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Losing my Virginity

Losing my Virginity

Hi readers ! Being inspired by the submissions here I decided to narrate my first experience of intimacy. The story dates back to when I was in standard 10th and after the examinations I had been on vacation where my parents used to work. Then I was barely 15 and was having no experience of sex or idea about the woman's body. Weeks in to the vacation I happened to meet a lady by name Manju. She was 25 years of age and was working in a government office. Though she was only 25 she always wore sarees as she used to go to office. She had come to our house and I was introduced to her. Since she was a spinster and was living with another unmarried lady of the same age in her quarters adjacent to our compound and I was fairly younger to her, she had no hesitation in inviting me to her house.

My parents did not object to her invitation since I was quite younger to her. She told me to come to her place whenever I wanted and she had a collection of good books which I could use. So I also thought of having a look at the books since I had no other works during vacation. First couple of visits to her house was very formal and she used to ask me about my education, hobby etc and I was also answering her without being funny. It was summer season and it used to be very hot. One day in the afternoon when I visited her she was alone and her roommate/ colleague was out on some work. I was just chit chatting with her and she was lazing on her bed.

I was seeing though pages of a book and was sitting on the bed. I thought she may like to take rest and I told her that I would take her leave. She asked me to just lie down beside her saying it was quite hot and I could go later when the sun is down. I also thought it to be ok. As I lay beside her, she just hugged me and started touching my palms. Slowly the hug was tightened and she put her arms around me and took me on top of her. At this position she was lying below me and I was sleeping on her. She took my lips in her and that was the first time my lips touched somebody else's and that to a lady's. I was literally trembling. Slowly she opened her mouth and took my both lips in her. She darted her tongue on my lips and sucked them occasionally. She also pushed her tongue in to my mouth and touched my tongue as well. Her both arms were on my back and she was holding my fairly tightly.

I was kind of breathing with her and her breath was hot thanks to the hot summer and still hotter situation! Meanwhile I felt sudden stiffness in my pants and my penis had almost grown to its full size and she would also have felt it. The layers of sarees and clothes between us were separating us. I was feeling conscious but as I felt stiffness of my penis, she held me a little tighter and put her arms on my waist and a little below so that my crotch could rest close on hers. She also parted her thighs and I was still closer to her. Till that time my lips were on hers and my hands were by her face. She took her arms off me and took my hands in hers and placed them on her boobs. Her boobs were big, firm and round. That was the first time I was touching a woman's breasts.

By that time I was thoroughly aroused and accidentally squeezed one of her boobs. It pleasured her and she encouraged me. Taking this I squeezed her both boobs a couple of times more. She was also in great feelings. Soon afterwards she held me tight and pulled me closer and closer. She was kind of sliding me on her body and my motions were appearing as if I was fucking her. After making me to slide for a few minutes she exulted and breathed very heavily and I could feel her crotch vibrating. Her panting came down after a couple of minutes and then I could not understand what was happening to her but later I realized that it was her orgasm. Needless to say I had also ejaculated inside my pant and that was quite a load as such an experience was absolutely new to me.

Though on certain occasions I had nightfall and sticky white liquid would find place in my underwear, this was an entirely new sensation. The feelings and the amount of load that I ejaculated both were revelations to me. After she calmed down she offloaded me from her top and adjusted her saree and asked how I was feeling. I was trying to hide the wet spot on my pant but she has a close watch of it despite my efforts to hide and a sexy smirk embarrassed me further. She again asked me whether I was feeling tired. When I said in the negative she rewarded me with a kiss, this time on my cheeks and then I left her place and went home. That night and there after whenever I remembered that incident I used to have a huge hard on. Such incidents occurred a few more times and every time our intimacy went up. I was also emboldened to touch her. Afterwards my visit to her place increased a lot and most of the time her roommate used to be away.

This gave me more and more opportunity to be closer to her. Once her roommate was out of station for about four days and Manju came to my parents with a request that whether I could be allowed to sleep at her place at night since her roommate was away and she being a single lady would be scared staying alone. Without much difficulty and hesitation I was allowed. That was a great moment. The happiness was visible in her eyes. Since I was 10 years younger to her and nobody had any doubt I got this opportunity to sleep in her place at night. I was desperate and waiting for the night to fall. In the evening after dinner in my place I went to her house and as soon as I entered her house she locked the door and took me to her room and hugged me hard and kissed me for what seemed like hours.

Since I had had my dinner she offered me a glass of lemon water and went ahead with her dinner. After dinner without wasting time we were ready to go to bed. I was of the impression that the bed of her roommate is the one in which I would be sleeping on but instead she had put two pillows on her bed itself keeping everything unarranged in the other bed. So I was sure that I was going to sleep with her for next four nights. I had always seen her in saree and that evening after dinner at about 10 pm she went to bath room and changed to a nighty. Her body contours and the big boobs were registering their presence from underneath the thin sheet of cloth. I was wearing a T shirt and a short. Soon at about 10.30 we went to bed. She switched off the light and we were in bed.

As soon as we were in the bed she kissed me and started caressing my lips. She took my palms in her and put them on her boobs. The feeling was entirely different since on all previous occasions I had touched her from above layers of clothing. I was surprised with the size , shape and softness of her breasts. They were amazing and by then I was rock hard. Though we were sleeping on our sides and my right hand was on her left boob her thighs were in close contact with mine and her pubic mound was thrusting mine.

