Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fucking Hot Mini Teacher

Fucking Hot Mini Desi Teacher
That was when I was in the school. I took active interest in the basket ball and I was taken in the school basket ball team. We won several interschool matches and we were to get ready for the zonal match.

Our headmistress was very much enthused by our victory and asked me to practice and practice so that we may win the state level interschool. I was a 6 footer and keenly interested in the game. But I was in the tenth standard and hence I had a lot to study. Because of the game I missed lot of classes and I had to take tuition at odd hours. My urgent necessity was a tuition in maths. I was staying in the boy's hostel and many of the lady teachers stayed in the girls hostel nearby.

Headmistress knowing my predicament assured me that she will ask the maths teacher to come to our hostel to give tuition even if it is late. She asked Mini teacher, who was just 24 years old, beautiful and very great fan of mine to enquire from me when it will suitable for maths tuition and to take the trouble and give tuition. Mini teacher met me in the school and asked me on what all portions I need tuition and when she should come. I had to be in the practice session till 8.30 or even 9 PM. After that I may have to rush to the boarding room for my supper otherwise my food will be eaten away by somebody. I told her that I would be ready by 9.30 PM. She said that is too late, ok, let me try. She on the following evening at 9.30 PM. When the watchman came and told me I was surprised. I had totally forgotten about it. I was in my practicing dress, small sports knickers and a t shirt. I had no time for a wash. I just took my notebook and rushed downstairs to the visitor's lounge. She was there sitting in a night gown.

There were only chairs and there was no teepoy. I found it difficult to keep the books and write. I told Mini teacher that I will sit on the floor. She said as you please. She sitting in the chair and leaning forward to examine my problems and explaining the points looked alrght.
When I look up I saw her cleavage wide open and view going in between her ample boobs. Boobs resting on her folded hands gave a better view and I was taken aback at such a closer look at the most beautiful teacher.

Since I was sitting on the floor, my cock was resting on one side and with this erotic scene in front of me, it started to rise. I had to lean forward and write my problems in the notebook and solve them, but my cock was giving me a big problem. It was getting erect and I could not conceal its erection. I tried to lower it with my hand but it was getting further hardened. Mini teacher was watching my discomfort. She looked at my crotch and saw my junior peeping from under the knickers.

I tried to push it under but he was defiant. Time was more than 10 PM. The hostel fell silent. The watchman who was to have sat in the visitor's lounge went away. Only we both were in the room, I with an unmanageable cock and Mini teacher leaning forward and showing her cleavage to me. When I kept my both thighs together it was ok, but I was not able to lean forward and write in the notebook. Mini teacher said she will also sit on the floor and sat very close to me. But her eyes were on my crotch.

My cock was peeping from under the knickers and his hold was moist with the drop of precum. To my great surprise, Mini extended her hand and touched my bulge. She inserted her hand inside my knickers and caught hold of my cock and pulled it forward. She asked me to unhook the knickers and take the cock out. I did as she wanted. My full 6 inch cock was there in full erection pulsating gripped by Miniteacher. She looked around and making sure that nobody is there came back and sat and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. I did not strike me that I should have inserted my hand inside her nightgown and searched for her boobs and her cunt. She took my hand and kept it on her boobs. I suddenly started to kneed them with my hands and then she took my other hand and placed it on her stomach.

Suddenly I felt that I am going to shoot. I told her so. She said it is all right shoot. I shot my cum into her mouth and it was a mouthful. She drank the whole thing and went on sucking further. We heard the sound of the chappal of the watchman and she suddenly came to normalcy and wiped her lips. I got busy with my pen leaning over my notebook. Watchman came and asked me whether it will take more time. I asked Mini teacher she asked the watchman to come back after one hour. Watchman went away for a nap.

Mini teacher took hold of my cock and it was limp but she put the whole thing in her mouth and within a short time it became very hard. She asked me to kiss her in her cunt. I leaned forward and kissed her clean shaven pussy. That was the first time I was watching a female genitals.I licked it by instinct and she opened her legs and asked me to lick it hard. Finally she asked me to fuck her. I asked her how to fuck. She asked me to ride her and she will guide my cock into her cunt. I did as she asked me and my cock plunged into her tight cunt.

She raised my body and lowered it and I know how to do it. It was a glorious fucking and she closed her mouth with her hand to muffle a sound of joy. We had consecutively two fuck sessions. Her cunt was full of my fluids and her fluids. She wiped the whole thing with her dress and she was ready to go. There was not much to talk and what is there to talk when we had so much to do. She went and I went and called the watchman who was fast asleep. He accompanied her to the girls hostel. She promised that she will come on the following day. I came to know that Miniteacher is going on long leave and getting married. In our frenzy for pleasure we did not take proper precaution and people started to suspect that it is not just tuition alone that is happening.

Headmistress called and asked her, I came to know that she tendered her resignation and left. I wrote my exams and scored high marks. Our school won the interschool state tourney and we were state champions. This stood a long stead in my further career advancement. It was years later, after my engineering and management PG degree, I went to Dubai and met Mini teacher and her husband in a party. She recognised me and introduced me to her husband as her old student. She had called me to her house for a tea.
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