Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hot Encounter with Sexy Punjabi Girl

Hot Encounter with Sexy Punjabi Girl
I am Mr. RAJ (name changed). I am 30 years old and this story is of year 2002 when I was in Itanagar the capital city of arunachal. I had to go to guwahati to appear exam of CPSU and I was returing in a deluxe bus. In those days I had a habit of drinking alchol(whisky) before continuing journey. Acordingly I was drunked 2 pegs of whisky and boarded in bus and I was surprise to see a girl of around 26yrs of wheatish colour. She was accompained by her father whose seat was behind my seat. The father of the Girl(name Jassi) request me to change the seat so that he can seat with her daughter. I told him to ask the other person with him to come in front and he and his daughter can seat togeather but he was not agreeing with me. At last jassi told her father that she is comfortable here near me. As our journey begin at around 08.30pm I felt sleep due to clod breeze coming from the window. After around one hour passed I felt that someone has touced by feet.

I thought it is due to alchol effect and I slept again. Again after half an hour I felt my feet being touched and again I ignored it. But again the same thing happened then I started loking down the seat to what is it. After finding noting I looked around and saw jassi giving smile. I understood the whole situation but I pretended as if I felt nothing. Let me tell something about her she has a very big boobs and healthy figure. I thought to asking her but could not dare to ask her as I was drunk n if she complains any one I will get a nice public. So I thought to check it out. I pretended to sleep again but actually I was not. After few minutes I saw that she is moving her legs towards me and is rubbing her feet with my feet. I kept watching as the entire bus is dark and other passengers were sleeping to. I pretended that I know nothing and she kept on rubing her feet and her courage grew more and she stated to touch my thighs. I could do nothing just wathing at her. She gave a naughty simle and keep doing. Then she kept her left hand on my right thigh and started moving her hand slowly. My dick became hard.

Suddenly the driver applied brake and condutor told that we can have dinner as bus will stop for 30mins. It was around 12.20pm night. The light was on and I looked at her she gave naughty smile again and keep looking at me. I went down from bus take dinner where as she did not come down as had brought dinner with them. I finshed my dinner and went to toilet and came back to bus and sat on my seat. Around 12.55 bus was started . The lights were put off and within 15 minutes people around felt fast sleep. As the bus was moving I kept looking her and she also kept looking at me. Around 20 min have passed she brought left hand over my dick and started rubbing. Then I thought to ask her address and name so that in future I cane fuck her but she uttered nothing just kept looking at me with naughty smile and keep rubing my dick. Suddenly she took my right hand and put on her right tits stated rubbing with which I got courage to do so. I looked around and saw that everybody is asleep I moved my self closer to her and she to came near me. I kept my head over her shoulder and started giving message to her left & right boobs. She got aroused a ND started to make hissing sound which I feared if people came to know then what will happen. She understtod my situation and used her duptta as her shawl and covered herself. I took my hand inside the shawl and put inside salwar and started rubbing her both boobs.

I was getting my dick harder n harder whose pain was unbeareable to me. For my help she lifted her bra so that I can touch them n message them. While massaging she also got aroused a lot. I took my hand from boobs n started searching for her pussy. First I tried to insert my hand from top of but due to thread closed I jusst touched her pubic hair only. So she raised both her legs on the seat and sat in such a way that bottom of salwar I could inseart my finger and beyound I could touch her pussy very easly. Thanks to salwar n sammez she wore. With my right hand I started finger fucking her and she started enjoying it. I kept doing till fulids started coming from her pussy. She started to moan AAHHH AAH.

I told her not to do so as many people r there in bus. I ket fingering her for around huge fluids came and she collapsed. She took my hand out of pussy and kept over her boobs for messaging. Then she kept her head on my thighs n and covered her face and presented as she is sleeping keeping her head on my thighs covering herselg with duppatta. Then she started unzip me and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I feel she was a very experienced one . she keep on sucking till I ejaculated all my fluids in her mouth and she took completely in her mouth.. I feel relaxed and then she was still sleeping and again took my hand to her right breast for messaging. I kept messaging her boobs. Then I planned to figer fuck her once again and accordingly I with my left hand kept her boobs messaging and with right hand I opened the knot of her payjama and inserted my hand and started carring her pussy. it was so hairy as its a jungle.. I started rubbing her clitoris and she stared getting aroused again and she started moaning and slowly she told me to fuck her.

So I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and then other finger and other finger. it was amazing that my three fingers were coming in and out of her pussy and she was enjoying my finger fuck and in mean time she also took my dick in her mouth again keep licking hard. Suddenly she tightend her legs and my hand got wet of her juices as it flowing non stop and her panty was totally wet and and I also ejaculated and I was completely exhausted. It was amazing experience in bus.By the time it was around 04.30am and the visiblity outside can be seen. I asked her to get up and arrange her dress and I arranged mine. I gave my telephone number asked her to ring me when she needs me. But my dream shattered as she and her father got down at banderdewa the check gate to arunachal pradesh. So this is my story. how you people liked it please let me know your views. In my next I will tell u how my luck favoured me and I got my dream fulfilled to fuck her.
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