Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Erotic Tales of Maggie and Tina's Love

Erotic Tales of Maggie and Tina's Love
"Maggie, this weather sucks" Tina said to me as she plopped down on the couch where I was sitting "I want to have some fun!" She started tickling me and pulling my tits tweaking my nipples. I smile "Well what kind of fun?" She laughs pulling me up off the couch. "Let's go out!"

"Tina, you're the one that wanted to go out so bad, hurry up I'm ready to go." Tina opened the bathroom door and I nearly gasped at what I saw. There she was, all 5'10" of her nearly butt naked, wearing little more than a short piece of black fabric. I guess you could call it a dress but I wasn't sure. The length went so far up u could just barely see her ass and waxed pussy. I started to get wet just looking at her, not only was she beautiful with her long black curly hair and blue eyes, she knew exactly how to get me wet without even having to touch me.

"You like my new dress?" I just smiled and grabbed her ass and gave it a little smack. "Of course you look amazing, I'd fuck you." She smacked my shoulder playfully and said, "You already are…" We laughed and walked out to the car.

Later that night after four hours of dancing and drinks we found ourselves drunk and unable to drive. We have a cab pick us up. The second we get into the cab we are making out in the back seat, kissing and groping each other hungrily. I'm sure the alcohol didn't help, but I couldn't keep my hands off of her. It wasn't long before I had her 'dress' up around her neck and she was totally naked in the back seat. The cab ride was about 20 minutes so we knew we had time.

"I want to suck your pussy" I whispered into her ear as I massaged her tits. Without words she pushed me onto my back and climbed onto my face. I already smelled her, that sweet smell coming from her hot pussy before she got to my face. I pulled my skirt up to expose my ass and wet pussy for her. We were in a 69 in the back of the cab, her ass in the air and pussy on my face, her tongue sucking my clit and fucking my pussy with two fingers. I inserted a finger into her ass and pussy and she started bucking on my face like a wild animal, cumming all over me, screaming "Ohhhhhhhh fuck don't stop Maggie keep fucking me" over and over moaning and screaming as she came for what seemed ten minutes straight.

I was moaning too, her expert tongue worked my clit, sucking, nibbling exploring it. It was so swollen each touch of her tongue made me jump off the fake leather seat. Before long it was me screaming "Shit Tina, ohhh yesssss" so loud that the people in the car next to us started honking and waving at us. We didn't care and kept fucking and sucking, each of us cumming once more.

Once we pulled up to the house we had managed to sit up and were just kissing and groping each other's tits, "How much do we owe you?" I said as I pulled out a wad of cash. "Nothing," he turned and smiled and pointed to his exposed dick in his left hand covered in cum "That was one of the hottest fucking things I have ever seen. I came so fast that I barely had time to pull my dick out." We just laughed and ran inside both still partially undressed.

Part II

"What a pervert!" Tina laughed, I smiled "I would have cum if I were him too, I can only imagine how hot your ass and pussy looked in that rear view mirror with my finger's fucking them." "Let's go take a shower, I'm not done with you yet." With that she ripped open my button up shirt to expose my bare tits and went around to the back of my leather skirt and unzipped it, gently moving her hand down my bare ass, .I kicked out of the skirt and we walked into the bathroom kissing and playing with each others tits.

We jumped into the shower and started massaging each other's bodies with soap; I focused on her ass and pussy making sure to get them nice and clean. I inserted two soapy fingers into her ass first; she moaned immediately and arched to meet my fingers. Once she got accustomed to the invaders I felt her ass relax and she started fucking my fingers, with that I started inserting one soapy finger after another into her pussy. The water was beating onto her hard nipples and with that she bent over to give me better access. "Yes fuck my ass, ohhhh yess your fingers feel so good." Her ass was slowly opening for me. I could tell that she was hot and ready for me. I pulled out my fingers, rinsed the soap out and pulled her into the bedroom. "Bend over" I said with authority. "I'm going to fuck your ass and pussy so hard you won't be able to walk for days."

With that I pulled out my strap on, it was black in color and about 10" long, 2" wide. I put it on adjusting the straps and buckles to fit. I then smacked her ass cheeks until they were red; her ass fucking the air she was so horny, reaching for something that was not there.

"Maggie, please fuck me with that cock, I need to have it in my ass." She pleaded with me over and over and while she begged I grabbed our doubled ended dildo. "First my dear, I am going to fuck that hot steaming pussy of yours until you cum." I shoved it into her pussy and started inching it in as far as it would go. Once it was in about 8", I smiled looking at the other end dangling down, the rubber bouncing all over as she squeezed her pussy around it.

"You like that don't you Tina" I purred to her, "you like that big rubber cock in your pussy don't you." "MMMMMM yesss" she looked ready to cum her eyes half closed and licking her lips. With that I slowly started moving the mammoth dildo out of her now dripping pussy lips. With each thrust in she would buck a little more on the dildo, I knew she was squeezing her pussy around it, after a while I pulled the dildo out a little and lubed the other end. I bend over and stick a tongue to her ass hole.

"Mmmm, you taste so good" "I bet you'd like me to stick my tongue in this hot hole of yours don't you?" I started licking her hole around the rim and darting just the tip of my tongue into the hole pushing more in after each lick around the outside. Soon I had my tongue all the way into her ass as far as it would go. I started moving it in and out slowly then picked up my pace to meet the thrusts of the dildo. "I'm going to cummm, oh shit I'm CUMMMMMINGGG she screamed" Right as she started to buck I pulled the other end of the dildo and forced it into her ass as far as it would go.

This set her into a wild frenzy, bucking thrusting screaming over and over. Her hands were beating on the bed her head thrashing all over. I then quickly pulled out the dildo from her ass now stretched wide open for me. I jumped up and shoved the 10" dildo almost all the way into her ass with one powerful thrust. I began fucking her so hard I could feel my legs burning. The nub on the inside of the strap on rubbing my clit hard with each thrust. Tina was saying things that were not even intelligible now, moaning and groaning. I pulled her ass cheeks wider and looked at how hot it looked, me fucking her in the ass with this huge black cock. Her legs started to shake and I could tell she was cumming again, "Maggie, please stop no more…." She trailed off as another wave of pleasure racked her body.

I reached down and started playing with her tits, tweaking each nipple just enough to make her moan even more. I kept fucking her, relentlessly for what she told me later "seemed like hours". I started getting close to my own orgasm and wanted to make sure she came again so I reached down to the dildo and started moving it in time with my thrusts. The extra stimulation to her G spot with the dildo and the cock in her ass was too much; Tina started shaking so violently that she almost knocking me off of her. Somehow I managed to keep fucking her ass and with one last deep thrust I came so hard I couldn't keep moving. "Ohhhh yessss Tina, I'm cummmminggg" I moaned and I humped her slowly as I jerked violently cumming so hard I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my legs.

We lay there me still with the strap on in her ass, both too weak to move. I brushed her hair from her face. She smiled and whispered, "We need to take cab rides more often."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fucking Co-applicant Turned Sex Partner

Fucking Co-applicant Turned Sex Partner
I am Mr.V from Hyderabad, India. This so happened when I just completed my Engineering in the year 2008. I was preparing for my abroad plans, when I met this girl called Ms. S. She was not a fair girl but at the same time not too dark, light wheatish colour, but, but, she is so sexily carved my nature, any one just look at her could not stop bulging their pants and make a BIG tent out of it!! She is 38-28-36. Man, sizes don't make perfect, but the proportionate of the body can make you mad. I met this girl S at a consultancy, she too was preparing for her abroad plans, I was introduced by my consultant that she too was applying for the same university and for the same course. I was so happy that I can have a wonderful time in the US, but India is lucky for me always. I introduced myself and she did. I informed about her staying in hyd and where she was studying.

After we exchanged our numbers, we used to call regularly every now and then, the day has come for our lives to test our destiny. A week for our interview on the same day at Chennai. We booked our tickets in a 4-tier A/c compartment in the train, we were adieu by our parents, her was was looking like a old traditional man, always sensing bad about things.

The train had left the station,luckily the other two seats booked haven't turned up after the train has left the station. Time has been so lucky for me, I was in my Nike tracks and my tee-shirt and she was as usual in her tee and jeans which was so tight on her, my goodness!! It would have torn if she puts at least a gram of weight in her thighs.

As we were in A/c compartment our windows were tinted and we had shut the metal doors and locked from inside due for security someone like beggars might turn up. I relaxed on one side of the lower berth and she was not so comfortable in her jeans, so she asked to accompany her till the toilets, as she was single and afraid of going alone. So, I went along with her to the toilets and she went and changed into her night pants and tee. We went to our cabin and locked and were relaxing in our berths. We were chatting and the topic turned to relationships and families. She was so obsessed with her father, as he used to scold for talking to guys, tears started rolling out of her and I sat beside her and started to console her, we were so comfortable in each others arms that we did not want to leave and were in each other arms for about half-an-hour or so. I was semi-erect in my pants as such a sexy girl in my arms, could not believe it!!

I had take first step and started rolling my hands on her back in order to console and was satisfying myself. She, all of a sudden kissed on my cheek, we saw into each others eyes and we started smooching each other, her lips were so soft and pink. We kissed passionately for 15 min and I started licking her lips, cheeks, ear lobes, MAN, kissing a girls ear lobes makes her go mad...on kissing her ear lobes, she hugged me so hard that her 38D boobs started pressing my chest. I could feel her nipples erecting and pooing my chest. My hand went into her tee and was rubbing her back, at the same time kissing each other.

I went and checked the lock of the cabin and as I turned she hugged me tight and I started lifting her tee to which she responded and out were her melons in a black bra. WOWW....those were awesome. I went to her pants and started untying her pant and came down the pants, where she was in her netted panty, white in colour through which I can see her small hairs around her pussy. She was so shy to see me that she kept bending her head, we again started kissing each other so passionately, she lost her control and she held my cock in the pants and was pulling out. I helped her remove my tracks and tee. I was in my red tommy, she laughed seeing the colour of it. I became mad seeing such a sexy bitch, nude and laughing at me, I slowly removed her bra and there came out the melons.

