Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Lovable Maid Radha

Lovable Desi Maid Radha
The incident which I am recalling was when I was doing my FYBCOM. Month was of May very hot. We were having holiday for two months. I used to go and play cricket almost all the days. It was in such golden era of my life that I got an accident while playing cricket on the fields. My left leg got a fracture. I was hospitalized and brought back to home. I was nearly 20 days bed rest. Felt very difficult to walk myself. Fortunately or Unfortunately being month of May my parents had to go out of city for one month because of my uncle’s serious illness. My parents were in dilemma whether to care me or go to see the uncle’s condition. I thought for a while and somehow managed to convince my parents that they can go for the few days and I will be able to manage myself. They first refused but later thought to do the same. Now it was Saturday evening 5 PM. My parents were packing their luggage to go.

Train was supposed to go by 7 PM. My mother was feeling very sad to leave me alone but had no other alternative. But being considerate, she immediately contacted our kaamwali bai whose name was Radha and asked her to stay with me n take my care. First she refused but later on agreeing to give some money she agreed. At time of 6 Radha came to our home. My mother explained my condition to her n my both parents left for the train. Now let me describe Radha. She was a slim statured lady of age 30.she was dark black skinned. But her facial features were having resemblance to our yesteryear actress smita patil. She had oval face n battle leaf stained lips. She had (later came to know) very long black silky thick hairs up to ass, which she always tied in loose bun (ambada). Till that incident I never felt any sexual inclination towards her. My parents left. Radha closed the door. I was in bedroom laying under blanket (topless) n wearing only Bermuda. I was reading romantic novel.

She first started sweeping floor in hall. Slowly she cleaned the kitchen. And finally she came in to bedroom. When I took my eyes off my book n saw I was glued to that scene. What I was seeing was that she was sitting on floor on her knees n sweeping. She was wearing green saree n black tight low quality blouse. What fascinated me was she had raised her saree and petticoat up n tucked it on her waist thus in result I was able to see her black hips. Her saree was also low to reveal her navel. And most exciting her pallu was covering only right boob n exposing left boob very clearly and her blouse had 5 buttons of which 3 were open due to tightness. Inside I could easily see her wearing nothing. (no bra) hence I could see her globes more clearly. I guess her sizes were 36d/24/36.her boobs very milky tanned voluptuous n pointed .her blouse were revealing her cleavages.2/3 rd of boob (left one) was almost coming out. She was in her mood sweeping. I couldn’t help to get my eyes off that scene. She was humming the song. I had a tent inside my pant. She noticed this. I felt embarrassed n guilty. But later found that she was enjoying my stares n was smiling.

She asked ‘kya dekh rahe ho?” .I defended myself by mumbling ‘kuch nahi radha’. After sweeping she went to hall. I feel she was now watching out TV .I felt mad and was thinking of means to fuck her. But was scared to do so. At evening 8:30 she came back to my room. She sat beside me. I was sleeping dreaming of her. She placed her hand on my forehead n say uttho Darshan khana taiyyar hain. I got up. I again felt current as I felt her warm palm on my forehead. I said tum khilaaoo naa. She felt shy n said thik hai. I felt excited with this response. She walked to kitchen n came back with thali. She sat beside me. Placed thali on her laps. I sat front of her. She took one morsel of rice in her hands n placed near my mouth. I felt opportunity knocking my dick. I took her hand n ate that morsel n licked her hand. She responded ‘yeh kya kar rahe ho’ I replied kha raha Hun. I saw lust in her eyes. I took the rice n also fed her. While she ate rice from my hands I felt her lips on my hand. I felt nice. At 9 PM we finished our dinner.

I asked Radha jara mere pair dabaaaoo naaa. She said wait I will be back in few minutes. I waited eagerly for her. Then in 5 min she came n sat on bed facing me. She took my leg in her laps n started pressing them with her hands. My legs were feeling her open stomach. I purposefully placed my leg on her left boob (below nipple). I FELT electric voltage in my dick. she saw the tent in my pant. she did not said anything. I felt encouraged by her silence. I asked mera sar dabaaoo naaa. Saying I get up n laid my head on her laps now. My face was near her boobs. she started pressing her tender hands on my forehead. As she bend I had good view of her boobs. Unknowingly I tried to pull her pallu n by force of my hand her saree pallu fell from her body. I saw boobs in her black half opened blouse. My dick took form of 12 inches rod. I hold her other hand n placed it on my tent. She felt shy but also eager to go further. I started gently moving my hands on her both boobs still in black blouse. I felt as if I was having dream come true. Slowly I roughly pressed her boobs.

I used to cup her both boobs and press n caress wildly like a blow horn. I pulled my pant down for her. I was not wearing panty inside .my dick saluted her. She started moving her hands on my dick n inner thighs n jhattas. I felt magic of her hands. I said radha I am unable to hold. She started moving her hands on my balls. I moved my fingers along her borders of her black blouse. Now my fingers traversed in the open area of her boobs. on her cleavages. I gently inserted my two fingers from below her blouse as it was open. I felt her warm boobs. i managed to get my entire hand inside her left boob. now her left boob still inside blouse was under my hands. I pressed left boob wildly like a balloon. While I pressing I raised my head n started kissing her open cleavages. I kissed that part of long time. Now I brought her face near mine n deeply started kissing her lips. My other hand was caressing her back. I almost cummed in her hands. She said ufffooo yeh kya kar diya tumne. saying she cleaned my dick with her saree pallu.

She again started kissing my lips wildly. Almost one hour we kissed sucked n licked each other’s face n lips n tongue. Now it was 10 pm. She felt pity for me n opened her remaining blouse buttons n pulled her blouse off. Both 36d brown tanned boobs pop out before me inviting me. I stared at those boobs wildly. She bends forward n placed her left boob near my face. I first wildly kissed her left boob (almost every corner n part of her) left boob n licking the boob making it wet with my saliva. Now I started sucking that left boob slowly. First I only sucked her nipples. But she pushed her left boob tightly in my face. I had no option but to suck. I almost sucked that left boob to my heart content. In mean time my other hand played with her right boob. i kissed her neck earlobes shoulders armpits n again boobs. I now turned my mouth to her right boob. i started sucking her right boobs. In that time my other hand went inside her saree n was searching for her pussy. While feeding me she opened her saree loose n pulled her petticoat down. (No panty inside) now I was on her laps n she was sitting completely nude. While sucking her boobs my hand explored her pussy. ohhh it was so warm.

I put my one finger in her hole. Gradually almost all four fingers went deep inside her pussy. i was fingering her. She moaned ‘aaaaaaaa’ he fingered her till she cummed. Now I kept my face on her lap’s n started kissing her pussy. Now I started gently licking her pussy. i licked n sucked her pussy for almost one hour. Now time was 1:30 am. She now bend forward n started kissing my cock madly. I felt she was hungry for cock for many days. She started licking my cock tip gently. Ohhhhhhh so tantalizing experience it was. Now she licked my cock from sideways, now licked its base. Now licked my balls too. While she was licking I moved my hands on her head. I loosened her ambada (bun) n her long black silky hairs fell all over my thighs .I felt very wild n mad. My cock took its original form instantly. She started sucking my cock. While she moved her head on my cock up n down I pulled her hairs. I pulled her hairs n pushed my dick in her mouth. I almost fucked her mouth to my heart content. Now it was 2 am.

I pushed her on bed. I asked her to lay on her stomach. She obeyed. I saw her back n brown tomato sized buttocks. I started pressing fondling her buttocks like a sponge. I kissed n licked her ass. all her long black silky hairs were at her back till her ass. now while I was fingering her ass I lay on her n kissed n licked all over her back. I kissed all over her hairs. They were smelling awesome. Now I sat n spread her legs wide. I pointed my dick (10 inch) onto her ass. i took her long hairs in my hands n pushed my dick in her tight ass. first it went half in. Then I pushed more forcefully. Now my entire cock was in her ass. it was warm. I started fucking her ass n pulling her long hairs. I fucked her ass for half an hour. At 2:30 am I put my cock out. Now I made her lay facing me. I bend over her n pushed my cock in her pussy. she pulled me over h 000000000 UUUUU MMMMMM”.

