Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sex in School Days

Sex in School Days
Hi to all readers. I am my friends have been a great fan of Desi Love Stories.com. After reading many stories of this great Desi Love Stories.com I and my friends decided to share our sexperience with hot and dashing Subhi Jain in our native school. We are three guys AMAN, ANKIT and SHASHWAT of 16 years and studying in class 10th having a tall height of 5”8, 5”10 and 5”9 and having a well builded body. NOW the story begins when I (Aman) met Subhi Jain..Subhi Jain is a milky fair girl having juicy boobs with pink nipples(came to know when I fucked her).She is of 5”4 and having a nice figure of 32b-24-34 and looks mature as compared to other girls of her age. She was very beautiful so I had an eye on her specially on her huge Butts.

I never lose any chance to make an impression on her. She had a cousin Rahul who is our friend. I used to frequently visit Rahul’s home as Subhi is living in His home for her studies. We have common school so we regularly meet each other in our classes. One day I went to Rahul’s house, there I saw that Rahul and Subhi were playing Badminton, then Rahul got a call from his father and said “I‘ll be back in few minutes”. I thanked God and took benefit of this situation and started playing Badminton with Subhi. Accidentally the shuttle struck her on her left boob and fell down; she leaned to pick up the shuttle and juicy boobs almost popped out of her black top.

Then she noticed that I am looking to her with my wide eyes, so she stood up immediately (I was continually watching her) and gave me a naughty smile. From this day the locks of my mind opened and I came to know that she also likes me. And now came the day of my destiny, Subhi phoned me and said “can u help me in my Science Assignment because Rahul is not at home and I need to complete it till tomorrow”. I said “I will come in few minutes” (That time I had no any bad intensions about her).I reached her home and when I saw her she was looking very sexy in her transparent yellow top(I could see her bra strips) and blue jeans.

Then we went to her study room and started our study work. Then suddenly she hugged me and said “Chuha”(as she feared from rats) and I said “kya hua”(what’s the matter) then she said “Chuha, bed ke neeche Chuha hai please use bhagao”(Please help me to get rid off this mouse). After this we resumed our work and she suddenly again hugged me and said again “Chuha”

(But this I knew that there was no any Rat inside the Room but I want to take this great opportunity) so I also hugged her and said “ I also get feared from rats ”.Then she surprisingly saw me and smiled and I hugged her more tightly and delivered a kiss on her cheeks, then she replied with a deep kiss on my lips. And my luck left me and the doorbell rang (I was cursing the bell ringer). She suddenly left to open the door and it was Rahul on the door. Then after sometime I left for my home. After 2-3 days I phoned her and said “I want to meet you, can u plz come to my home”. She replied “Of course, I’ll be there at 5 p.m.”. That day my parents were out of station to attend a wedding ceremony. And I started waiting for her and the bell ranged and I rushed to the door and welcomed Subhi. She came in and sat on sofa. I switched on the T.V. For her comfort. To my surprise some sex scenes were displaying on the TV and I immediately changed the channel and again some sex scenes were displaying and vice versa and then suddenly the electric supply cut off.

Then I felt that something very soft is touching my left thigh, I immediately understanded that I was Subhi. I just caught her in my arms and started kissing her while the electricity came but I kept on kissing her on her lips. Then I put my both hands on her boobs and pressed them firmly and she responded with a soft moan”aahhh…” Then I pulled back her Top and saw that she was wearing a black bra and was looking like a sex goddess. Then I unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs wildly then she said ”Dheere Karo Dard ho raha hai” (plz do it softly,itz paining). Then she pulled off my shirt and kissed me on my chest. Then I removed her jeans and cared her pussy with my hand which was already wet. Then she also removed my pant and saw my junior standing straight which exited her and she just took my junior in her mouth and started licking it like a lollypop. Then my all luck got vanished when the bell rang. We frightened and I said to her to go inside my bedroom and get dressed up.

Meanwhile, I fastened my clothes and peeped through the door hole and saw that my friend(LOVE ENEMY’s) Shashwat and Ankit were standing their. I went out in hurry and asked them to leave.(as I was very frightened) They got this point and forcibly went inside my house and started roaming here and there, they suddenly went to my bedroom and I stopped them but they went in and saw Subhi dressing herself and Shashwat Took out her nude photo through his mobile (Subhi got really scared and asked me to stop them and to delete the photos ). Then they gave me a smile and said “ tum side main aao pahle ”(come in other rum).

Then I went to other rum they said ”abe akele-akele lage ho, hume bhi maza lene do”. But I said “ who nahi maanegi”. Shashwat said “use mana hamara kam hai,tum bas use mana ka res rum main le kar aao ”. I apologized her that there’s no problem they want to only meet you and I will say to them to delete the photos. We went to the rest room. She said Shashwat to delete the photos. Then Shashwat said “Aman k sath to bade maze kar liye ab hamari bari hai”. Subhi said “Aman inhe rook, ye kya kah rahe hai”. Then I said to them “Tum log ye kya karma chate ho”(as to console her, but it was our plan). Shashwat put out his mobile and said “ye photo dekhi hai tere Bhai ko send kar dunga aur internet par daal dunga”.

Then she said “Plz ye mat karo, jo tum kahoge main wahi karungi”. Then Ankit grabbed Subhi from behind and said “ Aaj to hamari Treat hogi janeman”. Then I sat on sofa as Shashwat has told me. Then he pulled off her top and bra and started playing with her boobs and Ankit removed her jeans and started playing with her butts. Shashwat and Ankit removed their clothes and started kissing her on her whole body. The whole fore play goes for about 30 min, now Subhi has also got aroused and started moaning softly. Shashwat suddenly put out his junior and asked Subhi to take it in its mouth but she said “ Nahi, main muh main nahi loongi” but he said “Saali muh me leti hai ya teri photo tere ghar bheju”. She took it in her mouth and start sucking it meanwhile Ankit was trying to put his junior in her ass. She cried with pain “Aaaaaaa hhh..” and Shashwat said Ankit be patient u must have to use oil and then Shashwat give her a liplock to decrease her voice. Shashwat then said “ Chalo saali ko mil ke chodte hai”.

And then Shashwat turned to her pussy and put his junior on her pussy and pressed his junior inside her pussy gently( As her hymen was not yet broken). And then he slowly increased his pace, subhi was moaning loudly aaaahhhhhhhh…….ouch…. and Shashwat started fuckinmg her more fastly and she was saying “dheere dheere karo abhi mai bacchi ho,thoda to raham karo” Aahhhhhhhh main mar jaoongi. As she was crying I said Shashwat to use oil but he doesn’t listened and kept on fucking her and blood started coming out of her pussy. She was crying very much but after 14-15 long thrusts she also started to enjoying and after 5-6 min she cummed but he didn’t stop and after about 8min he cummed inside her pussy by creating a huge moan aaaarrrrrhhhh…Now the turn was of Ankit,he wanted to fuck her ass. This time he put oil in his junior and also on her ass,when he inserted his cock on her ass she said with a cry “Tumhe to bahut maza aa raha hai na,

Aman ab to tum bahut kush ho na meri ye halat Dekh kar”. Ankit then slapped her and said “ Saali, bhen ki londi mere dost ke bare me ulta-seedha bakti hai”. She started crying and said “Kaha fas gai main”. Then After sometime Ankit also cummed inside her ass. Now my turn has come but my luck has left me and I got a call from from my parents that they are coming to home So, I said that all u have to leave and I said to Subhi that this is not my fault, please forgive me. Then she left my home without saying a word. Then after few months I was able to apologize her but the next sexperience will be revealed in my next story…
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