I started squeezing them hard to which she was moaning AAAAhhhh!!!!! I started sucking her left boob and squeezing the right one. She closed her eyes and was rubbing my cock in my underwear. I slowly came down kissing her boobs, belly-button and reached her pussy...she was leaking with juices and her panty and the seat became wet with her juices.

I pulled her panty down and started licking her pussy, to which she started moaning loudly. She was a virgin-because my tongue was tight in entering her pussy, I started stroking with my tongue about ten minutes and she came, all the juices flowing out like a water flowing out of the dam.

I said its now my turn and she was first hesitant in doing, I started rubbing her clitoris and she was ready for a shot and now I asked her to suck. She immediately accepted and pulled down my tommy and rubbed my cock with her tender hands and put the tip of my cock to the tip of her tongue. It was AWESOME experience, I was on CLOUD 9 at that time, it was a wonderful touch, slowly my cock entered her mouth and slowly she started stroking with her mouth, circling her tongue around my cock. It was tickling and made me even more harder. I put her on the seat and mouth fucked her, shot loads of cum in her mouth, which she swallowed and as my cock was coming down is size, she liked the size of it and she kept on sucking to which I again became HARD and I kept rubbing her clitoris to which she was about to reach her orgasm and we were ready for a FUCK!. She was lying down I came on top of her and slowly put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy, as I was a virgin I was a bit tensed too. Slowly tried to enter her pussy, but was too tight for me to enter.

Though we had lubricated because of our juices and her cunt hole was small could not enter easily. Finally I started smooching her and entered by slowly pushing my dick into her pussy, tears started in her eyes at first and slowly after going in and out she had the ecstasy of going fast, to which she started giving a rhythmic movement of her bum, I slowly increased the speed and now was riding her like a horse. We were having so much pleasure that we both started screaming....fuck u bitch.......mother fucker were the words coming out...finally I was about to cum and she at the same time reached her orgasm and finally exploded in loads of cum in her pussy. We slept on each other until our breaths came to normal. The whole seat became wet with our juices, we wiped the juices and sat on the berths huggung each other. The fire started growing in ourselves again and the cupid shot an arrow into our minds and we started kissing again and this time more slowly and passionately, for about half-hour and started investigating our parts, exploring each other, she started moaning and slowly took my dick inside her mouth, this time more deeply to her throat and had done more professional sucker. this time it took long for me to explode in her mouth. I felt, this sexy queen will be mine till we are in hyd. I took out my cock from her mouth, and adjusted her on the floor of the train where, we had spread our clothes.

This time we had started too slow to enjoy the pleasurable moments intensely from our heart and soul. I almost fucked her for 20 minutes controlling not to cum soon. When we were about to explode, I spurt the cum inside her and filled her cunt with my love juices. We slept there for an hour on the floor, when the pantry attendant came for taking the order for the dinner. We got up dressed soon and attended the boy and ordered meals for two. We got freshen and had our dinner which had been ordered. We slept on a single berth together that night. Early morning, we got up before the train reached Chennai, had another session and got ready and landed in Chennai. Took a double bedroom hotel and we got prepared for the visa the next day.

I suppose India is lucky for me, she got the visa and I was refused a visa to pursue my studies abroad. Though was refused, I stared my own business. Waiting for another girl I suppose people can comment me on my real experience with a co-applicant turned my sex partner for a night. I suppose girls from hyderabad are really hot chicks.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hot Summer Made Cool

Hot Summer Made Cool
That was one hell of a summer. Friends had gone away. All I could do was watch TV, DVDs, read, and masturbate. Masturbating was enjoyable but after a point it becomes painful, physically and mentally. And still one gets the erection and has to do it. It’s damn frustrating. I thought, “There must be a better place to release my semen than the drain.”

It’s not good to be young and alone in a lonely top room of an empty house during summer when sun is pouring fire all day long and all one can do is wait and pray for the passing away of summer. The maid, Malati, who used to come to clean my room, prepare meals etc became a victim of the summer too. She quietly announced one day that she wouldn’t be coming from the next day. At my request she promised to send another maid.

But there must have been some sweet angel or an invisible ‘jinn’ for me. I was very much doubtful about the maid’s word but when there was a knock on the door and I opened it next morning, all my doubts were removed. Not only was there a maid, but a maid as gorgeous as a maid can be. I could see that she had well-set features, full lips, tight and ripe breasts, and a great figure. She had a skin that had a glow, a fair skin, that had taken a slightly dark shade but that was due to sun and I found it sexy. She was not more than thirty. She said, “Malati has sent me.” I said, “Come upstairs.”

I kept at her toes while she was working, giving her instructions now and then. She didn’t mind and I thought she was very simple and docile, but after another of my instructions about sweeping well under the television cabinet she suddenly turned to me and looked me right in the face. There was a mocking smile on her face as if I was a fool to consider her inexperienced at housework. After that I had to think of a different strategy for observing her.

When she was cleaning the utensils I started shaving. In the mirror, I could see her sitting, her front exposed to my view. Her pallu was down and, oh, it was a confluence of two peachy breasts, the shade of the flush down them was just hypnotizing. As she turned to pick and wash the utensils I saw that she had a flat belly, not flabby. Oh, how I wished I could take her shapely waist in my hands! Her arms were even, not pudgy, slim but full. I saw more clearly now that her fingers were well shaped and her skin was spotless. Her large eyes I had already encountered.

When she finished work, she asked, “Jaun?” I said, “When will Malati come?” for the first time hoping that Malati took her time to recover. She said, “Why, don’t you like my work?” I suddenly whispered ,”I liked her work only, but with you….” She pouted and smiled, her eyes staying once more on my face. That was my signal. When I went down with her to close the door after her, she was struggling to open the door’s latch, which, for the first time I was thankful for it, was quite tight. It was the moment to strike, my hand slid on hers, feeling her silky skin, getting entangled with her fingers and the latch.

She laughed as she said, “Opening the latch or opening my fingers?” I could see this was a woman who was not conscious about her social position or mine.

The next day or the next days were even better. Watching the rise and fall of her breasts as she kneaded flour for chapattis was a treat. In fact, every move that she made held my eyes, captivated my heart. She carried herself as an equal, as a real individual and that challenged me, thrilled me. Every day she would ask after finishing work, “Jaun?” (shall I go?) with a smile and everyday I engaged her a few minutes more asking about her, or telling her one or two more tasks to do.

One remarkable thing about her was that she was neat. Her name was Vinita and she had studied up to class 12th. She was married but refused to say more about her marriage but I understood all was not well. Yet, she appeared to be happy coming to my place. She took special interest in the books that lay open, browsing through them. By now I had started calling her ‘Vinita’ and not ‘Bai’ and she didn’t mind that.

Every day there would be new touches. The day the cylinder was delivered, I asked her to help her carry it up to my room. The way up had the speed breakers of me touching her hands, holding her from behind tight, pretending to help her. A new version of the old rhyme came to me: Jack and Jill went up the stairs carrying a cylinder; Jill was smart and Jack got hard and then they had a good time. When we had to push the cylinder into its place it was so cramped that I literally hugged her from behind.

On one occasion I collided with her as she was entering the room and in the process holding her a few extra seconds. My thigh positioned against her, I could feel the soft firmness of her thighs. Holding her, I extended my hand over her back, my fingers sliding through her blouse. Her blouse was wet under the armpits with sweat and holding her so close to me, I could smell that sweet fragrance, the scent of a woman.

The next day there were no chapattis to be made as I was eating out that day but I didn’t want Vinita to leave any sooner. So I said to her, “Vinita, today climb over the loft in my room and let me sort out the things and books there.” She said, “How will I be able to climb?” I asked her to use a tall wooden stool that was in the angan downstairs. As she struggled to climb, I placed my palms on her waist and lifted her.

On the top of the stool she started looking through the things on the loft. Then she said, “I don’t know what you need, I can’t sort out these things from here. And I am afraid of the lizards there might be.” I said, “I am coming up to help you.” Now the stool top was about one square feet, hardly enough for two to stand together.

But it was quite enough to get close. She was pressed between the wall and me now, my front pressed against her buttocks. I pretended to take her help sorting out things on the loft, but every movement up on the stool made me touch her more and more. Suddenly the room seemed to be very quiet. She stopped asking questions or laughing now. It was the moment of rising heat, silent and strong passion. Passion screaming silently for union. My hands went forward towards the loft but from midair came down to her bare waist.

She suddenly half turned to me and put her arms around my neck. As she clung to me on that small stool top, I could see deep inside the cleavage of her breasts, feel her heaving breasts against my chest. Her right breast was already pressed against my chest. I was supporting her with my left hand and the right hand I now used to cup her left breast.

It was more than a handful, as soft and firm thing, and even through the blouse and the bra I could feel her nipple become tight. She had closed her eyes as I removed a strand of hair from her face and bent to kiss her. Our lips met. She drew back. But then she came again, this time in full heat, our lips locked in a feverish passion. For how many minutes we were in that ecstatic kiss,I don’t know. People boast of big bungalows but for me that one square feet of stool top space was heaven.

We came down the stool like two intoxicated persons. We were holding each other and now her eyes were fixed on my face, a trace of smile still on her lips. As I undid her clothes, baring her gradually, the saree, the orange blouse, and the black laced bra then, I was astounded to see her assets. At the centre of those well-rounded ivory domes were protruding, erect, dark brown nipples. When she saw me watch her boobs she just smiled but when I took off her panty and stood staring, she just lifted a leg and crossed it over so that area was hidden.