Finally at 3 am I released my loads of cum into her holy pussy. i made her pussy wet all over. I felt on her body. She hugged me n kissed me wildly. It was 4 am. We slept in same position till morning. Till my parents came home, I fucked her almost all day and in all possible positions.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Looking for Secure Fun

Looking for Secure Fun
My name is Rony. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I lived in Dhaka city for the last 30 years since born. I am doing a private job and getting a handsome salary. I have a latest model car and lived at uttara area. My complexion is Asian black but I am really an Adidas (all day I dreamt about sex). After completing my studies, I joined in private firm as an executive over here at elephant road, Dhaka. This is one of sweetest incidents of my lifetime and as well as memorable one. Though I joined as an executive but within a very few days I become one of the most important part of our company. Because my boss is a very very busy guy. Most of the time, he visits our foreign buyers. We are a 100% export oriented garments industry and we have other business also. As I was a real sincere man, boss liked me very much. At one stage, he has given me the charge of his other business. Now I am like a businessman by profession. Let me come to the point now. One of my collogue named rinky have just joined us. I was her 1st level reporting boss. So, within a very few days, I became very close to her. I cared a lot for her. I taught rinky how to handle the files and other issues properly. That’s why she also used to obey me. Hey, let me describe rinky. She is about 5’3” height and with a nice figure. She is only 21 years of age. After completing her graduation, it was her first job. One fine morning, I found that she sent a message to my cell phone that she is sick and will not be able to attend the office, I replied, ok, I will manage somehow. But next day she was also not available at office. I called her up. The phone was unanswered. After sometime, I got a call back from her cell. It was rinky’s mom. She informed me that she is shifted to the hospital due to serious fever. I decided to meet rinky. I asked her mother about the know how of the hospital. I went to the hospital after finishing the office. I was really surprised after seeing rinky’s mom. Rinky introduced her mom to me. Her name is seema. She looks like a sex bomb. That was for the very first time, I came to know about rinky’s family. Rinky’s father is doing a job at Dubai. He visits after every one year for one month. Seema is a school teacher of a kindergarten. Her younger brother shoeab is a student of standard ix of residential model school. I found seema’s figure is something like 38-32-38. She is 41 years of age but still she was looking like the elder sister of rinky. I got mad after watching her boobs. It was excellent and somebody should be there to hold it. After chatting with the visiting doctor, I understand that it’s just a viral fever and they will release rinky within next 48 hours. Rinky’s brother shoeab was not there. Later he came and informed us that he will attend to hospital for the rest of the night. Seema will be here in the morning. It was 8:15 PM. I asked for the permission from seema aunty for leaving. She thanked me a lot for visiting the hospital. I was about to leave but rinky called me back and asked for a favor. I replied, please carry on. She asked me to drop her mother to their home at uttara. As I also lived at uttara, I said it’s ok. Then we both left the hospital. I was in heaven after she opened my front door of my car. There was a fragrance at her body which was really unforgettable. But I was really clam to her. I asked her the address and she informed it’s an apartment at sector # 9. I know the area very well and dropped her.

She asked me to have a cup of coffee. But I refused as it was about 9:45 PM. I was dying but ignored. She then asked me what’s wrong? I replied, everything is fine but I was so tired, that I could not wait any longer. In fact, I was about to cum anytime. I need to go to the toilet for a masturbate and for a cool bath. She asked me to visit later and suddenly gave me a hug. I feel her wonderful boobs at my body. From that time I became adidus once again about seema. After that incident, rinky was getting closer to me. One day she invited me in a family dinner at their house. It was a gathering of at least 12-15 people. I found seema can also cook very well. She cooked beriani, fish kabab, beef bhuna and many more. It was really a good dish to have. After finishing the dinner, I found her sitting at the couch alone. Some of them left and some of the invited people were watching a Hindi serial at TV. She was looking at me and asked why I am not married till now. I flirted; i am looking for someone special. She then asked me, what do i mean by special? I was puzzled and replied who will take care of mine and my family. That’s all. She then asked me that she could find some good girls for me. She then gave me her cell number and asked me to call during 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. She informed me that she came from the school at 11:00 am and her son used to came from his school at 5:00 pm. I said, yes, i am eager to find a good girl for me. I will contact u within a few days. She then again hugged me in front of everyone and said good bye to me. I understand to hug anyone is their family culture. I was happy that rinky & shoeab is ok with that. Next day, i informed my boss that i will be late at office for some personal reason. I also asked rinky to take care of my files. I called seema at 10:00 am and she was delighted and asked me to visit her at 11:30 am. I went there and found nobody was there because she had given leave to the bua (house maid) already. Seema asked me to watch tv and by that time she will take a bath. She went to the bathroom and i was thinking how i could proceed further. I would like to have a nice lovemaking time with her. Suddenly, seema asked me from the bathroom that if could help her. I was surprised and found that seema was also thinking the same as i did before. She asked me to soap her. I obeyed and started soaping her neck. She then removed her towel from her body and i found her naked in front of me.

I could not believe my luck. My dream lady seema aunty is now in front of me naked. I also started removing my cloth asap. Seema hugged me like before. I found her gorgeous beauty melon sized booby. The colour of her nipple was pink - brownish. Those were like horn to me. I slowly moved to her right one and started sucking. Seema then grab my head at her breasts and start moaning. I found seema aunty is basically not having sex for a long period. She was also starving like me and she was a real sex hungry bengali lady at that period. After 5 minutes of vigorous sucking, she hold my finger and moved it to under her lower valley. I found her pussy clean shaved. I started inserting my fingers into seema for next 5 minutes. She used to moaning once again and hugged me tight. By that time my 7” dick was hard rocked. Seema caught it with her and hand and behaved like holding the most favorite toys of her life time. She then moved to her bed room with me. She was eager to put my dick deep inside her. Without saying any word, she just hold my dick into her hand and insert it into her pussy. The pussy was wet like a thirsty lovehole. Seema asked me to push slowly. As she was not having sex for last 6 months. I moved as per her desire. The feeling is like heaven. I never understood that a pussy of a mature lady like seema is so heavenly. After 10 minutes of fucking, i could not hold any longer and was about to cum. She asked me to load my cum inside her pussy. Then i loaded the longest and happiest cum into her. Later i came to know that she cummed thrice within that session. I hugged her and was felling fucking tired. Seema asked me to clean myself and my dick was normal. She was undone and asked me to suck her dry. She forced my face under her bailey and asked me to suck her pussy. I have never done it but watched it in love making films. I decided to carry the order and put my tongue to seema’s pussy lips. It felt like salty for the very first time. As i was not moving my tongue properly, she got angry. My dick was going to strong once again. She took my dick to her mouth and started licking my balls. Then i understood why ladies are used to lick their sex partners. The cock sucking and licking can make a man to be strong very very faster. Then i started to lick her as if i am sucking a fresh juicy mango. Believe me, when i was thinking of it the taste of seema is now felt like real mango. I found it the real fun to suck and fuck. Sometime sucking felt better than fucking for both the sex partners. Seema then took the lead. She rode at me and start fucking my dick. It was good. Real good. I could not believe my eyes that she is riding me. Within next 5 minutes, i was about to cum once again and she stopped for next 5 minutes. She changed her position as doggy and asked me to fuck her from behind. I fucked her for sometime and once again cum into her. Seema was looking satisfied and top of the world then. I feared, if seema could have pregnancy. But she informed me that she already have a permanent precaution by her husband after took her 2nd issue. We then both took our launch together and hugged. We did this for the next 3-4 months. We even had our fantasy fucking session at our office too secretly and securely. But that was another story. Most of the ladies and gents here at dhaka, bangladesh are unhappy at their sexual life for many reasons. But our local culture is not to speak up. We should at least fulfill our sexual fantasies and desires secretly. We should neither hurt other family members nor the local culture.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hot Encounter with Sexy Punjabi Girl

Hot Encounter with Sexy Punjabi Girl
I am Mr. RAJ (name changed). I am 30 years old and this story is of year 2002 when I was in Itanagar the capital city of arunachal. I had to go to guwahati to appear exam of CPSU and I was returing in a deluxe bus. In those days I had a habit of drinking alchol(whisky) before continuing journey. Acordingly I was drunked 2 pegs of whisky and boarded in bus and I was surprise to see a girl of around 26yrs of wheatish colour. She was accompained by her father whose seat was behind my seat. The father of the Girl(name Jassi) request me to change the seat so that he can seat with her daughter. I told him to ask the other person with him to come in front and he and his daughter can seat togeather but he was not agreeing with me. At last jassi told her father that she is comfortable here near me. As our journey begin at around 08.30pm I felt sleep due to clod breeze coming from the window. After around one hour passed I felt that someone has touced by feet.

I thought it is due to alchol effect and I slept again. Again after half an hour I felt my feet being touched and again I ignored it. But again the same thing happened then I started loking down the seat to what is it. After finding noting I looked around and saw jassi giving smile. I understood the whole situation but I pretended as if I felt nothing. Let me tell something about her she has a very big boobs and healthy figure. I thought to asking her but could not dare to ask her as I was drunk n if she complains any one I will get a nice public. So I thought to check it out. I pretended to sleep again but actually I was not. After few minutes I saw that she is moving her legs towards me and is rubbing her feet with my feet. I kept watching as the entire bus is dark and other passengers were sleeping to. I pretended that I know nothing and she kept on rubing her feet and her courage grew more and she stated to touch my thighs. I could do nothing just wathing at her. She gave a naughty simle and keep doing. Then she kept her left hand on my right thigh and started moving her hand slowly. My dick became hard.

Suddenly the driver applied brake and condutor told that we can have dinner as bus will stop for 30mins. It was around 12.20pm night. The light was on and I looked at her she gave naughty smile again and keep looking at me. I went down from bus take dinner where as she did not come down as had brought dinner with them. I finshed my dinner and went to toilet and came back to bus and sat on my seat. Around 12.55 bus was started . The lights were put off and within 15 minutes people around felt fast sleep. As the bus was moving I kept looking her and she also kept looking at me. Around 20 min have passed she brought left hand over my dick and started rubbing. Then I thought to ask her address and name so that in future I cane fuck her but she uttered nothing just kept looking at me with naughty smile and keep rubing my dick. Suddenly she took my right hand and put on her right tits stated rubbing with which I got courage to do so. I looked around and saw that everybody is asleep I moved my self closer to her and she to came near me. I kept my head over her shoulder and started giving message to her left & right boobs. She got aroused a ND started to make hissing sound which I feared if people came to know then what will happen. She understtod my situation and used her duptta as her shawl and covered herself. I took my hand inside the shawl and put inside salwar and started rubbing her both boobs.

