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Puja ki Pyasi Choot Aur Bhukha Lund

Puja ki Pyasi Choot Aur Bhukha LundHi friends, thanks I got very good response for my first experience I share with Kangna. Kangna son was back for his study. It was around 15 days back I got call from Kangna. She informed me that her Son has left and she is at her motherhouse and will be back to her home by Saturday. She told me to come to her house on Sunday as she has one surprise for me. I was happy that I would again have a chance to fuck Kangna, the beauty. Since my cousin is tenant at Kangna’s house, I was little bit worried that if she saw me I will have to spent some time to her house and it will be nothing but waste of time. So I have decided to go by bus to Kangna’s house so that my cousin will not have any idea about me.

I reached Kangna’s house at 11.00AM and rang the doorbell. Surprising, there was no one to open the door. I press the door and found that the door is open. I opened the door and closed the same after entering the room. It is only a one room set house. I called Kangna but there was no response. I heard some noise in bathroom so I thought she must be taking bath. I knocked the bathroom door and with little press it got open. I was shocked to see a different women standing nude taking shower. I said sorry and closed the door.

I came back to the main room and sat on the bed. My body was shivering and my cock was totally erect. I called Kangna on her mobile and she told that she has come out to market and will be back in next two hour. She told me to wait at her house and her husband’s sister (Puja) is at home. I was sitting on bed and lots of thoughts were going on in my mind. Suddenly Puja called me from the bathroom. Naveen I have not taken towel, can you please give me the same. I searched in room and found the towel lying on second corner of bed. I took the towel, while taking the towel I found her bra & panty lying there. I touched the panty and had a smell. It was nice. She again requested me for towel and I knocked the door and handed over the towel to her. After few minutes Puja come out from bathroom with towel on her body. She was looking awesome and there was big bulk under my pant. I said sorry to Puja that I come inside the bathroom, for which she smiled and told not to worry. She starts rubbing her body with another small towel and told me would I mind if she will have her cloth infront of me, it was like a good invitation for me and I immediately told no, no problem. She first takes her panty and then her bra. I was thinking that after some time I would surely pull out these cloth from her body.

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She then went to almirah and take out blue jeans and white shirt. After wearing the cloth she came near to me and sat on chair. My eyes were viewing her beautiful body parts. She was having nice body, though I have seen her nude under shower and have seen her while she was having her clothes but believe me it white shirt and blue jeans she was looking so sexy. I like to see women first in full cloth and it gives a different pleasure to pull out the cloths one by one. Puja was having nice figure, she was having nice boobs 34 to press and her ass was 38.

