Monday, August 4, 2008

It Was Her First Night

Desi Babe First Night
This is the first of the stories written by my boyfriend and I. This was written by my boyfriend, the characters in this story are his development. As the series go on, they develop based on the stories that come before it. Enjoy!

As the cold night's air and slight rain start to sober Jennifer up a little, she realises just how silly an idea it was to walk home from Charlotte's party. Its 3am, she's all alone and still quite tipsy.

"Why the hell did I decide to walk home?" she mutters to herself, certain she can hear the cracking of twigs behind her.

"Is anyone there?" she calls out, hoping no one replies.

She continues walking and decides the feeling of being followed is definitely just paranoia at walking home very late on her own while drunk.

She makes it to her door and puts the key in the lock. She knows her family are away, so does not worry about making noise. Just as she steps into her house she is grabbed from behind by a tall strong figure. She goes to struggle and shout, but the figure is too strong and the hand covering her mouth is too firmly in place. The last thing Jennifer recalls is a sharp pain in her neck as she falls unconscious.

As Jennifer groggily comes to, she tries to move and realises she is tied down. As she quickly clears her head she realises she is blindfolded, naked and tied to the four corners of the bed by strong leather bonds. She struggles and shouts out only to have her cries stifled by soft lips against hers.

"Quiet pretty one."

Although this voice is hushed it is very commanding and Jennifer is immediately still.

"I have brought you to my home and as long as you comply with my requests you will not be harmed," the same hushed voice says.

Jennifer feels a single finger run from the tip of her toe, up her foot, gently up to the side of her thigh and onward up the side of her body to her neck where once again she feels a sharp pain, similar to a bite but with much sharper teeth. She feels faint and slips out of consciousness once more.

The next time Jennifer is aware of her surroundings, she feels fingers slowly caressing her stomach while the quiet voice whispers her name into her ear. The figure seems to realise she is awake as he moves his hands up to her aroused nipples and starts gently teasing them while still calling into her ear.

"Who are you, why am I here?" she calls out, but softly, betraying the fact she is enjoying his touch.

"Do not ask questions!" He punctuates his point by pulling sharply on her nipple eliciting a moan from Jennifer's body.

"But you are holding me here against my will!" she calls out defiantly.

"I told you to stop." This time his sharp nails are grated against her breast and cause her to call out in pain.

"She's obviously not going to stop." A new voice calls out from far away. A female voice.

"I think you're going to have to teach her that we can cause great pleasure or pain depending on how she acts."

"I think you are right." the male voice states and Jennifer feels the hand leave her body.

"Jennifer, we are going to untie you now, if you try to run or struggle it will only make things worse, nod your head if you understand."

Jennifer nods her head but predictably tries to get away once her body is untied. Four strong hands restrain her.

"That was very stupid, Jennifer" The female whispers venomously into her ear.

The hands move Jennifer and she feels her hands being pulled above her head as her feet are chained to the floor.

"Now we are going to remove the blindfold," The male voice states.

Jennifer blinks in the harsh light and looks around. She can see the male. He is fairly tall and slim with sandy blonde hair. However the first thing she notices is the way his eyes shine. They appear to be brown, and blue and grey and yellow all at once it is captivating. In fact, she thinks to herself, he is quite captivating in general. He appears to be almost radiating light, and he is so beautiful. This is in stark contrast to the place she is chained in. It is a dark room, painted black, which is dimly light expect for the bright spotlight on her. She can see a table with restraints on her left and can see a cage on her right. She thinks she can see all manner of whips and toys over to the side but is not sure due to the bright light.

"Where is the woman?" Jennifer asks, she is answered as she feels hands come from around her to cup her breasts and a body is pressed against her back.

"The woman behind you is Laura." The man returns to using his hushed voice.

"I am Robert, the leader of this covenant." Robert nods towards Laura and she pulls her body away. Suddenly, Jennifer feels the crack of a whip against her back.

"No girl is fit to enter our covenant until she has learnt not to disobey." Robert nods to Laura to continue. Crack, the whip strikes Jennifer's bottom. Again and again the whip strikes her body. Not once in the same place and each time being just soft enough to not break the skin.