I was getting my dick harder n harder whose pain was unbeareable to me. For my help she lifted her bra so that I can touch them n message them. While massaging she also got aroused a lot. I took my hand from boobs n started searching for her pussy. First I tried to insert my hand from top of but due to thread closed I jusst touched her pubic hair only. So she raised both her legs on the seat and sat in such a way that bottom of salwar I could inseart my finger and beyound I could touch her pussy very easly. Thanks to salwar n sammez she wore. With my right hand I started finger fucking her and she started enjoying it. I kept doing till fulids started coming from her pussy. She started to moan AAHHH AAH.

I told her not to do so as many people r there in bus. I ket fingering her for around huge fluids came and she collapsed. She took my hand out of pussy and kept over her boobs for messaging. Then she kept her head on my thighs n and covered her face and presented as she is sleeping keeping her head on my thighs covering herselg with duppatta. Then she started unzip me and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I feel she was a very experienced one . she keep on sucking till I ejaculated all my fluids in her mouth and she took completely in her mouth.. I feel relaxed and then she was still sleeping and again took my hand to her right breast for messaging. I kept messaging her boobs. Then I planned to figer fuck her once again and accordingly I with my left hand kept her boobs messaging and with right hand I opened the knot of her payjama and inserted my hand and started carring her pussy. it was so hairy as its a jungle.. I started rubbing her clitoris and she stared getting aroused again and she started moaning and slowly she told me to fuck her.

So I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and then other finger and other finger. it was amazing that my three fingers were coming in and out of her pussy and she was enjoying my finger fuck and in mean time she also took my dick in her mouth again keep licking hard. Suddenly she tightend her legs and my hand got wet of her juices as it flowing non stop and her panty was totally wet and and I also ejaculated and I was completely exhausted. It was amazing experience in bus.By the time it was around 04.30am and the visiblity outside can be seen. I asked her to get up and arrange her dress and I arranged mine. I gave my telephone number asked her to ring me when she needs me. But my dream shattered as she and her father got down at banderdewa the check gate to arunachal pradesh. So this is my story. how you people liked it please let me know your views. In my next I will tell u how my luck favoured me and I got my dream fulfilled to fuck her.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sex in School Days

Sex in School Days
Hi to all readers. I am my friends have been a great fan of Desi Love Stories.com. After reading many stories of this great Desi Love Stories.com I and my friends decided to share our sexperience with hot and dashing Subhi Jain in our native school. We are three guys AMAN, ANKIT and SHASHWAT of 16 years and studying in class 10th having a tall height of 5”8, 5”10 and 5”9 and having a well builded body. NOW the story begins when I (Aman) met Subhi Jain..Subhi Jain is a milky fair girl having juicy boobs with pink nipples(came to know when I fucked her).She is of 5”4 and having a nice figure of 32b-24-34 and looks mature as compared to other girls of her age. She was very beautiful so I had an eye on her specially on her huge Butts.

I never lose any chance to make an impression on her. She had a cousin Rahul who is our friend. I used to frequently visit Rahul’s home as Subhi is living in His home for her studies. We have common school so we regularly meet each other in our classes. One day I went to Rahul’s house, there I saw that Rahul and Subhi were playing Badminton, then Rahul got a call from his father and said “I‘ll be back in few minutes”. I thanked God and took benefit of this situation and started playing Badminton with Subhi. Accidentally the shuttle struck her on her left boob and fell down; she leaned to pick up the shuttle and juicy boobs almost popped out of her black top.

Then she noticed that I am looking to her with my wide eyes, so she stood up immediately (I was continually watching her) and gave me a naughty smile. From this day the locks of my mind opened and I came to know that she also likes me. And now came the day of my destiny, Subhi phoned me and said “can u help me in my Science Assignment because Rahul is not at home and I need to complete it till tomorrow”. I said “I will come in few minutes” (That time I had no any bad intensions about her).I reached her home and when I saw her she was looking very sexy in her transparent yellow top(I could see her bra strips) and blue jeans.

Then we went to her study room and started our study work. Then suddenly she hugged me and said “Chuha”(as she feared from rats) and I said “kya hua”(what’s the matter) then she said “Chuha, bed ke neeche Chuha hai please use bhagao”(Please help me to get rid off this mouse). After this we resumed our work and she suddenly again hugged me and said again “Chuha”

(But this I knew that there was no any Rat inside the Room but I want to take this great opportunity) so I also hugged her and said “ I also get feared from rats ”.Then she surprisingly saw me and smiled and I hugged her more tightly and delivered a kiss on her cheeks, then she replied with a deep kiss on my lips. And my luck left me and the doorbell rang (I was cursing the bell ringer). She suddenly left to open the door and it was Rahul on the door. Then after sometime I left for my home. After 2-3 days I phoned her and said “I want to meet you, can u plz come to my home”. She replied “Of course, I’ll be there at 5 p.m.”. That day my parents were out of station to attend a wedding ceremony. And I started waiting for her and the bell ranged and I rushed to the door and welcomed Subhi. She came in and sat on sofa. I switched on the T.V. For her comfort. To my surprise some sex scenes were displaying on the TV and I immediately changed the channel and again some sex scenes were displaying and vice versa and then suddenly the electric supply cut off.

Then I felt that something very soft is touching my left thigh, I immediately understanded that I was Subhi. I just caught her in my arms and started kissing her while the electricity came but I kept on kissing her on her lips. Then I put my both hands on her boobs and pressed them firmly and she responded with a soft moan”aahhh…” Then I pulled back her Top and saw that she was wearing a black bra and was looking like a sex goddess. Then I unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs wildly then she said ”Dheere Karo Dard ho raha hai” (plz do it softly,itz paining). Then she pulled off my shirt and kissed me on my chest. Then I removed her jeans and cared her pussy with my hand which was already wet. Then she also removed my pant and saw my junior standing straight which exited her and she just took my junior in her mouth and started licking it like a lollypop. Then my all luck got vanished when the bell rang. We frightened and I said to her to go inside my bedroom and get dressed up.

Meanwhile, I fastened my clothes and peeped through the door hole and saw that my friend(LOVE ENEMY’s) Shashwat and Ankit were standing their. I went out in hurry and asked them to leave.(as I was very frightened) They got this point and forcibly went inside my house and started roaming here and there, they suddenly went to my bedroom and I stopped them but they went in and saw Subhi dressing herself and Shashwat Took out her nude photo through his mobile (Subhi got really scared and asked me to stop them and to delete the photos ). Then they gave me a smile and said “ tum side main aao pahle ”(come in other rum).

Then I went to other rum they said ”abe akele-akele lage ho, hume bhi maza lene do”. But I said “ who nahi maanegi”. Shashwat said “use mana hamara kam hai,tum bas use mana ka res rum main le kar aao ”. I apologized her that there’s no problem they want to only meet you and I will say to them to delete the photos. We went to the rest room. She said Shashwat to delete the photos. Then Shashwat said “Aman k sath to bade maze kar liye ab hamari bari hai”. Subhi said “Aman inhe rook, ye kya kah rahe hai”. Then I said to them “Tum log ye kya karma chate ho”(as to console her, but it was our plan). Shashwat put out his mobile and said “ye photo dekhi hai tere Bhai ko send kar dunga aur internet par daal dunga”.

Then she said “Plz ye mat karo, jo tum kahoge main wahi karungi”. Then Ankit grabbed Subhi from behind and said “ Aaj to hamari Treat hogi janeman”. Then I sat on sofa as Shashwat has told me. Then he pulled off her top and bra and started playing with her boobs and Ankit removed her jeans and started playing with her butts. Shashwat and Ankit removed their clothes and started kissing her on her whole body. The whole fore play goes for about 30 min, now Subhi has also got aroused and started moaning softly. Shashwat suddenly put out his junior and asked Subhi to take it in its mouth but she said “ Nahi, main muh main nahi loongi” but he said “Saali muh me leti hai ya teri photo tere ghar bheju”. She took it in her mouth and start sucking it meanwhile Ankit was trying to put his junior in her ass. She cried with pain “Aaaaaaa hhh..” and Shashwat said Ankit be patient u must have to use oil and then Shashwat give her a liplock to decrease her voice. Shashwat then said “ Chalo saali ko mil ke chodte hai”.