She asked what happen to me and whether I have not seen any girl. I told that I have seen lot of girls but Puja you are different from all other. She passed smile and told that I am making fun of her. I told no Puja its right, any man can do anything to get you. Immediately she told me leave others, what you can do for me. I was speechless and told anything. She came near to me; I take her hand on my hand and give a kiss on her hand. I gave a kiss on her cheeks and put my lips on her lips, she gave me way to enter her mouth and within seconds we were playing with each other tongue and my hand was pressing her back and then my hands were on buttocks. I pinched there, she whispered, you are naughty Naveen. I kissed on her neck and earlobes and give a big smooch. We were kissing to each other for next 15 minutes. I start removing his shirt by opening the buttons and she helped me to remove the shirt. I kissed her nice boobs on her bra and have asked her to open her bra. Ladies likes to ask them to open their bra. She opened her bra and here two mangoes with grapes over there were there. Without wasting time I take her boobs in my mouth and start sucking and with my hand I was pressing the next one. I sucked her boobs for next half an hour one by one and suddenly I noticed that Kangna might come in next one hour and it will be good to finish the scene as early as possible. I came to her belly and sucked there and start removing her jeans. Puja told that it is not fair and start removing my clothes. I removed my t-shirt and she starts kissing on my chest and sucking my nipples, my road becomes so hart that it would come out if Puja not started removing my jeans. I was in my boxer and she put her hand on my cock. She opened my boxer and kissed on my cock and start sucking it. Oh friends she has given me such a good blowjob, which I have not enjoyed till in my life. She sucked in such a way that I came in her mouth, we again kissed each other. Then I told now it’s my turn. I opened her jeans and put kiss on her thighs and panty. She removed her panty and I kissed on her pussy. I take her clitoris and bite there. She told suck me Naveennnnnnnnn, yes, I like it, give me the fun, suck me and fuck me, Kangna bhabhi was right, you are really a good sucker. I put my tongue in her pussy and sucked very fast. She cummed twice while I was busy in sucking. She told Naveen now I can’t wait, put your cock and fuck me hard. I asked whether you are virgin, she told no I will tell you later, at this moment fuck me hard and show me your cock. I put my cock on her pussy and start fucking her, it was very hot pussy, I start pumping her hard, after 10 minutes when I was suppose to cum, I take out my cock and asked her to be in doggy style. She bends down on her knee and her ass was in front of me. I put my cock in her pussy and start pumping, my full cock was moving to & fro in her pussy and after giving fast storks I cummed in her pussy. She told that Naveen you have given me pleasure of sex, which I was not having from my husband. I was shocked to hear that she is married. She starts playing with my cock and told that she wants to ride over me. I lay on my back in bed and she came over me and took my cock in her pussy and start riding over me. I liked a lady to ride over me and Puja was just fantastic in doing this. While fucking me her boobs were flowing up and down, I start pressing and pinching her boobs. After 10 minute we both cummed together and she laid on me kissing my chest. I told Puja I want to fuck your ass, she told no it will give pain. After sometime I was able to convince her and she again bent on her knee, I put one finger on her ass and to keep her attention away, I start sucking her pussy; she starts moaning and pressing her fingers on pillow. I put my fingers in round in her ass and take her cum from pussy and put the same on ass to make it lubricated. I took my cock on her ass and start pumping; it was small but lovely whole to enter. She told no Naveen, it is very small, it will torn if you enter your cock, lets leave this act. But I was not in mood to listen, I again start pumping and my half cock was in her ass, I start pressing her boobs and give another stroke and my full cock was in her ass. I start moving my cock in her ass and she put his mouth in pillow to avoid the noise. After few strokes I cum and loaded her ass with my cum. We both laid on bed and kissing each other. Suddenly bell rang, it was Kangna. I take my dress and Puja went to bathroom. I open the door and Kangna came inside giving me a smile. She told Sorry Naveen, I keep you on wait. I hope you have not faced bore. I told not at all, and was giving thanks to Kangna to be out and giving me chance to fuck Puja. After few minutes, Puja came from bathroom in her dress and sit on bed. I asked Kangna that I will leave now; she asked me to stay and asked Puja to prepare tea for us. When Puja was in kitchen, Kangna came near to me and kissed me I hugged her and we have good smooch, while kissing me she told me Naveen I hope you have got your surprise as I promised. I was shocked to know that whatever happened few minutes back was planned.

Kangna told me that now she will go back to her Mother’s place and will stay there as her mother is not feeling well and she has also nothing to do here in this flat as her Son has gone to hostel. She has promised me that she will call me whenever she will come to her house.

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Now days I am waiting for call from Kangna, yes I am enjoying my family life and having sex with my wife. But the satisfaction, which Kangna & Puja have given to me, unfortunately I am not able to have from my wife.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Chikni Padosan Madhu ki Jhum Jhum Chudai

Chikni Padosan Madhu ki Jhum Jhum Chudai
I’m Guddu a cool, well placed middle aged guy working for an MNC based in Bangalore.I travel to all the main metros on work regularly.

I stay in a multistoried apartment block on the 14th floor with my family. We have our neighbours the Ahujas living across in the next flat. They have a real cute and sexy daughter Madhu who was in class X. Now let me describe Madhu - fair,long straight waist length hair,big eyes,cute nose with a real sexy figure of 32.26.34.Most of the time she wore short skirts showing off her fair shapely teen legs and tank tops through which one could make out her budding cute tits. I used to run into her at the common floor areas and in the lift she used to give me a smile and wish me. Once or twice I caught her looking at my crotch which I ignored as something all teens go through at a certain age. Little did I know that this cute little devil had something planned for me.

Chikni Padosan Madhu ki Jhum Jhum Chudai
Once when my family was away to Delhi my food Mrs.Ahuja offered to send my dinner over everyday as my cook also had taken a few days leave at the same time. Madhu used to bring over my dinner at 8.30 PM everyday. The first couple of days she came over and sat with me while I used to have the food sent over by her mother. We used to talk about her school,friends and my school days etc. Then one day post my dinner we were sitting at the dining table and talking when she asked me about my girlfriends in school and about my collage love life etc. After the first couple of innocent questions she slowly steered the topic towards sex and asked and if I have had sex before my marriage. Guess I got carried away looking at this sexy young big eyed girl asking me such questions and started getting graphic about my past experiences. She then got up and came over to my side of the table and sat on my lap and tried to smooch me. That’s the time when I snapped back to reality and told her that she’s too young and this is not right. What she did next shocked me completely. She pulled out her cell and played pack the recording of our conversation and told me that if I did not do whatever she will tell her parents that I was trying to seduce her or worse still that she would start screaming right then that I tried to molest her.