When I squeezed her boob a couple of time I realized that she was not wearing any bra underneath and her nipple was tightly poking in to the thin cloth. As I touched her nipple she moaned and asked me to keep fondling it. By then I had lost all my inhibitions and was kind of squeezing her both boobs really hard. This was liked by her. All this was happening in darkness as the lights were switched off. Suddenly I felt her boobs in my hand and there was no nighty in between. Fondling her naked boobs was a great feeling. Though I could not see them because of the prevailing darkness in the room, since she had unzipped her nighty, I had a great sensation fondling and kneading her breast. Those memories still give me a hard on to this day though 20 years have passed by.

While I was mad fondling her boobs I found her hand on my penis and my god I was in the zenith of ecstasy. Without wasting any more time she slid her hand in my shorts and welcomed my rock hard penis in her warm hands. With in no time my short was taken off and she was caressing my penis with her left hand while my hand was fondling her boobs. She stroked my penis for about five minutes and held it firm and slid her had from top to bottom on my shaft and the feeling was getting overboard. Next thing I remember was that I ejaculated a big load in her palm and in the morning noticed that a significant chunk of semen had left the stains on her bed sheet as well as her nighty.

She was also astonished with my ejaculation and took the semen and smelt it in the dark. At this point of time she was naked in the top and I was naked down below. Since it was summer it felt well apart from the bodily contact. She rubbed my penis of all the cum in her nighty and started fondling it. In no time I was hard again. She took my palm in her and this time guided me to touch her pussy. That was a great feeling which I cherish to this day. She was warm and hairy. She had a swollen mound and having had the opportunity to touch it for the first time I was exploring her thoroughly. I caressed and squeezed hard her full thighs and fleshy naked buttocks. I also felt her butt crack and her anal hole deep inside her ass cheeks. Soon I slid my hand a little up and my middle finger of right hand found the wetness. She was totally wet and as I touched her she was shivering.

I found her love hole and slowly put my middle finger inside her. I kept touching her and she took my fingers to the top portion of her pussy where I was made to touch a small mass which excited her the most and she asked me to rub it and in about a couple of minutes there were waves of moans and jerks and tightest of hugs after which she climaxed. After climaxing she took my hands off her pussy and came closer to me. Now my rock hard penis was touching her naked pussy. I was in seventh heaven. She took me on top of her and this time my penis was resting on her mound. The feeling was exhilarating. That was my introduction to enjoying the anatomy of a woman. The chapter ended for the night after I ejaculated on her hairy mound and got off her. Next thing I realized was when I woke up in the morning with my lower half naked. She was already up and was smiling at me.

She asked me whether I like all her advances. I had no other answer then to admit to her. She also asked me not to reveal it to anyone. That was day one and since I had three more nights of freedom coming up with her I had to be tight lipped and to this day I have not told it to anyone. That morning while I was wearing the shorts she saw my penis in full light and fondled it to hardness. The next night was a night of sex education for me. She told me about the sex organs of men and women and in the process I had a chance of seeing her pussy from the closest point. The experiences of the first night together was replicated with higher vigor and this time there was no clothes between us at all. She also explained how to have sex and the next target for me was to get a condom from the market and in the process one confession I have to make is that I had stolen a pack of three from a small shop and was looking for the next night, which came after what appeared like ages.

That day was a really long day and soon after having a quick dinner I kind of rushed to her place and she was also fully ready with dinner already over. That night is the one in which I lost my virginity. Soon after going to bed we undressed and both our bodies were touching each other from head to toe. I told her about the condom and she was really happy. I was rock hard and she switched on the bed lamp. In the faint light in the room she put on the condom on my erect penis and that was the first time I ever saw a condom in reality and wore on to glory. Then the light was switched off and I found myself on top of her with her thighs spread widely and my penis resting on her hairy mound. She took my penis in her hand and rubbed it on her pussy which was wet. She guided me to her vagina and asked me to push. I was throbbing in excitement and as soon as she placed the head of my penis on the vaginal hole I gave a hard thrust and she came out with a short but loud scream and held me tightly at the waist so that I could not move any further.

Her breaths were racing and after about a minute or so asked me to push again but slowly. I understood that it pained her heavily as I pushed her initially. Finally with a few short pushes I was fully inside her and was about to explode. She asked me to go very slow and put her nipple in my mouth and I sucked them gleefully. Meanwhile I started pushing in and out of her pussy. That was my maiden introduction to world of sexual pleasure. Soon I was building up and started fucking her harder and she also rhythmically reciprocated my thrusts and after a couple of hard strokes I exploded inside her and kept sleeping on her for about 15 minutes after which I got off her and continued with the post fucking cleaning activities. After that night we fucked the next morning and I was much harder than before and fucked her really tightly.

To my good luck her roommate did not return for one more week and I had lot of sessions of hot steamy sex with her which also exposed me to her sucking my penis in one incident in which I could not control and ejaculated in her mouth , me performing cunnilingus on her and fucking her unsuccessfully in her anal hole. After that episode her roommate returned and we had sessions of sex off and on whenever opportunity arose till the time I was there and soon my vacation ended so the honeymoon also came to end.

It has been more than 20 years since then. I have never met her after wards. Never tried to meet either. Do not really know where she is how she is and all those questions around her have no answers. But one thing I can say with confidence that the experiences that I shared with her were unique and very close to my heart and they will be cherished forever. The musky smell of her pussy, the pinkish pussy lips, the cunt, the light brown nipples, the puckered dark brown asshole and her sexy image still flash before my eyes whenever I drive down the memory lane. Pleasures apart, I am forever indebted to her for having loved me so much and introducing me to an entirely new realm of pleasure and excitement. Cheers !!
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