And then Shashwat turned to her pussy and put his junior on her pussy and pressed his junior inside her pussy gently( As her hymen was not yet broken). And then he slowly increased his pace, subhi was moaning loudly aaaahhhhhhhh…….ouch…. and Shashwat started fuckinmg her more fastly and she was saying “dheere dheere karo abhi mai bacchi ho,thoda to raham karo” Aahhhhhhhh main mar jaoongi. As she was crying I said Shashwat to use oil but he doesn’t listened and kept on fucking her and blood started coming out of her pussy. She was crying very much but after 14-15 long thrusts she also started to enjoying and after 5-6 min she cummed but he didn’t stop and after about 8min he cummed inside her pussy by creating a huge moan aaaarrrrrhhhh…Now the turn was of Ankit,he wanted to fuck her ass. This time he put oil in his junior and also on her ass,when he inserted his cock on her ass she said with a cry “Tumhe to bahut maza aa raha hai na,

Aman ab to tum bahut kush ho na meri ye halat Dekh kar”. Ankit then slapped her and said “ Saali, bhen ki londi mere dost ke bare me ulta-seedha bakti hai”. She started crying and said “Kaha fas gai main”. Then After sometime Ankit also cummed inside her ass. Now my turn has come but my luck has left me and I got a call from from my parents that they are coming to home So, I said that all u have to leave and I said to Subhi that this is not my fault, please forgive me. Then she left my home without saying a word. Then after few months I was able to apologize her but the next sexperience will be revealed in my next story…

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sex with My Sexy Lecturer

Hi this is John, This one is happened during My final year studies of engineering degree, My final semester class incharge is miss sissira, she is 27 years of age, she is very tall and her skin colour is white and having nice structure,, she is really having nice big boobs and ass,,, I often masturbating by thinking her only in college hostels,, not only me all the students and even staffs,, that kind of beauty she is, she is like a Arabic horse,,

Luckily I got one information from my management, that she is the incharge for my final semester projects,, that means I should spent daily half a days with her in college working days to prepare my project,,, Daily I spent my times with her,, everyday I cant control my masturbation two or three times, as I am very closely watching her,,,as my English is very poor,, there is lots of mistake sin my project report,, so she told me to come to her house daily that's 20kms away from hostel, and return to hostel at 10,, so her husband will clear my mistakes rapidly,, because he also a lecturer in other college.

When I reached her home town, she come by his own car and picked me to her house, soon after we entered the room, she asked me to eat some snacks, she wearing seethrough blue colour sarees,, my mind is going crazy , I started my imagination having sex with her,,,
After some time she comes to my room, I asked her about her husband for my project reports, she told that her husband went to industrial visits and he will come after one weeks, I got little excited and thinking why she called me when his husband is not in home,, so I pretended like a good boy, and asked about the projects she smiled sexily and thrown my project reports, and she frankly asked me what I looked daily in her,, I am little ashamed, but she lifted my face she asked once again,, I replied I watch dher boobs and ass,, she smiled again,it gave me lot of confidence,,,

She told me she also like me because of my black colour,, she told me that her husband is very weak in sex,, so she frankly told me that she needs me,, I immediately kissed her lips and start sucking her saliva juices and I started kissing every where in her face she also doing the same,, I slowly started pressing her boobs and squeezing she started moaning,, that moaning is very sexy and gave me full erection,, I removed her saree and blouse and bra,, and I saw a huge big tits and boobs I started kissing and squeezing her boobs and at the same time she removed my t shirts her fingers caressing every part of my body,, I removed her panty also now and started kissing her navel and and thighs, and slowly starte d to lick her pussies now her moaning becomes louder , I started licking and eating and fingering her pussy vigorously,, her pink pussy becomes wet and she is shivering after HUGE ORGASM.. She hugged me and started remove my pant and brief,, and she amazed by my cocks size and told her husbands is too small,

She compared my cock to great porn stars like peter north, Lexington Steele, and rocco siffredi, I am amazed by her porn knowledge,a ND asked her how she knows,, she told me every free times in colleges and house her hobby is watching porn sites,, she started kissing my cock and balls and started licking the tip of my cock, oh my god, I am in heaven at that time,,she started sucking my cock like a bitch, she swallowed by full thick shaft,, she licked my pre cum juices,, after some times she asked me to fuck in her evil pussy and I started inserted my full penis in her pussy and started ridding in doggy style in slowly and after some times I released my full cum,, she kissed me, v both hugged for some rest,, that whole night I enjoyed her four times in different positions,,
Daily we do this kind of things by seeing porn movies,, up to his husband arrival,, after that,, I vacated from hostel and take separate room in her home town,, so I don't missed her and continue our illegal sex daily,, she is my sex goddess

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sex with Horny Cousin Raji

Sex with Horny Cousin Raji
Hi this is Kavitha, I am regular reader of desilovestories.com and thought for a long time before submitting my real experience. I am kavitha 32 married and have 2 kids still maintain a good figure and my hubby works for an mnc and he will away from home for almost 15 days per month, during last summer two of my cousin sisters came to my residence to spend their summer vacations, both rajini and haritha are sisters and elder sis rajini is around 20 years old and younger haritha is around 15 years both of them are studying and are staying in hostel, rajani is a real sexy slut with good measurements, I was enjoying a happy sex life with my hubby and never did I had any inclination towards females until this incident happened, it was peak summer and ours is a two bedroom house, both rajani and haritha came to spend their vacations with us, it was during this time hy husband had to leave to mumbai for his office related work. One day as usual we all did finish our dinner and both of my children went to sleep and as my husband was away I invited both of the sisters to sllep in my bedroom they agreed and three of us slept together and rajani was sleeping beside me, we talked for some time and went to sleep, it was around midnight and I felt some movement beside me and woke up to find rajani has fully covered herslef with a bedsheet and was doing some thing inside and seeing this I slowly turned towards rajani and opened my eyes and to my astonishment I found that her hand is moving in between her thighs and this continued for another 20 monutes or so and suddenly every thing stopped. I understood that she is fingering herself. Then we all slept as if nothing has happened.

Next morning as ususal we all got up and I was busy in household duties and suddenly rajani came to kithcen to help me in doing my work, I took this oppurtunity and slowly I started poking her and asked her about her friends and when specifically asked her weater she had any affair in college and with a bit of hesitation she denaid having any affairs in college then I mustered courage and told her that yesterday night I saw her doing naughty things during sleep, she was literally taken aback and did not speak for some time, then I made her comfortable and tried to know more from her and when I promised that will not tell anything to any one she opened up and went on to say that she did not have any boyfriends but she is having an affair with her hostel mate and her name is radhika, I was shocked to hear this and this is the first time in my life practically hearing that affairs between females do happen. I was curious and wanted to know more and asked her to explain in detial, she hesitated first and then went on to say that it cannot be told and needs to be tried practically, I understood her intention but did not talk any thing more, after that we had our lunch and this was the only thing that was moving in my mind as some where in my mind I was thinking of trying this new adventure. After that she was shying away from me and was not talking to me much, around evening I made up my mind and went to her and said not to feel guilty and said that today I would like to experience the same hearing this she literally jumped and kissed me on my cheeks.

We both were exicited and we did complete our dinner and both the sisters came to my bedroom and slept, we both were waiting for haritha to sleep, and as planned around midnight we ensured that she is asleep and slowly we went to the other room and I was standing in front of rajani in a state of shock and shame, she took my hands and started caressing them and slowly she put her arms around me and started hugging me both our boobs were pressing each other slowly she started kissing on forehead and then cheeks and then slowly on my lips, I was so excited unknowingly I also put my arms around her and started reciprocating to her kiss, slowly her toung darted between my lips and both of us were got very much involved, suddenly I felt her hands exploring my boobs and took the leads form her and started doing the same which she did to me, she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and I was in my sari she slowly opened my blouse and then my bra and started to nuzzle them in a rhythemic manner and I was in a different world, I slowly removed her t-shirt and started doing the same, she the slowly lifted my sari with one hand and with other hand she started rubbing between my thighs and slowly she started exploring my pussy, after some time she took me to the bed and made me to lie on my back and slowly removed all my clothes and she also took of her clothes, her boobs were small firm and she had a huge ass round and firm and pussy was cleanly shaven, my hands ran all over her body, while she was fingering and exploring my pussy and all of a sudden she statred kissing over there and her tounge was exploring all over my pussy, it was as if she has mastered the art of pussy eating, her tounge was everyinch of my pussy and in beteween she was also moving her tounge in my ass hole which made my hornier, i was literally having orgasm after orgasm which i never had in my life, also i was thinking of tasting her pussy but i had an hesitation as i never was into all this, i gatered courage and asked her to mount on me in 69 position and slowly started kissing her and then slowly intredued my tounge in her pussy and taste was not that bad and then the real play began, i was eating her pussy and all her juices were all over my face. Then she brought a candle from kitchen and gave me a good fuck and and when my turn came i also did the same, we had 3 torrid sessions during that night and in between when ever we go to bathroom to clean ourselves she used to piss on me and i used to do the same on her. Infact she is the one who introduced me to this site, it was a real experence and after that when ever we used to get time we did try different thing which i will share in my next story.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dating with Sexy Nurse

Dating with Sexy Nurse
I don't want you to think I'm weird or anything. I just got curious about some things, and one thing kind of led to another... It started when I was dating a nurse by the name of Luke. No, that sounds wrong. I really don't swing that way. I better back up.

She was called Luke by everybody, but her name was really Lucretia. That makes a lot of people think of poison, which concerns some patients, while a pretty young woman called Luke just makes them smile. Some of the other staff would refer to her as Miss O'Cyte, to see if the patient got the joke, and she did look Irish, it's true.

Anyway, Luke was interested in the whole thing of how the mind affects the body, and vice versa, but also how they could act independently. She had sitting in the apartment she shared a book about astral projection, or soul travel, or out-of-body experiences, or a couple other names. I looked over the book while I was waiting for her to get ready and I got curious. I had heard of it, of course, but never thought much about it.

We talked about o.o.b., as it's called sometimes, that night, and I got fascinated. Luke and I talked a lot when we dated, and maybe for that reason (or maybe despite it) never did much physical. Those conversations might be a sign that we were suited to be together, but we drifted apart anyway. We were friendly but hadn't dated for a while when she got a job in another city.

I doubt that she ever experimented with it, but I did. I trained myself, did meditation, the whole thing. Not very intensively; it was a couple years later before I felt I was getting anywhere.