Chikni Padosan Madhu ki Jhum Jhum Chudai
I asked her what exactly she wanted me to do….she then asked me to take off my jeans and t-shirt and stand in front of her. At first I refused but then when she threatened me again I had no options but to do as told…by now I thought to myself that might as well relax and enjoy since I was not left with much choice in the matter. I got up, first took of my T-shirt and then slowly opened the top button of my jeans and stood in front of her. Madhu was sitting on the chair and breathing heavily with excitement…she then caught my zipper and pulled the same down. My 8” long cock was rock hard and straining against my black briefs. She then pulled down my jeans and there I was standing in front of the teen diva in just my jocks and a massive hard on making a tent. She was wearing a short T-shirt and a pair of real sexy shorts which she got up and got out of in no time. I nearly went weak in my knees seeing her sexy body just clad in a skimpy black bra and G-string panties…guess she had come fully prepared to seduce me. I then slowly took her in my arms and started smooching her with our tongues exploring each others mouths and sucking each others lips. The feel of her hot young body against mine was just heavenly. I then kissed her on her forehead, her cute nose, neck and then started sucking and nibbling her ear lobes. By then she was moaning real hard…iisss aaahhhhmmmm mummieee…aaahhh..kiss me more mmmmm….

I unhooked her bra, pulled down her panties and then slowly took her soft budding pink nipples in my mouth and started gently sucking and biting them. The feel of her tits in my mouth was simply incredible and by then I was sucking and biting them like crazy while I was rubbing her small clit and totally wet pussy with my fingertips. She was moaning and literally hanging on to me…aahhhh mmmmm…her fresh smelling cum had fully coated my fingers. I took my fingers to my mouth and licked up her sweet musky cum. I carried her to my bed, put her down and then slowly licked my way down to her navel, thighs, knees and finally took her toes in my mouth and started sucking them. Madhu had caught me by my hair and was trying to push my face onto her sweet virgin pussy. I was deliberately teasing her by just licking and biting her inner thighs while she was moaning…please lick me thereeee..aaah please Guddu I’m dying…mmmmaaahh. Her pussy was real cute with pink lips and soft, black pubic hair which made her look a greek goddess….then I slowly licked her outer lips and started pushing my tongue into her vagina just like as though I was smooching her..the taste of fresh cum was incredible and she was literally squirting gallons of it into my mouth. After about ten minutes of tongue fucking in which she came like 3 times I licked my way up and started smooching her again. She was biting my tongue and moaning with ecstasy…aaaaammmm iisssss aaaahhh. By now my 8” tool was dying to be encased by her tight virgin pussy. I was on top of her and while smooching her slowly started rubbing my cock head against her small love hole…then gently gave a slight push and managed to get about 3 inches of my hard boner into her. She screamed…mummieee…aaaaaooouuch and held my hips and started pushing me more inside her. I felt my cock tear through her hymen and go in another couple of inches. Then I started a slow rocking motion and went deeper inside her with every little push till my cock was completely buried inside her love hole. We were smooching and sucking each others lips like crazy and I started increasing the tempo till my cock was pistoning in and out real fast. Her moans…aaaaaammmmm iiisss maaaa…was driving me crazy and made me fuck her like hell till the time we came together and collapsed in a heap. We lay like that with me inside her and she in my arms for quite sometime giving each other small kisses and murmuring sweet nothings. My bedspread was stained with her virgin blood and our cum. We then got up and went to the bathroom together where she confessed that it was her fantasy that I should lie down and that she would then sit on my face and make me drink her pee. Since I was her personal sex slave for the day I lay down and made her sit on my face while I sucked and fucked her pussy again with my tongue…as she was sitting facing my cock she held my hard cock with her dainty fingers,bent down and gave me the best BJ of my life till the time both of us came into each others mouth. She then spread her legs and let go a hot steam of sexy smelling pee into my mouth which I drank like a thirsty man in a desert…after we had a both together and great sex again under the shower…we dressed up each other and I saw her to the door. Before going she thanked me for the wonderful experience and smooched me.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

TaRaptee Pyasi Teacher ki Moti Gand Mari

TaRaptee Pyasi Teacher ki Moti Gand Mari

Hi friends, I am youth icon(name changed) a regular reader of these fantasies. You all have shared your experiences on the group and I also would like to share my first with you all. It is not a story but a fact of my life. I am from hosur,I was in std. 11th at that time. I was very good at studies. I had a sexy biology school teacher. Her name was Mrs. Purnima. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body specially by her boobs. They were very good & perfect in shape and size.she was newly married at that time. After few months she became pregnant. My interest in her started after seeing her in biology lab, where I got a glimpse of her cleavage. She is really a sex goddess. From that time, I masturbated many times thinking of her beauty.