For more than an hour I kissed and licked her body. I had to tell my erection to hold it. All the time she was moaning softly as I explored every inch of her body. My mind was numbed; I wanted to grab and have all simultaneously. I felt what Aladdin must have felt in the treasure cave. I could see that I was giving her great pleasure. When I started to go down from her navel to her waist and down on her thighs, she put her hand there. I had to struggle to tease my way down with lips.

As I gently removed her hand which was obstructing my progress, I could hear her hiss with pleasure, and feel her throbbing body. I then pinned her hands down as if she was my prisoner. That gave me freedom to kiss her lips deeply, to bite gently on her earlobes and she was free of the obstructions she was posing.

I half entered my penis inside her, slowly and slowly. Every millimeter I progressed brought out fresh moans of joy from her lips. I started to move back and forth in this half-cocked position. It was clear that she was getting in frenzy even with this. Her legs circled my waist completely. This was the time to go for it. I pushed in and in, feeling her warmth in the depths down below. She opened her eyes and said, “Don’t, don’t stop….go on, go on, go on…” . I plunged in with a full throttle, my veins tight, and my mouth burning with passion. She was crying my name gutturally and so was I,"Vinita, Vinita, Vinita…."

We were fucking in that interlocked state. It was hot outside, we were hot inside. We were moving in unison, falling and rising together. It wasn’t like fucking blindly, but with a controlled craziness, enjoying every bit of it. The ejaculation was great. We came almost together. I lay spent upon her, panting and sweating. We lay so for a long time, kissing each other. After half an hour we made love again. It was just the start.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sex Adventure of Mona in Park

Sex Adventure of Mona in Park
I am Ami, studying in the final year degree in an all women's college and so also my friends, Rosy and Mona. My parents are in US and the parents of Rosy and Mona are in gulf countries. We were in the hostel and occupied the same room. Our warden was not very happy in we three girls occupying the same room. It was a double room and three girls in a double room was not permitted. But we said ok and since the college got rent from all the three of us they finally agreed. We could go to meet our parents only once in a month and hence during holidays were spent our time in the hostel whereas all other hostel mates would have gone to their respective native places. We were sad but what to do. We had no solution at all. We put both the cots together and we three slept in the two beds. People call us lisbos. But we enjoy touching each other and sleeping nude. We don't feel shy at each other and sometimes we take combined bath in the bathroom and enjoy our proximity. One day Mona suddenly announced that she got a new boy friend and they sat in a lonely corner in the park and spoke for a long time. Mona was very much confused and did not know how to proceed. We were all hungry for a masculine companion, but we had our own views about how far the companionship can go.

Mona's boy friend, Babu, was eager to touch and kiss her. But Mona restricted him and did not allow him to touch her body. She wanted our opinion about how to proceed in their affair and to what extent. Babu, a handsome boy was about a year or two elder to her was a sportsman of their college and he was also busy going around participating in tournaments etc. Poor Mona within two hours talk with him in the park seemed to have fallen for him and she said that he was so sweet that anyone would fall for him. Mona was just an average girl but she had a beautiful body. Rosy and I were definitely more beautiful than her but what to do she was the winner. Rosy said allow him to kiss you and nothing more. I told her that the boys will not keep quiet while kissing, they may probe your body and then you will not be in a position to prevent him. Just think over before you allow him to touch you. Mona wanted our permission for his kissing her and etc. What etc. Do you mean to say that he will go physical with you on the first day, asked Rosy. I don't know, she said, if he pleads for just a kiss, may I allow him. I said ok, if it is just a kiss on the cheeks, it is ok but no probing her body, Rosy was talking with a shivering voice. She was visibly aroused it seemed. She said let him touch your boobs and nothing more. Arey, that is the most sensitive part in the body and if he was allowed to touch her boobs, mind you his other hand will be inside her panty, I shouted. Can you resist his overtures, just think over. Mona did not reply but her bowed face indicated that she cannot resist and she also may go searching for his tool in the pant bulge. Rosy finally said, be careful, don't come and stand her loosing your hymen and virginity.

Mona said no, no, I wont allow that, I may just permit him to kiss and nothing more. OK, girl, just be careful, I said. Next day Mona disappeared in the evening and we were waiting for her eagerly to know what happened in the park. It was already late and there was no traces of Mona. At 9 PM Mona came with disheveled hair and her hair in disarray. She did not dare to look at our face and straight went to the bathroom for having a wash. We, Rosy and I exchanged glances and thought something might have happened and that is why Mona is shy wants to hide her face in the bathroom. When Mona came out of the bathroom, she had a smiling face and we were relieved that nothing wrong would have happened. I called and asked her to know how her date went through. Mona came and sat near me. Rosy could not contain the tension. She came near me and asked Mona, how was the date, did he kiss you. Mona said yes. Arey tell us in detail what happened. Mona said nothing, we just kissed and that's all.

Tell us from the beginning, who took initiative, did he pull you closer to kiss or did you go yourself and asked him to kiss you, how was the kiss, just a smooch in the cheeks or was it a French kiss sucking the lips and tongue etc. Did he touch your boobs, did he put his hands in your panty, did you unzip him and took his tool out. Mona said wait wait allow me to tell you. He just hugged me and pressed me close to his chest. He is so tall that he had bend his head to kiss me. He pulled me to a bench in the corner of the park. There was already a couple doing more than kissing. We stood astonished for a moment and moved to another secluded spot and sat. Babu just hugged me and then asked me to sit on his lap. I sat with my legs on his right side. Then he asked me whether I can sit with my both legs on his either side just like the couple we saw earlier. I said ok and sat on his lap facing him, with my legs on either side of him. Then what happened, I asked. He just kissed me on my cheeks and moved his lips to my lips and his tongue was nudging my lips to open my mouth. I glanced at Rosy, whose face was turned red and her breath was short and I too was very much aroused and there was wetness in my panties. Then, Mona, further what happened. Mona then became talkative, he unbuttoned my T shirt and unhooked my bra and took both my boobs in his hand and softly pressed them. To prevent me from sliding down he put both his hands behind my back and pulled me closer and his mouth was over my lips and sucking them softly. His right hand was on my boobs and his left hand went inside my skirt and was entering my panty. I felt a pulsating bulge in his pant and I just wanted to push it back as it was pressing against my pussy.

I placed my hand on the bulge and felt his tool. He asked me to unzip him and take his tool out. The moment I unzipped him his tool was already out and in my hand. Just imagine, my lip and tongue in his mouth, my boob already massaged by him and his other hand having already reached my cunt and massaging it and his tool in my hand, what can I do, she said. It's already dark and the couple whom we met in compromising position in another bench came by and stood watching us for a while and laughingly left us to our selves. Babu asked me to keep his cock in my cunt. His hand took hold of it and started to rub it in the cunt. Since his both hands were needed to position his cock in the proper place, he asked me to hug him and pull myself closer. I did as he asked me to do it. And then it happened.... and here I am. Rosy was more curious, did he pierce you totally, she asked. No he just put it inside my cunt. I asked, foolish girl, did he cut your hymen. I don't know, she said, I felt severe pain and asked him to stop, but he said it is alright and the pain will go away soon.

It went away and then here I am. Aye tell us did you reach orgasm, Rosy asked. What orgasm, said Mona. Height of pleasure when you and he cummed. Mona, said yes, he shot his cum inside my cunt and spill it all over my petticoat and skirt. I too had very great pleasure which I had never experienced before, Mona said. Rosy was filled with jealousy. She was in no way less in physical appetite than Mona and she was more beautiful than Mona. Mona could manage a b/f and have immense physical pleasure within just 2 days of acquaintance and we are nowhere We could satisfy our lust with only lesbo activities. I asked Mona, how many times he fucked you. Mona as if caught red handed bowed her head and murmured in low voice filled with guilt three times. Rosy was jumping in her bed and hugged me and took our my boob forcibly and started to suck my nipples. Her hand was in my clit rubbing it violently. But after all Mona was our friend and what is the purpose of our getting jealous with her. We told her that she should narrate everything in detail whenever she gets fucked. Mona meekly agreed..In front of Mona, Rosy opened her cunt and asked Mona to suck her and bring her to orgasm. Poor Mona, removed all her clothes and showed us so many bruises all over her cunt. Babu it seems was very rude with her and just pierced his tool in her cunt and fucked her hard.

The bruise marks were all done with his teeth. He bit her in the cunt lips and her clit. Poor girl enjoyed, but now has burning sensation in her cunt and wanted us to give some hot water to wash her cunt and boobs. Rosy and I washed her whole body in hot water and applied cream on all the bruise marks. Poor girl!! we waited our turn to get bruised like her. It came, it came like a bang.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Enjoy with Hot Dsei College Girl

Enjoy with Hot Dsei College Girl
I never thought of writing my real life Experience before visiting this desihotstories group. I think this is the only group where most of the stories are real life exp. Now my experience. There was a girl in my college her name was Varsha (not real name).

She was very sweet looking used to wear specs some time. She was 5'6 in height ND her basic stats were 36 28 36. She had these huge boobs. I have crush on girls who wear sleeveless shirts or there huge boobs. I'm 5'11 in height athletic body. I proposed her in my first year and she accepted my proposal. Then we started going for date and started to come closer but initially we only kissed each other nothing more then that. However I just wanted to suck her boobs. I just used to masturbate thinking of her huge boobs.

Finally one day I took her to a garden in Delhi. Once we reached there it was morning 8 o clock in December. You guys can imagine how is the weather in Delhi. It was chilling and foggy there. So we thought to Sit in some lonely place. Finally after 15 minutes we found one place. While searching for place Varsha was walking with me with hand inside my jacket and mine one hand around her lovely waist. Her boobs were touching my chest and it was just getting to much exciting. Besides there were other couples sitting there smooching, cuddling each other, taking use of this foggy atmosphere. We also saw one couple who were fucking each other. While the guy was sitting his gf was sitting on his lap and her jeans low and a shawl wrapping them but some part of her thighs was seen by Varsha. She told me this. While saying that she came very close her sound was suddenly very changed. Once found the place I sat and she came on my lap took out the shawl wrapped it around her gave me a tight hug. Now I can feel her heart beating faster and even she can feel the bulge in my pant. Which was in no way making her uncomfortable. Infact she was loving it the way she moved her pussy while hugging me. Now I was getting out of control I just started smooching her. I think even she was waiting for this moment only. She just went wild gave me the wildest smooch.

