Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sex Adventure of Mona in Park

Sex Adventure of Mona in Park
I am Ami, studying in the final year degree in an all women's college and so also my friends, Rosy and Mona. My parents are in US and the parents of Rosy and Mona are in gulf countries. We were in the hostel and occupied the same room. Our warden was not very happy in we three girls occupying the same room. It was a double room and three girls in a double room was not permitted. But we said ok and since the college got rent from all the three of us they finally agreed. We could go to meet our parents only once in a month and hence during holidays were spent our time in the hostel whereas all other hostel mates would have gone to their respective native places. We were sad but what to do. We had no solution at all. We put both the cots together and we three slept in the two beds. People call us lisbos. But we enjoy touching each other and sleeping nude. We don't feel shy at each other and sometimes we take combined bath in the bathroom and enjoy our proximity. One day Mona suddenly announced that she got a new boy friend and they sat in a lonely corner in the park and spoke for a long time. Mona was very much confused and did not know how to proceed. We were all hungry for a masculine companion, but we had our own views about how far the companionship can go.

Mona's boy friend, Babu, was eager to touch and kiss her. But Mona restricted him and did not allow him to touch her body. She wanted our opinion about how to proceed in their affair and to what extent. Babu, a handsome boy was about a year or two elder to her was a sportsman of their college and he was also busy going around participating in tournaments etc. Poor Mona within two hours talk with him in the park seemed to have fallen for him and she said that he was so sweet that anyone would fall for him. Mona was just an average girl but she had a beautiful body. Rosy and I were definitely more beautiful than her but what to do she was the winner. Rosy said allow him to kiss you and nothing more. I told her that the boys will not keep quiet while kissing, they may probe your body and then you will not be in a position to prevent him. Just think over before you allow him to touch you. Mona wanted our permission for his kissing her and etc. What etc. Do you mean to say that he will go physical with you on the first day, asked Rosy. I don't know, she said, if he pleads for just a kiss, may I allow him. I said ok, if it is just a kiss on the cheeks, it is ok but no probing her body, Rosy was talking with a shivering voice. She was visibly aroused it seemed. She said let him touch your boobs and nothing more. Arey, that is the most sensitive part in the body and if he was allowed to touch her boobs, mind you his other hand will be inside her panty, I shouted. Can you resist his overtures, just think over. Mona did not reply but her bowed face indicated that she cannot resist and she also may go searching for his tool in the pant bulge. Rosy finally said, be careful, don't come and stand her loosing your hymen and virginity.

Mona said no, no, I wont allow that, I may just permit him to kiss and nothing more. OK, girl, just be careful, I said. Next day Mona disappeared in the evening and we were waiting for her eagerly to know what happened in the park. It was already late and there was no traces of Mona. At 9 PM Mona came with disheveled hair and her hair in disarray. She did not dare to look at our face and straight went to the bathroom for having a wash. We, Rosy and I exchanged glances and thought something might have happened and that is why Mona is shy wants to hide her face in the bathroom. When Mona came out of the bathroom, she had a smiling face and we were relieved that nothing wrong would have happened. I called and asked her to know how her date went through. Mona came and sat near me. Rosy could not contain the tension. She came near me and asked Mona, how was the date, did he kiss you. Mona said yes. Arey tell us in detail what happened. Mona said nothing, we just kissed and that's all.

Tell us from the beginning, who took initiative, did he pull you closer to kiss or did you go yourself and asked him to kiss you, how was the kiss, just a smooch in the cheeks or was it a French kiss sucking the lips and tongue etc. Did he touch your boobs, did he put his hands in your panty, did you unzip him and took his tool out. Mona said wait wait allow me to tell you. He just hugged me and pressed me close to his chest. He is so tall that he had bend his head to kiss me. He pulled me to a bench in the corner of the park. There was already a couple doing more than kissing. We stood astonished for a moment and moved to another secluded spot and sat. Babu just hugged me and then asked me to sit on his lap. I sat with my legs on his right side. Then he asked me whether I can sit with my both legs on his either side just like the couple we saw earlier. I said ok and sat on his lap facing him, with my legs on either side of him. Then what happened, I asked. He just kissed me on my cheeks and moved his lips to my lips and his tongue was nudging my lips to open my mouth. I glanced at Rosy, whose face was turned red and her breath was short and I too was very much aroused and there was wetness in my panties. Then, Mona, further what happened. Mona then became talkative, he unbuttoned my T shirt and unhooked my bra and took both my boobs in his hand and softly pressed them. To prevent me from sliding down he put both his hands behind my back and pulled me closer and his mouth was over my lips and sucking them softly. His right hand was on my boobs and his left hand went inside my skirt and was entering my panty. I felt a pulsating bulge in his pant and I just wanted to push it back as it was pressing against my pussy.

I placed my hand on the bulge and felt his tool. He asked me to unzip him and take his tool out. The moment I unzipped him his tool was already out and in my hand. Just imagine, my lip and tongue in his mouth, my boob already massaged by him and his other hand having already reached my cunt and massaging it and his tool in my hand, what can I do, she said. It's already dark and the couple whom we met in compromising position in another bench came by and stood watching us for a while and laughingly left us to our selves. Babu asked me to keep his cock in my cunt. His hand took hold of it and started to rub it in the cunt. Since his both hands were needed to position his cock in the proper place, he asked me to hug him and pull myself closer. I did as he asked me to do it. And then it happened.... and here I am. Rosy was more curious, did he pierce you totally, she asked. No he just put it inside my cunt. I asked, foolish girl, did he cut your hymen. I don't know, she said, I felt severe pain and asked him to stop, but he said it is alright and the pain will go away soon.

It went away and then here I am. Aye tell us did you reach orgasm, Rosy asked. What orgasm, said Mona. Height of pleasure when you and he cummed. Mona, said yes, he shot his cum inside my cunt and spill it all over my petticoat and skirt. I too had very great pleasure which I had never experienced before, Mona said. Rosy was filled with jealousy. She was in no way less in physical appetite than Mona and she was more beautiful than Mona. Mona could manage a b/f and have immense physical pleasure within just 2 days of acquaintance and we are nowhere We could satisfy our lust with only lesbo activities. I asked Mona, how many times he fucked you. Mona as if caught red handed bowed her head and murmured in low voice filled with guilt three times. Rosy was jumping in her bed and hugged me and took our my boob forcibly and started to suck my nipples. Her hand was in my clit rubbing it violently. But after all Mona was our friend and what is the purpose of our getting jealous with her. We told her that she should narrate everything in detail whenever she gets fucked. Mona meekly agreed..In front of Mona, Rosy opened her cunt and asked Mona to suck her and bring her to orgasm. Poor Mona, removed all her clothes and showed us so many bruises all over her cunt. Babu it seems was very rude with her and just pierced his tool in her cunt and fucked her hard.

The bruise marks were all done with his teeth. He bit her in the cunt lips and her clit. Poor girl enjoyed, but now has burning sensation in her cunt and wanted us to give some hot water to wash her cunt and boobs. Rosy and I washed her whole body in hot water and applied cream on all the bruise marks. Poor girl!! we waited our turn to get bruised like her. It came, it came like a bang.
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