She used to take care of me very well, as I was very good in studies. Later, after few months, when I was in 12 th std, she left the job as it was time for her delivery. She told me to keep in touch with her. After I finished schooling, I some how wanted to see her. So, one day after almost 1 year, I went to her house. Literally, I was surprised to see her, with her baby. She had put on a bit of weight, like a typical south-Indian house wife. I chatted with her husband for sometime. She gave me a coffee. While placing coffee on the table, she bent. I couldn’t take out my eyes from her boobs. She even noticed it. But, didn’t take it seriously. I decided to fuck her somehow. So, came after few minutes of chatting.

The real story starts now. Now I am doing my MBA. So, made up an idea and called her asking, there is some vacancy for biology subjects in a school. She told, as she has take care of her baby, she can’t take up job. She invited me to her house to talk further. Then I went there, she was wearing nighty, she became a bit fat. I told about it. She told you are a naughty boy, if I eat and be in house, it will be like this only, she told. Her child was playing near me, she came to give her baby a little water. As she bent, I was unable to control as two water melons were hanging infront of me. She noticed it and gave me a sexy smile. After sometime, baby slept. She chatted with me freely for sometime. Then, our topic diverted into girls and sex.

She asked how are the junior girls in our school. I replied, I had visited school last week, all small girls were grown into sexy figures in 3 years time. Then, she asked, so you are enjoying with that girls? I told no madam, my dreams are entirely different. She asked what? I toldsearching for a girl someone who will be like you. She was shocked for sometime. I know, she is getting seduced. Then, to seduce further, I asked few doubts about reproductive system. She tried to clear my doubts. But, I acted innocently. Then, she was upto what I expected. She told she will explain everything practically. I was very happy.

Then, she understood the situation, was really hot. She was bitting her lips."What about a kiss?" she said, and took her by her hand and pulled her towards me. We looked at each other's eyes. I was holding her by her waist and she was holding me by my neck. "But what if someone comes to know about it? Please don't tell anyone anything about our present situation." "Oh come on darling, rest assured no one will come to know anything about what we share with each other, but u r only a bit older to me, we can always satisfy each other." She kissed me on my cheeks. I kissed her on her cheeks too. She smiled. I said, "What about a lip-to-lip one?"

She felt shy. I started kissing her all over her face, cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead, ears. She was getting red in shy. I did not stop. I kept kissing her. I came down to her neck and started kissing her there. I kissed on her chest just above her breasts. Now she was holding me tight and my erect penis under my pants was poking into her inner thighs. She could obviously feel the erection, and I wanted her to feel it too. We kept kissing each other for a long time. Then she asked me to come to her bedroom. She closed the door and asked me to take my shirt off. I still had my pants on. She laid me on the bed and sat beside me. I pulled her on top of myself. She again gave a moan of shy, "Ohhhhhh ahhhhhh”.
I kept kissing her with her on top of me.

I slowly removed nighty and looked at her bulging boobs still cupped inside her bra. She smiled. I rolled her over and came over her. I started kissing those boobs from above the breasts. She was getting hotter and hotter and she started moaning. I took both breasts in both hands and started squeezing. She closed her eyes and pulled my head on to her breasts. Now she was in a petticoat and I still in my pants with my dick pricking hard from under my undies. I got hold of the bare breasts and started squeezing them hard. I pinched the nipples. She was enjoying it as much as I. I took one breast in my mouth and sucked on the nipple while I squeezed the other one with my hand. Then I did the same with the other one. She was moaning loudly, "Oh dear...please...I can't bear it..oh...ooooh..ah.."

"I love u", I said.

"I love u too, she replied."

I kept pressing her huge boobs and started kissing her on her lips. She started responding by putting her tongue into my mouth. I put my tongue into her mouth too. Saliva was running from our mouths. We kept kissing each other for a long time, me all the while pressing her boobs, squeezing them, and then I again came down and sucked those erect nipples of her which were hard. I pinched them, bit them, sucked them hard. She was closing her eyes in sheer pleasure and ecstacy. She sure was enjoying it.

Then I slowly started moving down and started kissing her inner thighs from above the petticoat. I gradually rolled the petticoat up and made my way up towards her love hole. She was shivering in expectation of what was to come. Now I could see the vaginal hair, it was a dark bush covering up her vagina. I placed my hand on it and it was all wet. Her juices were flowing. I squeezed the vagina and the hair on it. She shivered. I put my mouth on it and kissed her on her vagina. "Oh dear What r u doing? I have never had this pleasure before from my hubby, he never did this to me."

