Friday, August 25, 2006

Sex with My Sexy Lecturer

Hi this is John, This one is happened during My final year studies of engineering degree, My final semester class incharge is miss sissira, she is 27 years of age, she is very tall and her skin colour is white and having nice structure,, she is really having nice big boobs and ass,,, I often masturbating by thinking her only in college hostels,, not only me all the students and even staffs,, that kind of beauty she is, she is like a Arabic horse,,

Luckily I got one information from my management, that she is the incharge for my final semester projects,, that means I should spent daily half a days with her in college working days to prepare my project,,, Daily I spent my times with her,, everyday I cant control my masturbation two or three times, as I am very closely watching her,,,as my English is very poor,, there is lots of mistake sin my project report,, so she told me to come to her house daily that's 20kms away from hostel, and return to hostel at 10,, so her husband will clear my mistakes rapidly,, because he also a lecturer in other college.

When I reached her home town, she come by his own car and picked me to her house, soon after we entered the room, she asked me to eat some snacks, she wearing seethrough blue colour sarees,, my mind is going crazy , I started my imagination having sex with her,,,
After some time she comes to my room, I asked her about her husband for my project reports, she told that her husband went to industrial visits and he will come after one weeks, I got little excited and thinking why she called me when his husband is not in home,, so I pretended like a good boy, and asked about the projects she smiled sexily and thrown my project reports, and she frankly asked me what I looked daily in her,, I am little ashamed, but she lifted my face she asked once again,, I replied I watch dher boobs and ass,, she smiled again,it gave me lot of confidence,,,

She told me she also like me because of my black colour,, she told me that her husband is very weak in sex,, so she frankly told me that she needs me,, I immediately kissed her lips and start sucking her saliva juices and I started kissing every where in her face she also doing the same,, I slowly started pressing her boobs and squeezing she started moaning,, that moaning is very sexy and gave me full erection,, I removed her saree and blouse and bra,, and I saw a huge big tits and boobs I started kissing and squeezing her boobs and at the same time she removed my t shirts her fingers caressing every part of my body,, I removed her panty also now and started kissing her navel and and thighs, and slowly starte d to lick her pussies now her moaning becomes louder , I started licking and eating and fingering her pussy vigorously,, her pink pussy becomes wet and she is shivering after HUGE ORGASM.. She hugged me and started remove my pant and brief,, and she amazed by my cocks size and told her husbands is too small,

She compared my cock to great porn stars like peter north, Lexington Steele, and rocco siffredi, I am amazed by her porn knowledge,a ND asked her how she knows,, she told me every free times in colleges and house her hobby is watching porn sites,, she started kissing my cock and balls and started licking the tip of my cock, oh my god, I am in heaven at that time,,she started sucking my cock like a bitch, she swallowed by full thick shaft,, she licked my pre cum juices,, after some times she asked me to fuck in her evil pussy and I started inserted my full penis in her pussy and started ridding in doggy style in slowly and after some times I released my full cum,, she kissed me, v both hugged for some rest,, that whole night I enjoyed her four times in different positions,,
Daily we do this kind of things by seeing porn movies,, up to his husband arrival,, after that,, I vacated from hostel and take separate room in her home town,, so I don't missed her and continue our illegal sex daily,, she is my sex goddess
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