She just bit my lips took my tongue in mouth and started sucking my tongue. I was in no way regaining my composure. I just put my hand on her breast that I never did before and started rubbing it hard. This made her out of control. She started biting my cheeks, ears. And then she said something in my ear that I never expected. I was pressing her boobs over the sweater. She said Aakash I'm a virgin and I have never exp anything other then kissing you. Will you please everything that u know about sex. I'm ready to do anything which you will tell me to do. Now this made me just tooo horny. I said are you sure she said yes I will. I asked her to take off the sweater. She took off the sweater. Below she was wearing a shirt. I took her in my lap her mouth near my chest.

I said open the buttons of my shirt ND while was opening the buttons I opened the buttons of her shirt. Wat a view it was her milky boobs were right in front of me. I took my hand behind her shirt and hooked the bra. Now her breath were getting heavier. So just to tease her, and make it more exciting I asked now you tell me wat should I do. She said nothing and was feeling shy. But to make her more horny I said tell me plz. She said touch them and suck them. I said wat them tell me exactly wat should I do with wat??

She said play with my boobs and suck my boobs. This word made me and her more horny I just removed the bra and started pressing her nipples which was now very tight. I sucked it hungrily and she stated to moan badly. Without me saying anything she took her hand on my cock started stroking me. I again asked her wat she wants to do with me. She said I want to play with your penis. I asked her how she wants to play she said I want to see it and stroke yr penis.

I just opened my zip took out my penis which is 7" long. It was now very wet. I said do whatever you want to do. She started stroking it. Her hand was now also wet with my pre cum. I asked her to take my penis in hr mouth and eat it like lollipop. She felt shy but I said common jaanu do it you will like it very much. She got bit down and took my whole penis in her mouth and started giving me the blow job of my life. She took the head and started sucking it. I said take the whole in your mouth. She did and now started enjoying the session. In the mean time I put my hands on her vagina above her jeans and started rubbing it hard. Now she was sucking me harder. I felt the pressure building up in my penis. I was about to explode. I said now do it harder and drink all the cum that comes out from my penis. Don't drop anything. She just sucked me harder and I cummed a load in her mouth in which few drops came out of her mouth. She was about to clean it with her hands but I stopped her. Took my hand on her mouth took the cum in my fingers and inserted it in her mouth. She just sucked it like a hungry woman. I asked how is she feeling. She said I am feeling uneasy in my vagina I said ok take off yr jeans. She opened the button I slid the jeans a bit and her panty too. Her vagina was fully shaved. I started rubbing my palm over her vagina. Then I put my middle finger inside her vagina she made a loud sound aaaaaaahhhh. I said darling u will enjoy just tell me when my finger reaches inside where u like it the most I will stroke that part of your vagina. Becoz even I didn't know about the g spot. I inserted my finger more her vagina was fully wet. Suddenly she said yesssss do it here.i started rubbing that part with my finger, and she started sucking my lips more harder. I did it for 3 minutes. She just burst off my whole palm was filled with her love juice. I started lickingmy own palm wat a amzing feeling that was. Suddenly she said shyly can I drink it too.and took my palm in her hand and started sucking the leftover cum.

She was very satisfied but asked if we can fuck now. But it was not enjoyable too fuck in park. So I said lets go to my place since I live alone in my big bunglow. Rest story I will tell in next part Hope u enjoyed till now.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

First Time Sex With My Mom's Friend

First Time Sex With My Mom's Friend
I'm 27 yr old from Mumbai, the most celebrated and happening city on earth and this story is about the adultery (I still love to call it so) that I committed when I was 18 with my aunty (my mom's friend), Suja. Flash back - 9 years ago, Summer of 2000 Suja was then 27, unmarried virgin, who used to address and treat my mom as a sister and we used to call her aunty. Till I was 16, I never had any thoughts for her or saw her with lust in my eyes. Suja used to stay with her sister's family in a nearby society and used to frequent my home in the evenings. Infact there has been a couple of instances wherein I have seen her in awkward positions (as in sexually turning-on) but I never thought much about it until this happened one day. Suja's sisters family had gone to native and she was staying alone that summer as she was working here with an MNC. My mom used to visit her in the evening and she used to have dinner either at my place or we sent it to her place in the evening( with mom going there mostly). But this evening of Saturday, mom had to go out with dad to attend a reception and would come home late.

She asked me to take the food to her place at 8 or call her home for dinner and left. I always admired Suja's beauty who is 34 D boobs with a round protruding ass, a 34-28-36 that fascinated me. But she was never at the centerstage of my wild fantasies till somebody changed the plans for me. I reached her home at 8, but cursed her becoz it was locked. I thought of waiting there for a while, met a friend from there and stood chit chatting when I finally saw her arriving at 8.30pm.She was very apologetic for making me wait, she asked me to sit and went in to fetch some water. By the time I informed her that mom had left me to have dinner alone at home. She suggested we could have dinner together at my home and she'll accompany me after changing so that we have each others company. She went inside saying that and there was no noise for 5 -10 minutes with the noise of just water tap opening. By the time the bell rang and there was this vendor who sells bread and egg regularly in our society enquiring for the same. I asked him to wait a sec and went in to find and ask Suja. I didn't see her in the bed room, the bathroom was open and the tap I heard was on.. Out of my habit at home I went in to turn off the and to my shock I saw Suja in there dressed in nothing but her bra and panties, a white bra and red panty with her mellon protruding out. Dumb found I was, the voice leaked from my firm throat as I spelled her name unknowingly S..u.j.a, she turned around as if everything was normal and with no fuss asked what happened, who's at the door? And when I said who it was she said to convey 'no' to him. I obeyed to what she said totally dumb found at what I had seen but was surprised by her reaction.

My dick had already started leaping out of the elastic within. I was even more surprised when I heard a voice calling Avinash and I went in. I was tempted to have a hearty look at her mellon and so was grabbing guts to peep in. Then she asked me where had my mom gone.. When I peeped in to the bathroom to answer, I had my face on her red panty with her ass facing me and moving up and down. She was washing some clothes, her face facing opposite towards the wall and her wonderful round buttocks swaying around giving a glimpse of her cunt hair and her hanging mellons trying to free themselves from the white elastic. As she was washing her face and talking, I was massaging my tool which was loosing direction and fighting itself out from where it was meant to be. With a minimum of fuss she came out, adjusted her bra and dressed in front of me chatting to me and we both left for home for dinner..

I made up my mind that day that my only way to Nirvana is the hairy cunt which had left me breathless that night. I masturbated two times and went off to sleep plotting my adultery move. The next morning I asked mom whether I could take the breakfast for her and not knowing what was behind my innocence asked me take idlis to her place. I was so excited this time.. When I rang the bell I saw the goddess who was right in front of me in a black T-shirt and khaki shorts fresh from sleep. I asked her to freshen up and have break fast and invited her for lunch as stated by mom. She said will I wait so that she had my company back home and I agreed promptly. We started chatting about all the stuff that goes around in college with me when she was finishing of with her work in the morn. She said she will have a bath and come and went in the bathroom. As we continued conversing, she didn't lock the door and I got a good peep from the sides when she was washing her sari and the previous day dresses in the same outfit, a red panty and a white bra. She asked me whether I had a girl friend and to answer this I went to the door of the bathroom looked right in and said not so far. Sensing that she didn't have any problem I said u have a nice figure, she looked back at me and laughed. I still couldn't gather courage to make a move.

I thought I would give away the best chance of my life to have the goddess. As she washed the cloth I kept watching her ass and boobs with want and desire. I was surprised when se asked me whether I could apply soap on her back if I didn't mind. I said to myself I have got an opportunity that I have waited all the while. I agreed as I closed the door removed my shirt so that I doesn't get wet. She was in a bra and almost completely wet (as in literally), I told her she will make me have bath again to which she giggled and replied.. Y not? That was I thought the signal and I started applying the soap. I asked her whether I could remove her hook for which she promptly agreed and here goes the mellons free which have been held arrested for so long. Now the only person arrested in the entire room was my tool which was struggling all long. She enjoyed the massage a I moved my hands down. As I went near her waist, I gathered courage and put my hands in her panty and in between her ass. I put a lot a foam in between her ass and massaged hard with fingering her asshole in between,as I saw her biting lips and closing eyes. I was adjusting the tool continuously as it was getting wet and harder. She suddenly said stop.. and a current went thru me.

I thought I had committed a blunder by going so fast too soon and my fantasy would meet a premature end. She opened her eyes, turned towards me and said--- now from the front. I was delighted with joy as she closed her eyes and guided my hands to her juices. I took a taste of her round mellons when she moaned.aaaahhh. I took her hand and guided it to my tool which she plucked free from all the cotton around. Here we are bare and naked under the shower. There was guilt in both of our eyes but we knew we had succumbed to our fragile humanly needs and by no means did we want to let it go away. She guided my tool into her unshaven pussy. With half a dozen breathtaking and moaning jerks I had cum, removing my tool out spread the cum on her boobs which she was licking and applying in her arse. She asked me to go rear fingering and front jerkin. We did round of that sweating jerks under shower with much fun and a lot of pain. We came out rubbed each other, but the thirst in our eyes was desperate. We got on to incesant smooching for 15 mins, then got into each other all nude for the third time, this time she was lying on the bed with her legs facing skywards and I was getting into her valley with 6 and half hard on with ruthlessness. There was blood, there was pain, there was anxiety, there was madness, there was fun, there was above all a never ending thirst. We have made love since then more than 3 dozen times, but every time we get an opportunity we are as wild about each other as we were the first time. I have been an admirer of wild sex for long but having it was the ultimate ecstasy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Greatest BlowJob ever

Greatest  BlowJob ever
Betsy had been my wife's best friend all through high school and college and Madge had taken it pretty hard when Betsy had married and moved to New York. The two had kept in constant touch, but Madge had not seen Betsy in almost five years. Last Saturday Betsy had called to say that her husband Rick would be coming to town on business and she had talked him into bringing her along. Madge naturally insisted that they stay with us and for the next two days she bustled around the house getting ready for company. Madge met their flight on Monday and brought them to our house.