Well, if you don't believe in such things, you don't have to. There IS a potential for self-delusion there, certainly. But the evidence is pretty good if you study it. And me, I have to believe considering what happened.

The usual start is standing in your bedroom looking at your sleeping (or tranced) body from outside. With a little practice you can roam around outside. Some people claim they have gone places I don't want to believe exist or can be gotten to that way, like Hell or other planets.

Having somebody take your body while you are out is an obvious notion. There's an H.G. Wells story about it, and a Hindu story about two men switching bodies and having sex with each other's wives. But there is no authenticated case of it happening. That just may mean it can't be proved. Though I sort of have...

Anyway, I should get around to what I was going to talk about.

I had met at work a woman named Josephine Fields. Dated her a couple times, and I think I liked her more than she did me. It happens. I felt like a session of flying around and it occurred to me that since I knew where her apartment was I might look in on her. Voyeurism doesn't usually do much for me, but here I was tempted. Odds were she wouldn't do anything all that interesting anyway.

When I got into her bedroom, up by the ceiling, I found her sound asleep.

But the night was a bit warm, and she had kicked off the covers, and she was sleeping nude. I looked down at her, her mouth slightly open, arms out from her sides, legs spread, breasts thrust up. I thought to myself how much I would love to just slide into her...

Well, with astral projection, the will is very important, since about all you have is will. And before I knew it I was inside her, but not the way I wanted. I was walking into a room where she was sitting in a chair. Everything seemed distorted in a way that was half-familiar, though the room wasn't familiar at all. I realized that I was in a dream of hers.

I didn't know what to make of that at first, but I didn't want to upset things, so I let Josephine do the driving, so to speak. It turned out that she was less inhibited in her dreams than in life - I guess we all are -- and it didn't take too long before we were kissing. When we got serious about it, I tried influencing things, and somehow the living room changed into a bedroom, fancier than hers was, and the full set of clothing she started with gradually vanished as I touched areas of her body. My own went as she fondled me, which seemed fair.

She liked a lot of foreplay, a fact which I filed for future reference, and when we had gotten to that point I found that the erection she wanted me to have was no longer than I really did, though it was thicker.

She felt very good, and I wasn't sure whether that was because she wanted to feel good to me to increase my reactions to her, or if I was idealizing myself -- it was sort of my dream too. There are worse philosophical problems to face.

I was not sure whether I even could have a climax when I was out of my body, but I decided to try to avoid it. It might wake me up, and it might well be messy. (Mind-body problems too.) And in any case I like giving women as many orgasms as I can, and in this situation there was no reason not to keep going for hours if she wanted me to. So I worked at it.

I fondled every part of her body that I could reach, including some I would have trouble with awake, penetrated her everywhere with my fingers, experimented freely because I got instant feedback, and could both do exactly what she wanted and give her a lot of surprises. Josephine was mentally exhausted and I'm sure physically satiated by the time we were done. She dreamed that we fell asleep together.

And I went back to myself, not actually feeling very horny. I went to normal sleep, and didn't actually feel any psychological effects until the morning. I did wonder then, though, how Josephine would feel towards me. Was she going to want to jump me? Or would she have been worn out for a week?

Neither one. She acted no different at all. A couple of days later I visited her dreams again and we did much the same again and it made no difference again. That puzzled me, and made me wonder if it was all just my dream.

Then I thought about dreams. The theory is that we dream many times during each night, and the only ones we normally remember are those at the end, the last one before waking in the morning unless something else (including a dream) wakes us.

So I went to bed early. I slept my normal quotient, and set my alarm to go off a little early, before Josephine would be getting up. I put myself into a trance, flew to her bedroom, entered her and her dream and then her again, brought her to an intense peak -- and got thrown out when the orgasm woke her up.

This time there was an effect. She recalled dreaming about me, and what we had been doing with each other, and she was timid about speaking to me. She was timid a few days later when I did it again. She was still timid and cautious the next time we dated. The time after that it was a whole other story.

We went back to my place and it only took a few minutes and a few kisses before I could see the lust in her eyes, and not much more time before she was naked. Once I was, she lay on my bed and raised her knees and lost any hesitation, exploding under me a couple of times then, and then again in the morning. (And fairly often in the next couple of weeks.)

As it happened, the relationship didn't last, but it was certainly intense while it did, and we are still good friends. Since then I get to know a woman to a certain point, then investigate her, so to speak, to see what she might want me to do. I certainly don't want you to think that any woman I want falls into bed with me. Not all, if you want, follow their dreams. They won't do anything they really wouldn't consider anyway. They just consider it earlier and oftener.

An edge is about all you can expect from life.

Friday, May 5, 2006

My Servant Gisele

My Servant Gisele
I’m 34 live in the US now. The story took place in Haiti I was 18 yrs old at the time. Gisele was 3 yrs older than me. She’s dark skin large breast and a firm onion ass which I used to take a peak every chance I got. We had no privacy in the house we lived; we all share the same room. My bed was the biggest bed and was all the way in the back of the room. I had a queen size bed because I roll all over when I sleep. One day I woke up earlier than usual and found Gisele in bed next to me. I was surprise to see her next to me, so I got up and went on with my daily morning workout which consisted of a half mile run and a 25 minutes of strength training. I got back everyone was awake and doing their daily shores. I went to school that day with one thought in my mind, wondering when did she get next to me and why. Days go by without finding out why she was next to me and she did not come to my bed either. So I thought it was a one night thing. And went on with our lives like it nothing had ever happen. I had no intention of sleeping with her, all my effort was on seducing my neighbor’s daughter. I would spend all my afternoon at her place and even wrote her some poems. I would go home disappointed, cause I couldn’t get nowhere with her. In school my friends used to brag of having sex with their servant and used to say servant pussy is the best pussy ever. I used to judge them and why should I lower my standard and for a lower class than I. Let me get back to the story. It was on a Friday after school which got of early and I phone home and told my guardian that I would spend the weekend over my best friend house, and they agree. I went to his house to spend the weekend, when we got there he introduce me to his family. I went to his room and turn on the saga genesis game on and we started playing. Night came exhausted from the game and school I went to bed. I was awaking by a very unusual sound to my surprise it was my friend fucking is servant.

I went back to sleep like nothing had occurred. The next morning I went home angry and without explaining why. I got home and no one was around so I thought I had the house to myself, so I drop my bag and went in the living room to watch a movie. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and to my surprise walk in on Gisele in the nude who’s about to take a shower. The site of seeing her in her glories sent an uncontrollable sensation to my bodies. I stood at the doorway and walk to her and grabbed her waist and put her left breast in my mouth and the other hand cupping her Wright. She couldn’t react quick enough to stop me and with such vigorous suction on her breast she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying the sensation. Here’s me Maxi who was angry at his best friend for fucking his servant, and I was about to do the same to mine. As I was sucking on her breast and cupping it, I began to realize how sexy she was and decided to slow down my pace. I release her breast proceed to her naval area and withdrew from her she didn’t even notice that I step back look at her with her head back and eyes closed. I had to stop for a moment to see the masterpiece in front of me, her dark silhouette and a very nice pubic area not too much hair. I believed she started to shave when I walk in on her. I went back to her naval area. She had deep belly button that seem endless from the surface. I started circling my tongue around her hole and stick my tongue in and out of it. I stop there and proceed of taking my clothes off I called her name out Gisele and brought her out of her trance. She stood there and I asked to step in the tub with me wish she did without saying a word. I turn on the shower and finished the job she started with the razor and shaved her pubic area. We switch place now she stood under the water while I lower myself between her now clean shaved vaginas. I took her left leg put on my shoulder so could have access to her pussy. She started to moan softly and gently. With the water running on her body and my head berry deep in her us both went to heaven. I had my tongue flicking on her clits and going in and out of her. She had her hand in my hair, her body tense up and I felt all her weight on me and she relax soon after.

I stood up in front of her and her than lean her head on my chest. She was breathing heavily, while she tries to regain her composure and said:” se premiye fois mwen foyer kousa” (that was her first orgasm) I asked her if that was her first time, she says no she had plenty of experience with the male servants in the neighborhood. And asked her where everybody was, she reply they all went on the country side for the long weekend and left her behind just in case I came back early. I was very happy to hear that we had the house to ourselves for 3 days now. We came out the shower and went to the bed room I picked her and place her in the center of the bed and opened her leg she grabs hold of my penis and say that I was well gifted for someone my age. I told her that I also know how to put into good used, her laugh out loud that remains to be seen. She took my rode and guides me to her wet hole. As I enter her I raise my hip so that I could also get her clitoris while I was going through the motion. Within 20 min of fucking her in such she started to get tense and I pick up the rhythm, so I stop moving my hip and let her come to her first ever intercourse orgasm. She then asked me to stop and said you do know how to put it to use well. We continue to fuck and every positions that we known.

