moaning and slowly took my dick inside her mouth, this time more deeply to her throat and had done more professional sucker. this time it took long for me to explode in her mouth. I felt, this sexy queen will be mine till we are in hyd. I took out my cock from her mouth, and adjusted her on the floor of the train where, we had spread our clothes.

This time we had started too slow to enjoy the pleasurable moments intensely from our heart and soul. I almost fucked her for 20 minutes controlling not to cum soon. When we were about to explode, I spurt the cum inside her and filled her cunt with my love juices. We slept there for an hour on the floor, when the pantry attendant came for taking the order for the dinner. We got up dressed soon and attended the boy and ordered meals for two. We got freshen and had our dinner which had been ordered. We slept on a single berth together that night. Early morning, we got up before the train reached Chennai, had another session and got ready and landed in Chennai. Took a double bedroom hotel and we got prepared for the visa the next day.

I suppose India is lucky for me, she got the visa and I was refused a visa to pursue my studies abroad. Though was refused, I stared my own business. Waiting for another girl I suppose people can comment me on my real experience with a co-applicant turned my sex partner for a night. I suppose girls from hyderabad are really hot chicks.
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