"But I am doing." Saying this, I started licking her cunt, and she was in heaven. She kept tossing and turning on the bed, closing her eyes, and giving out moans. "Oh yes...oh please...do this...do this to me...please..i have never had such pleasure..do it...just do it, damn it."

"Sure darling, I am all yours today."

I kept licking and sucking at her cunt and juices flowed as if they would never come to an end. I put on finger in, and then a second, into her cunt, and it seemed a bit tight. After all, she had not had any penetration for 14 long bloody years!!! I kept fingering her love hole as I kept sucking and licking her cunt and she kept scratching my hair and pulling my head more towards her cunt. She wanted me inside her cunt, as if. I flicked my tongue on her clitoris, and she went wild. "Oh ...shit...do it again..oh...aaaah." I kept flicking my tongue on her clitoris and eating and chewing on it and kissing it and she went mad. "Oh yes..do it, just do it...u r mine...oh god...shit....what pleasure." Her body was shivering and she was on the verge of an orgasm, as I realised. She sat up and pulled me up. "I want to have an orgasm, but not this way. I want to come with u inside me."

"Sure darling, take ur petticoat off."

"U take ur pants off too."

I got up and got my pants off, and then my undie. By then she had removed her petticoat. She was sitting right in front of me on the bed, fully nude, my sweetheart, my darling. And I was standing right in front of her, nude, with my erect dick saluting her nude beauty. We looked at each other, and then we laughed. "Even at this age u look gorgeous, darling." I said. She pulled me towards her and kissed my dick. She was still sitting on the bed and I was standing with my dick right in front of her mouth. She kissed my dick for some time and then took it in her mouth. She started sucking it and masturbating it with a to and fro motion of her hands. She was trying to take it into her mouth as much as she could and shivers ran down my spine. Oh god, what a pleasure. She kept giving me a blowjob as I pulled her head on to my dick, wanting her to suck more and more. Even I was giving out moans now.

"Yes..oh yes..suck it darling..suck it, it's all yours...suck it."

"What a dick you got, your future wife is very lucky, she said.”

"Yes indeed...but for now...just suck it darling...it's urs now."

She sucked and licked along the length of the shaft and squeezed my balls. "I had never done this to my husband even...we never had oral sex." I laid her on the bed on her back and wanted to enter her. She opened her legs up, inviting me to enter. I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy and gave a little jerk. It felt tight still. She closed her eyes..."ahhhhh. I haven't had it for 2 long years..take care." I gave another push, and it went in a bit. I gave pushes after pushes and it kept going in. She grabbed me by my neck and kissed me. She closed her eyes..."OOOOh..oh god..I love u..do it darling...please do it..go into my hole and do it."

By this time her moist vagina was well lubricated to take the whole of my dick in, and I could feel hitting the end of the canal. I started fucking her pussy first slowly, then increased my speed. I could not believe my luck, I was actually fucking my beautiful teacher, nude and naked, pumping my instrument in and out of her pussy hole, and we kept kissing each other, embracing each other with our arms, moaning and hissing. I started sucking her breasts and her nipples while I fucked her and she kept moaning in pleasure. "Oh...oh god i love u..i love u...just do it..just fuck me..fuck me harder..oh yeah...ouch..yes..oh shit..god damn it..just fuck me...fuck me to hell.."

"Fuck u darling..fuck u..i love u."

I realised that this way I would not be able to hold my juices long, so I asked her to come atop me and ride me. She said "Okay." We changed positions, rolling over each other, still embracing each other, holding and clinging on to each other tight. She sat on my dick and pushed her pelvis down and in it went. Now my dick was lost in her cunt ,fucking me from above. Her breasts were tossing this way and that way and that got me even harder. I pressed her on those hanging and swinging boobs of hers and she kissed me on my cheeks, my forehead, then she started sucking my lips. "Oh..how much I love u..why did u take so long to do this..."

"I always wanted u...i always loved u darling."

"I love u too...promise that u will make me happy this way by fucking me regularly”

"Sure i will fuck u...i will always fuck u..I love u too."

She kept fucking and fucking me from above and then crashing down...she just had an orgasm. The pleasure in her face was something to be seen. "Oh...after such a long time, 2 years I have had this pleasure of an orgasm...just do it..do it more to me..i want more of u...please." I pulled her down from above me and before she could realise what I was up to I put my dick into her pussy from the behind. I was now fucking her from behind and she was going ecstatic. She got hold of the pillow and started squeezing it as I pumped her from the rear. I put my arms from under her arms on to her breasts and squeezed the breasts and pinched the nipples as I stroked in and out of her pussy. And she was moaning all the time as I did this.."Oh..I have never had this sort of a pleasure before..my hubby never did this."

