Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fun with Neighbour's Wife

Fun with Neighbour's Desi Wife
I woke up to the sound of my alarm goin off, turned and put it out, I reached out in half sleep and was zapped. Anagha had left Levin me in the erotic dream world she put me into Las nit. Following my routine, I lit a cigg. And went straight to the showers. Memories still fresh and my back acing. I got ready and started to leave for office. I got her 1st MSG. At 11 that day telling me that she had jus woken up and could not get her mind out of the flight to the real world. The day passed and I found it difficult to concentrate on my work as she kept on MSG me and I kept on getting an erection. Frustrated that I could not respond to all thos erotic and sexually provoking MSG. Though I off loaded in the office loo thirice. This was the day, probably the first in 3 years, that I raced out of office sharp at six to get the 1st train home. Honestly I couldn’t control the urge to fly with her again. In the next 45 min I was home and in the showers, cleaned and patted my self dry looked deep intothe mirror, smiling as I was wearing my perfume. I rang her up and she told me she would be there in 10 min. I was all worked up by last nights passionate display of lusting love, hardly slept and lastely office, drained out I fell on my deb with the cigg still in my lips. I could visualize anagha’s tender creamy nude body, trembling as she was standing Las night when I first feasted my eyes on her after stripping each other. I started ramming my erection visualizing her shivering strokes under me as tho it was really happening, harder and hadred, the harder I rammed the stronger the visuals got. Finally exploding with her name being repeated by me in my mourns n aaaaaannnnnnaaaaaggggzzzzzzz. The door bell woke me up, I hurried and opened the door. She was standing there with the heart melting smile and as soon as she looked at me she winked and waked passed me sending my head into a dizzy with the sweet aromatic fragrance she was wearing. She headed straight to the kitchen, gathering my self I closed the door behind me and followed he I. She stood there, makin coffee for the to of us, she looked so afrodeti like in her pulled back and tied black hair, graceful moves that made my heat sing and again she was wearing the most perfect outfit in a deep orange colour..all this invited me but I said to my self control sanju control. Moved closer to her and said,”why did you choose to desert me early this morning, least u could wake me up for a good by kiss” she said”I wanted to honey”,placing both her palms on my cheek and hen back to the coffee maker”but you wer sleeping like a baby wit such a cute smile of satisfaction that I could jus disturbed that pose & as it is I had my eyes fixed on you the entire night without a wink” and gently placed her lips on mine and liked a stroke. As she poured the coffee for two I was holding her from the back and kissing on her shoulder. We sat across the counter and expressed my concerns for not taking precaution Las night, she said its ok as she took her pill 1st thing in the morning. I asked her to wait as I went out and got protection but she insisted not to and pills were fine so I sat down. As we sipped our coffee, keepin our eyes fixed to each others and exchanging some naughty signs she reveled to me ”I jus wish sanju I had met you befor I met this fat ass, you are the one right out my fantasies, I wish..”, I gave a last sip and said”don worry Ana at least better late than never” she said “right on captain, but would you marry me if I was to divorce my husband?” I still remember I said a loud yes without a split second lapse and wen down on one knee. As she placed he mugs on the counter I started assisting her clean up and casually asked her that wont she be asked as to wher was she, to which she said”I wasent going to tell you bet u have asked me this for the 100th time since last nighe,so..”Dancing with her butt in one direction and her finger pointed to the other she carried on”..fatass and father in law have gone to native place for sale of ancest. Property the same night we kissed and am alone with my mil and its easy handling the old lady” before she could end I hugged her close and started kissing her and sqeezin her breast both of us could feel the passion igniting to all new levels of erotic love making, with heaving breaths and pushing hard at each others tongues we synchronized our move towords, now,our bedroom. We were half naked till we reached the bed and in a swift second got rid of the remaining ones.

