Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Desi Cyber Lover

Desi Cyber Lover
Spirit Lover experiences your minds fantasy, a calling from far within you where he dwells. He enters the room softly and watches as you peer intently at the computer screen. You have been reading and responding to ads posted on an adult personals site and have been increasingly frustrated. You need the real thing, not some quick attempt to get aroused and satisfied with a stranger in 20 minutes or less. You turn to a web site with erotic stories, remove your panties, and find a story that interests you. As you begin to read the story of a woman meeting a man on a train you feel the beginnings of arousal.

You move your free hand under your tee shirt and begin to rub your nipples with the palm of your hand very gently. Your nipples harden instantly and it feels so good as you move to one breast and then the other. You feel the moistness between your legs beginning to form and you move your hand to your pubic area and find the stem of your clitoris, already swollen with excitement. Picking up some mucus from the entrance to your vagina you begin to move two finders in slow gentle circles as the man and woman in the story leave the dining car to move to his private stateroom.

They are relative strangers and she is somewhat hesitant, but also very much wants to make love. It has been a long time for her, as it has been for you, and she must not let this opportunity pass. Besides he is very good looking, fit and trim and smells excruciatingly good. Spirit Lover moves behind you and as the man in the story moves behind the woman and kisses the back of her neck, you feel a soft wisp of a kiss on yours. You shudder with the contact and move your head to the side as the wind kiss moves behind your ear. You gasp as Sprit Lover pulls your ear lobe into has mouth and sucks it gently. You feel his hands move around you in an embrace as the man in the story reaches around the woman and begins to unbutton her blouse.

You feel his hands lift the edge of your tee shirt and touch the sides of your chest as they move up gently and cover your breasts, squeezing them tenderly as his breath whispers against your neck. You surrender to the touch and fall back into his arms as your nipples push against his palms. Spirit Lover lifts you and slides beneath you on your chair. His long hard penis spreads your pubis and sticks out in front of you as his hands continue to massage your breasts. You reach down and grasp the steel hard shaft and begin to stroke it gently. It fills your hand as you push the base of the cock against your swollen clitoris. The woman in the story is pulling the cock from her lovers pants as he sits on the edge of the bed in front of her. She takes it into her mouth and begins to suck the head, rolling her tongue over the tip and into the tiny hole at the end. She tastes the slick lubricating cum as you push Spirit Lovers cock against your pussy with more haste. The fire between your legs grows and as the woman in the story rises up and pulls her panties off. You know you cannot wait any longer. You need a cock deep inside you. As the fictional woman straddles her lover and begins to lover herself on to his cock, you rise up and place Spirit Lovers hard cock at the entrance to your vagina and feel the bulbous head part your resistance. With a sigh you lower yourself in syncopation with the story and feel the huge cock slide deep into you, filling you completely.

Spirit lover moves his hand to your pubic area and as you raise to withdrawal his cock, he moves a finger gently over your clitoris and begins a slow massage. The feeling is incredible as you begin rising and falling on his cock and he plays with your sensitive bud. You squeeze his cock with your muscles as you move upward and then fall downward as he thrusts his hips to meet your stroke. Long minutes pass as both of you silently succumb to the slow rhythm, wanting it to last forever. As the woman and man in the story begin to fuck frantically you pick up your pace and feel the edge of orgasm approaching. Spirit Lover is kissing your neck in his whimpers of pleasure as you near the edge. Spreading your legs wider you push downward to enjoy every inch of his manhood deeply inside you. The lovers in the story reach climax as you feel yourself come to the edge. Squeezing your vaginal muscles you suck Spirit Level to your level of excitement. Both hover on the edge and as you feel him tense the instant before release. You tumble into ecstasy as your vagina contracts, forcing his hot cum deep inside you.

You collapse against his sweaty chest as he folds his arms around you, holding you tenderly as you feel the tension of want ease from your body. Knowing that the release is but temporary. Knowing that in a few hours you will feel the strange craving visit you again, silently filling your thoughts. But for now, you are content that this erotic ritual has brought you once again to experience your Spirit Lover.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Fun with Naughty Nurse

Fun with Naughty Nurse
This is a real steamy experience when I was in college. My grandmother was getting very old, and my parents decided to get a full time nurse to take care of her, since they both were working. My granny was quite old, and bedridden. A nurse was appointed and she moved into our house in the servant quarter. The servant quarter was attached to the house. Our house was quite big, and each room had an open area at the entrance. Rosa the nurse was 27 years old, quite tall, dark brown short hair, and well developed assets. I had my own room, and study, while grandma’s room was close to mine on the ground floor. My parents lived upstairs on the first floor. The kitchen was at the far end of the house. Rosa was a very nice, soft spoken lady, un-married, and did not have a family. She would use the common toilet to take her bath. During the day she would be dressed in a white skirt, and coat just like other nurses did, but my mother told her she could wear informal clothing. Of course I liked to see her sexy legs in her skirts, and I started fantasizing about her being in bed with me. It was the summer months, and college was closed. Rosa was told to take care of my needs also, since we did not have other full time maids. My parents left in the morning for work, and the other maid would cook, clean, and then come back in the evening. That left only 3 of us in the house. Rosa would take a bath around 11 am, and I would make it a point to try to peep through the bathroom door key hole. Most times I could not see anything, as the key hole was at an angle facing the inside walls of the bathroom. But I think Rosa knew all along what I was trying to do. She never said anything but must have decided to give me a peep show. One day she started to undress very near the key hole, and I saw her in her bra and panties. She had an outstanding figure, and her bums were quite large. I could not get much of her that day, as I could only see her only from the back. Next day Rosa surprised me by “informing” me that she is going for a bath. I was confused. Was she trying to tease me, or just telling me. Anyway, I took up position behind the key hole. This time she showed me her front side in her underwear. She was wearing a low cut bra, and cotton white panties. Her breasts were not big, but looked proportionate to her chest. Her hips were larger in proportion, and very shapely. I could see her opening over the panties, as her panties were hugging her large hips in the pubic area. Then she moved away from the range of the key hole. I wanted to just barge in, and suck the juices out of this teasing woman. But I was scared. What if she did not know I was slyly watching her? Next day I decided enough is enough. I was getting excited, and after seeing her almost nude, my excitement was killing me. I decided to test her intentions. In the morning I complained about a bad headache, and neck pain. My mom gave me some medicines, and asked Rosa to take care. Rosa came back after her bath, and asked me how I was feeling? I told her my pain is still there, and would like her to massage my neck. She made me lie face down on my bed, and sat next to me. I felt her warm touch on my neck, and realized that she was trained to do massages. I told her to do a little of my arms, back, and legs as I was feeling very good. She held my right arm and pulled it towards her. My right hand brushed her breast lightly, but she did not move it away. Was she flirting? When she took my left hand, she had to bend over me a little, and I got all my guts together by placing my right hand on her thighs. She was wearing a full dress, which was made of soft material. I started to feel rosa’s thighs over her dress. She asked me, what are you doing? I said nothing, my hands must have slipped. Then she asked me to be frank with her, and tell her what had I been doing behind the door when she went for her bath? So, the cat was out of the bag. !!!! I turned this around, and asked her, why had she been showing herself to me in underwear? There was stunned silence for a minute, and then she broke into laughter. That helped ease the tension, and both of us started laughing. The ice had been broken, and the stage was set now. I told her I really admired her, liked her body, and I would get dreams about her.

Rosa was also frank, and told me she liked me, as she found me very handsome, muscular, and she liked naughty boys. Then she kissed me very gently on my forehead. I always had strong arms, and within a split second i put my arms around her, pulled her in a rough manner, and brought her lips very close to mine. Rosa was experienced, and she knew what to do. She started to lip kiss me, and then inserted her tongue inside my mouth. That sensation of kissing a woman for the first time, made me go wild, and in the excitement, i clasped her breasts with both hands from the front. She pulled away, and told me to she would come back after making granny sleep in the afternoon. She came back around 2 pm, wearing a very short skirt, and a front opening blouse. I think she kept this for special occasions. I could see she was not wearing a bra, and since the first button was open, i could see her cleavage very well. I lay down on the bed, and pulled her chest towards me. She opened her blouse, put her left breast near my mouth and told me to suck her breasts. I started sucking the left breast, and after some time she put her right breast in my mouth. I could see that she was enjoying having a beginner under her. Her hands were on my shorts, massaging and fondling my penis. Then she asked me, if i would like to kiss on “her special lips”? I did not understand, and she inserted my hand inside her skirt. I could feel her soft fleshy thighs, which were so warm, and juicy. She pushed my hands further inside to reach her pubic area. She was not even wearing panties. I touched her inner thighs near the pussy, and she moved a little so that my fingers lay on her pussy and asked me - “can you feel my special lips”? She had no hair on her pussy, and was clean shaven. Wow. What a feeling to touch her special lips. I started massaging her pussy lips, and she began to moan. She told me to insert one finger very slowly. My finger felt like inside a hot oven, and i started pushing them in and out. She started enjoying, and told me to insert another finger. Now my 2 fingers were masturbating her, and she started to get wet. I asked rosa if i could see her special lips, and she told me to put my head inside her skirt. But then she pulled down her skirt, and stood bare naked. She had a really tight body, and i just kept staring at her boobs, and pussy. To tease me, she said, you have seen enough for the day, and started to dress. I was burning now, and got a little angry. I got up and pulled her towards me, and took her in a bear hug. I said, now you are not going anywhere. Rosa loved to tease me. She said – “i see lover boy is now getting demanding. Ok lover boy, come and take what you want. I like strong demanding boys”. That comment pulled out my animal instincts. I flung heron the bed, lay over her and started biting her nipples very hard. She liked it rough, and began to respond very well. I was only in my shorts, and while i was on top of her she pulled down my shorts. I bit her in many places, and reached her pubic area. She told me to bite her pussy lips, and i think i bit her too hard, as she let out a loud no. She told me to be gentle as the pussy is very delicate, and to suck her juices from inside. I inserted my tongue inside that hot oven, not knowing what to expect, and i started sucking her with all i had. She was moaning, shaking all over, and kept saying “i want more lover boy”. Give it to me.