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Sensitive Great Lover

My Sensitive Great Lover
One day I had some important work with my HO which is in a foreign city. So that night, I found myself on the late-night Air India flight. I took my favorite seat, in the last row of the J-Class section, thanking my stars that I was not bumped off the over-booked flight like some of the other unlucky souls. Just before the stewardess closed the doors, a tall figure entered the cabin. He was wearing one of those cheap checked slacks one gets on Mumbai streets and a T-shirt. Immediately a hush descended in the cabin, and the portly Gujju auntie in the front seat was gushing that the person who entered was Mr.X, one of India’s top action heroes. He settled into the seat next to mine. I paid no attention to him as I did not particularly like either him or his movies. Salman and Sunny were ‘MY’ kinda guys. NOT him. He was showing a lot of interest in a rather good-looking airhostess, A Bengali female with large, firm bosoms and generally nice figure. He noticed me looking at his lusty glances and gave me a sheepish smile. We then got introduced, and to my surprise, he mentioned his original (pre-film) name. I am not the chatterbox types, and went right back to my laptop, while he went back to giving the girl lusty looks as she walked up and down the aisle.

After take off, almost the entire cabin, including my neighbor, whom I shall call ‘R’( The first letter of his pet name) drifted off to sleep almost immediately. I had to complete some work, so I switched on my laptop and immersed myself in my work. A little later I felt some jerky movements in the seat next to me. Though it was almost pitch dark, I could see a little as my reading light was switched on. ‘R’ was lying on his side, facing me, and almost covered by his blanket, was jerking off! It had been a long time since I had had a lover and I was flushed with excitement. I strained hard to catch a glimpse of his cock, but couldn’t see anything as it was almost dark and his cock was covered by his large hairy hands. He looked up to see me staring at him, and quickly straightened up. He then looked at me and gave me his famous gummy smile. I smiled back and gave him a sympathetic,’it happens’ look. I had obviously ruined his ‘moment’. For he straightened his seat and switched on his reading light, and after a moment of silence, started a conversation, probably trying to explain away the situation. I did not know what to do! I was obviously very excited, but at the same time, didn’t know how he would react if I made a first move. I had heard stories about Salman Khan being gay, but ‘R’ here was supposed to be straighter than a straight line! His blanket was around his knees, and the bulge in his slacks was just too obvious.

He caught me looking at it, and again gave his gummy smile. As I put my laptop away, and reclined my seat backwards, he asked me to put my blanket around him as well. It was then that the first seeds of doubt were planted in my mind. Perhaps this guy was also interested! I couldn’t believe my luck! We kept talking for some time, in whispered tones so as to not wake up the other passengers. About our personal lives and all. He told me about his pre-film days and all, about how he wanted to quit films and settle in Canada. He pronounced ‘Canada’ in the typical Punjabi way and I thought it was pretty cute. Hey, I thought: this guys is pretty human after all and I started becoming genuinely interested in making friends with this guy. He then started talking in length about the gorgeous stewardess, and ended it with a ‘I just couldn’t wait’.

‘Don’t worry yaar! I actually enjoyed it!’, I said.

He gave that cute smile again, (Gawd! Why does he have to give that smile over and over again?) And pretended to be shocked and all. He switched off both our reading lights, and we settled back into our reclined seats. After a little more ’school-boy’ talk, I felt him grab my hand, and take it to the bulge in his crotch. Even his semi-erect cock was making a huge bulge in his slacks. I caressed him over his slacks and he was like really enjoying himself. So much perhaps, that he forgot he was with a guy, b’cos he almost unconsciously reached for my chest region and started feeling my ‘tits’. His immediate reaction was of disappointment, but it soon turned to surprise, as he felt my nipples hardening. I felt it too, and when he pinched my nipple, I almost screamed with pleasure. Once again, he gave that smile of his, and started undoing the top buttons of my shirt, He reached inside and started fondling my rather large nips, making me wiggle in my seat. That day I discovered that the most erogenous zone in my body were my nipples!
He whispered in my ear, that he wanted to be sucked, down there. I slithered down like a snake till I was kneeling right between his legs. I pulled up his T-Shirt and kissed his hairy stomach. I kissed his bulge which was fully hard now, and could clearly feel it throbbing beneath his clothes. He loosened his slacks and I pulled his slacks down to his knees. In the very dim cabin light, I could make out that he was wearing a very sexy pair of briefs and my! Was it bulging or what. The outline of his Hard Cock was now clearly visible. I started nibbling and almost biting it through his briefs. I pulled his cock out and kissed its base, and making my way up to the tip. It wasn’t very long, but it wasn’t small either,

Around 7.5 inches. But GAWD! Was it thick or what! The head of his cock was like amazing, and I pleasured it with my tongue. It was now his turn to wiggle in the seat with pleasure as I went down to suck on his balls.He reached down to fondle my nipples again. The moment he touched my nipples, I drew a sharp breath. This must have given him immense pleasure, as my mouth was on his cock. He asked me in a whisper whether he could enter me. I seriously didn’t understand him immediately. But as soon as I did, I refused, since I didn’t think that would be very safe. He didn’t push it. He put his hands on my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and almost into my throat! Now he started thrusting into my mouth. I could see that he was close to cumming, as his cock started throbbing wildly. He then ejaculated at least a litre (ok that’s an exaggeration, but it was a lot of fluid!) Of cum into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow his whole load and more than half of it fell on his seat between his leg. He was clearly exhausted by the effort, and we lay right there for what seemed like ages, before we straightened up and cleaned up. When I was going to the loo, he asked me pretty seriously, whether he could come, which I turned down. Already, the Gujju auntie in the front seat was giving us dirty looks!

As we got off the flight I thought that our romance was for a few hours only, and I didn’t even swap numbers or email-ids. Imagine my shock 4 days later, when I get a message from the receptionist at the HO that ‘R’ had called up and given his hotel number. I did not want to call him up. But since he had managed to trace my company number, he could come down as well, and I didn’t want him coming down to my office! So anyway, I called him up, and we met at the pool of the hotel. I couldn’t help but get excited as I saw him emerge from the pool in a slinky pair of blue micro bikini-briefs that left nothing to the imagination! The guy sure had great taste in underwear! He put a sexy thigh length bath-robe and ordered tea for himself. We chatted for sometime, and he told me that he had come there for shooting some song, and planned to leave the next morning itself as his work was over. He had postponed his departure because he wanted to meet me, and invited me to spend the evening/night with him. After he had changed, we went on a tour of the city. We returned after a heavy dinner to his room. I had planned to return to my own apartment, but this guy seemed to be in no mood to let me go! I was calling up my room-partner and telling him that I wouldn’t be coming home that night. I was still on the phone, when ‘R’ put his hand into my shirt and starting fondling my nips. I quickly hung up the phone, breathless with excitement. He gave me that gummy smile of his, and put his mouth down on mine. We kissed for over a minute, tongues duelling with each other.

He removed his jacket, and then his shirt, and proceeded to remove mine. His hairy chest and sexy physique really turned me on. I reached down to feel his tight butt, as his mouth attacked my nipples, sucking and nibbling on them. He stepped out of his trousers, and once more I could see his bulging cock aching to jump out of his briefs. I pulled off his briefs and pounced on his cock and tormented it with kisses. He was now totally nude, and I could see his tight butt swaying in mirror behind me. Did he have a sexy butt or what! He was near to coming, when he suddenly pulled his cock out. He pulled me close and tormented my nipples for another few minutes. He then kissed me and asked me if he could enter me. I was a virgin as far as anal sex goes, and was afraid that his huge cock would rip me open. But at the same time, I badly wanted him. So, as an answer, I pulled him close and kissed him, sucking on his tongue. He removed my trousers and briefs, and remarked on the large size of my own cock. He felt my smooth ass, and twitched with pleasure, as his fingers caressed my butt-crack. He did some more foreplay for some more time. He wanted me me to lay on my stomach, but I asked him to do it ‘missionary style’. He pulled out a tub of cold-cream from the dressing table and took a large amount of it on his fingers. ‘Yeh lagegi’ he said, and proceeded to rub in the entire amount in my butt-crack. He inserted 2 of his creamy fingers into my butt crack, and I screamed. He then slowly inserted his tool. It was like damn painful, and so he did it pretty slowly.

After it was completely embedded, I could feel his throbbing cock, almost in my stomach! After a little more foreplay with his cock embedded in me, ‘R’ started thrusting into me, very slowly at first, but eventually going at it like a bull in heat, until he climaxed some 10 minutes later. I reached my climax much earlier than him, and my cum was deposited on his belly, which he proceeded to lick off. That night we made love at least 3 times. After he had got ready to leave the next morning, he insisted on having a quickie right there and then! We did it in 2 minutes, with his jeans around his knees! I haven’t seen him in quite a while. He calls up once in a while.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Greek Godess at My School