I felt I was going to have an orgasm but I was not ready to lose my love juices so soon. I took my dick out and asked her to suck it. She sucked. She pushed my on the bed on my back, came in betweeen my legs, and started sucking my dick. Oh god, what a pleasure. I could not believe my fucked up luck! Next we tried the 69 position, and she sucked on my dick as I licked her cunt. She came in a huge force on my face with her next orgasm and I licked her love juices flowing.

"I want to fuck ur asshole", I said.

"But I have never done it.. "I will apply some oil on ur asshole and on the top of my dick and it will go in..don't worry."

I brought a bottle of oil from the toilet and put it on her asshole and then to my dick. She took her position. I placed myself behind her and pushed my dick in. Slowly and slowly it went in, though it was a bit painful for her initially. I started fucking her asshole, and she kept hissing and moaning. I fucked her long in her asshole, then brought my prick out. She lied down and I went on top of her and started fucking her again. Then she came atop me and started fucking me..."Ooooh...ah...ouch..oh shit...fuck me..fuck me...fuck me hard..kill me but fuck me..." She kissed me. She kissed my lips. I kept squeezing her breasts from underneath her. I wanted to suck those boobs. She placed one breast on my mouth and then the other one. I sucked her boobs as she fucked me from the top.

She again had an orgasm, the third one. Even I was finding it hard to hold on any longer and I told her I wanted to cum. final blowjob, and my she readily agreed. She sat up and started giving me a blowjob as she squeezed my balls hard. Oh god..what a pleasure. I could hold myself no longer. I came in huge volumes as my semen came out in heavy spurts and she kept sucking up all my love juices.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hot Desi Neighbour Shilpa ki Chudai

Hot Desi Neighbour Shilpa ki Chudai
I am 19 yr, old student studying at one of the reputed deemed universities in chennai. Besides studying I like to, make friends, meet people, listen to great music n roam around the city. Here in chennai I had rented an apartment in k.k nagar as my parents were living in hyd. I was a junior at my college in chennai. Earlier to this incident I had fucked a college gal called dipika last weekend.( i’ve posted that story too…name… is “fucking a college girl in chennai”.) Shilpa is very wheatish in color and I dreamt of fucking her all the time. Although i’m extremely friendly and frank with her but never had to courage to ask her for sex.

About a week back I went to her house (3rd floor.I was staying in 2nd) in the morning at around 10:30 I went to her house to give her the stuff I had bought her since she called me up to get her few things. She was all-alone in the house (her husband had gone to the office and and her 5 yr old son, had gone to a nearby play skool). She asked me whether I wanted some coffee n I agreed. She made coffee for me while I was sitting on the stool in the kitchen and admiring her beautiful ass. With the coffee ready, she asked me to come upstairs(duplex flat) and watch TV while having tea as there was nothing else to do. She was wearing black tights and a blue polo neck shirt. As she bent to pick the TV remote from the floor, I saw a complete view of her ass and I was feeling aroused in my pants. She caught my eyes admiring her ass but pretended that she saw nothing and acted normally. Now we were talking and joking with each other while enjoying cofee while the TV was switched on to 'f.TV. They were showing some show in which 2 girls were walking on the ramp in bikini. Shilpa looked at me and was like 'look at these girls.'' before she said anything further I said ' yea. I’m looking at them' and started to laugh. She gave me a naughty smile and said 'wat u looking at ? Huh'. I was like 'aunty wat else can I look at, now don’t ask me to get into the details'.

She then said 'hmm. Karthi u have grown up'. I replied 'i’ve grown up long time back, it’s just that u noticed it now'. Continuing I said ' and shilpa aunty, u hav’nt changed. Ur as pretty as any other girl. U have done a lot to maintain ureself.he. Haven’t you ?'. She was like 'oh come on, don’t be flirtatious with me, I know u inside out' I was like 'aunty i’m serious'. She replied 'yea and you noticed it now' and started to laugh. I was like 'okey' and told her that yea I have been admiring her for long but never had the courage to tell her. She asked me is there anything else u want to tell me as u are full of courage right now ?. I replied 'yea. I find u very hot and i’ve many times... U know wat I mean ?' she said 'yea I know.. U have many times dash but do u want to convert ur fantasies into reality ?' I replied 'I would love to'. She said 'that u've got it hero'. With that we both smiled and she stood up came close to me. Sat on my lap and gave me a real tight hug. She asked me how was my experience with that college friend…???? I was shocked to hear this from her.