After i was satisfied, she got hold of my half erection, and took in deep into her mouth. I had never had this experience, and it felt like heaven. She was sucking me so gently, that i instantly had a full erection of 6.5 inches. She remarked – “lover boy is thick and big”. I let her lead the way, and she told me to insert her from behind. She took the doggie style position, and directed my erection inside her. I was so excited that within 2 minutes i came, and let off my entire load inside her. We both had a bath together, in the bathtub of my parents, and she gave me passionate kisses all over my body. Then she sat on my face and trained me on how to suck a pussy, and this time i made sure she moaned very loudly, and had a big orgasm. I also pinched her very badly on her buttocks, and that left my finger prints on her fleshy bottom. She loved that move. Next day she again went for her bath, and left the door open, as an invitation. I now had the confidence, and walked in while she was dropping her clothes, to help her take off her undergarments. I tore off her flimsy panties, as they looked very old, and she started laughing. I promised to buy her more panties, but she said she had many nice ones, which i had not seen. After she was naked, she shaved my pubic hair, and massaged my dick with warm oil. Then she applied more oil on my erection, put me down on the floor and started riding me like a person rides a horse. After that she took me to her room, and showed me her bra & panty collection. Some of them were really hot looking, and she put on a few to take my opinion. I choose a red panty which had strings on the sides, and told her to wear this under her short skirt. She liked my choice, and complimented me for being very naughty. She always kept a washed, clean pussy, ever ready to be licked. Even i had learnt to be ready at all times. She would wear the same short skirt (with those red string panties) and roam around in the house, when my parents were away, and would always give me a chance to get a peep show up her skirt. I would take many chances and loved to lick her pussy in all positions, and places. Her favorite was the dining table in the kitchen. I would make her lie on the wooden table, and eat her pussy almost daily for lunch. Many a times she would without warning, pull down my shorts, and start sucking me till i reached an orgasm. But she was a teaser, and had mastered the art of sucking me till just before the point of orgasm, then withdrawing, and starting all over again. She could give me head for 30 minutes at a stretch, driving me wild with pleasure. I have never had such steamy sex in my life, and thank god my teacher was rosa. She was a big teaser (actually sadist)and could excite even a dead man !!!!! My grandmother died 16 months later, and rosa got a nursing home job, in another city. I never met her after that even though she continued to call me for some months. She would tell me on phone, that i was the best pupil she had ever known, and missed my naughtiness.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Her Nipples Become Rock Hard

Desi Nipples Become Rock Hard
I was posted by my company to a small town in Maharashtra. Good job that came with a decent flat. I was a single guy, 24 years old, living by myself. Wanted to get laid badly. Always had a thing for sexy Maharashtra women, particularly the voluptuous “bai’s” with their tight, curvy bodies, big tits, and long, long dark hair. Always fantasized about pulling open a bai’s “juda” or bun of hair and fucking her doggie style. I knew that I would do anything to fulfill that fantasy. Decided to employ a local bai -- urmila -- on the recommendation of some colleagues who had been living in the area for a while. Tight little piece of ass was 32 years old. Usual sob story about women in those parts --- husband had abandoned her. No kids. Poor. Good for me. I didn’t want to waste any time and got down to making sure urmila knew what her role would be in my house --- to cook for me, to clean for me, and to satisfy my sexual desires. Day 1: 7.30 am: I woke up with the doorbell. Urmila reporting for work. I tell her to start making some breakfast for me. I bolt the door behind her as she walks to the kitchen. My cock becomes hard & erect through my pajamas as I watch her shake her tight butt as she walks. She’s wearing a typical maharashtrian saree -- colorful and draped sensuously around her curvy body. Can’t wait to get my hands on her and bang her brains out. Her hair is tied up in a tight bun, lightly oiled, and I start fantasizing about pulling it open and letting it fall loose. I wonder if it falls to her waist or to her ass?? Let’s find out. I walk into the kitchen. She’s heating the milk on the gas. I come up behind her and grab her tits while grinding my hard cock into her ass. She is shocked and starts to struggle to get out of my grasp. But this bitch isn’t going anywhere expect to bed with me. I said: “ chup ho ja urmila. Jyada natak mat kar. Mein tera maalik hoon or aaj mein tujhe chodunga. Chup chaap meri baat sun, or teray ko bhi maja aayaga. Jyada natak kiya to mein teri aisee halat karoonga…..dekh, aaj to mein tujhe apni randi banaunga. Samjhi”. All this while I was biting her neck and grinding against her ass, at the same time mauling her tits with my hands that I had slipped underneath her tight blouse.

She continue to struggle, but her thrashing about was getting weaker as she slowly realized that she would have be submit to her master. I stepped back a little and pulled at her saree. It unwound swiftly from her body and she was left standing in her blouse & petticoat only. She covered her exploding tits with her hands in shame. I advanced towards her and roughly put my right hand on her head and yanked her towards me. Then I savagely pulled her ‘juda’ and opened her sexy long hair. My cock almost exploded as her thick long black hair came open and fell to below her ass. I knew I was going to have the time of my life with this cunt. I pushed her down to her knees with my right hand while undoing my pajama and pulling my hard erect cock out with my left one. “apna moon khole saali or mera Lund choos”, I ordered her. She didn’t want to do it, but had no choice. I slapped her on her face and as she opened her mouth to scream I shoved my cock into it. She was gagging on it as I violently fucked her mouth. Within seconds she submitted to the force and started sucking it. I grabbed her head with both hands and started pushing it back and forth while ramming my cock down her throat. Started playing with her long hair too. I always had a fantasy to spray a woman’s face with my cum. Seeing a sexy woman on her knees, long hair, sucking my dick, was enough to make me explode. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, roughly pulled her hair back so that her face was upturned and spurted a huge load of my cum on her face. She tried to turn her face away, but a hard slap to her left cheek stopped her. The cum came jerking out of my cock as I smacked her face with my cock. Then I reinserted my still hard cock into her mouth and told her to suck it clean. Seconds later I pulled out, ordered her to remain on her knees, quickly ran to my room, got my digital camera and took a photo of her cum-stained face for future reference. She was horrified, but helpless to do anything. She knew her fate was sealed. 8.30 am: sitting on the dining table. Urmila is serving me my breakfast. Half naked. After our session, she got up from her kneeling position and started to reach for her saree. I told her that from now on, she wasn’t going to wear a saree while the two of us were in the house alone. She would work wearing only her blouse & petticoat. Also, she was to keep her long hair clean, and tied up in a bun always. Why, you may ask?? Because i wanted to hear her scream every time i violently yanked it open. I caressed her ass while she served me breakfast. She knew what was coming next. 9.00 am: finished breakfast.

Urmila is back on her knees with my cock in her mouth. But this time the blowjob is only the beginning of what i’m going to make her do. My cock is hard again. I yank open her blouse with both hands, ripping the buttons off. Her 36d tits pop out and i bite into her left tit. She screams as i roughly bite her nipple, kneading her tits. Her screams turn to moans as she starts getting aroused and her nipples become rock hard. I undo the string of her petticoat and let it fall to the floor, exposing her hairy cunt. I quickly shove two fingers into her pussy and start ramming it hard. Within seconds, she’s wet & ready. No point in wasting any more time. I pull her by her open hair and drag her roughly to the bedroom and throw her on the bed. She winces uncomfortably. I climb on the bed on top of her, spread her legs apart, and tear into her pussy with my hard, wide 12 incher. The look on her face when i entered her was priceless. Her eyes went wide in pain & surprise and she let out a loud scream. That’s all the encouragement i needed to start humping her brains out. I began to fuck her violently. I love to talk dirty during sex. “kuttiya, saali rundi. Aaj mein teree chuth phadonga. Aur chilla, saali. Aaj say tu mayree rundi hai. Samjhi.” She was just screaming away. I pulled out. Flipped her over. Doggie style. Cock went back into her. I roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked it hard. Smacked her ass while pounding her pussy. Twisted her hair in my hands and yanked harder. She screamed louder. Started begging me to stop. “nahin saahib. Bus karo. Nahin. Mein luth gayee. Darad hota hay saahib. Daya karo mallik.” But i wasn’t going to have any mercy on this bitch. I wanted to ensure that right off the bat, this bitch knew who was the boss. 9.20 am: the pussy pounding reached a peak. I was about to cum again. I didn’t want to cum inside her since i hadn’t had time to put on a condom. Didn’t want the cunt getting pregnant. I pulled out from her mutilated pussy, flipped her over so that she was lying on her back, brought my cock upto her mouth, slapped her face with my hand, making her mouth open, as i squirted my second load of the morning into her mouth. “satak le mayray muth ko saali”. She tried to spit it out but another hard smack on her face settled that matter. She swallowed obediently. Every single drop. I shoved my cock into her mouth, and this time she knew what to do. She sucked it clean. The bitch was learning. Time for more photos. This time of her sexy naked body. She knew that i owned her completely now.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Having Sex with Radhika

Having Sex with Radhika
Badshah is back again with yet another series of fresh stories, Well I feel motivated when somebody visits Desilovestories.com and feel delighted with my content, "Dude, I reached here last night. I am fine. Everything here is so empty, so not like our Jammu. Anyways do me a favor, call up my place and tell mom that I am fine. Also call up Radhika, I had met Radhika once before, when my friend Vicky had introduced me to her in college. Vicky had flown to the states to do M.S. I had never spoken to Radhika after that first meeting, and was envious of Vicky, coz she was a bomb. She was really fair, shoulder length thick hair and a decent figure. She was slightly on the plumper side, if I recollected properly, but would be a great fuck, I had thought. Vicky must have really enjoyed this hot piece of ass. I myself had gained a lot of confidence with girls when it came to sex. Even helped a girl reach multiple orgasms, once. I was kind of proud of this accomplishment of mine and knew that I can satisfy any girl I want. Anyways I had no such intentions about Radhika, as she was a friends fuck. So I called her up and told her the message. As soon as she picked up the phone, she was very arrogant until I introduced myself again to her. She said "ok thx for the message, Bye". Whew! What a bitch I told to myself. Don’t know how such a nice guy like Vicky ended up with such an arrogant female. A few days after the incident I got a mail from Radhika. She walked for my apology and said that she was really sad with Vicky leaving and all, and hence wasn’t in her proper senses when she spoke with me. She said she would like to speak to me again and if it is possible, cud I call her again next Sunday. I told myself "why not" and called her up that Sunday evening. She picked up the phone and immediately recognized my voice. She appreciated me calling her up and began talking about Vicky. Most of the conversations that we used to have included Vicky most of the times. We went on like this for about a month, and I had started impressing her with my smooth talk and smart jokes. She had agreed to meet me also, but in a public place. We met at her college. She was wearing this body-fit sleeveless top and baggy jeans. A lethal combination I would say. We sat in the canteen and were talking about the good' old memories of Vicky. One day I called her up and told her that Vicky has seemed me, and he wants to talk to you immediately. He said it was urgent, so call him up now. The next day I called her up again and found that no-one was picking up her phone. I called her friend and asked what the matter. She said that her friends are not in town and she has been crying all day. I said, gimme her address, I think something is wrong. I rang the bell and she dint open the door for 4 rings. Finally she opened the door. She was in a complete mess, hair all messed up, tear marks all over her face and really pathetic clothes. But with all this horridness also she looked a babe, with the boobs protruding out and the pajamas getting a veggie. I stared at the swaying of her ass as we moved into the living room. She got some water for me and sat opposite to me.

She started talking about Vicky and told me that they broke up as he has found a babe in states and is screwing her. He said it’s his room-mate and she is an Indian too. They live together and make love all this while. I told her I am sorry and went and sat next to her. With my hands on her thighs I told her to relax and this bad time will pass away. She kept her head on my shoulders and began crying. I started rubbing her thighs and squeezing it gently. With the other hand I was rubbing the back of her head, helping her relax. We were in this position for about 15 minutes, after which she felt better. I told her, do u want me to make tea or something for you. She said, oh no, I will make it for u. I said, thx, I really wanted it, and I don’t know to how make it. But since you dint ask me, this is the way I made you ask me. She started laughing and went into the kitchen. I followed her in the kitchen. She seemed in a much better mood now, coz she kept laughing at every joke I cracked. I sat on the table and spoke with her. We were freely touching each other and occasionally her hands were touching my stomach as well. I was getting horny by each of her touches, but dint want her to think that I wanted to make use of the opportunity. I stood next to her and kept playing with her hair. She was oblivious with my intentions and that that i was just making her feel good. I asked her "u have really nice hair, what do u do to keep it so good" ... "She said i shampoo it twice a week that it, nothing more" I said "Ok, and what about the hair on your head, how do u maintain that “she looked at me, stunned and then burst into laughter. She said "you guys r really naughty" I put my finger on her lips and said "Radhika, seriously what do u do to maintain itself, you are so pretty. I look into your eyes and my heart skips a beat. I touch your cheeks, your lips they make me want to kiss you. I don’t know what that Chut, Vicky saw in that girl to have given up on this pretty girl" While saying all this i was moving closer to her and was really close to her face.
I dint anything after that and wanted her to take the initiative of kissing me. She sadiron Badshah, don’t say such things. I am not that great " I stopped her and said "use my eyes to look at itself and u will see the angel i see. I always wondered what beauty is, my questions were answered when i saw you. I can’t .... " I was stopped with a smooch on my lips.

