Friday, July 14, 2006

Sex with Horny Cousin Raji

Sex with Horny Cousin Raji
Hi this is Kavitha, I am regular reader of desilovestories.com and thought for a long time before submitting my real experience. I am kavitha 32 married and have 2 kids still maintain a good figure and my hubby works for an mnc and he will away from home for almost 15 days per month, during last summer two of my cousin sisters came to my residence to spend their summer vacations, both rajini and haritha are sisters and elder sis rajini is around 20 years old and younger haritha is around 15 years both of them are studying and are staying in hostel, rajani is a real sexy slut with good measurements, I was enjoying a happy sex life with my hubby and never did I had any inclination towards females until this incident happened, it was peak summer and ours is a two bedroom house, both rajani and haritha came to spend their vacations with us, it was during this time hy husband had to leave to mumbai for his office related work. One day as usual we all did finish our dinner and both of my children went to sleep and as my husband was away I invited both of the sisters to sllep in my bedroom they agreed and three of us slept together and rajani was sleeping beside me, we talked for some time and went to sleep, it was around midnight and I felt some movement beside me and woke up to find rajani has fully covered herslef with a bedsheet and was doing some thing inside and seeing this I slowly turned towards rajani and opened my eyes and to my astonishment I found that her hand is moving in between her thighs and this continued for another 20 monutes or so and suddenly every thing stopped. I understood that she is fingering herself. Then we all slept as if nothing has happened.

Next morning as ususal we all got up and I was busy in household duties and suddenly rajani came to kithcen to help me in doing my work, I took this oppurtunity and slowly I started poking her and asked her about her friends and when specifically asked her weater she had any affair in college and with a bit of hesitation she denaid having any affairs in college then I mustered courage and told her that yesterday night I saw her doing naughty things during sleep, she was literally taken aback and did not speak for some time, then I made her comfortable and tried to know more from her and when I promised that will not tell anything to any one she opened up and went on to say that she did not have any boyfriends but she is having an affair with her hostel mate and her name is radhika, I was shocked to hear this and this is the first time in my life practically hearing that affairs between females do happen. I was curious and wanted to know more and asked her to explain in detial, she hesitated first and then went on to say that it cannot be told and needs to be tried practically, I understood her intention but did not talk any thing more, after that we had our lunch and this was the only thing that was moving in my mind as some where in my mind I was thinking of trying this new adventure. After that she was shying away from me and was not talking to me much, around evening I made up my mind and went to her and said not to feel guilty and said that today I would like to experience the same hearing this she literally jumped and kissed me on my cheeks.

We both were exicited and we did complete our dinner and both the sisters came to my bedroom and slept, we both were waiting for haritha to sleep, and as planned around midnight we ensured that she is asleep and slowly we went to the other room and I was standing in front of rajani in a state of shock and shame, she took my hands and started caressing them and slowly she put her arms around me and started hugging me both our boobs were pressing each other slowly she started kissing on forehead and then cheeks and then slowly on my lips, I was so excited unknowingly I also put my arms around her and started reciprocating to her kiss, slowly her toung darted between my lips and both of us were got very much involved, suddenly I felt her hands exploring my boobs and took the leads form her and started doing the same which she did to me, she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and I was in my sari she slowly opened my blouse and then my bra and started to nuzzle them in a rhythemic manner and I was in a different world, I slowly removed her t-shirt and started doing the same, she the slowly lifted my sari with one hand and with other hand she started rubbing between my thighs and slowly she started exploring my pussy, after some time she took me to the bed and made me to lie on my back and slowly removed all my clothes and she also took of her clothes, her boobs were small firm and she had a huge ass round and firm and pussy was cleanly shaven, my hands ran all over her body, while she was fingering and exploring my pussy and all of a sudden she statred kissing over there and her tounge was exploring all over my pussy, it was as if she has mastered the art of pussy eating, her tounge was everyinch of my pussy and in beteween she was also moving her tounge in my ass hole which made my hornier, i was literally having orgasm after orgasm which i never had in my life, also i was thinking of tasting her pussy but i had an hesitation as i never was into all this, i gatered courage and asked her to mount on me in 69 position and slowly started kissing her and then slowly intredued my tounge in her pussy and taste was not that bad and then the real play began, i was eating her pussy and all her juices were all over my face. Then she brought a candle from kitchen and gave me a good fuck and and when my turn came i also did the same, we had 3 torrid sessions during that night and in between when ever we go to bathroom to clean ourselves she used to piss on me and i used to do the same on her. Infact she is the one who introduced me to this site, it was a real experence and after that when ever we used to get time we did try different thing which i will share in my next story.
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