I asked her how did she come to know about it…????? She told me that she was constantly hearing moaning sounds from my flat on that weekend. She even asked me her name…I told that it was dipika…so she gave a naughty smile and said “ur not a virgin…””I want u to fuck me to the core”I said…”yea i’ll give u the best fuck of ur life” and I moved my finger on her face. From her forehead till her lips and opened them a bit and started kissing her. She broke the kiss and said lets go to the bedroom, its not comfortable at all over here. I was like as you say mistress. We entered her room and got into bed. I started to take off her clothes one by one while kissing her and my tongue explored her mouth.

Within few minutes she was completely naked and we were still kissing like crazy teenage lovers. I held both her boobs in my hand and started to press them. I lay her on the bed, kissed on her neck. Gave her a love bite and then came down and started to suck her boobs. I moved further down, started to finger her pussy and lick it with my tongue. I kept on doing it for 10 mins when finally she came and felt exhausted and breathless. I lay next to her and kissed her again. She got up after 5 mins, came on top of me and started to undo my shirt while biting my chest, soon after that she removed my pants then and then my boxers !! My dick came out as if it was released from some prison. She started licking my dick and moved her tongue rite down to my balls. She then sucked my dick up and down and took around three fourths of it inside her mouth. Boy I was feeling the pleasure and some after when I was about to come, I removed by dick from her mouth, got up and sprayed all my cum on her boobs. I laid there for a few minutes while she went to the washroom to clean herself up. My dick was all swollen. She came back and lay next to me in my arms. She was like 'karthi you have quite a nice tool(8 inch.dipika measured it for the first time), its hard and I wonder how is it going to be like once it enters my love hole'.

I replied 'aunty don’t worry, u won’t have to wait for much long and laughed'. She caught hold of my dick in her hands and started to move it to and fro, she managed her way down and started to suck me again, within 7-8 mins I felt my dick getting hard again. Now the real show began. I got up, made her laid on her back, opened her legs wide, kept them on my shoulders and guided my dick in her pussy, which was already wet and helped in the movement. I started fucking her and gave her some big strokes deep down her pussy and she was moaning and pressing my ass cheeks with the rhythm so as to give her a deep stroke. I fucked her in that position for 10 mins, I then asked her to come on top of me while I will lie on the bed and she can ride me. She got on top of me, guided my dick in her pussy and started to move up and down. I was lying still while she rode on my cock for about 15 - 20 mins, she came and the intensity of her hot juices couldn’t help me hold longer and I come at the same time.

I loaded her bag with my hot cream and she lay in my arms while my dick was still in her pussy. We then laid there for quite some time and all this time I was pressing her arse cheeks and slapping them. After some time she got up and said that lets shower together and enjoy once more for the day. We got up and went to the washroom to take a bath. She opened the shower and turned her back against me and started to rub her ass cheeks again my dick. I held her by her waist and moved her more close to me and rubbed my dick against her ass until it was hard again. I told her I that I wanted this time to be doggy style. She bent and held my tool between her legs and guided it into her pussy. I started with the movements and began to pump by rod in her pussy real hard and the sound of my stomach hitting her ass was amazing. I fucked her for 20 more mins before I came. We then showered each other and came out. I told her that I should now get dressed and leave as I had to complete my coll records. She replied that yes u can leave but now u have to come regularly so that we can enjoy ourselves. I kissed her again on her lips and replied how can I not come back to have sex with my dream partner. She smiled and kissed me back on my lips.

We both helped each other got dressed and I left after that, but readers it was an amazing experience, an experience for me to fuck my neighbor which I always dreamed about. After this experience we have had sex on three more occasions and I love fucking her.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise Sex with Desi Maid

This story is about my maid, whose name is Kaveri. She in real life is ready for a fuck with me but I am avoiding her as she works in my home and i dint want any trouble at home. Anyhow the story goes like this. I am rajesh, live in Bangalore along with parents, my wife and kid. My wife is from Delhi. We have a big house in bangalore and to maintain that we require maid as my wife and mother alone cannot take care of it. So for washing clothes, sweeping and washing kettles we engaged a maid by name kaveri. She is decent looking; whitish in complexion, in her early 30’s may be 32. She has a little tummy and heavy boobs and little over size butts. But her butts where her sex appeal. Although i never thought in direction of having sex but her boobs and butts use to give me hard on . She use to come home early by 7.30 in morning as she use to work in other house also, so she use to finish her work at our place by 10 and move to other house. 1st thing in morning she uses to dust and sweep floor. It happen to be april when my wife wanted to go to her place delhi as it was summer holiday for my daughter, for which we planned and i booked tickets for my wife and daughter on friday night which was last day of school for my daughter. As things where not going smooth at home my parents wanted to visit our family guru in delhi as well, so i booked tickets for them also along with my wife. I dropped them to airport on friday night and while returning home took few xxx blue films dvd. In night i saw couple of movies and shagged and went to sleep. Next morning i got up early and got ready by 7.30. Around 7.40 kaveri came and i opened the door. She was already informed about this situation. She smiled as i opened the door and i replied with the same. I lied on sofa in main hall and switched on the t.v. she took a broom and started to sweep the floor from room to dinning hall and then reached main hall. As she stepped in hall i notice sweat on her her forehead and also her wet blouse near her underarms. It gave me a little horny feeling right them. My mind got deviated from t.v to her and i watched her move as she worked and specially her ass and boobs. Her ass was in great round shape when she was bending and her boobs shape was just mouth watering from side. I starred at her assets but saving my eyes meeting hers. As she came close towards sofa, i could smell fresh flower smell, which was put on her hair. The whole atmosphere was spell binding. I was looking her ass crack when she was near sofa as she was cleaning under table turning her ass on my face and that to so close that i could almost touch her ass cheek from my nose. I was trying to search her ass hole under the cloths just then she tuned. I don’t know what she noticed but she had a different look of astonish on her face. She hurried and swept the rest of floor in hurry and mean while also tried to cover the boobs and adjust her pallu bottom to cover her ass. I was little ashamed and also surprised how she came to know that i was checking her out.