Radhika was kissing me. My head kept saying, "Badshah stop, this is wrong" But my body was saying "She is an apsara, fuck Vicky man, feel her" I started playing with her hair and her tongue too. She reciprocated well as our tongues battled. She shut off the gas and took me to her bedroom. "Badshah Sit down, i will just come", she vanished into the other room. I couldn’t believe my luck. I immediately checked my wallet, and was pleased that i was carrying my condom( i always do, u never know when u will need it ). She came in wearing the most orgasmic dress i had ever seen on a girl. She was wearing a black sleeveless dress, which was hugging every part of her body. All of her legs except the upper two inches we exposed. She looked deep in my eyes and said "Badshah, nobody has ever been so nice to me as u have been, and now i want thank you for that" She immediately sat on my laps, with one leg on each side and started kissing me. She started with my cheeks, my neck and then my lips. I was rubbing her back as she moved her fingers in my hair. She was making these noises as her bust was crushing my chest. Before i knew it i was lying on her bed and she had already taken off my shirt. She was kissing every part of my body, as i cud see her ass sway. I wanted to grab it and do things with it, but what she was doing was also ecstatic. I pulled her top up and told her to remove it. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which was very apparent from the way her boobs were protruding out. She looked deep in my eyes and said "Badshah, fuck me and make me comm. I have a lot about your fucking skills and now i want to check it out myself" Saying this she tore open my jeans and pulled it down. My soldier was all ready to start camp. She looked at it and said " Woah, that is nice, really nice" I liked all the dirty talk she was doing, but i never said a thing. I have a tendency to let my actions do the talking. I placed my hands on her but and slowly caressed it. She said "Badshah... Oh yah, take me. Take me now" I lifted her up and started kissing her. My hands went all over her back and her panties were off in a flash. Wow, she was shaved. She looked at me staring at her cunt and said" you like what u see baby..." i nodded my head in affirmation, and went on my knees. I used my tongue to prepare her for the great fuck, while she played with my dick. Her scent was driving me wild and my swift tongue movements was making her more horny.

The more horny she got, the more sexy the smell got, the more lusty strokes i made with my tongue. It’s like a positive feedback, which i and Vicky used to discuss when we were in college. But now i had this goddess all for me and she wasn’t too hard to get as well. I took her hand off my penis and told her to lie down babe. I asked her to spread her legs wider for me and scream "Badshah i want you ... "she did as i told her and i was getting bigger and bigger. I dint imagine myself being so big. I ripped open the condom packet and gave one to her. She couldn’t put it on, so i had to wear it myself. I placed my dick at the doors of her love hole and gave a light push. She was all wet, but yet so tight. Hers was the sexiest pussy i had ever seen. It was tight as well as smooth. I don’t know whether it was my movements or what but with every slight push i made, she was getting tighter and tighter. God she was so tight that it hurt me, for the first time in all my experiences. I made around 50 strokes before i collapsed over her. I looked up and she had already closed her eyes in exhaustion. I lightly slapped her as she opened her eyes. She looked at me with those eyes. As i thought Govinda's song "akhiyon se goli maare" is so right for this girl. We caressed each other and went off to sleep. When i opened my eyes Radhika stood there all naked. She smiled at me and said "Honey, here is the tea you wanted. I hope you still want it, or do you want me to serve u with something else." I noticed the twinkle in her eyes and said to myself, this is going to be a great daygirls.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Super Desi Chudai

Super Desi Chudai
I am sarmila hero from patna(bihar) I am 28 yrs.. Meri pechli kahani publish karnke ek hafta ho gaye the aur muje kahani ke bare mai mails aa rahe the. Ek din mails check karte samay maine dekha kisi priya (name changed) naam ki ladki ka mail aaya hai. Maine wo mail open kiya aur padney laga. Wo mail kisi priya naam ki ladki ka tha aur wo patna mai rahti thi. Usne likha tha,"maine aapki story padhi aur muje bahut acchi lagi bus aise hi aap story likhte raho aur mere email id pe send karo please. Muje aise kahaniya bahut pasand hai."aap mujhse massenger per 4PM to 6PM milo mera id ……….COM.. Hai next day jab main 4:15PM per aapna id on kiya toh woh online thi. Chat mai ne reply mai usse pucha,"aap PATNA main kaha ki rehne wali ho aur aap ki age kya hai? To uska reply aaya ki,"mai boring road mai rehti hu aur meri age 22 yrs. Hai." fir maine usse pucha,"kabhi kisi ke saath sex kiya hai?" to usne jawab diya,"nahi" maine pucha,"kyo? Kabhi man nahi karta sex karne ke liye?" to usne kaha,"man to bahut karta hai par mujhe dar lagata hai, kahi sex karne ke baad ghar par pata na chale."phir maine use bataya ki,"is mamle mai main tumhari madad kar sakta hu, agar tum man jao to." wo boli,"kaise?"

To maine bataya,"mai tumhare sath sex karne ko taiyar hu aur mai kisi ko kuch bhi nahi bolunga ye mera vaada hai" usne kaha"lekin ye kaise possible hoga. Tum muje kidhar miloge aur hum logon ko aisi jagah kidhar milegi jaha hum dono ke siva tisra koi na ho."Maine likha,"hum log hotel jayenge waha ek room lenge aur pura din maja marenge." usne likha "nahi muje dar lagta hai kahi ulta sidha ho gaya to. Maine likha "aise kuch nahi hoga mai condom chadha dunga apne lund pe to fir kuch nahi hoga. Tum mujhe friday ko maghna per milo subah 9 baje" usne kaha," thik hai"Aur wo friday mujse chudwane ke liye taiyar ho gayi. Maine abhi tak usko dekha bhi nahi tha nahi uski aawaj suni thi. Mai full excited tha ki muje friday ek seal pack bur milne wala hai. Seal todne ke liye. Aur wo din aa gaya mai 8.45 kohi waha chala gaya aur medical maise do kamsutra condom liye. Aur uska intajar karne laga usne kaha tha mai pink color ka salwar kamiz pehnke aaungi aur maine kaha tha mai black t shirt aur blue jeans and jekit pehnunga. Isse hum ek dusre ko pehchan sakte the. Karib 20 mint. Baad ek ladki mere samne aayi aur pucha SARMILA?"

Maine kaha "ha. Tum priya ho?" usne ha kehte hue apni gardan niche ki. Wo ekdum khubsurat thi. Height 5.4" figure 38-26-38. Dikhne mai ekdum sexy thi. Usne pink colour ka salwar kamiz pehna tha kamiz ke uper se uske wo do ball saph dikhai de rahe the wo pure malta ke shape mai the. Uske choochiya dekhkar hi mera lund khada hua.Mai usko lekar main kadamkua ke ek hotal mai gaya aur waha ek room leke hum us room mai chale gaye. Room mai jate hi dekha ki waha ek bed tha aur toilet bathroom bhi tha. Maine darwaja band karke kadi lagadi wo bed par baithi thi mai bathroom jakar fresh ho kar aaya aur use fresh hone ko kaha wo udhkar bathroom chali gayi. Thodi der baad wo bathroom se bahar aai waise hi maine usko apne baho mai bhar liya aur usko dhire dhire kiss karne laga. Wo Sharmake apne aap ko chudrne lagi.mai bola "kya hua?" wo boli "muje sharm aati hai".mai bola "hum Log yaha maze karne aaye hai aur agar tum aise sharmaogi to na tum maza le paogi aur nahi muje maza aayega. So please dont oppose me. Just love me".aur mai uske gardan pe honthon pe kiss karne laga. Bich bich me mai uske kan ko bhi chumta. Is sab se wo bhi uttejit ho gayi aur muje response dene lagi main apna ek haath aage ki aur late hue uske cuchi pe rakh diya aur meri ungliya uski choochi ke uper se dhire dhire gol gol ghumane laga. Wo ekdum sihar gayi aur muje kehne lagi "please esaa karo use jor se dabate raho". Mai kuch der baad use phir dhire dhire dabane laga. Wah! Kya malta thi. Ekdum tite. Phir maine apna dusra haath bhi aage late hue uski dusari choochi pe rakh diya aur dhire dhire uski dono choochiya dabane laga. Thodi der ke baad maine apna ek hath niche le jate hue uski bur pe rakh diya. Jaise hi mera haath uski bur pe gaya wo waha se mera hath nikalne ki koshish karne lagi.

Maine use kaha "please!". To wo maan gayi aur dono hathose usne muje jakad liya. Mai kamiz ke uper se hi uski bur sehlane laga. Phir thodi der baad maine kamiz ke under haath dala aur uski bur sehlane laga. Wo khali muh se aawaz nikalti rahi "aaahhhh uuuuffffffff...zorseeeeeeeeee". Phir maine wahi hath uper le jake uske kamiz ke niche se uski choochiya dabane laga. Usne under bra pehni thi. Maine bra ke uper sehi uski choochiya ek ek karke dabane laga. Thodi der baad maine dusre haath se uske kamiz ki chain khol di aur uski kamiz uper karke nikal di. Ab wo mere samne white bra pe khadi thi woh kamal ki sunder lag rahi thi. Maine bra ke uper se uske boobs dabane laga aur phir dono haath piche le ja kar uske bra ka hook khol diya. Aur uski bra uske hathose alag kardi. Wah! Kya doodh the uske. Pure round shape mai.nahi chote aur nahi bade bilkul medium size ke the uske boobs. Boobs ke uper pink colour ke do dane the. Kya khoobsoorat nazara tha maine meri zindgi mai pehli baar itne acche boobs dekhe the aise boobs to shayad hi kisi ke honge. Mai to paagal ho gaya tha maine uske dono malta haath mai leke dabane laga. Kya kasav tha unme. Wah! Mai to bus use dabate hi reh gaya. Aise lag raha tha inhe chod ke kahi na jau. 15-20 mint. Ke baad maine ek haath niche le jakar uski bur sehlane laga. Aur phir dhire se uske salwar ka nada khicha waise hi uski salwar niche gir gayee.

Tabhi maine use apne god mai utha liya aur bed pe lita diya. Aur uski salwar pairose aazad kardi. Usne white colour ki chaddi pehi thi. Wo sharmake dusre taraph dekh rahi thi. Maine apna shirt utara baniyan nikali aur pant utari ab mai uske samne sirf underware pe tha aur wo mere samne sirf ek chotisi chaddipe. Mera lund to ekdum khada hua tha. Mai bed pe uske uper let gaya aur uske boobs dabane laga. Maine use kaha mera lund taste karogi usne na kaha wo boli "muje munh me nahi lena" mai bola "thik hai tumhari marzi" aur phir ek haath niche le jake uski bur sehlane laga. Uski chaddi gili hue thi. Maine haath phir uske chaddi mai daal diya wo sihar gayi. Mere haath ko uske jhant ke baal lag gaye. Maine use pucha " kabhi ise saph nahi karti". Usne gardan hilake na kaha. Maine ek ungli uski bur ke ched pe pherne laga wo aaahhhhhhh uuufffffff aaaaaahhh ssssssiiiiiiiiii aaaaaahhh karti rahi maine phir wahi ungli uske bur me ghusedne laga wo phir se chillane lagi meri puri ungli uski bur me chali gayi uski bur kafhi tight thi. Phr mai meri ungli under hi gol gol ghumane laga.wo sirf aahhhhhhh uuufff zzzzzooooorseee kar rahi thi. Thodi der baad maine apna haath uske chaddi se nakala aur outh ke baith gaya. Aur uski chaddi nikalne laga wo sharma rahi thi. Maine uski chaddi uske pairo se alag kardi aur uski bur dekhane laga. Tabhi usne apne dono pair ek ke uper ek rakh diye aur bur chupane ki koshish karne Lagi Maine uske dono pair alag karke use pakad liye. Aur muje uski bur dikhane lagi kya bur thi wo. Ek dum kori bur. Bur puri tarah se seal pack thi. Mai phir apni ek ungli uski bur mai ghusa di aur uske gulabi lip's per aapne lip's rakhkar kisses karne laga saath he saath ungli ander bahar karne laga. Wo ek dum pagal hogi aur mera haath pakad ke zor zor se ungli ander bahar karne lagi. Thodi der mai uske bur ne pani chod diya aur mera haath gila kar diya. Maine soch liya yahi sahi time use chodneka kyonki uski bur puri tarah se gili ho gayi thi.maine apna under ware utardi mera khada hua 8 inch lamba lund dekh kar woh hairan ho gayi or boli main toh jhut samji thi per tumhara to sach much bahut lamba hai main bola daro nahi mera wada hai kuch time baad tum he bologi pura dalo jor jor se fir pant mai se condom ka packet nikala. Maine use kaha "yeh condom hai. Kabhi dekha hai?" usne gardan hilake na kaha. Minene usme se ek condom bahar nikala aur use kaha "dekh lo ise lund pe kaise chadhate hai agli bar tumhe aisawala dusra condom mere lund pe chadhana hoga". Wo gaur se dekhne lagi. Maine condom apne lund pe chadha diya maine kal hi apne jhant ke baal saph kiye the. Phir maine uske dono tange ghutnose mod di aur possible ho sake utni phailadi. Ab uski bur khul chuki thi. Aur uski dono tango ke bich uske uper aa gaya. Maine apna lund ek haath se uski bur pe rakh diya aur uski bur pe ragadne laga. Wo buri tarah paagal ho gayi aur mujse kehne lagi "please jaldi dal do warna mai mar jaungi. Please jaldi karo. Phad do meri bur is lund se please."