I've known Betsy almost as long as Madge, but we were just friends, not good friends, if you know what I mean, but I'd never met her husband until now. As we were introduced I had the distinct impression that he was sizing me up, but I put the thought out of my mind when I got a good look at Betsy. She had changed - dramatically. She'd lost a good sixty pounds and you could see evidence of a lot of time spent in a gym. She was, what some of my younger co-workers would call, a 'hard body'. Her personality had also undergone a major change. She was no longer the constantly insecure girl she used to be; that person had been replaced by a very confident, self assured woman.

The evening was spent drinking wine, talking about old times, and in the case of Rick and I, getting to know each other. We had several mutual interests and as we discussed them I again got the feeling that I was being 'measured'. At eleven we all hit the sack since Rick's first client meeting was at eight the next morning. We gave him Madge's car to use and Madge and Betsy planned to drop me at work and then use my car to go shopping. That night I was surprised to see Betsy waiting for me when I got off work. She told me Madge was working on dinner and so she had volunteered to pick me up.

"Actually," she said, "I'm glad it worked out this way because I needed a chance to talk to you alone. I looked at her questioningly and she went on, "In fact, you are the reason that I came on this trip with Rick."

She had my full attention now. "I need you to promise me that what I say here will go no farther - not even to Madge."

I frowned at that - Madge and I have no secrets from each other and I told Betsy that.

"If the outcome of this little talk goes the way I hope it will, I'll tell Madge everything myself. If it doesn't, then she doesn't need to know. Please?"

I considered it a moment and then I said ok. "I want you to fuck me - while Rick watches!"

It was a damned good thing that she was driving, because had I been I would have run us right off the road and killed us both.

"You can't be serious," I said.

"Oh, but I am. Hear me out. For the last two years Rick has been after me to satisfy his favorite fantasy. He wants to watch me have sex with another man. At first I told him no, but he has constantly been after me to do it and it has finally reached a point where I have to do it or tell him to take a hike. The problem is that I love him even if he is being an asshole about this and I really don't want a divorce. When I finally told him I would do it, I told him it would only happen under certain conditions. It couldn't be anyone that we knew, it would have to be done away from home, and I would have to be comfortable with whomever we chose. I have not been able to find anyone who fits my requirements, but ever since I told Rick I would do it he's been even worse at bothering me to get it on with someone. When he told me about this trip I jumped at the chance to come with him. You are an attractive man and I've known you for years and I trust you. So I'm asking you for your help. Will you please fuck me?"

I was still shaking my head in amazement when she asked the question. "What about you not doing it with someone you know?"

"That only meant back home. If things didn't go right I didn't want to be in a position where I had to continually see the other person."

I do have to admit that this 'new and improved' Betsy was a turn on, but I was a happily (and faithful) married man. "I'm flattered that you thought of offering yourself to me, but I've never cheated on Madge before, and as delicious as you look I don't think I can start now."

Betsy smiled at me and said, "I knew you would say that. Next question - would you if Madge said it was okay?"

That was an easy one, "In a heartbeat Betsy, in a heart beat."

And I would have to, but there was no way that Madge was ever going to agree to something like that. The next day was a repeat of the previous day except that both Madge and Betsy picked me up after work. I t was a quiet ride home and I thought the reason might be that Betsy had talked to Madge about what she wanted me to do. Dinner was also a subdued affair, and I was not surprised when Madge pleaded a headache and retired early. I kept our guests company for a while and then I also went to bed. I found Madge staring at the ceiling and I no sooner sat down on the bed when she said, Did you really tell Betsy that you would like to have sex with her if it was okay with me?"

I repeated the conversation that I'd had with Betsy and told Madge that I had told Betsy I would if she could talk Madge into it, "But that was just because she is your best friend. I couldn't just say 'hell no!' I knew there was no way it would ever happen and I wanted to leave her with some dignity. I mean it had to be hard for her to ask me that."

It was a good five minutes before Madge spoke again, "She says she loves him and doesn't want to lose him, but she says that if things keep going the way they are the marriage is going to end in divorce. She thinks her only way out is someone like you." Several more minutes of silence. "She is my oldest and dearest friend and I want to help her save her marriage, but how can I say, "Sure - go ahead and fuck my husband. I can't."

Wisely, I kept my mouth shut.

The next morning Madge drove me to work and when we got there she shut off the engine and sat staring out the windshield. She turned to me and said, "I've decided to let you do it. Betsy will pick you up tonight and the two of you can work things out. I'll go visit my mother tonight."

I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know the response to that, "No way baby. The only reason that I said I would do it was because I knew there was no way in hell that you would agree. You are not going to dump this on me. If you are going to use me to save your friends marriage then it is going to be with your complete and wholehearted support. You are damn well going to have to tell me to do it and then convince me that it is not going to have an adverse effect on our marriage. I'll see you tonight" and I got out of the car.

That night Betsy was waiting for me when I got off work. When I got in the car she handed me an envelope with my name written on the front in Madge's handwriting. I opened it and read:

Please! Do it for me. Love, Madge

I looked at Betsy and she smiled at me nervously. "Are you really sure you want to do this?" I asked.

"I have to" she replied.

"Okay" I said, "I guess all that's left is to work out the mechanics of it. I'm not sure that I'll be able to get it up with Rick there watching, after all, I've never done this before. I think it would be best if we started and then have him come in the room."

Betsy told me to do it anyway I wanted to just so we could get it done and she could get on with her life in a normal fashion.

Two things I learned that night - Madge didn't have a clue when it came to giving blow jobs, and that I was an exhibitionist. Betsy started us off by giving me the greatest blowjob I'd ever received - she could have made a fortune doing nothing but sucking cock. I settled into a sixty-nine with her that I enjoyed so much that I didn't really want to stop. Rick came in and took a seat and I didn't even notice him come in. When we finally broke the sixty-nine I saw him for the first time, sitting in the chair with a big smile on his face and stroking his dick and for some strange reason that inspired me. Betsy and I bounced all over that bed for over an hour. She had multiple orgasms, but I could not cum. I fucked Betsy as hard and fast as I could, but I could not get my rocks off; every time I got close I would glance over and see Rick and think to myself, "Oh no. I'm not going to cum and turn her over to you" and then I would keep on fucking Betsy. Finally Betsy told me to stop because she had to use the bathroom. While she was gone I lay on the bed with my hardon pointing at the ceiling and wondering if it would ever go down.

Betsy came back and took some lotion from the bedside table and coated my dick with it, and then she swung over me and impaled herself on my dick. She rode me for another twenty minutes and I still hadn't cum. The whole time Rick sat in the chair and stroked his dick. As far as I could tell he was saving himself for Betsy and I think she knew it because she finally told me that she'd had enough, but that she would get me off with her mouth or hands. As she lowered her mouth to my dick two things happened at once: Rick entered her from behind, took a dozen strokes, and then exploded in her. And Madge came out of the closet from where she had witnessed everything. She approached the bed, knelt beside Betsy, and then the two of them alternated sucking my cock. I still hadn't come and Betsy eventually abandoned the effort and she and Rick headed for their bedroom. As soon as they were gone Madge pulled me onto her and said, "Fuck me baby. God, I'm so hot, fuck me."

It only took me a dozen strokes before I emptied all the stored up cum into my wife. Later, as we lay relaxing, Madge said to me, "That was the most erotic thing that I have ever seen. I was so hot that I almost came out of the closet to go after Rick's cock." I looked at her with a question on my face and she read it right away, "No, I don't want him, but I do want to watch you and Betsy again."

I called in sick for the rest of the week and Betsy and I fucked up a storm with Madge watching during the day, and Rick and Madge watching at night.

Rick and Betsy's marriage lasted another eight months. He loved watching her so much that he kept pushing at her to do it again. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he brought three guys home with him one night and told her to fuck them. She refused and moved out. She's back here now, living in our spare bedroom while she looks for a place of her own, and sharing me with Madge. She has given me as a reference and I've told the last five people who have called that she is a slob, keeps a filthy house, has loud parties, and has a constant stream of men going in and out at all hours of the day and night. I'm no fool - I'm keeping her in the spare bedroom for as long as I can. And the best part? Madge doesn't mind at all.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sex With Sexy Virgin Office Friend

Sex With Sexy Virgin Office Friend
Hi friends, I am Vishal, a guy from a small town.
I have shifted recently to Faridabad and currently working in Delhi.

It was my first day in the office and there was a hot girl also waiting for joining. My eyes lit up as I thought that I will be getting a chance to work with her during my training sessions.

As days passed we became good friends and started to share our personal moments with each other. It was almost 4 months now from the day of joining and on this Valentine day I planned to propose her.

I was very lucky that she accepted me even though I was not so good looking and a Sardar too. Slowly we were enjoying each others company and we used to exchange few warm kisses and hugs.

Then the day came for which I was dreaming for a long time to have sex with her. Now I am telling you how this happened. One day we have to deliver the assigned project and we have to stay late in the office. It was almost 3 in the night when we left the office and she was so much tired and in the cab she leaned on my shoulder, I was also a bit tired and hold her swiftly.