Locking lips we fell on the bed one hand fondelling her breast and the other g-spotting, she put one hand on my stiff, rock hard erection,with her leg on my waist and the other hand rubbing hard on my face. Both still air thrusting in sync and lost in the kiss. She kept narrowing and widening her lips and soon we, like perfect lovers synced that motion she sucked heard at my tongue and rolling hers over it wildly her breathing was getin heavier and mourning she parted me wildly growled as i did back nd jumped down. In 69 we did each other more wildly, las nit then seemed as calm sex. I parted her ass cheeks and forced my tongue as deep as it could go and started tongue thrusting her pulling it out and licked and nibbled on it at the same time, started licking further down wildly i reached her pink pussy lips and kept sucking hard with her entire pussy in my mouth and tongue thruster in. I was so involved performing the acts alternately tht i clould not here her slight screams of pain and when ever she did she got harder on my dick. She on the other hand was sucking hard rolling her tongue and literally giving small bites as tho it’s a candy. Licking with wide tongue from the top to the bottom of my length and fondling my balls she just kept on going.i could feel her climaxing as she held my head between her thighs. And then suddenly released it. It took longer for me today even tho she wanted to enjoy her climax she insisted on off loading me.. Which she did in a couple of seconds, she had learned a new thig today. She actually swallowed it all and kept sucking for more. My entire face was creamed by the fluid which oozed out of her pussy, i intook most of it as i had did earlier. I could see my teeth mark on her ass hole as she squeezed and released it, believe me it was getting me more excited than ever and i could feel blood flow through my dick as it maximized its erection and she knew that and kept on repeating it. We lip locked again and i turned her around.she was almost reading my mind, raised her round as in doggy and teased me by shaking it and glared at me. “what are u waiting for, don’t waist time, i wanna fly higher today” zapped i slapped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart reveling the gorgeous tight hole. She said” don’t worry am used to pain and bleeding after last night and as long as its your dick you will get all my holes” felt a rush of blood through my head and in mo time i found my self entering her ass. Ladies really telling you, it looks very easy in the xxx movies but actually it was tough getting even a centimeter of my dicks head into it and its painful. She was giving out light screams and saying give it one firm push. I told her to hold on and i reached out for my drawer and applied some vaseline on her ass hole and my dick, speaking intermittently, i gave a strong push and i could feel her tightness, honestly i was enjoying it. As she cried in pain i tried pulling it out but she slapped me hard on the leg for doing it. I said lets get on wit it and gave it several hard pushes till it was completely, by now she was completely in tears and crying her breath out in jerks, and tightly squeezing the bed sheet till it tore,honestly i was in pain my self. I froze a moment and started thrusting slowly by now all the vasiline had dried up and i could feel my dick rub against her tight inner muscles as i thruster harder ignoring the pain and warm brushes i felt inside and harder now maximized my motions. She stopped crying, i guess she started enjoying it, started moaning my name oooo sssaaannnnjjjuuuu, aaaaaahhhhhh aaahhhhhh, aaaaaiiiiieeeeee,aaaaiiiiieeee . Ddddeeeeeevvvvvaaaaaa……jjjjjaaaaallllltttttaaaa aaaaahhhheeeeeyyyy.

It took me longer than usual to exploded as her mourns were giving me a hard oh. The it came could feel the pressure of its release as i shot inside her. I released my grip on her waist, which by now bore the marks of my nail and palms on them. Penis still in her hole i lowered both our bodies on the bed and as it shrank i slowly pulled it it out carefully as she was still giving painful mourns sssaaannnjjjuuu hhhaaaallluuu, as i got my penis out i could see it wit cuts and blood red appearance. I went to the loo cleaned my hurtin penis which was back to normal and got along a hot towel. She was lying still, flat on her stomach with a heavy breath. I slowly can carefully cleaned her up, did away with the towel and since she could not rest her but on the bed i made her lie on me. I said”sorry anaa i should not have got carried away with my fantacy, look at how much pain i gave you, i made you cry” befor i could complete she gave me full blown bit on my chest and said”i enjoyed it, as i could see you enjoy ass fucking through my misty eyes, any thing goes for for u”, i held her close and for a momet i paused and asked”will you marry me”..and god i hated my self for that as she cried her self to sleep. I couldn’t sleep as i was unconfartable but didn’t want to move as it would wake anagha up. So i lit a cigr. And staring at the dimly lit wall i finished my smoke. She woke up and said she had to go to the loo, i helped her as she was feeling ever motion on the ass hole but in a couple of min. She was all right. I went in with her, we wern now not ashamed of anything pertaining each other, she kepr on smiling and touching my sleeping penius as i watched her pee flowing out and suddenly shouted hold your pee. She was zapped but did as i said. And now she was embarrassed on what i said, initially she resisted but later gave in to my demands as she cldt hold it any longer. Yes ladies that night i drank all her pee and sucked it dry lastly wiped it with my tongue. She didn thik it was filthy, but this is wat it means to understand each other physically…nothing..i mean nothing is dirty. By the end she was stroking my erection and i could see her breast swell.
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