Maine ek jor se dakka mara. Wo tadap uthi aur chillane lagi uiiimmmaaaaa mmaaaaaarrrr ggggaaaaaaayyyiiii aaaaahhhhhh merii cchhhhhhhoottttttt ppppppphaaatt ggaayyyyyiii nnnnnniiiikkkkkkaaaaaaalllllooooooo iisssee aaaaahhhhh. Phir thodi der mera lund aise hi rakh ke ek aur jor se dakka mara waise uski seal tut gayi aur wo rone lagi. Wo chilla uthi aaaahhhhh please nikalo ise mai mar jaungi please. Woh to sukr hai ki main ne tvpehle he tej voice main on kiya hua tha warna hotal wale aa jate, Maine kaha kuch nahi hoga aise hi pade raho dard kam ho jayega hum dono thodi der aise hi pade rahe us waqt mai uske boobs press kar raha tha. Or dusra chuss raha tha 5 mint. Baad woh aapni gand hilane lagi main samaj gaya ki aab bur chudwane ko lund ke dhakko ka intjar kar rahi hai mai apna lund uske chut se ander bahar karne laga. Use bhi ab maza aa raha tha. Wo bhi apni gand uper niche kar ke response dene lagi. Maine phir speed bathate hue jor jor se dhakke marne laga. Wo chilla rahi thi. Jisse muje aur bhi maza aa raha tha. Thodi hi der mai wo mujse lipat gayi aur usne apne bur se dher sara pani chod diya. Lekin mera lund abhi bhi josh mai tha.

Phir main ne usko bola ki ab main tumhe dogy styel main chodunga woh jhat se dogy ban gayi wah piche se kya shef thi uski bina time waist kiye main ne uski chut main aapna lund rakkha or jordar dhakka mara ek he dhakke main pura ka pura8 inch lamba lund uski bur fadta hua jad tak pahunch gay woh cikhte hui boli oooiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaa, SARMILA please aaram se phir main dhire-dhire uski bur main aapna lund aaunder bahar karne laga kuch der baad woh khud piche ki taraf dhakke marne lagi or bolne lagi SARMILA aaj aapni puri takat se meri bur chodo jo hoga dekha gayega phir kya tha main pure josh kesaathuskichutchodnelagaorwohooohhhh,aaaaaaammmmmmm yeeeesssssss,yyyeeeesssssssssss ASHU yyyyyyeeeesssssss Karib 15-20 mint ke baad maine bhi condom mai pani chod diya aur woh bhi Jhad gayi phir uske piche hi uske bur mai lund dalke let gaya. 10 mint baad maine uske bur se lund Nikala aur uske uperse uth gaya. Aur dekha to uske bur se thoda bahut khoon nikala tha. Khoon aur uske bur ne choda hua panise uski bur puri tarah se gili ho chuki thi. Maine apne lund se condom utara aur use apni baho mai utha ke toilet le gaya. Waha use baithake thande pani se uski bur saph karne laga. Uski bur mai ungli daal ke saph karne ki wajah se mera lund phir se khada ho gaya. Mai uski bur saph karke phir use apne baho mai uthaya aur bed pe lake rakh diya. Ab mera lund mera pasandida shot marne ke liye bekrar tha.

Pant se maine ek condom nikala aur uske haath mai de diya aur kaha "pahna do ise mere lund pe". Usne usmese condom bahar nikalke mere lund pe rakha aur use mere lund pe chadha diya. Maine uski dono tange apne kandhe pe rakhi niche se maine mera lund uski bur mai puri tarah se ghusa diya aur uski baho maise apne dono haath dalke use uper uthaya. Ab mai khada tha uski dono tange mere kandhe pe thi aur mere dono haath uske pith ke piche the. Wo puri tarah se bend ho chuki thi mera lund uski chut mai tha. Maine apni thodi si pith support ke liye diwar pe touch ki aur apni kamar aage piche karne laga. Is position mai mera pura ka pura lund uski chut mai chala ja raha tha. Jab mai priya ko is tarah se chodta to muje diwar ka support lene ki jarurat na padti kyonki wo sirf 22 saal ki thi aur uska weight bahut hi kam tha. Mera lund uski chut se ander bahar ho raha tha. Maine use pucha "maza aa raha hai na?" usne ha kehte hue kaha "aise hi chodte raho mere sarmila. Mai tumhari diwani ho gayi hu. Shadi ke baad bhi mai tumhi se chodungi aur zor se chodo fhad dalo meri bur ko aur kaske aaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh". 20-30 mint. Baad maine use bed pe rakh diya aur kutte ki tarah hone ko kah. Usne apne dono haath jamin pe rakhe aur ghutno ke bal wo kutteki tarah ho gayi maine uske pair thode se phela diye aur piche se mera lund uske bur mai dal diya aur mai use dog shot marne laga. 15 mint baad mai ne paani chod diya. Is doran wo do bar jhad chuki thi.

Maine apne lund se condom utara. Dophar ke 12.30 baj gaye the. Maine use kaha kapade pehan lo khana khane chalte hai. Wo uthke bathroom chali gayi mai bhi uske piche chala gaya wo kahne lagi tum bahar jao muje peshab karni hai maine kaha usme itni sharmane wali kya baat hai aur mai uske samne peshab karne laga. Wo gaur se dekh rahi thi jaise hi meri peshab khatm huyi wo baith gayi aur peshab karne lagi. Badi jor se dhar mari thi usne. Phir wo khadi hoke pani se pair aur bur pe gira hua pani saph karne lagi. Hum dono bathroom se bahar aa gaye. Maine apne kapade pehan liye. Usne pehale apni chaddi pehni phir bra. Maine uske bra ke hook laga diye. Phir usne apni salwar pairo mai chadhayi aur last mai usne kamiz pehni phir usne aapne baal or kapde thik kiye or hum khana khane ke liye chale gaye. Khana khane ke baad woh boli ek baar or main bola nahi mujhe 2:20 tak kahi kaam se jana hai ab tum ghar jao or yeh mera number rakho phir phone karna ,hum dono ne ek dusre ko aapne number diye phir woh mujhe kis aarne ek kone main le gaye or mujhe kiss kiya or bola plz zaldi milna phir woh wahan se cali gayi main neh hotel ka bill pay kiya or aapne kaam se chala gaya. So FRIENDS kaisi lagi mari story.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Khoon Se Lathpath Haseena

Khoon Se Lathpath Haseena
Hi,I am vishal from punjab(India). Maine Msc kiya hai. Now i am share with u my first new sexy story...plz dont copy my real story,,,plz plz plz, im requesting u to not copy my stories. Let me start the story. Ye incident 5 saal pahle huva tha jab my 20 saal ka tha jab my BCA kar raha tha. Mera 1st sex experience to meri pados ki ladki rajni ke sath huyi. Jo bahut khubsoorat aur sexy thi. Jab bhi my use dhektha to mera lund khada ho ja that ha. My usi ke bare me soch kar na jane ketne baar mut maar chukka hoon. Uska figure bhi gazab ka tha vo 22 saal ki thi. Uska height 5’4” tha.Rajni jab BSC kar rahi thi aur computer class join kiya aur uske gar me computer nhi tha isliye vo har sham hamare ghar practice karne k liye athi thi. As usually o practice k liye ghar ayi aaj o pink salwar pahni huyi bahut sexy lag rahi thi.Wo mujh ko dekhti aur muskurati thi tabhi main samaj gaya ki hasi to phasi aur ye silsila aise hi chalta raha phir ek din mere ghar ke log bahar gaye the gar pe my akela tha my ne man hi man decide karliya aaj kuch bi ho my rajni ke mummey (boobs) ko daba dunga agar wo inkaar karegi to sorry bol dunga. Magar my himmat juta nahi paya.

Jab wo computer pe work kar rahi thi tab my uske paas jakar bait gaya aur uske college life k bare me puchne laga finally myne usse sex k bare me pucha to vo sharma gayi. Myne pucha kabi tune sex movie dekhi hai? Usne kaha “nai”. Myne uske haath se mouse liya aur stored blue film play kiya usme to 2 ladki ko 1 laka chodne ka scene chal raha tha. VO sharam ke mare apne chehre ko hath se dak liya maine uska hath hata diya aur kaha deklo baad mauka nai milega. Aur vo boli tum sab dekte ho kya myne kaha “ha, aur karna bi chahtha hoon”.Ab wo mazze se film dekh rahi thi vo tej saans le rahi thi my samaj gaya yahi sahi mauka hai maine uske mummey(boobs) kamiz k upaar se dabane shuru kiya pahle o resist karthi rahi baadme vo bi maan gayi. Baad me myne uski kamiz k andar haath dalke boobs ko dabana shuru kiya to uhhhh uhhhhhhhh myne apna ek haath uske salwar k andhar dala tho I am surprising bcz uski panty already gili ho chuki thi. Maine apne finger ko uske fudi me dal k aage peeche karne laga ab out of control thi vo ab uchalne lagi aaaahhh kah kar aur chikne lagi gusana hai to apna lund gusa is ungli se kise sahlatha hai.Yeh baat sunkar my hairan ho gaya main turant apni pant utar di aur apna 7” lund bahar nikal diya. Mere lund ko dekhthe hi vo boli “Etna lamba aur mota mujse nahi hoga” maine mere lund ko uske muh me dal diya aur o 5 min tak chumti rahi baad mey maine muh se nikalkar uski fudi k muh me rakh kar gusana shuru kiya to ahhhhhhh mhhhhhhh bahar nikal do mujse aur darddd……… ahhhhh….. Nahi hota mhhhhh……….. Ab myne pure takat se gusa diya aur jor jor ka shot mara tho wo shant ho gayi aur vo b mere lund ka pura maza lena shuru kiya . Myne jam ke adhe gante tak uski chuth ki dhulayi ki esi beech vo 2 baar jhaad chuki thi jab mera time aya tho myne lund uske chut se nikal diya aur uske muh me gusa diya aur uska sar pakad kar jor jor sr hilaya.Tabhi maine dekha ki uski fudi ke khoon se mera lund lath path ho gaya hai main dar gaya, usne kaha ki daro mat main theek hoon,tab mere jaan me jaan aayee.