She stayed in the PG and she told me it is not possible to enter there so late so I offered her to stay in my room. Initially she denied, and then I said “That means you don’t trust me”. She replied that “It’s not like that” and finally she agreed.

We reached Faridabad at almost 4:15am. I prepared coffee for her and sat beside her, then offered her my T-shirt and lower. She took a bath and changed in the bathroom and when she came back she was looking so sexy in wet hairs and loose outfits, I tried to kiss her but she pushed me back and said “Be in your limit, don’t try to take advantage" ,but a small smile on her face told me all the story inside her.

It was a single room and only one bed, so we have no other option than sitting that single bed. Slowly I started to move my fingers on her wet hairs and turned her towards me, then I tried to kiss her and she didn't stop me. I kissed on her lips and started to use my hands on her belly. This made her kisses more passionate and hot, then I put my hand inside the T shirt and I was surprised that she was nude inside. Her breast was very soft and her nipples were getting erected. I started to press her boobs gently and then I drop my shirt and she began to kiss on my nipples and put me down on the bed. I was feeling hardness in my lower and then I took her T-shirt off.

It was the most beautifully shaped breast I had ever seen. She sat on my lap and her boobs were right in front of my lips, I started to lick them and press them hardly, she was moaning and her ass started to move to and fro as I was fucking her, hats made me feel that she was getting excited.

Then I put her down and kissed on her belly. She was moaning and pushing my head down to her lower. I put my hand inside the lower and I felt her panty was fully wet, I dropped her lower and began to kiss on her panty. Slowly and gently I took her panty off and now she was fully nude and looking like goddess. Then I started to rub top part of her pussy (Clitoris) and licking her erected nipples.

Now she was moaning like anything and that made me wilder. I dropped all my clothes and showed my 6" dick to her, she had never seen a dick in real before. I gave it in her hands, she pressed on the tip gently. Then I asked her to suck, initially she denied but on so many requests she agreed. She was sucking my dick slowly then I asked her to suck it fully and a bit faster. She was a quick learner and then she started to enjoy Blowjob and I can't stop my moaning.

I always Used to keep condom in my purse I offered her the condom to put it on my fully erected dick, she did so like an obedient student .Then I pushed her on the bed and jumped over her . I parted her legs and rubbed my dick on her most sensational part. Now she was enjoying every bit of it, then I targeted my dick right on top of her love hole and gave a hard push. I was surprised that her pussy was so tight and I was unable to enter in the first time.

Then for the second time I tried a bit gently and able to insert almost 2” of dick, then she began to cry with pain and now it was not possible for both of us to stop. I pushed hard and she screamed in pain and holds me tightly, I was pushing to and fro and now she was in the heaven, moaning and shouting to go harder. For almost ten minutes I was fucking her very hardly and then I cummed and fell down on her breast , she was also tired and hold me in her arms and we rested for two hours while hugging each other.

It was almost 7 in the morning I woke up and went to the bathroom for bath ,after 2 minutes I realized that someone is coming towards me and it was no one else than her. She knocked the door and I said I am inside then she replied “I know … open the door”. I soon understand that it’s the time for one more shift of nice sex in bathroom.

I opened the door and she was still nude and I put on the geezer and started the shower. We started to kiss passionately and I took her up in my arms and she crossed her both legs around my waist, my hands were on her soft and perfect ass I was kissing her and trying to insert my finger in her ass. I started fingering her ass for few minutes that are enough for both of us go wild.

She got down and started sucking my dick and this time she did it so passionately like she was sucking a lollypop. Then I turned her around and began to fuck her in doggy style. I inserted my tool in her and this time I was so wild as my dick was so erected by her nice blow job. She was screaming like hell but it didn't affect me and I was fucking her so hard for almost 10 more minutes and then I licked her ass hole and lubricate it for inserting my hungry dick in her slim ass. Her hole was still very tight as it gave me a glimpse that it’s a fresh ass. I inserted my index finger in her ass hole and moving it to and fro slowly.
She was really enjoying this and she started to finger her pussy.

Then I tried to insert my hot and red dick in her sexy ass hole and in the first attempt it was hardly going in as I don’t have a condom this time so I used some oil to lubricate my dick and I asked her to massage my dick with oil that is already in the bathroom. She was getting more and more expert now in handling my dick. She massaged my dick as well as my ball sack. I said “would you like to have balls too in your ass hole” she smiled and turned around in a perfect position for ass fuck. This time I knew it she wanted me to go harder on her, so this time I was ready to fulfill her desire. I inserted with a hard push and it was my time to scream a bit as that ass hole was so tight and it was painful for me as well. But we were so much excited till that time so I keep on stroking hard and getting harder and harder with each stroke and my bathroom was echoing with her loud screams. We did it for almost 20 minutes and then we were taking bath and washing each other and kissing each other for the next ½ an hour. Then we came out and wore our clothes

Then we took our breakfast. Since it was a holiday we planned to go to Akshardham, a very nice temple and IP park. Every Delhi natives know why it is famous for..
Ok I tell you IP Park is famous for lovers and no one stops from doing nasty things
I enjoyed each and every moment with her in IP Park and did what I could do there from pumping to fingering her pussy. Then I asked her “would you like to stay with me tonight” she said “I want to stay with you for the rest of my life and you gave me the most beautiful moments of my life” .I was so happy to hear this and then I hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.

Then we went to one Punjabi dhaba for dinner and then I stopped my bike on one medical shop to buy some more condoms, this time I asked her which flavor she likes.
She said strawberry and I purchased that and also I took one tab for enjoying more sex.

This time we came back and right on the door I took her up in my lap and started to kiss her and sucked her lip juice wildly. She was also kissing passionately and while kissing I shut the door and I put her on the bath tub and dropped her t-shirt and started fondling her boobs and kissing her lips. We locked our tongues for few minutes, it was all so passionate as we lost out breath and then we separated and looked at each other and smiled to get our breath back.

I carried her in to the bathroom again and asked her to wait for a moment, then I went to the kitchen and took that tablet and came back to the bathroom. We kissed and hugged each other and she again did a nice blowjob. This time I sat on the toilet seat and she sat in my lap with her back towards me and this is one of the hardest position for a girl,I knew that … She sat and inserted my dick and now she was having the charge to handle the pace and force so she started slowly and started to moan and I put my both hands on her boobs from behind and we were kissing and locking our lips for minutes and then she got a bit faster and I too started to rub her Clitoris. She was now screaming but enjoying each of her jumps. She did it for 10 minutes.

I turned her towards me and again she was jumping in my lap now. I also put my hands under her ass and started pushing her up and down. Now I can lick her erected pinkish nipples, they were so tasty and she screamed “don’t bite” but I bit on the inner area of her nipple and she screamed with pain and passion. I fucked her in this pose for another 10 minutes. I took her to the bed and started to fuck in doggy style and she was screaming “please bas karo .. bas karo…” But I can’t stop myself and that tablet was working and I was fucking her for the last half an hour and I was not down.

I turned her down and put her legs on my shoulders and Inserted again. Now it was not in her limits to handle more strokes but I was fucking her like hell. She was just screaming “NO… NO… NO….”.But I didn’t stop and then I pushed her to the corner of the bed, I was standing and she was on the bed. I fucked her in the furniture style and many more I fucked her ass too. She was screaming and leaking like a fountain.

I know almost 20 positions of fucking and on that night I tried almost all of them and I fucked her for almost one and a half hour…. Thanks to that tablet.

After that wild sex she asked me that what happened to me and how did I stay so long in sex?
What should I say……..so I didn’t tell her anything and said you were so sexy so I can’t stop myself. Then we slept and now this is our weekly routine and we both are enjoying our life…..

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Desi Playboy and Neighbour's Wife Hard Sex

Desi Playboy and Neighbour's Wife Hard Sex
Mein south delhi mein rehta hu,Mein ek jawan aur sundar ladka hu. Meri age 22 yrs hai main B.com. Kar chuka hoon. Mere lund ka size 8 inch lamba or 5.5 inch round yani mota hai Ab aapko jyada bor na karte huye apani kahani pe aata hu.ye kahani kuch 6 mahine pehle ki hai, normally mein roz subhe 8 baje nikal jata tha aur phir dopeher main ata tha. Mere padosi Mr. Sharma rehte hai. He is a businessmen. Unaki ek mast si wife hai HEENA, jo pass ke ek school main Teacher hai. Wo subha 8:00 AM per school jati hai aur 1:00 PM per ghar aa jati hai. Phir din bhar ghar main akeli reheti thi. ek din mara holiday wala din tha toh main aaram se so raha thaa mom neh mujhe jagaya or bola ki door lock kar lo main office ja rahi hun main neh uth kar door lock kiya or phir soo gaya karib 30 min baad phir door bell baji.

Maine door khola aur dekha to HEENA samne khadi thi. main heran ho gaya or soch raha tha ki yeh hot women aaj mere ghar per keyse? Need main main yeh bhi bhol gaya ki main sirf underware main hun woh mujhe badi goor se dekh rahi thi ki tabhi woh acanak husneh lage or boli ghar main kapdeh nahi hai kya main neh neechye dekha or bhag kar aapneh room main gaya or short and sando pehen kar aaya tab tak woh haal main byeth gayi thi. Main neh puch ki kahiye kese aana huaa woh boli ki kal hamare school main fath party hai main uss ki ticket's bech rahi hun 2 ticket's bachi thi soch aap ko de dun mein neh kaha ki aapneh bilkul theek socha main neh unse ticket's le li Thodi der bat chit huyi. Phir usase meri acchi friendship ho gayi thi.

