Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Swamy Sir Showed me Heaven

Swamy Sir Showed me Heaven
Now 23 years this story is nine years old and. I used to live in a small town in Tamil Nadu. The incident that I am going to narrate, rather series of incidents took place when I was in my 10th class. In our school, though it was in a small town, we had computer lab and computer was one of the subjects too. It was a girl’s school and as the town is very conservative; all the teachers were women except the computer teacher.

Mr. Swamy among my classmates, for my age, I had a grown-up figure. By the beginning of 10th class itself, my bra size was 36. I always had boys and men on the road staring at me and passing comments. In the little time in the bus, boys would touch me, press my boobs, squeeze my nipples etc. Once, the bus was so full, as I was going to the interior of the bus, a man suddenly put his hand into my pussy, or at least went beyond pubic hair. That was the first time I felt something sexual. It was for a second or two but the impact lasted long. I was agitated the whole night but did not know what would make me feel better. Now I know… an orgasm.

Therefore, in school, I loved computers and as my parents encouraged education, I was allowed to stay back in school after hours in order to work on projects etc. So here, it goes… I used to ask many questions in the class, which is why Swamy Sir took a liking for me. He used to come to my computer, lean over me, and explain things to me. It was a little uncomfortable but I never felt anything sexual about it. Then, since my project needed computer, I began staying back and would ask him questions in the class that were no relevant to the syllabus. Therefore, he started staying back in school along with me. After a week, he once commented on my smile and said that it was very beautiful.

I was very flattered and blushed very much. Next time he said that I have a beautiful face and that my smile lights up my face. I knew he was married with two daughters so it never struck to me to suspect him. Then, one day, we got our mark sheet and I did not perform as expected. So while working in the lab I suddenly started crying because I was scared to show the report card at home. He got shocked and started consoling me. I was unable to get control over myself. I was weeping and weeping. Then he put his hand on my head, brought me to himself, and gave me a hug.

The hug felt so relieving that in 4-6 seconds, I was feeling good. Then I tried to mildly let go off his embrace but he was not letting me! I did not know what to say and continued to stick to him. Then slowly he started rubbing my back, which felt good too. Then he separated me from himself and put both his hands on my shoulders. He looked at me, smiled, and planted a kiss on my forehead. The he touched my hands from my shoulders to my palms as if going to explain something. To my surprise, his hands went from my palms to my knees! We were sitting on stools. By then our stools were quite close to each other’s. Then he parted my knees and pulled my stool even closer. I did not understand anything of what was going on. Then he asked me to take off my belt so that I will feel a little relaxed.

It was a little humid in there and so I was adjusting my tunic to let air go in a subtle manner. He noticed it and he said, “Why do you wear so many clothes? Isn’t it hot?” Then I said that we have to wear. For some unknown reason, that small talk relaxed me a bit and I giggled. Then he said, “Your bra looks too tight. Doesn’t it hurt?” I was taken aback and did not know what to say. Then, as if it was a very innocent question, he asked, “Why do you wear bra?” I flushed and said that Amma wants me too because I must hide my parts. Then he said, Sheetal! Things that we are ashamed of must be hidden. What you are talking about is beautiful. They must not be considered shameful. Saying so he said, “let me touch them and I will show you how beautiful they are.” I was scared but he was so close to me that even before I realized, his hands had moved towards my breasts.

I was partly shocked and partly shy and mostly afraid to say anything against my teacher. Therefore, he held my round firm big boobs. I felt different. It was nice in some way. Suddenly power went off and we came to our senses and the time was 5:30! We went back home. Next session, we were going through the project on the screen then he put his arm around my shoulder and starting gently pressing my boob with my arm. That way, he aroused me in a very effective manner. I raised my hand to point at something on the screen when his hand again slipped to my boob.

I did not say anything. He did not remove his hand. Then slowly, like as if it were cotton, he started pressing my boob. After sometime, my resistance vanished and my body slumped. Then he turned me towards himself and said, “I have not seen breasts as big and beautiful as yours. When you walk in the corridor, they heave so beautifully on your chest, I always want to feel them and hold them.” On Wednesdays and Fridays, we wore shirt and skirt while on other days we wore tunics. That day was a Friday. Therefore, it was so easy for him to simply unbutton my shirt and look at my full breasts tightly held in place by the bra. He slowly snapped the bra off. I covered myself with my arms as soon as that happened. Then he stopped me from doing so and made me bare my breasts to him.

He looked at them for a while. All this unknown experience made my nipples hard and they were very obviously erect. He then held them both and sucked gently at both the nipples. I felt a shock, a bolt of thunder go down to my spine. Then he laid me on the floor and started sucking them again, increasing the pressuring every time. It would hurt but it was so pleasurable that I never told him to stop. Then his hands crept up my thighs and he realized that the skirts we wore have dividers and nothing could be done then. Therefore, he continued to play with my breasts and started kissing me so sweetly and kindly that I could resist none of his moves.

Then he said he would make me feel something nicer if I came the next day. The next day was tunic day. He did the whole thing as the previous day and while on the floor, and put his hand inside my panty. This was the first time I resisted but he said he would show me heaven. In a naughty way, that was the best decision I ever made. Oh my God! It was better than heaven. I had an orgasm! In the next few weeks, it proceeded to sex first and then oral sex. There was no waiting. As soon as the school bell rang, we would go to the comp. Lab and start making out. He started falling for me and would try to pass by my class as often as possible.

He started saying that he was not happy with his wife though he loved her a lot. He said that he was ready to give her divorce in order to marry me. He was ready to wait until I was a major. He gave me many presents. Both sexual and in gift form. Due to this distraction, I failed in class 10 and repeated it. It was hell at home but heaven in school. Oral, anal, what not we did. I went to college from there and would come home for holidays. You know why. We used to do it in his house during daytime when no one was there. He kept his proposal open…even today. Now, I am different. I have more needs. I live in a city and am earning well. I have had multiple partners until now but the orgasm Swamy Sir gave is next to none! May God bless him wherever he is!
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