Maine apna pura semen uske muh me chod diya aur wo bathroom jakar apna through clean karke ayi aur mujse puchne lagi agar jhadna tha to mere kamar pe ya boobs pe karte muh me nai muje to iske innocence par hasi ane laga.muje baad me pata chala ki jitna myne socha tha uthni innocent nahi hai mujse pahle apni ek aur friend se chuda chuki hai jo isse 1 saal chota hai.Myne uske baad Rajni ko kai baar chod chukka tha magar ab wo apne pati ke saath, na jaane kahan chali gayee pata nahi.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Tahira Ki Chudai

Tahira Ki Chudai
Dosto mera nam arbaz khan hai main jo kahani aap ko sona nay jaraha hoon yah aaj say kareeban 5 saal pahlay ki bat hai mera shumar muhalay kay achay larkoon main sab say pahlay no per aata tha. us kiwaja yah thi main kisi ko inkar nahi kar sakta tha mujhay bahar kisi nay dekh liya to foran usay koi na koi kam yaad aajata issi wajha say mera sub kay ghar ana jana rahta tha humaray muhalay ghar kay samnay tahira baji ki femly rahnay aye jin ka figer 38 36 38 tha lekin mainay us waqt koi khas inters nahi liya un kay do batay tha jo kay bohot chotay thay tahira baji ka humaray ghar anna janna shuro hogaya aur oh kisay aur kay ghar jati bhi nahi then hum parosi thae is liyah hum say un ki ashi muhalay dari chal rahi thi is tarah main hi un kaka sara kam karta tha. aur aksar unhi kay pas waqt guzar ta tha aik din tahira baji kay husbend ko phin aya kay un kay walid ki tabiyat kharab hai lihaza un ko pnay gaon jana para bachon kay imtehan thay is liyah unhonnay meray papa say kaha kay woh un ki femly ka khiyal rakhain aur hosakay to arbaz ko un kay ghar rahnay ko bhej diya karain main aap logon ko pehlay hi bata chuta hoon mera nam achay larkon main sab say pehla tha is liyah unhai koi fikar nahi thi hoti bhi kesay koi mera baray main ghalat soch bhi nahi sakta tha unsamjhain ke meri sharfak ki kasmai khai jati then achha to disaid yah howa kay main jab school say wapis atta to khana wagaira khnay kay bad tahira baji ka soda liata raat ko un kay ghar sonay chala jata un kay ghar main do room thy mera bistar un kay beton kay room main tha raat ko kabhi kabhi tahira baji humay dekhnay aati then kay koi pareshani na ho aik raat jab main soraha tha to mujhay mahsoos huha kay mujhay koi churaha hai pehlay to main samjha kay main khowab dekh raha hoon lekin bad main main jag giya lekin apni ankhe nahi kholi kion kay mujhay maza aaraha tha koi meri shalwar kay upar say meray lund ko sehla raha tha koi kia woh tahira baji theen mujhay bara maza aaraha tha kay main biyan nahi karsakta kisi nay pehli bar mera lund pakra tha main jan kar sonay ki acting karnay laga to ahista say tahira baji nay meray kan main kaha ab acting band karo aur meray room main ajao yah kah kar un honnay mera lund ko zore say dabaya kay main chekhta chekhta rah giya aur woh auth kar apnay room main chali gain main sochta raha kay kia karoon per us waqt meri kia halat the main aap ko bata nahi sakta main chup chap un kay room main chala giya woh us waqt bath room main then un hon nay mujhay pukara arbaz main nay kaha je to un hon nay kaha betho main abhi aati hoon main beth giya aur soch raha tha kay ab kia honay wala hai sath sath main apnay 6"lambay aur 2"motay lund ko bhi bithanay ki koshish karnay laga kay kahin how isay khara dekh kar ghusa na hojain per yah bethnay ka nam hi nahi lay raha tha aur beth ta bhi kaysay pehli bar kisi nay asay chuwa jo tha itnay main tahira baji bathroom say bahar aagain aur mera sath aakar beth gain aur meri ankhon main dekh nay lagi main nay aona sar nechay kar liya to wah has parin aur kahnay lagin budho to larkion ki tarah kion shar maraha hai mainay kuch na kaha to kehnay lagin yah bata khwab main kia dekh raha tha main nay khaha khwab main to unho nay kaha han khwab main kion nahi dekh raha tha kuch main nay kaha main to soraha tha to wo khanay lagi to yah kion khara tha sath hi pher say mera lund pakar liya aur meri taraf dekh kar kaha acha yah ab kion khara hai main nay kaha aap nay isay chuwa to us kay bad say beth hi nahi raha hai to unho nay mus kura kar meray honton ka aik chuma liya aur kaha main isay bitha doongi to fikar mat kar ab mujh say bhi bardash nahi ho raha tha aur meri ankhain bhi lal ho gain then unhon nay meray honton per kising karana shuro kardi ab main nay bhi unhain apni bahon main samet liya tha aur kising kar raha tha kising kay doran meri nazar door per pari main rok giya to un ho nay pocha kia howa main nay kaha door khola hai to unho nay mujhay aik halka sa thaper mara aur uth kar bahar chali gain thori der main wapas anay kay bad un honnay door band kar diya aur kaha main nay bachon ko bhi dekh liya hai woh so rahai hain aur menay un ka door bhi bahar say band kar diya hai ab koi mala nahi hai aur hum pher say kising karnay lagay tahira baji nay mera hath pakar kar apnay bobs pay rakh diya main samjh giya aur un kay aik bobs ko dabana shoro kar diya bobs dabanay say mujhay aur bhi maza anay laga to main nay to mainay un say kaha baji kia main aap kay bobs ko kamiz kay andar say daboon to how muskara den aur kaha kay mujhay baji mat kaho sirf tahira kaho sirf tahira aur sath hi unho nay apni kamiz utar di unho nay bro nahi pahna tha meray mon may pani agiya kia bobs the un kay baray baray dodh ki tarah sufaid jis per un ki nasain dikh rahi then main nay jhapat kar bobs pher say pakar liye un kay bobs meray hathon me pore nahi aarahai thay aur hathoon say bahar nikal rahai tha main mushal sal unhai daba raha tha aur sath sath pher say kising karnay laga ab woh siskariyan bhi lanay lagi thenaur aik hath say meray lund ko bhi hila rahi then main to jesay pagal sa hogiya tha mainay kaha tahira mera pani nikal nay wala hai to unho nay meri shalwar utar di aur meray lund ko munh main lay kay chosnay lagi meray moh say siskari nikal gai to woh samjh gai kay main farigh honay wala hoon aur unhonay meray lund ko tezi say chosna shoro kardiya men un kay muh me hi farigh ho giya un ho nay mera sara pani ghunt bhar bhar ke piliya aur kuch un kay muh say nikal kar un kay galon par girgiya jisay unhon nay baray mazay say chat liaya pher meray lund ko chat kar saf kardia us kay bad muskuratay howa meri taraf dekha aur aik ankh mari mainay kaha yah aap nay kia kia to wah kahnay lagi tonhara pani koi aam pani thori hai jisay main girnay deti yahi to tomay nahi pata kay is pani ki kitni ahmiyat hai yah main tonay bad main bataongi pehlay mera kuch karo main nay kaha aap bolo kia karoon to un honay meri taraf ghoor kar dekha aur kaha ab itnay bachay bhi nahi ho aur sath hi apni shalwar utar di mainay un ki chut ki taraf to bas dekhta hi rah giya to unho nai kaha kay sirf dekhtay rahi gai ya kuch karo gay bhi mai yah son kar un ki chut ko muthi main laykay dabaya to wah siskari mar kar bolin kion tarparahay ho chato chato chuso isay jese main nay tumhara pani nikala hai mera bhi nakal do aur sath hi bed ke kinaray tangay khol kar let gain men bed kay nichay ghton kay bal beth gia aur us ki chut chat nay laga to woh sisak nay lagi aur kaynay lagi kha jao isay main musalsal us ki chut chatta aur chusta raha pher usnat kaha apni zaban andar dalo to main nay zaban andar dalna shuro kardi ab mujhay bhi andaza ho gia tha kay kia karna hai main us ki chut main zaban undar bahar karnay laga to usnay mujhay balon say pakar liya aur mera sar apni chut men dabanay lagi main samjha abhi mera sar apni chut main ghusa degi usnay kaha jaldi jaldi karo main manzil per pohonchnay wali hoon shabash issi tarha jaldi jaldi shabash aaaaahhhhhhh ssssss aaaaahhhhhhhh tez aur tez jaldi aaaahhhhhhhh jali yes yes ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh issi kay sath uska pani meray muh main anay laga aur menay ussay chat liya ab us nay meray bal chor diya thay aur manay us ki taraf dekha to us nay apni ankhain band ki howi then aur us kay bobs musal sal hil hil kar mujhay bola rahai thay main utha aur us kay upar let giya to usnay ankhe kholin aur mujhay dekhnay lagi aur sath hi muskara kar mujhay kiss karnay lagi aab mera lund bhi khara ho chuka tha main nay kissins kartay howe use us ki chut pe tokaya to us nay usay pakar kar hilana shuro kar diya aur kaha kion maza ayaa main nay kaha bohot to us nay kaha abhi is kaheen ziyada maza lena baki hai yah to shorowat the agay agay dekho kia kia hota hai aur us nay mujhsay kaha raja thak gai ho doodh piogay mainay kaha nahi mujhay dodh acha nahi lagta to usnay apnay aik bobs par hath phertay hoe kaha agar taza doodh melay to kia khiyal hai main us ka ishara samjh giya aur sath hi main nay us kay aik bob ko chusna shoro kardiya aab woh pher say siskariyan laynay lagi aaaaaahhhhhhh hhmmmm shabash pilo mera sara dodh khali kardo mera mamoon ko shabash pijao dosra bhi pio raja main nay us ka dosra bob chosna shoro kardiya aur woh sisrion bharnay lagi sath sath mera lund ko bhi masal rahi thi ab main us kay birabar main leta tha woh mera lund masl rahi thi aur main us kay boobs chusraha tha us nay mera aik hath pakar kar apni chut per rakha aur kaha is say sahlao aur aik hath apni peth par phernay ko kaha main aab us kay bobs ko kay chusnay kay shath us ki chut ko sahla raha tha aur aik hath say uh ki pith sahla raha tha mera hath peth sahlaty sahlaty us ki gand par pohonch gia mujhay us ki gand per hath pher nay main ab ziyada maza aaraha tha maine us say kaha baj baji kahtay kahtay rah giya kion kay us nay mujhay baji kahnay say mana kia tha to meri bat say pah lay us nay kaha assay mokon par assay nam achay nahi lag tay maza kharab hota hai tom mujhay tahira kaho darling kaho ya jo tonhay acha lagta hai kahao pher us nay kaha tum kia kah rahai thay nay kaha main kah raha tha kay ab kia karen karen gay aap nay kaha tha kay abhi bohot kuch karna hai to us nay ka kaha jan sabar to kar kartay hain itni jaldi kia hai pher us nay kaha kia tum nay kabhi kisi ladki kay sath kuch nahi kia mainay kaha abhi tak to nahi kia tha to us nay kaha pher main nay kah ab kar liya hai kahnay lagi abhi kia hi kaha tom nay jab karo gay tab pata chalay ga jab tom isay usnay meray lund ko tabaya yah jab meri chut main dalo gay tab tumhay asli mazay ka pata chalay ga aur pher us nay uth kar meray lund ko chusna choro kardia aur apni chut mera muh pay la kar kaha kay tum isay chato ab main uski chut chat raha tha aur woh mera lund chus rahi the us kay chusnay say mera lund pathar ki tarah sakht ho gia mujhay yun lagnay laga kay jesay abhi phat jai ga us kay muh say aaahhhh sssss kia awazain bhi nikal rahi then pher us nay kaha jan ab kuch kartay hain to main nay kaha thekay pher us nay kaha meray opar aajao main us kay opar aagiya to us nay samjhaya kay jab main kahon tab aik jhat kay say sara andar kar dena ok mainay kaha ok pher us nay aik takiya liya aur apni gand kay nichay rakha aur maray lund ki topi apni chut per fiks karnay ka bad kaha han ab dalo aur aik hi jhat kay main main to pehlay hi say bekarar tha mainnay aik jhatka mara to maira lund 2inch ta ghusa to us nay kaha anari kahain kay bahar nikalo main nay bahar nikal diya pher us nay kaha ab zor say dal na is bar mainay pori takat kay sath jhatka mara to us kay moh say chikh nikal gai aur main nay foran apna lund baha nikal dia to us nay kaha pagal kia howa lekin main apnay lund ko tatol raha tha aur us ki taraf dekh to us nay kaha kia howa main nay kaha main dar giya tha kaha kion menay kaha aik to aap nay chikh mari aur mujhay yun laga jesay mair lund kisi nay kat diya ho to woh has pari aur kaha pagal kuch nahi howa chalo ab pher say andar karo aur isi tarah say pher jhatka maro main nay us ki garam chut per pher say apna lund rakha aur aik zordar jhatka mara to mera lund us ki chut ko cherta howa pher say ghus giya pora andar karnay kay bad main rok giya to us nay kaha mera anari raja ab agay picha karo main nay agay pechay karnay laga ab mujhay maza bhi maza annay laga aur main bina rokhay jhatkay marnay laga ab mujhay bhi maza anay laga tha aur wao bhi mazay say aaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhh shabash meray raja tu to kamal ka hai laga rah zoor zoor say chod mujhay phar day meri chut ko aaahhhhhh aur woh lambay lambay sans laynay lagi thi men bhi poray josh main tha zindagi main pehli bar kisi ki chudai kar raha tha main andar bahar kar raha tha aur poray room main shap chap aur us ki aaahhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh ssssssssssssss oooooohhhhhhhhh oooooiiiiiii shabash mera raja aaj apni rani ko khush karday ittna josh say to mera shohar nay bhi kabhi mujhay nahi choda waqai to kamal hai aur tera lund to aaaaaahhhhhhhh 30 mint bad mainay kaha jan mera pani nikal nay wala hai to us nay kaha meray andar hi chor day aur sath hi meri sped barh gai aur meray lund nay us ki chut main pichkariyan marni churo kardi aur woh bhi meray sath dosri bar chot gai aur us kay upar girgia ab humari sansain room main goonj rahi then main tahira baji kay upar lita raha jab sansay bahal hooin to menay apna lund us ki chut say nikala to mera land humaray pani say tar tha sath hi us ki chut say bhi pani bahar bahnay laga usnay apni shalwar uthai pehlay apni chut ko us say saf kia pher meray lund saf karnay kay bad pher shalwar phenk di aur meray sath late gai aur mera galon aur pher honton per ki kar kay pucha kion re meray raja maza aya main nay kaha bohot main nay to kabhi socha bhi nahi tha kay itna maza bhi mil sakta hai pher mainay us say pucha aap ko maza aya us nay kaha are teray jesa jawan jis ki chudai karay aur ussay maza na aye essa kesay ho sakta hai meray jano aur us nay mujhay apnay sath chupkadiya us kay boobs meray sinay main dhastay chalay gay aur mujh per pher say mazay lenay ka janoon sawar ho giya main nay kaha jaan kia aik bar pher maza len to us nay kaha han kion nahi raja aaj ki raat to main tujh say ji bhar kay chudwon gi hum sari raat nay nay tarikoon say mazay layngay wesay bhai aaj hafta hai kal tumhai school bhi nahi jana hai tum aaj pori raat mujhay chod kay gozar do main bhi mana nahi karnay wali kion kay tonay mujhay khush kia hai main tojhay khush kardoongi main nay kaha main bhi bohot khush hoon aap nay mujhay woh maza diya hai jo mujhay kanhi nahi mila hum pher aik dosray kay sath lipt gai aur kissing karnay lagay main nay pher us kay bobs ko chusna shuro kar diya to woh dobara masti main agai aur meray lund ki massalnay lagi main bhi masti main bari bari us kay bobs chus raha tha pher usnay meray lund ko moh main laykar chusna choro kardiya mera lund ab bilkul tiyar tha menay kaha bas ab mujhay chod nay do to us nay kaha pehlay tum meri chut ko chat kar chud nay kay liyah tiyar to karlo main ud ki chut ko chatna shuro kardiya thori hi deer main woh bhi poray josh main agai ur mujh say kaha ab bas karo aur chodo mujhay main to pahlay hi say tiyar tha main uskay upar agiyato us nay kaha ab aisay nahi jan ab zara alag tarikay say karain gay main nay kaha kesay to woh uthi aur ghori styel main ho gai aur kaha ab tum meray pechay ajao main us kay pichay aagiya ab us ki gand meri taraf thi mari nazrain uski gand per jam gain to us nay mur kar meri taraf dekh kar kaha kia dekh rahai ho ab karo bhi ya dekh tay raho gay main nay apna lund us ki gand pay ragta to mujhay maza anay laga to us nay kaha yah kia kar rahai ho undar ka na kion tarparahi ho main nay us ki chut kay lubon ko khola aur us main apna lund fit kar diya aur aik ho jhat kay main pura lund andar kar dia us kay muh say ooofffffffff aaaahhhhhhh kia awaz nikal gai aur tangain bhi larkharnay lagin ab main bina rokay usay chodnay laga mera lund ab pehlay say ziyada phas phas kay ja raha tha ur aur woh mujhay mur kar dekh rahi thi us kay bal nichay ki taraf jhul rahai thay aur us kay bobs hil hil kar mujhay apni taraf mayel karnay lagay manay apnay dono hathoon say unhay pakar liyah ab main janoni ho chuka tha aur lagatar bina rukay jhatkay laganay laga jab mera lund andar jata tu uski gand meray jisam may bad jati aur main nashay main honay laga mujh per aik jado sa chanay laga takribab 20 mint kay bad main us ki chut main hi apna pani nikal dia aur usi tarha mon kay bal usay lita diya aur khud us ki pusht par letgiya mara lund khud us ki chut say bahar aagia thori deer isi taraha latnay kay bad main us per say hata aur us kay birabar main letkar usay dekhnay laga woh bhi mujhay muskura kar aik lover ki tarha dekhnay lagi pher humnay dobara kissing karna shuro kardi us raat menay ussay teen bar choda aur woh har chudai main do do bar farigh hoi raat kay 5bajay us nay kaha ab jakar aram karlo takay sobah thak tumhari nind pori hogai aur tumharay ghar walon ko bhi nalagay kay tum raat bhar jagtay rahai ho jatay jatay us nay mujh say kaha kisi ko is baray main mat batana kay tum nay meri chodai ki hai mainay kaha main koi pagal thori pher us nay mujhay aik lambi kiss ki aur main sonay chala giya per nind bhi nahi aarahi thi main os kay peton ki taraf dekhta raha per woh dunya sey bekhabar sorahai the najanay kis ghari main bhi nind ki aghusg main chala giya subha 11 bajay mujhay tahira baji nay uthaya to mujhay us per aik ajeeb sa piyar anay laga main nay kaha kion pher man kar raha hai to us nay kaha yah har waqt nahi kia jata is ka apna time mukarrar hota hai ab tum utho aur ghar jao tumain ghar walay bola rahai hain main nay kaha maira bara man kar raha hai aik bar pher say ho gay to us nay mera gal per halka sa thaper mara ke jo bhi hoga raat ko hoga ab utho main uthgiya woh bahar janay lagi to mainay usay hath say pakar liya aur aik lambi kiss ki us kay bad main apnay ghar chala giya ab hum har raat mazay letay rahai aik haftay bad us ka shohar wapis aagiya aur mera shukriya adda kia kay us ki ghair mojudgi main manay us kay ghar ka khiyal rakha hai us din kay bad mujhay moka nahi milah aur kuch arsay bad woh bhi chalay gay... to dosto kesi lagi meri story.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Rubina Ka Maza

