Monday, March 12, 2007

Erotic Pleasure - Lesbian Story

Desi Erotic Pleasure - Desi Lesbian Story
This incident happens while we gone for an excursion with School Girls. Yamuna – Math Teacher, beautiful charming women, aged 28, good Looking, beautiful breast (36) and nice hip and love able ass. Every man seeing her, we’d defiantly masturbate thinking of her. She is very beautiful than me. She got transferred to my school just 6 months back. While receiving order from her my hands trembled and on seeing her huge Breast I lost my temptation and began to watch her beautiful hips continuously she noticed that and see checked her Saree and gave a small smile.

On the day 1 onwards I often ask her to come to my room and watch her fully, I believe that she know it all but never care on that. Some time I frankly asked her about her breast size and how she mining it sexy etc., and even asks about her period times. She doesn’t matters that. So this type of incident gives more confidence to me and I planned to enjoy her one day. I often invite her to my home but she refuses, so I wait for the honey day to have fun with her.

Our School Management decided to go for an excursion under the captaincy of Yamuna, actually What happened is , I have re-commended YAMUNA name to the management to lead the tour, Yamuna got very excited and she came to my room to thank me, I noticed that and I just take off my saree and acting that I am adjusting my blouse, she knocked and suddenly opened the door , on seeing my huge breast (with blouse ) she amazed and she told sorry to me, I replied no problem, I asked her why u come, she standing in front of me and tells thanks for nomination her to lead the tour, I said no problem , on clearly viewing her navel I expect more in the tour from you. She can’t understand the words, I gave a gentle smile and without taking my eye from her boobs I again tell her I expect some great things from you in the tour. Without seeing my face having some tears in her eyes, she replied ok Mam I will meet u later and she turned back and her ass dance started, I deeply watched that and give a big breath.

The day come, while going to excursion, I ask her to sit her with me. She agreed and she sits next to me. After 20 Minutes journey I slowly placed my hands on her thighs. She socked and suddenly turned at me. I gently gave a smile. She understood and bends her back and slowly closed her eyes. I just crawled my hand to his navel, she murmur and slowly tells me, madam may be some one see this, please leave me, I just turned to her face and tell no problem I will take care and unexpected she gave a kiss on my lips I can’t believe that. I feel very comfortable and touch her boob in a very strong and passionate way. She depreciates my action and she turned to me and said it is amazing and I ask her to remove her panties and give it to me as I want to smell it. She refused and she gave me an idea.

Our bus will be stopping in a hotel soon, there we two will go the bath room and I allow you to smell my pussy, she told, I Agreed and I lie on her and start squeezing her boob, Bus stops in a motel and we two get down with others and as planned we two go into the bathroom as other girls also come to the bathroom I am not able to kiss her pussy, but I am able to show her ass and pussy, what a beautiful one. But she bravely touches my pussy while I peeing and take the pee in her hand and taste it. I feared to do the same in the public. After some times we return to our bus and I and very disappointed not have a chance to smell her pussy, I sat sadly. Suddenly she smiles at me and search something in her hand-bag. She returned with her panty which she unworn at toilet. It is a wet one and I can able to smell it. Till completion of journey I used it as my hand-kerchief ever in front of others, as it a white cotton panty, no one can doubt it.

At last we reached the spot and we two occupied a same room, while entering the room she forced me inside the room and lock the door very urgently and undress herself quickly. I am shouting. She doesn’t bother and she hug me and told Revathi u are my husband so do me what every you thing and forced me to remove my dress, now we two are naked, just image both are almost 40+, and big in size, while we both are nude how would be we, I really like that, because, both of our Boobs are big in size, unable to hide with one hand. I ask her to sit on the cot, she sit and I ask her to open her legs to taste her pussy. I am sitting in front of her and I a wait for her to open her legs. But she refused to open her legs and she ask a promise from me, that she wants to be AH.M of our school, I kissed at her thighs and I promised to nominate her. Then she open and tells me here is your paradise, enjoy with your tongue, I slowly started tasting her pussy, what a fantastic smell, also it is very hairy, may be shaved 10 years back, imagine how hairy it is. I tasted it more than 20 minutes, she got very excited and began to mourn Revathi superb fantastic your pitch your are showing me heaven.

At last I take my mouth from her pussy and split on her face, she did the same thing and I taste her saliva. She tasted my pussy and drink my cum , at last we two go to the bathroom and make bath each other , I soaped her whole body , breast and nipple and before taking bath she smelled my hairy underarm and give a hot kiss there telling I love you . After I sat under her and asked her to pee, she got excited and started peeing I drank half of her pee, and takes the balance in the bath mug. And again she sad under me and peeing she drank more than70% and I ask her to take the balance on the same mug.

She did. I take the pee mug and we take bath with the pee. Then we came out of the bathroom , u all aware that as I am a traditional widow I will not be wearing any bra and panties, she forced me to wear her panty and bra, after her repeated demand I wore those and she kissed me and tells that you are looking like a angel. Then we two went out of sight seeing. Even after returning from the tour we always have sex with each other. Our future plan is to enjoy with a pre-mature girl who is studying in our school, our latest hobby is to watching girls playing in the school, while playing their boobs will be dancing and their ass will be jerking, we both love that, even some time we called the beautiful girls and hug them, where other will feel that we two are phrasing the girls, our induction is to have sex fun with them. We will one day definitely fuck a pre-mature girl.
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