Hamari mulakat ke kuch 15 din bad wo mere kamare main baithi thi. Main uske sath masti kar raha tha. Masti masti main maine uske chochiyo ko dabaya, phir wo uth ke chali gayi. Phir dusare din wo mere kamare me phir se ayi. Lekin jab wo ane wali thi usake pehele maine apne computer pe sexy movie laga ke rakhi thi, jab wo kamre main ayi to usane dekha ki sexy film chal rahi hai. Tab maine wo phatak se band kar di, mujhe pata tha ki wo mujhe puchegi ki tum kya dekh rahe the. Aur usane wahi pucha to maine kaha kuch nahi wo tumhare kam ki chiz nahi hai. To wo jid karne lagi, tab main use kaha ki main sexy movie dekh raha tha. Tab wo boli ki mujhe bhi dekhni hai. Phir maine movie phir se on ki.

Thodi der bad main usake kareeb ja ke baitha to usane mujhe pucha kya tumane kabhi eesa kiya hai? To maine kaha han. Aur maa samj gaya ki who mujsa chudwana chati hai, Maine use jhat se pakadkar kiss karne laga shro main woh na nahi karneh lagi per nahi mana toh woh normalho gayi. Phir dhire dhire use chumata raha, jab mujhe ehesas hua ki wo puri garm ho chuki thi to maine usake kapde utarna shuru kiya uuse tite saree bandh rakhi thi jis main wohbahot sexy lag rahi thi. Usake kapde utarne ke bad usaki komal najuk jawani dekhkar main thodi der dang sa rehe gaya. Uska figure bilkul Ideal figur tha, uska figure yehi koi 36-28-34 tha. Uske boobs to bade-2 aur gore-2 the. Uski chut pe ek bhi baal nahi tha aur gulabi rang wadi rasili chut thi.

Phir maine aapne kapde bhi utar diye jese he main neh aapna underwer uttara toh woh mera 8 inch lamba or 5.5 inch mota lund dekh kar dang reh gayi uske muh se ek haaaaaiiiiiiiiii nikli or boli kya main isko jhel paungi main bola mere jaan ager tum khud aapne kuhle uttha uttha kar mera pura lund aapne chut main na lo toh mera naam badal dena phir mainne usse aapna lund muh me lene ke liye kaha. Tab Wo boli ki kitna bada hai tumhara lund main to mar jaungi. To maine kaha chinta mat kar meri jan main dhire dhire karoonga phir wo mera lund muh mein le kar 20 minut tak chusati rahi. Woh pehli baar ye sab kar rahi thi lekin kisi tajurbekar ladki ki tarah ye sab kar rahi thi.thodi der baad hum 69 potion main aa gaye woh mere upper thi or mera lund khub jor jor se jitna ho sakta thaa utna aapneh muh mein le kar choosss rahi thi mein bhi uski chut chatne aur chusne laga.

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Phir mujhe kis karneh lagi mian ne HEENA se pucha ki tum toh married ho phir tumhari chut se blood kesa woh boli ki plz kisi ko batana nahi mere pati mujhe theek se chod nahi pate hai unka lund 3-4 inch se jyada nahi hai jiski wajeh se mere seel bhi nahi tod sahe hai woh toh 1 ya 2 min main hi jahd jate hai or main pyaasi reh jati thi tum toh jante ho SONIA ko woh mere good friend hai.jab main neh use aapni problem batai toh usse ne mujhse promise liya or bola main teri problem theek kar sakti hun ager tum mano toh phir main neh SONIA se kaha ki mian waada karti hun ki yeh baat mere siwa kisi ko pata nahi calegi us keh baad usneh mujhe tumhare or uske relation ke bare main bataya or kaha ki tum cahoo toh playboy ko pata sakti ho or uske lund ka maza le sakti ho phir main ticket ke bahane tumse mili or dhere dhere tumse khul gayi main us ki baat sun kar heran tha par mujhe kya mujhe toh chut cahiye thi jo mujhe mili or woh bhi fresh phir usne pucha ki BABLU jab kabi sex karne ka moka melega to kya tum mujhe chodogye main neh kaha ki tumhe na karne wala koi pagal hi ho sakta hai tum jab bhi mujhe yaad karogi main aa jaunga phir woh mujhe kiss kar ke cali gayi.

Phir do tin din tak wo mere yaha ayi nahi. Leking uske badd jab bhi hamein moka milta hai main usse khob chodta hun. Aaj tak meine use kitani baar choda hai yeh muje bhi yaad nahi hai lekin aaj bhi mein use bade pyar aur maze se chodta hu aur woh bhi chudwati hai.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Erotic Pleasure - Lesbian Story

Desi Erotic Pleasure - Desi Lesbian Story
This incident happens while we gone for an excursion with School Girls. Yamuna – Math Teacher, beautiful charming women, aged 28, good Looking, beautiful breast (36) and nice hip and love able ass. Every man seeing her, we’d defiantly masturbate thinking of her. She is very beautiful than me. She got transferred to my school just 6 months back. While receiving order from her my hands trembled and on seeing her huge Breast I lost my temptation and began to watch her beautiful hips continuously she noticed that and see checked her Saree and gave a small smile.

On the day 1 onwards I often ask her to come to my room and watch her fully, I believe that she know it all but never care on that. Some time I frankly asked her about her breast size and how she mining it sexy etc., and even asks about her period times. She doesn’t matters that. So this type of incident gives more confidence to me and I planned to enjoy her one day. I often invite her to my home but she refuses, so I wait for the honey day to have fun with her.

Our School Management decided to go for an excursion under the captaincy of Yamuna, actually What happened is , I have re-commended YAMUNA name to the management to lead the tour, Yamuna got very excited and she came to my room to thank me, I noticed that and I just take off my saree and acting that I am adjusting my blouse, she knocked and suddenly opened the door , on seeing my huge breast (with blouse ) she amazed and she told sorry to me, I replied no problem, I asked her why u come, she standing in front of me and tells thanks for nomination her to lead the tour, I said no problem , on clearly viewing her navel I expect more in the tour from you. She can’t understand the words, I gave a gentle smile and without taking my eye from her boobs I again tell her I expect some great things from you in the tour. Without seeing my face having some tears in her eyes, she replied ok Mam I will meet u later and she turned back and her ass dance started, I deeply watched that and give a big breath.

The day come, while going to excursion, I ask her to sit her with me. She agreed and she sits next to me. After 20 Minutes journey I slowly placed my hands on her thighs. She socked and suddenly turned at me. I gently gave a smile. She understood and bends her back and slowly closed her eyes. I just crawled my hand to his navel, she murmur and slowly tells me, madam may be some one see this, please leave me, I just turned to her face and tell no problem I will take care and unexpected she gave a kiss on my lips I can’t believe that. I feel very comfortable and touch her boob in a very strong and passionate way. She depreciates my action and she turned to me and said it is amazing and I ask her to remove her panties and give it to me as I want to smell it. She refused and she gave me an idea.

Our bus will be stopping in a hotel soon, there we two will go the bath room and I allow you to smell my pussy, she told, I Agreed and I lie on her and start squeezing her boob, Bus stops in a motel and we two get down with others and as planned we two go into the bathroom as other girls also come to the bathroom I am not able to kiss her pussy, but I am able to show her ass and pussy, what a beautiful one. But she bravely touches my pussy while I peeing and take the pee in her hand and taste it. I feared to do the same in the public. After some times we return to our bus and I and very disappointed not have a chance to smell her pussy, I sat sadly. Suddenly she smiles at me and search something in her hand-bag. She returned with her panty which she unworn at toilet. It is a wet one and I can able to smell it. Till completion of journey I used it as my hand-kerchief ever in front of others, as it a white cotton panty, no one can doubt it.

At last we reached the spot and we two occupied a same room, while entering the room she forced me inside the room and lock the door very urgently and undress herself quickly. I am shouting. She doesn’t bother and she hug me and told Revathi u are my husband so do me what every you thing and forced me to remove my dress, now we two are naked, just image both are almost 40+, and big in size, while we both are nude how would be we, I really like that, because, both of our Boobs are big in size, unable to hide with one hand. I ask her to sit on the cot, she sit and I ask her to open her legs to taste her pussy. I am sitting in front of her and I a wait for her to open her legs. But she refused to open her legs and she ask a promise from me, that she wants to be AH.M of our school, I kissed at her thighs and I promised to nominate her. Then she open and tells me here is your paradise, enjoy with your tongue, I slowly started tasting her pussy, what a fantastic smell, also it is very hairy, may be shaved 10 years back, imagine how hairy it is. I tasted it more than 20 minutes, she got very excited and began to mourn Revathi superb fantastic your pitch your are showing me heaven.

At last I take my mouth from her pussy and split on her face, she did the same thing and I taste her saliva. She tasted my pussy and drink my cum , at last we two go to the bathroom and make bath each other , I soaped her whole body , breast and nipple and before taking bath she smelled my hairy underarm and give a hot kiss there telling I love you . After I sat under her and asked her to pee, she got excited and started peeing I drank half of her pee, and takes the balance in the bath mug. And again she sad under me and peeing she drank more than70% and I ask her to take the balance on the same mug.

She did. I take the pee mug and we take bath with the pee. Then we came out of the bathroom , u all aware that as I am a traditional widow I will not be wearing any bra and panties, she forced me to wear her panty and bra, after her repeated demand I wore those and she kissed me and tells that you are looking like a angel. Then we two went out of sight seeing. Even after returning from the tour we always have sex with each other. Our future plan is to enjoy with a pre-mature girl who is studying in our school, our latest hobby is to watching girls playing in the school, while playing their boobs will be dancing and their ass will be jerking, we both love that, even some time we called the beautiful girls and hug them, where other will feel that we two are phrasing the girls, our induction is to have sex fun with them. We will one day definitely fuck a pre-mature girl.

Friday, February 9, 2007

A Beautiful Feeling of Desi Sex

Beautiful Feeling of Desi Sex
I have always believed that sex is a token of love, a feeling of completeness and oneness. Agree that it is also a need for the body, but when you have sex with some one you dearly love then it is a completely different experience as compared to any lust-full relations. At that time love overtakes lust and sex is just a way of expressing this love. When you are in the arms of your loved one, then there is no better feeling than that.