Rubina Ka Maza
I am Nadeem from Lahore. I am married man and mature. Mere age 29, 30 sal ke hay. Main nay jub be kisse larkee say dosti ke us ko hamasha suhc batya kay main eik married male hoon. Is liya kay such bolnay say girls aap pur trust kurte hain. Mere dosti girls kay sath aise hay kay un ke permission kay begair kuch nehe kurta, na un ko zabardasti milnay ka kehta hoon. Main koie zayada khobsoorat to nehe lakin trustable hoon. Mere dosti girls kay sath un pur depend kurtee hay kay wo kia chateen hain. Main nay hamasha such bola is liya girls meray sath sex kurtee hain. Meraa email id hay *edited*bb mere story. Yeah bat shadi kay 1 sal baad ke hay. Eik din yahoo chat room main chat kur reha thaa kay eik message aya asl plz. Main nay apna asl bata diya. Wo lahore say the our us ke age 23, 24 sal ke thee, unamrried the , our us nay masters kia howa tha. Suppose us ka name Rubina hay, yeah story us ke ijezet say lik reha hoon. Kuch din younhe formal chat hote rehe. Phir bat dosti ke teraf aye, main nay us ko such bata diya kay main girls say dosti be kurta hoon. Wo bohat khush hoie our keha kay aaj kul net pur to married male be apnay aap ko unmarried bata kur dosti kurtain hain. Phir us nay poocha kis teran ke dosti kurtay ho girls kay sath, main nay batadiya jaise lakree chatee ho. Us nay poocha kabi kisse girl friend say sex kia. I said yes, wo kehnay lage kay aap ghoot be bool skutya thay meray sath kay kabi kisse girl friend say sex nehe kia. Main nay keha mere dosti ke bunyad such hote hay. Wo bohat impress the meray such bolnay say.