"Enough" Robert proclaims, and the whipping stops. "I want you to cover her body in lotion so that the pain is eased."

As Laura goes to the side to find the lotion Robert walks right up to Jennifer and places his hand lightly between her legs. As he nibbles her ear he moves his hand up and runs his nails over Jennifer's stomach, leaving straight red marks up her body.

"We will not seriously harm you," he whispers right before biting into her neck. Jennifer feels the blood being sucked out of the wound as Robert stops and licks the wound to clear the drops of blood.

"You taste so good," he absently whispers, a glazed look in his eyes. He steps away from her and watches as Laura applies to lotion all over Jennifer's body, making Jennifer squirm as it is applied to her breasts.

"We are now going to move you to the table." Robert says as Laura undoes the chains. Jennifer, having learnt by now, obediently walks to the table and lies down. Once she is tied to the table, Robert explains to her what will happen to her.

"You have been punished for your earlier misconduct and now we can show you the joys of our covenant." As soon as Robert has stopped speaking he kisses Jennifer, and she feels lips kissing her feet. As Robert passionately continues kissing her, she feels Laura's mouth and tongue slowly working its way up her body. Laura kisses along the inside of her thighs and kisses around Jennifer's lips, teasing her and causing her to moan quietly into Roberts' mouth. Suddenly Laura flicks her tongue over Jennifer's clit and makes her cry out as Laura vigorously licks her clit while sliding one finger inside her. Laura then stops and removes her finger before kissing down Jennifer's body until she is kissing her ass. She then snakes her tongue out and starts flicking her tongue over Jennifer's ass causing loud moans into Robert's mouth. Laura then returns to licking her clip, while inserting a finger into Jennifer's ass.

Robert uses this instant to close his mouth over Jennifer's nipple and cause her to throw her head from side to side as she reaches the edge. Just as she starts to call out in orgasmic bliss all tongues and fingers are removed from her body. After a second Jennifer realises she has been denied her pleasure and cries out.

"You will only receive your pleasure once you have pleasured each of us in turn." Robert forcefully tells Jennifer. As Laura unties her, Jennifer jumps on her, tears off her clothes and forces her onto her back where she assaults Laura's clit attempting to make her come as quickly as possible, in an attempt to bring about her own orgasm. Laura thrashes around beneath Jennifer and is quickly screaming in pleasure.

Jennifer then quickly turns her attention to Robert, who is still standing watching the pair, and simply pulls down his trousers before sliding her lips over the head of his member. This causes Robert to moan out, as he closes his eyes and lets the feeling of Jennifer's lips engulf his senses. He calls out in pleasant shock when he feels a second tongue flick across his balls. He looks down to see a recovered Laura joining Jennifer in pleasuring him. The two take it in turn to press their lips around his shaft or flick their tongue over his balls. As he nears orgasm the two press their tongues either side of his shaft and move their heads up and down it in perfect unison. This causes him to cry out as Laura, knowing Robert's body better than Jennifer, swallows his shaft completely and drains him.

Jennifer is still extremely horny and Laura gently laps between her legs while Robert recovers. Once he has he pushes Laura aside and forces himself inside a ready Jennifer, which causes her to cry out his name. As he continues to fuck her hard and fast Laura kisses Jennifer passionately and nibbles at her neck and chest. As Jennifer comes hard she feels Laura bite hard into her neck and drink, starting to drain her blood. This confuses Jennifer; especially once Robert bites into his own wrist and tells her to drink. As the transfer takes place Robert tells Jennifer about the fact that she will now be entering into the covenant of Vampyres, which is led by himself. And that she is to be his equal.

He goes on to explain that in order to make her a vampire as strong as possible to lead with him he had to plant his seed in her as well as giving her his blood. It is the perfect union as it was done during the height of pleasure. Robert removes his wrist from her mouth and moves Laura away from her throat. He then picks up Jennifer in her weakened state and carries her next door into a bedroom.

"Laura make sure none one disturbs us until we awaken" This is his last command before dismissing her and climbing into the bed, holding his new queen against him as the two of them drift off to sleep together.
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