Hi. I am Addy from Mumbai. A regular reader of this group, but I never really got the opportunity or the time to share my experiences with you all. I am a Software Engineer by profession and have been in a relationship with a girl for the past three years. I would like to receive your comments after you have read the story.

My girl-friend is extremely beautiful though she is a bit skinny. She has got beautiful long hairs (I love women with long hairs) and a brownish pair of beautiful eyes. Some people might not consider her sexy but surely no one can deny that she is very beautiful. But as far as I am concerned, she is the most beautiful and sexiest girl in the world. We love each other dearly. She, being 'conservative' types, always thought that sex (especially intercourse) should happen only after marriage. And I, on the other hand, is very broad-minded. But I never forced her in doing anything against her wish and may be that is the reason it took us three years to have a complete sex.

It was a gradual process, from holding hands to hugs; to kisses to foreplay; and then finally to intercourse. I still remember the first time we kissed. It was at the rear seat of my car with my other friends sitting in front. It was her birthday and I had promised her that I would give her something special as a birthday gift. We reached to an isolated place. Switched off all the lights of the car and asked my friend to get down for some time and look if any body is coming. As soon as he got down, I asked my gf to close eyes and be ready for the gift. She was very excited and immediately closed her eyes. I drew my lips closer to her lips. Our lips were so close that even air could not pass through. I kept my lips on her trembling lips. She opened her eyes just for a moment and again closed them as if she knew what the surprise was. And we kissed and kissed for about 10-15 minutes. It was the best feeling I ever had. I remember how intoxicated I had got by the kiss that I could hardly drive back home.

Kisses became regular then. At the starting she would just let me do whatever I wanted with her lips. But gradually she started responding as time went by and at times she would be more desperate to kiss me than I would. One day she said, “Hey Addy I have read in a survey that most men keep their hands on the girl's breast while they kiss.” I gathered some courage and kept my hands on her breasts and kissed her hard. Her breasts were so soft and still so tight. That was the first time I had touched her breasts and it became normal after some time. She would not allow me to put my hands beneath her t-shirt so I would fondle it over the clothes only.

Then arrived 'the day'. It was Valentine’s Day and luckily for us her parents were out of town. I some how convinced her to stay at her place for the whole night. We have stayed many nights together and she completely trusted me. I went to her place. There was a watchman outside her bungalow and we wanted to make sure that he does not come to know that there is some one else at the place apart from her. So I jumped the boundary wall and entered the house from the rear door. I had prepared a lot of surprises for her. As soon as I entered the place she immediately closed the door. I could see how tensed she was and to ease it off I gave her a big and warm hug. That helped her in staying calm. She held me tight and I could feel here breasts in those padded bra, brush across my chest. She was wearing a pink night suit with her hair let loose and she was looking very cute and beautiful. She asked me to freshen up. While I was back from the wash room, I saw the room was all lit with candles and some music was on. She came near me and said that the dinner was ready. We had a very romantic candle light dinner, holding hands and lost into each others eyes. We had ice-cream then. As she was tiding up the dining table, I held her hand and asked her for a couple dance. She agreed immediately and held me tightly. She kept her feet over mine and we just rest into each others arms dancing to the rhythm of the romantic music being played. I remember the song. It was 'Everything I do' by Bryan Adams. As the song ended I asked her to close her eyes. Bending down on knees I opened the box containing the golden ring that I had brought for her. I asked her to open her eyes and as she did, I proposed her “Will you marry me sweetheart”. She was speechless for some time and then tears started rolling down her eyes. She said that she had been waiting for this moment since a long time. She raised me up by holding my shoulders, looked into my eyes for some time and hugged me tight. I said, “You hasn’t replied yet” and she slapped me lovingly saying, “do u still want a reply? Of course I will marry you...”.And she kissed me passionately.

After a long passionate kiss I took her in my arms and walked towards her bedroom. She was looking into my eyes and giving me some naughty smiles. I laid her on the bed and she was looking so damn beautiful. I came over her and we started kissing again. Our tongues exchanging saliva. I moved from her lips to her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and the bit her ears slowly and she moaned “ooucchh...” I started licking her neck which is a very sensitive spot for most of the girls. While doing so I slowly started to put my hand beneath her t-shirt. To my surprise, she did not object and so I went upwards and held her breasts tightly over the bra. I was always cautious of pressing the breasts hardly as I thought it woudd cause pain to her. But that day she herself held my hand over her breasts and asked me to press them hard. I did that and I could see the pleasure on her moans as she was gasping for breath and moaning slightly. I removed her top. Now she was in a black padded bra and her lowers. She rolled me and came over me and started kissing me all over. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing my chest region. I have a very few hairs on my chest and seeing that she said I will regularly wax your chest hairs after we get married. And she started licking and biting my chest all over. As she would come down to kiss me, her hair would fall all over her face and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I held her silky hairs with my hands and set them aside so I could see my darling kissing me all over. She started moving down biting my stomach and as she was doing so, her breasts were just above my semi-erect penis now.

She bit me hard at the corner of my stomach and I couldn’t stop screaming with pain. She put her hands over my lips and I bit her fingers hard. She then turned me and asks me to sleep over my stomach. As she saw my back she said that wow you have such such a smooth back. And she slept over me. Her breasts pressing hardly over my back. We stayed that way for some time and then I asked her to sleep over her stomach. She was looking very sexy that time with only a bra strap over her sexy back. I unhooked the bra and held her boobs from behind. I slept over her and put all my weight over her and at the same time was pressing her breasts hard. She became mad with pleasure and was moaning loudly...”Aaaaaahhhh...Addddddyyyyy...press them harder...yes they are yours...press them..." I had never seen my gf getting so horny ever. I started kissing her back and moved down. I bit her hard just above bums and she screamed loudly. I bit her bums over the soft night suit cloth and she again screamed. Slowly I started lowering her night-suit lower along with her black panty which was clearly visible. I lowered it just enough so that her ass was seen and I started licking her arse. I rolled her back so that she was on her back on now. And I completely removed her lower now. The girl of my dreams was lying naked in front of me!!! It was the first time I was seeing her vagina. It had very few hairs and was small and pinkish. I lifted her slightly to see her other hole and too was very small.

Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the moment. I got up from her and started removing my remaining clothes. Seeing me struggling with my belt she got up and removed it for me. And the slid my jeans down. She held my penis over the underwear and pressed it tightly. A moan left my mouth. She removed my undies and let my penis free. It was aching and had become rock hard. She was scared for a moment and very innocently asked me if her hole was big enough to take it in. I smiled over her innocence and kissed her passionately. While kissing, she held my penis into her small hands. And started rolling her hands up and down over it. I asked if she would give me a blow job. She said that as it was her first time, she was scared. Sensing my disappointment, she kissed me back and said, I am sorry Addy. But I am too scared to do anything. I promise I will do whatever you want but let me get used to such feeling first. I understood her feelings. I knew she was nervous. Even I was. I made her lie down. I read somewhere that it is very painful for the girl at the first intercourse. And I did not want my darling to bear any pain. So I made sure that everything is in the right place for continuing further.

I slid my finger into her warm vagina as I knew she was a virgin and wanted to break it by fingering her before the intercourse so that she would have to go through the minimum possible pain. I started putting my finger further in. It was very tight and I could see that she was in some pain so I started kissing and playing with her breasts so that her mind gets diverted. Slowly and steadily I pushed my second finger in. And started pushing it hard. I could feel her vaginal walls and an obstruction in between. I knew I had to break it for entering in. I did that and she screamed very loudly. I could see drops of blood rolling down my hand. Tears rolled down her beautiful eyes and she started telling to remove my hand as it was unbearable. I knew I had to support her for the moment and then only I could go further. So I did not push my hands further in and let it stay at the position so that she gets used to it. We lay there silent for some time. And after some time the pain had subsidized. I started fingering her again. She was feeling some pain but I could see more pleasure than pain on her face. She started moaning again. I love u Addy...don’t u dare leave me...you are only mine and I am yours forever...And I saw some white fluid coming out of her vagina. She had an orgasm probably.

It was my turn to get some pleasure now. Her vagina was already wet with her fluids. I asked her to hold my penis so that it becomes hard again. She obliged to it and started stroking my penis hard. I knew it would not last longer I she continues to do so. So I stopped her. I came over her in the basic missionary position and started to insert my penis into her vagina. It was very tight and I was finding it very difficult to enter even though her vagina was wet. I applied some Vaseline over my penis and at the entrance of her vagina and again started inserting it. She closed hers biting her lips and trying to get hold of the bed sheet. I knew she was in pain and she would never show it for my pleasure. But I tried to be as gentle as I could and my penis finally started entering her hole. With a few strokes it was almost in. (I won’t boast that my penis is 8 or 10 inches as others do. I have a normal sized penis capable to give pleasure to my girl and I am happy about it).

Within a few strokes she got used to my size and started responding well. She was moaning...I love u adddyyy...yes stroke it deeper. I want to feel my wud be husband fully inside me..yesssss...make love to me darling..I had never seen her in such a way. And I was loving every bit of it. We were stroking in a perfect unison. As if our two bodies had melted into one. Our speed increased and I knew I was nearing my orgasm. I did not want to take chance of making her pregnant as I had not worn any condom. So I took my penis out and sprayed my sperms over her body. We were breathing heavily. Sweating all the way. I lied besides her and stayed there for some time. Then we had a quick wash where she cleaned me and I cleaned her. We laid in the bath tub for some time...Naked...In each others arms. And then headed towards the bed room and slept into each others arms... That was the most sound and satisfying sleep I ever had in my live.

When I got up in the morning and as I slid the hairs over her face, I could see the feeling of content on her face... The feeling of being loved..The feeling of submitting oneself completely to some one else. The feeling of love !!!
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