Main nay us say poocha kabi ghar main aklee hoie ho to us nay keha kay aksur sham ko 3, 4 hours kay liya aklee hoten hoon. Main nay us ko mushwara diya kay main tumharay ghar aa kur tumharay sath sex kur shakta hoon is teran tum ko ghar say bahir be nehe aana purray ga our tum sex enjoy be kur shukoo ge. Us nay keha kay sooch kur batayon ge. Eik haftay kay baad wo online aye to us nay keha kay saturday ko us kay ghar walay kisse shadi main siialkoat ja rehain hain our wo koie behana bana kur ruk jaye ge, tum aa jana . Main nay us ko keha theeek hay. Us nay address bata diya. Our main saturday ko us kay ghar janay ke tevare kurnay laga. Us say chat kay duran na main nay us ke piicture mange our na he us nay keha , main samajta hoon jo lakre turst kurna jantee ho us ko picture ke zaroorat nehe hote. Saturday ko us kay diya howay address pur pncha our door bell ke, uff meray to hosh he ur gaye, meray samanay eik khoobsoorat tareen lakree khre the, black coulour ke shalwar qameez main. Main us kay sath under chala gaya. Wo mujay apnay bed room main lay gaye. Us kay meray liya tea banaye. After tea wo meray samnay aa kur bath gaye. Main us kay pass gaya our us ko apnay seenay say laga liya. Wo sharma rehe thee. Main nay us ko khera kia our apnay galay say laga liya. Main nay us say poocha kabi sex movie dekhee, us nay keha gee dekhe hay. Us nay keha kia aap wo sub kuch kur shaktay ho meray sath. Main nay keha agar tum chaho. Phir us ke gurden pur kissing start ke our us kay ears ko bite katnay laga. Wo tez tez sans lay rehe thee. Wo mudhos ho rehe the. Phir main nay us kay lips ko apnay lips say kissing kurna shurro ke . Abb wo be mujay reply kurna shurro hie. Us ke kissing main bohat maza tha. Main nay us ka mouth open kur kay us ke zaban choose, wo be mere zaban choosnay lage. Us nay keha aap bohat accha pyar kurtay ho. Phir main kissing kurta reha our us ko bed pur leta diya. Our us kay upper lat gaya. Abb us ke gurdan pur doobara kissng start ke our eik hath say us kay breast ko press kurna shurro kia. Us ke breast ka size 34 tha jo mera ideal hay. Wo breast kay press kurnay say aaaa ummm ke awaz nikel rehe the. Phir main nay us ke qameez ko thora sa upper kia our us kay buden ko kissing kurne start ke. Sath sath us ke shirt upper
Kurta jata. Phir us ke shirt main nay uttar de. Us ke dil ke dhurkan bhat teez ho gaye the. Us nay black colour ka bra pehna howa tha, main nay wo be uttar diya. Us nay eye bund kur lee. Abb main nay us ke breast ko choosna shurro kia jis say us kay nipples tight hona shurro ho gaye. Jub main nay us ke breast kay nipples ko bite kia to wo tarap uthe our keha plz aishata kurro, main thora ruk gaya our phir doobara breast choosnay laga. After 10 minutes main nay us ke breast ko choosna bund kia our us kay feet ke teraf aya us nay keha kiia kurnay lagay ho. Main nay keha mere jan bus dekhtee jayo. Main ny us kay feet ke fingers ko choosna shurro kia, us nay eyes bund kur lee. Main us ke fingers ko choota howa us ke shalwar ko upper kurta ja reha tha our legs ko kissing be kurta ja reha tha. Us nay merya anay say pehlay legs kay baal hair removing cream say saf kiya thay. Us nay shalwar main elastic pehna howa tha. Main nay us ke shalwar utarna laga to us nay rook diya. Mian nay poocha kia howa, us nay keha kay aaj main tumhare hoon agar muj jo jaisa main nay socha hay us teraan ka maza doo gay too main apne friends our cosuon say be umhare dosti kurwayo ge. Main nay keha tum fiker na kurro mere jan. Phir main nay us ke shalwar uttar de our us ke legs open kee to meray samnay eik saf suthree , chooti se our tight phudi thee. Main nay keha tum nay kabi fingering ke , us nay keha kay nehe us ko dur lagata tha fingering say. Aab wo meraay samnay poori nangi latee hoie the. Phir main nay us ke phuid main eik finger dale , uf kia tight phudi the us ke, wo chek pari , main nay us ko keha kay Rubina tum ko thoora hosla kurna purray ga , suber say kam lo ge to maza aya ga tum ko, eik finger say tum cheek rehe hoo to meray lun say kia haal ho ga. Us nay keha theek hay lakin plz slow slow kurna main kunware hoon. Us ke pudi geele ho chukee the. Main nay us ko keha eik minute main aata hon . Our us say us kay

Kitchen ka pooch kur kitchen main say honey ( shehd ) ke bottle uta laya. Us nay poocha is ka kia kurro gay. Main nay keh bus dekhtee jayo. Phir main nay honey ke bottle open ke our freind ungle pur acche teran honey laga kur us ke phudi pur honey paste kurnay laga. Wo pagal se ho gaye. Jub us ke phudi acche teran honey say bhur gaye main nay us ke kamar kay neechay eik pillow rekha our us ke legs open kee our us ko bataya begar us ke phudi pur apne zaban ruk dee. Wo eik fish ke teran muchalnay lagee. Main honey be chat reha tha our us ke phudi be. Main nay us ke legs our khollen our is say phudi kay lipps open ho gayey. Abb main nay us ke phudi ko deewana war chatna shurro kia. Mujay us ke awaz aa rehe theee, uff ammi main mur jayon gee aaj , aaaaaaa , ummmm , kia mar dalo gay mujay Nadeem aaj. Phir thori dar kay baad us ke phudi say us ka juice nikelna shurro howa our wo discharge honay kay baad dheele pur gaye. Eik do minute kay baad us nay apne eyes open kee our mujay deewana war kissing kurnay lage. Main heran ho gaya our us say poocha kaisa feel howa. Us nay keha kay Nadeem main sooch be nehe shaktee the kay tum itna accha pyar kurtay ho. Main nay us ko keha agar tum mere sath do to our be maza aya ga tum ko, aab tum mujay pyar kurro. Us nay fooran mujay bed pur dhuka diya our meray upper aa gaye. Mere qameez uttar kur mere chest pur kissing kurnay lage. Our phir mere paint ke zip pur apna hath rekha. Us nay mere belt open ke our keha plz apne paint uttaro aab suber nehe hota muj say. Main be poora nanga ho gaya our wo mera lun dekh kur heran ho gaye. Meray lun ka size koie 7 inch lamba hay. Our kafi mota be. Us nay keha kay kia tum is say mere phudi maro gay ?Main nay keha gee. Wo pehaly to dur gaye phir kehnay lagaye , thhek hay slow dalna our pregenecy na kurna. Main nay keha ok mere jan. Abb us kay lun ke topi hand main pakrii our us say khelnay lage. Main nay pyar say us kay sur
Pur our balon pur hath phera. Our us nay mere lun apnay lips main lay kur choosna shurro kia, pehlay thoora sa mouth main dala phirr kisse bhooke sherne ke terean poora dal kur choosnay lage. Ufff dosto main be mudhoshs sa ho gaya tha. 3, 4 minute kay baad jub meraa liquid nikelna wala tha to us nay mera lun ko nehe choora our mujay apne sare liquid us kay mouth main release kur dee. Wo mera sara liquid pee gaye. Main nay us kay chehray ke teraf dekha wo bohat mutmaeen thee (satisfied). After rest of 10 minutes main nay us ko keha aab tumhare phudi phar doon wo mentally tray ho gaye. Main nay apnay purse say 2 imported condom nkelay our lun pur churha diya. Wo khush ho gaye. Main nay us ke phudi doobara chatee to us nay keha Nadeem peehcay say fuck kurro gay mujay. Main nay keha kay tumhain bohat durd ho ge. Wo nehe mane . Phir main nay us ke tight gand pur lotion lagaya our us ko ghoori banaya . Abb us ke gand phatnay wale thee. Main nay keha tayyer ho us nay keha gee. Main nay lun ke topi gand main dale to wo nehe gaye. Phir main nay lun pur lotion lagaya. Our doobara kishsih ke, ufff thora sa lun gand main gaya or us nay cheek marae, main mur gaye Nadeem. Main nay keha main bahir nikellon us nay keha nehe plz poora kurro. Main nay keha eik he jhtekay main dall doon. Wo kehny lage gee. Maujy itne durd do kay main aap ko kabi be bhula na shukkon. Phir main nay lun thoorra sa bahir nikela our dosto eik bhoorpor jhetka mara our mera lun us ke kunware tihgt gand ko pharta howa poora unsed gayeb ho gaya. Mujay youn feel hoowaa us ka sans ruk gaya hay. Lakin wo durd day roo rhe the. Main nay keha aab main gand choodnay laga hoon us nay ok ka signal diya our dosto aab main nay us ke gand marne shurro ke , wo zoor zoor ke chekain mar rehe thee. After 4,5 minutes mera liquid nikel gaya our condom say ful ho gaya. Mai nay

Lun bahir nikela to wo bed pur gir pare. Main nay dekha us ke gand sooj gaye the. Wo bohat khush dekhaye day rehe the. Phir koie 15 minute kay baad main nay us ko doobara puker liya our kissing start ke, aab main us ke kunwaare phudi be pharnay wala tha. Us ko acche teran garam kurnay kay baad main nay us ke kamar kay neecy pillow rekha our us ke legs khool dee. Us nay mere eye main dekha our phir eyes bund kur lee jiis ka mutlab tha phar do mere phudi be. Abb main nay us ke phudi kay hole pur lun pur doobaraa 2 new condoms churha kur rekha our begair lotion kay dalnay ke koshish ke, lun us ke phudi main nehe ja reha tha. Phir us ke phudi pur thoora sa lotion lagaya our main nay aab us ke phudi main lun dalna shurro kia. Abe eik inch he gaya tha kay us nay eyes open kee our ceek marnae shurro ke, Us ko bohat durd ho rehe the, main thori dar ruka our phir us say poocha eik he jerk main phar donn phudi ya slow,Us nay phir keha jis say bohat zayada maza aya , main nay keha kay eik he ghetkay main phudi main janay say durd be bohat hota hay lakin maza be bohat aata hay. Phiir us kay lips pur lips rekha our dosto thoora sa lun bahir nikela our ueik zoor ka powerful jerk. Us ke phudi phat chukee the because wo meray neechay eik begair pane kay fish ke teran muchel rehe thee. Jub wo mentally settle hoie to aab us ke phudi ke chudai shurro ke, ufff kia tihgt phudi the us ke. Main nay us ke phudi marta reha our koie 3 minute kay baad us nay phudi ko discharge kia. Main nay apne speed our teez kee our kuch deer baad mera be liquid nukel gaya. Main us kay uppe he gir gaya. Wo eyes bund kur kay late rehe After 5 minutes jub main uta to bed sheet pur blood be tha our us ka liquid be. Aab Rubina kunware nehe rehe thee dosto.

Phir us nay keha Nadeem shayd mera husband be mujay sex ka itna maza nehe day sukay ga jitna aap nay diya. App mere friends our cosuon ko be fuck kur shaktay ho, mainn nay keha theek hay. Phir dosto main nay us ke friends ko be fuck kia.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fucking Hot Mini Teacher

Fucking Hot Mini Desi Teacher
That was when I was in the school. I took active interest in the basket ball and I was taken in the school basket ball team. We won several interschool matches and we were to get ready for the zonal match.

Our headmistress was very much enthused by our victory and asked me to practice and practice so that we may win the state level interschool. I was a 6 footer and keenly interested in the game. But I was in the tenth standard and hence I had a lot to study. Because of the game I missed lot of classes and I had to take tuition at odd hours. My urgent necessity was a tuition in maths. I was staying in the boy's hostel and many of the lady teachers stayed in the girls hostel nearby.

Headmistress knowing my predicament assured me that she will ask the maths teacher to come to our hostel to give tuition even if it is late. She asked Mini teacher, who was just 24 years old, beautiful and very great fan of mine to enquire from me when it will suitable for maths tuition and to take the trouble and give tuition. Mini teacher met me in the school and asked me on what all portions I need tuition and when she should come. I had to be in the practice session till 8.30 or even 9 PM. After that I may have to rush to the boarding room for my supper otherwise my food will be eaten away by somebody. I told her that I would be ready by 9.30 PM. She said that is too late, ok, let me try. She on the following evening at 9.30 PM. When the watchman came and told me I was surprised. I had totally forgotten about it. I was in my practicing dress, small sports knickers and a t shirt. I had no time for a wash. I just took my notebook and rushed downstairs to the visitor's lounge. She was there sitting in a night gown.

There were only chairs and there was no teepoy. I found it difficult to keep the books and write. I told Mini teacher that I will sit on the floor. She said as you please. She sitting in the chair and leaning forward to examine my problems and explaining the points looked alrght.
When I look up I saw her cleavage wide open and view going in between her ample boobs. Boobs resting on her folded hands gave a better view and I was taken aback at such a closer look at the most beautiful teacher.

Since I was sitting on the floor, my cock was resting on one side and with this erotic scene in front of me, it started to rise. I had to lean forward and write my problems in the notebook and solve them, but my cock was giving me a big problem. It was getting erect and I could not conceal its erection. I tried to lower it with my hand but it was getting further hardened. Mini teacher was watching my discomfort. She looked at my crotch and saw my junior peeping from under the knickers.