Greek Godess at My School
She had a unique way of wearing sari, she plucked the sari’s loose end together into folds and ran it all the way up, from the right side of her pale white and fragile looking skinny waist across the wholesome breasts covering them fully and over the shoulders, where all the folds were gathered and pinned up over her left shoulder delicately on to the blouse and quite charmingly rested the extreme end of the sari’s loose end over her left hand rolled up. She playfully dropped the loose end all by itself at times, other times; she would pay attention to the lonesome warrior and pay homage by carefully rolling it up her left wrist. This unique way of wearing sari gifted on the students a rare view, of a feminine quality that was waiting to be expressed; a woman’s encroachment on a na├»ve teenager’s psyche, a desire and wanton that met halfway behind her back while she turned over to jot something on the board, something infinitely unimportant, for the beguiling features of her stiff naked flesh kept the students in a trance, of beauty that curved, of curves that looped , and of loops that met somewhere beneath the elegant sari work. By now, everyone knew that she wore a white bra, for her unique way of wearing sari left the blouse uncovered by the sari on her back, and the features were impossibly clear for all the students to watch and be suffused with the promising beauty, of a back that was caught up covered mesmerizingly by a piece of transparent cloth and a guarding thick strapped bra that was supportive. And, the bra furthered the desire equation by wholly converging from the top of both the shoulders and meeting in between with a length of thick rectangle blotted out in the middle, for the straps were hooked and the hook position stood out in the whole architecture of subtle nuisances. The hook reminded one of the hidden qualities that were guarded, the hook also reminded one of the perimeters of conquests, one only had to gain access to the hook and the whole piece of majestic beauty would unfurl in one giant heap and the waves of desire would thoughtlessly, effortlessly undulate in the field of students’ mind. The outlines of bra straps on her back hung on to her shoulders so picturesquely that it titillated one and every student’s mind, the tickling sensation that began by her posture found catalysts in the naked flesh of her nape behind the neck, above the bra straps. The nape was refreshingly penetrating, the color of the skin was becoming, and the soft pale yellow flesh tormented one’s capacity of administering grips on oneself, and one ceaselessly fell prey for the standing lascivious lass with nape that stood so straight that it would put a swan into shame, breasts that bosomed relentless beauty in them put all the known species of birds at shame, a waist that converged into frolicking folds of timeless aggregation of softened skin put even the most voluptuous bodies at shame, and an arise that was so great that it appeared immobile in its mass for one with the eye for mass, small and cute with affirming postural stand embodiment for one with eye for skinny inclinations, that it put the giant horses with big bare backs at shame.

Such was the poise she took that even the most reluctant and indifferent mind fell prey to the elegant poise. She stood firm and on heels with the heaving bosom covered beneath the sari, and an enchanting tongue that she encircled words inside her mouth before leaving them into the open, ‘end’ sounded ‘end’ with stress on ‘t’ that was so shattering on already pent up nerves that one helplessly hung up beside himself. And she spoke, she walked, she adjusted the rim of her glasses, so fine and delicate that the skin of one’s teeth slipped over into the mouth. When she talked, everybody listened, when she walked, everybody gaped at her, when she paused all the eye lids paused as if earth paused at once in its orbit, when she turned her back, everyone frothed and gulped the spit back into their throats. She was an oasis of desire, a sand dune of elegance, a prima Dona, and the Greek goddess. Every day, she wore a new sari, a matching blouse, matching bangles, matching slippers, and matching hair clip, but the bra remained the same, the white one. It was her trademark style, one that she defined and only she was ever able to pull off so elegantly that nobody doubted if she was the proud owner of her style, perfection in person, character and an attitude that differentiated her. She stood out, she was unique and the only one who earned that respectful adoration ever taught in our school. She never ceased to exist, she was always there on everybody’s mind in the school, it was as if, she existed in waves and disturbances that rippled over the students, teachers and the principal as a giant wave that broke into the shore, wave after wave, she came and she gone. She broke on our minds with suddenness that we were blenched with fear of apprehension; she broke on us in a wave of lustful admiration like a wave in sea broke into white froth. She impaled our minds with a perpetual pattern such as the waves that cleansed the rocks on shore and left them soft and streamlined. Such was the force of her presence that the mind wavered into the verge of exploding, a desire un-quenching, an instinct unbridled such as the sun rose from a blank and grotesquely wholesome darkness to expose the blue sea everyday at dawn.

She was an epitome of a structure left to the beholders of beauty to gape in awe and admiration. When she walked, she rolled her sari’s end on her wrists, and the sari fell over feet in urgency, the folds so stiff and current, embroidered her already statuesque picture with a concurrent force, and she seemed dragging the weight of expectation with every passing day. And so it happened, one day she turned her back to write on the board, which nobody cared really, that I noticed her bra strap on the right shoulder displaced away from her shoulder and slipped on to her hand. Thanks to the transparent blouse as always, and thanks to the unique way of uncovering her back as always. I remember the day so clearly, with every passing second, I got increasingly aware of the situation, it never happened before, she dressed so conscientiously that she could only have existed in books, or in pictures on every piece of drawing board in this world, the real world was so utterly incompetent and beauty ridden, barren in existence that she should never have been let out of the books and pictures into the real world in the first place. The right strap unsettled the configuration so vast that the hook was now inclined at a good five degrees to the horizontal where it was hung up with no room for error for so long. Every time, she faced the class, I tried to read her face and was hoping that she would excuse herself from the class for a while and push the strap back into its original place thereby attainting ordered symmetry. I knew that she knew it, she felt the strap on her upper hand and the void it left on the shoulder was also palpable, it was unquestionable that she knew it, but she stood there and endured the pain, suffering and humiliation of a disturbed symmetry on her back for a good thirty minutes. Out of desperation, I hoped that she would begin dictating something out of the book and when everyone dug their heads into the books to jot it down, she could use that momentary minutes of near nothingness of gazing into adjusting the strap, to put us all out of our individuals’ episodes of restlessness. But she never did, she never relented, the frame of stroking arrogance did not bend down. I remember the day as the day that the beauty suffered all by herself, lone and in her person, she showed no signs of trouble and that added dignity to her figure.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Banging My Beautiful Manager

Banging My Beautiful Manager
Networking Company, under a cute Bengali manageress Miss Racchana, she was 30, 5ft 7 inch, with perfect curves . No one would think of having sex with her. She was so aggressive, very strict and used to maintain distance with every guy in our company. I never realized my dreams come true that time. One fine Saturday afternoon, we got UNIX networking problem, it was getting on and off mode, and I tried to figure it out all the day to find what was wrong. I checked everything, but I did not find anything wrong, I told to my manageress that, I would come on Sunday 9am to fix the problem, I took office keys from her. Next day I came around 9 am to open the main door of office I saw my manageress was standing nearby office. I wished her and asked “How come you are here”. She told " Well I have nothing to do, so I thought I would help you to fix the network" We stepped in, locked the door, we both know that no one would come on Sunday. While we were going through corridor I watched her from back, she was wearing low neck blue color blouse, and with sexy hips she got the meat on her bones with sexy curvy features from top to bottom. After we went in our department room I tried to break silence, before that only, she asked me to check anything wrong with cable connections in upper shelves. I am 6ft tall so I was moving the computers in the top most upper shelf moving computer aside, she came and sat down nearby my shelf started moving computers in down shelf. Her Saree was down the floor and exposing her boobs in close view. I stopped moving computers, stopped my breath and staring at her boobs and the valley line between in her boobs. She was on low neck, sleeve fewer blouses and so I could see those two Kashmir apples so clearly..God it’s like watching two big Kashmir apples are dancing together. She raised her head suddenly and caught me stealing glance she smiled flirtatiously, having caught me cold; she said " Hey kyaa dekh raha hai “ What you are looking? I said “Maaa ...dam” and started mumbling for words, she pat on my butt and said "Bad boy".

I was so exited; my face turned red, my dick started straining against my jeans, with her little encouragement smile, with in no time my dick was bulging and jumping like a Rat mouse. I tried to fix my dick by shaking my tight Jean pants, but no use, it was so hard and pushing up and up. She saw the trouble in my pants and still smiling mischievously, I sat down near her and looked into her eyes and saw the look of woman who is ready and willing. We kissed so hungrily and wrapped in each other hug and rolled up and down in a deep locked coupling on the carpet floor. We were so eager and hungry, so we quickly undressed with in seconds each other without wasting time and losing our hug. She gave gasp of surprise looking at my 7-inch tool and I gave gasp of pleasure at her naked body. I quickly whipped around to take a seat on the floor. She flipped over enthusiastically into my lap and my arms; I grabbed her body so passionately, she undid her shoulder length hair, which cascaded on my face. I moved her hair on her left and planted a passionate kiss on her earlobes, nibbling her gently to her neck, returned to her eager mouth, and fondling her beautiful whitish color 36c size firm boobs. She quickly turned and fed to my hungry mouth with her boobs. As I sucked and blew and kissed her tits, she began to let out low moan, and she got me on 69 positions on the floor. I licked every inch of her soft pinky honey pot and lapped her sweet pussy nectar. She was giving a blowjob like a hungry cat eating sugar candy. Each of our acts are made to flow sweet juices but not to exploding and each wave adding to next wave without breaking and the pleasure is becoming so intense and powerful.