I tried to push it under but he was defiant. Time was more than 10 PM. The hostel fell silent. The watchman who was to have sat in the visitor's lounge went away. Only we both were in the room, I with an unmanageable cock and Mini teacher leaning forward and showing her cleavage to me. When I kept my both thighs together it was ok, but I was not able to lean forward and write in the notebook. Mini teacher said she will also sit on the floor and sat very close to me. But her eyes were on my crotch.

My cock was peeping from under the knickers and his hold was moist with the drop of precum. To my great surprise, Mini extended her hand and touched my bulge. She inserted her hand inside my knickers and caught hold of my cock and pulled it forward. She asked me to unhook the knickers and take the cock out. I did as she wanted. My full 6 inch cock was there in full erection pulsating gripped by Miniteacher. She looked around and making sure that nobody is there came back and sat and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. I did not strike me that I should have inserted my hand inside her nightgown and searched for her boobs and her cunt. She took my hand and kept it on her boobs. I suddenly started to kneed them with my hands and then she took my other hand and placed it on her stomach.

Suddenly I felt that I am going to shoot. I told her so. She said it is all right shoot. I shot my cum into her mouth and it was a mouthful. She drank the whole thing and went on sucking further. We heard the sound of the chappal of the watchman and she suddenly came to normalcy and wiped her lips. I got busy with my pen leaning over my notebook. Watchman came and asked me whether it will take more time. I asked Mini teacher she asked the watchman to come back after one hour. Watchman went away for a nap.

Mini teacher took hold of my cock and it was limp but she put the whole thing in her mouth and within a short time it became very hard. She asked me to kiss her in her cunt. I leaned forward and kissed her clean shaven pussy. That was the first time I was watching a female genitals.I licked it by instinct and she opened her legs and asked me to lick it hard. Finally she asked me to fuck her. I asked her how to fuck. She asked me to ride her and she will guide my cock into her cunt. I did as she asked me and my cock plunged into her tight cunt.

She raised my body and lowered it and I know how to do it. It was a glorious fucking and she closed her mouth with her hand to muffle a sound of joy. We had consecutively two fuck sessions. Her cunt was full of my fluids and her fluids. She wiped the whole thing with her dress and she was ready to go. There was not much to talk and what is there to talk when we had so much to do. She went and I went and called the watchman who was fast asleep. He accompanied her to the girls hostel. She promised that she will come on the following day. I came to know that Miniteacher is going on long leave and getting married. In our frenzy for pleasure we did not take proper precaution and people started to suspect that it is not just tuition alone that is happening.

Headmistress called and asked her, I came to know that she tendered her resignation and left. I wrote my exams and scored high marks. Our school won the interschool state tourney and we were state champions. This stood a long stead in my further career advancement. It was years later, after my engineering and management PG degree, I went to Dubai and met Mini teacher and her husband in a party. She recognised me and introduced me to her husband as her old student. She had called me to her house for a tea.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Fun with My Mast Maid Savita

Fun with My Mast Maid Savita
This is a real experience with my maid savita. I was a bachelor living alone, and was looking out for a full time maid. However many maids were reluctant to stay with a guy. Then came savita, a 23 year old, relatively fair looking female. She was quite tall at 5 feet 4 inches, and did not look like a maid. I hired her on part time basis, at a high salary, and she agreed. She was alone, though living with some friends, and her family lived in the village. She was not very breasty, but had a good figure. She mostly wore churidar, kurta which looked as if she had out-grown them, and the kurta clung on to those tight breasts of her. Savita would come in the morning, and change into a gown to do the housework. Her gown was just below knee length, and whenever she would mop the floor, I would get a chance to peek at her thighs which were quite full, and rounded. She was always smiling and kept herself quite clean. I was looking for a chance to have her. After about 15 days, on a Friday, savita as usual came in the morning, and straight went to change into her gown. She would use the store room to change. I was involved in my work, and without realizing, I went into the store room to find something. Savita was changing then, and her gown was just over her head. She could not see me as the gown covered her face. I froze when I saw her. She was wearing a red tight bra, and black panties. When I saw her inner thighs, I felt the urge to grab them. Her thighs were gorgeous, and much more fairer than her face. I just kept staring, and then savita saw me. She hurriedly put on her gown, and I left the store room. I thought she had got embarrassed. I came back home early evening, thinking savita may not come back. But she came !!! She said nothing and started her work. I decided to talk to her, and told her it was just an accident in the morning, and there is nothing to worry about, and she was doing a good job. She just smiled back. I went into my bed room, and started the computer and asked savita to get me some tea. I was playing games on the computer when savita walked in. I saw she had not changed into her gown. Maybe she did not want to. She came near me, and asked what is this machine ? I told her about it, and asked her if she wanted to play. She hesitated, but agreed. I made her sit on the chair, and I was behind her, helping her through the keyboard and mouse. I did not realize that my arms were between her breasts, and her arms, while my fingers were helping her on the keyboard. My arm gently brushed her right breast, but she did not move. I got tempted, and in the next computer move, I put more pressure on her breast. She moved a little but did not say anything. I got the message, that she was wanting it. I moved my hand, and cupped her right breast from behind her. She took my hand and moved it away saying “Saab, I am only a maid. You are my employer, and I feel very strange about this”. I assured her that there is nothing wrong, and I really find her good looking, and very nice. She smiled back. That was the start of my adventure with savita.

I moved very quickly now, and cupped both her breasts from behind, and started massaging them while her hands were on the keyboard. She let out a soft “hmmmm”. I applied more pressure, and she let out a louder humming sound. I knew she had started to enjoy. She did not look much experienced in sex, or maybe was a virgin. Her kurta had back buttons, so I started opening them. She stopped me, saying, she has to go. I told her not to worry, I would drop her to her house, as she came by bus which took more than an hour to reach. She agreed, and I opened 3 buttons of her kurta, and moved the cloth down her shoulder. I saw her bra which was very tight, and could hardly hold her white milky breasts. I pushed my hands inside her very tight bra, and there was a tearing sound. She got up, scared, and I told her to relax, as I would buy her new clothes. Now savita was facing me with her breasts almost out of the bra. I could not resist, and cupped her breasts from front, and put my mouth on her nipples. Her bra was almost out now. She let out a soft moaning sound, and help my head in her palms. I then removed her kurta, and the bra, and there she was, with her beautiful breast pointing at me. I licked both the breasts, and gently lay her down on the bed. I went down on her licking all the way to her waist. She started trembling a little. I opened the know on her salwar, and pulled it down. She said “no, saab i have to go”. I ignored her words, and put my face between her legs over the panties, very near her opening. She gasped, and held back my head trying to pull them away. I moved her hands, and started licking her opening over her panties. I then asked her to go to the bathroom, and wash herself. She said “no. Please can we do it later” ? I knew if i let her go, she may not come back. I assured her again that there was nothing wrong. We both are young, and she will not have a problem. She moved into the bathroom, and i saw her beautiful body from behind. Her buttocks were very rounded, and the panties had moved up, on her buttock cheeks. She looked ravishing. I undressed myself totally and lay down on the bed. Savita came back wearing only her panties. She left the bathroom lights on, and the door open.

I could see her full figure, and when she approached the bed, i pulled down her panties in one stroke. She almost screamed, and ran away to one corner of the room, and stood there facing the wall. I knew she was only feeling shy, and approached her from behind. Her hands were clasped on her face, and i gently pulled them down, and started caressing her breasts from behind her. She arched upwards and her head came backwards. I started kissing her face, and then her mouth. I turned her around and gently lifted her from her buttocks, so that her lips were facing mine. I inserted my tongue in her mouth, and she greeted them with all pleasure. I gently lay her down on the bed, and started kissing all over her body. I licked her inner thighs, and started teasing her by running my tongue up and down her beautiful pussy lips. I saw her pussy, and was amazed at the sight. She had puffed pussy lips, did not have much pubic hair on her, and seemed to keep her pussy quite clean. I started licking faster now, and she started moaning, and her breathing became heavy. I knew this was the time, and i gently parted her legs, and started sucking her puffed pussy lips. She started moaning more loudly, and then i approached her clit. I do not think she knew about this pleasure, and she started moaning very loudly. I was fully erect by then. After licking her for a while, she came to an orgasm and very loudly said “oh maa”. I got up, and put my fully erect manhood into her open mouth. She pushed it out very gently, but held on to my penis in her palms, slowly rubbing them. I was not going to stop now, and told her “savita, i have eaten your honey, now i want you to eat mine”. She said she had never done this type of thing before. I told her there is no harm in learning. Without waiting, i put my fully erect shaft onto her lips. She opened her mouth and let me in. She was not experienced, and started biting me on my shaft. I told her to only suck it, and she started sucking very fast making mmmm, mmmm sounds. I knew she was not good at it, so i moved out of her mouth, held her legs high, and pushed my penis inside her already hot pussy. She shuddered the moment my penis went in. She was extremely wet, and my 7“ shaft just went in smooth. I fucked her very hard, and some minutes later, shot off my entire load into her pussy. After we were rested, i asked savita how she felt. She just smiled, and then asked me how do i feel ? I said “you are very sexy, and i would love to teach you more. Will you learn ? “ she did not comment, but nodded with a smile. I told her i really loved her pussy, and would love to lick it more if she fully shaves the hair. I then offered her to move in with me, so that she could save on rent. She immediately agreed, and next day (saturday) morning came back with all her belongings.

I went out for some work, and came back home around midday. Savita opened the door, as she knew it was me. She had just come from her bath, and had a thin cloth wrapped around her, with the towel wrapped around her head. The thin cloth draped around her body, was wet, and her body contours were very visible. She was looking ravishing, and smiled at me. I could not resist her. I just hugged her, and the cloth around her body just came off. I saw her stark naked, and she covered her face with her hands. I just stared at her luscious body, and during daytime, her body was even more sexier. I looked down on her pussy, and was delighted to see that she had shaved her pubic hair fully. !!! Her pussy was looking even more inviting. Without hesitating, i just kneeled down, and started licking her pussy. She spread her legs allowing me to have full access to those beautiful lips, and help my head very tight against her pussy. I picked her up, and threw ley her down on the bed. I sat next to her, and ran my hands down her body, when i reached her pussy, she asked “saab. You want to freshen up, and change “ ? I said yes, and took off all my clothes in front of her. Seeing her naked lying on the bed, i did not want to waste time, and started to lick her all over. When i reached her pussy, i inserted 1 finger inside her pussy, and started masturbating her. When i inserted the second finger, she moaned loudly. She was very wet, and juicy already. I licked her pussy for about 20 minutes, and she must have had multiple orgasms, as her entire body was shaking and trembling. She was begging me to stop, but i just wanted to eat her pussy. After i while i got exhausted, and lay down next to her. Savita had now become horny, and wanted to learn more. She asked me “saab. Do you want me to lick you” ? I said yes, i would love to have you lick me. “she said “saab, please tell me how to”. I told her, and she started to go down on me very gently. She was a quick learner, and i enjoyed the way she started licking my shaft. She kept sucking my penis like a lollipop, and i shot off my entire load into her mouth. She got startled, and moved away. She went to the bathroom, and rinsed her mouth, but did not say anything. That day, we did not wear any clothes, and had many fucking sessions. She got exhausted and went off to sleep in my arms. Next day she gave me a bath, and we had sex in the bathroom, dining room, and almost every place. I bought her clothes, and took her to a lingerie shop. I liked her selection of undergarments, and bought her a lot of sexy underwear. I had requested her to be only in her bra and panty when i am home, and always keep her pubic hair shaved. The curtains in the house were always drawn, so she did not mind being almost naked. She was really a sweet girl, and really liked to be adventurous in sex, unlike so many other females. Six months went by, and savita had become fully trained in sex. I taught her so many positions, and she used to come up with some really interesting things to do in sex. One day her parents came to fetch her, to get her married. Savita cried a lot, and did not want to leave. But she gave in to her parents wishes, and had to leave. I miss savita a lot. Where ever she is, i am sure her husband must be a happy person.
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