She got in missionary position; and she was too hot n wet for hardcore fucking, she raised her legs and widened to pave for my entry, I bent my body like a bow and I shot my hard rock dick into her hot wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure pain..Ahhhhhhh! I allowed her few minutes to heal the hurt. I started pumping very slowly first and then steadily, She hold me more than 30 long minutes, with her pussy convulsions not to cum so soon. She knows the game how to keep for long time..Whenever I was about to come she stops up thrusts and moving her hips in same direction of my thrusts. So I would not cum soon, I felt so FUCKING GOOD with each stroke, every nerve of mine got so tensed and my thighs become like steel pillars. I felt like a marathon race..Though A/C was on, we were sweating like a hell! .She was keep going , I told I could not hold for long. We were shivering and shaking our bodies with the ecstatic pleasure and my dick was so hot and it was like hard rock! She gave final green signal. I started pumping so fast like a speed train without breaks, she gave up thrusts in opposite direction ..We know its final lap round! we were speeding up and up... all the waves set on me by her got more powerful and turned as big tide and came with a strong force and I called her name “Rachnaaaaaaaa” and exploded my entire loads in her pussy and sent a strong wave after wave pleasures all over her body though her hot wet pussy. It was so hot and wet and we were drenched at our genital organs, so much cum! It's all white cum everywhere.. And made mess on floor as some has plead! It was hard to tell whose cum it was. We made big mess with our cum. We got fresher up and dressed and cleaned the messy floor. She told me there was nothing wrong with network, she was playing with cable connection in her room. It was all part of her game. She said she got crush on me because I am handsome and sexy shape! God! That made me to feel so good!. I told her" you are the dream woman making my boxer shorts dirty every night" Whenever we decided to have fun we would say code word “Network to be fixed” and I used to go directly in to her bed room and ready for action. Her lessons were so great!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fun with Neighbour's Wife

Fun with Neighbour's Desi Wife
I woke up to the sound of my alarm goin off, turned and put it out, I reached out in half sleep and was zapped. Anagha had left Levin me in the erotic dream world she put me into Las nit. Following my routine, I lit a cigg. And went straight to the showers. Memories still fresh and my back acing. I got ready and started to leave for office. I got her 1st MSG. At 11 that day telling me that she had jus woken up and could not get her mind out of the flight to the real world. The day passed and I found it difficult to concentrate on my work as she kept on MSG me and I kept on getting an erection. Frustrated that I could not respond to all thos erotic and sexually provoking MSG. Though I off loaded in the office loo thirice. This was the day, probably the first in 3 years, that I raced out of office sharp at six to get the 1st train home. Honestly I couldn’t control the urge to fly with her again. In the next 45 min I was home and in the showers, cleaned and patted my self dry looked deep intothe mirror, smiling as I was wearing my perfume. I rang her up and she told me she would be there in 10 min. I was all worked up by last nights passionate display of lusting love, hardly slept and lastely office, drained out I fell on my deb with the cigg still in my lips. I could visualize anagha’s tender creamy nude body, trembling as she was standing Las night when I first feasted my eyes on her after stripping each other. I started ramming my erection visualizing her shivering strokes under me as tho it was really happening, harder and hadred, the harder I rammed the stronger the visuals got. Finally exploding with her name being repeated by me in my mourns n aaaaaannnnnnaaaaaggggzzzzzzz. The door bell woke me up, I hurried and opened the door. She was standing there with the heart melting smile and as soon as she looked at me she winked and waked passed me sending my head into a dizzy with the sweet aromatic fragrance she was wearing. She headed straight to the kitchen, gathering my self I closed the door behind me and followed he I. She stood there, makin coffee for the to of us, she looked so afrodeti like in her pulled back and tied black hair, graceful moves that made my heat sing and again she was wearing the most perfect outfit in a deep orange colour..all this invited me but I said to my self control sanju control. Moved closer to her and said,”why did you choose to desert me early this morning, least u could wake me up for a good by kiss” she said”I wanted to honey”,placing both her palms on my cheek and hen back to the coffee maker”but you wer sleeping like a baby wit such a cute smile of satisfaction that I could jus disturbed that pose & as it is I had my eyes fixed on you the entire night without a wink” and gently placed her lips on mine and liked a stroke. As she poured the coffee for two I was holding her from the back and kissing on her shoulder. We sat across the counter and expressed my concerns for not taking precaution Las night, she said its ok as she took her pill 1st thing in the morning. I asked her to wait as I went out and got protection but she insisted not to and pills were fine so I sat down. As we sipped our coffee, keepin our eyes fixed to each others and exchanging some naughty signs she reveled to me ”I jus wish sanju I had met you befor I met this fat ass, you are the one right out my fantasies, I wish..”, I gave a last sip and said”don worry Ana at least better late than never” she said “right on captain, but would you marry me if I was to divorce my husband?” I still remember I said a loud yes without a split second lapse and wen down on one knee. As she placed he mugs on the counter I started assisting her clean up and casually asked her that wont she be asked as to wher was she, to which she said”I wasent going to tell you bet u have asked me this for the 100th time since last nighe,so..”Dancing with her butt in one direction and her finger pointed to the other she carried on”..fatass and father in law have gone to native place for sale of ancest. Property the same night we kissed and am alone with my mil and its easy handling the old lady” before she could end I hugged her close and started kissing her and sqeezin her breast both of us could feel the passion igniting to all new levels of erotic love making, with heaving breaths and pushing hard at each others tongues we synchronized our move towords, now,our bedroom. We were half naked till we reached the bed and in a swift second got rid of the remaining ones.

Locking lips we fell on the bed one hand fondelling her breast and the other g-spotting, she put one hand on my stiff, rock hard erection,with her leg on my waist and the other hand rubbing hard on my face. Both still air thrusting in sync and lost in the kiss. She kept narrowing and widening her lips and soon we, like perfect lovers synced that motion she sucked heard at my tongue and rolling hers over it wildly her breathing was getin heavier and mourning she parted me wildly growled as i did back nd jumped down. In 69 we did each other more wildly, las nit then seemed as calm sex. I parted her ass cheeks and forced my tongue as deep as it could go and started tongue thrusting her pulling it out and licked and nibbled on it at the same time, started licking further down wildly i reached her pink pussy lips and kept sucking hard with her entire pussy in my mouth and tongue thruster in. I was so involved performing the acts alternately tht i clould not here her slight screams of pain and when ever she did she got harder on my dick. She on the other hand was sucking hard rolling her tongue and literally giving small bites as tho it’s a candy. Licking with wide tongue from the top to the bottom of my length and fondling my balls she just kept on going.i could feel her climaxing as she held my head between her thighs. And then suddenly released it. It took longer for me today even tho she wanted to enjoy her climax she insisted on off loading me.. Which she did in a couple of seconds, she had learned a new thig today. She actually swallowed it all and kept sucking for more. My entire face was creamed by the fluid which oozed out of her pussy, i intook most of it as i had did earlier. I could see my teeth mark on her ass hole as she squeezed and released it, believe me it was getting me more excited than ever and i could feel blood flow through my dick as it maximized its erection and she knew that and kept on repeating it. We lip locked again and i turned her around.she was almost reading my mind, raised her round as in doggy and teased me by shaking it and glared at me. “what are u waiting for, don’t waist time, i wanna fly higher today” zapped i slapped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart reveling the gorgeous tight hole. She said” don’t worry am used to pain and bleeding after last night and as long as its your dick you will get all my holes” felt a rush of blood through my head and in mo time i found my self entering her ass. Ladies really telling you, it looks very easy in the xxx movies but actually it was tough getting even a centimeter of my dicks head into it and its painful. She was giving out light screams and saying give it one firm push. I told her to hold on and i reached out for my drawer and applied some vaseline on her ass hole and my dick, speaking intermittently, i gave a strong push and i could feel her tightness, honestly i was enjoying it. As she cried in pain i tried pulling it out but she slapped me hard on the leg for doing it. I said lets get on wit it and gave it several hard pushes till it was completely, by now she was completely in tears and crying her breath out in jerks, and tightly squeezing the bed sheet till it tore,honestly i was in pain my self. I froze a moment and started thrusting slowly by now all the vasiline had dried up and i could feel my dick rub against her tight inner muscles as i thruster harder ignoring the pain and warm brushes i felt inside and harder now maximized my motions. She stopped crying, i guess she started enjoying it, started moaning my name oooo sssaaannnnjjjuuuu, aaaaaahhhhhh aaahhhhhh, aaaaaiiiiieeeeee,aaaaiiiiieeee . Ddddeeeeeevvvvvaaaaaa……jjjjjaaaaallllltttttaaaa aaaaahhhheeeeeyyyy.

It took me longer than usual to exploded as her mourns were giving me a hard oh. The it came could feel the pressure of its release as i shot inside her. I released my grip on her waist, which by now bore the marks of my nail and palms on them. Penis still in her hole i lowered both our bodies on the bed and as it shrank i slowly pulled it it out carefully as she was still giving painful mourns sssaaannnjjjuuu hhhaaaallluuu, as i got my penis out i could see it wit cuts and blood red appearance. I went to the loo cleaned my hurtin penis which was back to normal and got along a hot towel. She was lying still, flat on her stomach with a heavy breath. I slowly can carefully cleaned her up, did away with the towel and since she could not rest her but on the bed i made her lie on me. I said”sorry anaa i should not have got carried away with my fantacy, look at how much pain i gave you, i made you cry” befor i could complete she gave me full blown bit on my chest and said”i enjoyed it, as i could see you enjoy ass fucking through my misty eyes, any thing goes for for u”, i held her close and for a momet i paused and asked”will you marry me”..and god i hated my self for that as she cried her self to sleep. I couldn’t sleep as i was unconfartable but didn’t want to move as it would wake anagha up. So i lit a cigr. And staring at the dimly lit wall i finished my smoke. She woke up and said she had to go to the loo, i helped her as she was feeling ever motion on the ass hole but in a couple of min. She was all right. I went in with her, we wern now not ashamed of anything pertaining each other, she kepr on smiling and touching my sleeping penius as i watched her pee flowing out and suddenly shouted hold your pee. She was zapped but did as i said. And now she was embarrassed on what i said, initially she resisted but later gave in to my demands as she cldt hold it any longer. Yes ladies that night i drank all her pee and sucked it dry lastly wiped it with my tongue. She didn thik it was filthy, but this is wat it means to understand each other physically…nothing..i mean nothing is dirty. By the end she was stroking my erection and i could see her breast swell.
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