After sweeping she went to bathroom to collect dirty cloths and then to wash area to wash clothes, which was next to kitchen. Between kitchen and wash area there was a netted door. I went in kitchen to drink water after a while and noticed kaveri washing clothes. As i drank water i stood there watching kaveri, she had pulled her lehanga and sari up to her knees so that it does not get wet. Her side view of boobs was still very good and on that the half naked legs really gave me hard on. I stood there for few seconds and then kaveri noticed me standing behind that net gate and asked did i wanted any thing? I replied in hurry that i was looking for my pen and may be i had left it in my pants, which she was washing, and then i opened the door and went to wash area. She took out my pant from the soaked clothes and searched for my pen meanwhile i enjoyed her body looks. She was not exactly beautiful and hot but was attractive as she was an indian woman with sari exposure, which showed her assets. She said its not there and i looked in her eyes and she understood it was just a dum reason to be there for me. I saw a difference in her eyes from earlier in hall. It was more comforting and also inviting with a smile. I just thanked her and went back to bathroom from where i could get a glimpse of her through the exhaust fan hole. I looked at her and shagged early in morning and it was a real good shag.
She finished her work in hurry and was ready to leave by 9.30 so that i could go office in time. As she was leaving she told me that she would come tomorrow little late as it was sunday and her husband will be at home and she has to cook for him and then come for work. I said ok to that and she had a smile and looked straight into my eyes, as if asking me to talk to her. She left and i went to office. Back in night again i watched few xxx blue films late in night and went to sleep after shagging. I got up by 8 in next morning as it was sunday and it was holiday. Just brushed my teeth and took milk in morning and was watching t.v. as by 9 kaveri rang the bell and i opened the door. She smiled and moved in to work as usual. I lied back on sofa and started to watch her work and her sexy body. As she moved she many times looked at me and smiled very wickedly. I dint understand that. Today she was wearing a white transparent sari and fresh red flowers on her hair and bright light yellow blouse and astonishing black bra. The black bra was so prominent that i could see the complete shape of her boobs under the blouse and bra. I was excited to see her bra and transparent sari. She was looking like south indian women, who was ready for 1st night sex. Blouse also was so deep cut and her pallu covering only one boob and exposing right side boob and also the deep cleavage as she bent. She purposely wore sari very tight near her ass so that i could get a clear size and shape of her ass. She noticed me staring at her ass and boobs also caught my eyes once staring at her cleavage. She asked me what i was looking at and i with a hitch turned around toward television. She came close to me and sat on floor next to sofa and told “i know you have been checking me out since yesterday, do you really want to do something or just where watching? I was shocked and told what can we do? She said she has no work in other house she works as they have gone out today. “we can have nice time and i can really make you happy, more than the dvd’s. I was surprised and asked her how did she know that i was watching the blue films? She replied “while i was sweeping under the table here, i saw the cover of xxx dvd on the floor, which i covered under my blouse and took it out and saw the cover properly. There where picture’s of women sucking the cock, women being fucked in ass and being spermed in mouth. I can do every thing but it will cost you rs.5000 for 10days as long as your family does not come back. I was astonished to hear all this from kaveri as i thought she was very decent maid.

I grabbed the opportunity and reached for her boobs and kissed her on lips. She pulled back and said that she will do every thing but will not take cock in ass, as his husband will come to know as till today she has never done that. I agreed and pulled her over myself and started to kiss her lips hard and with my one hand i squeezed her boob and with other hand i reached for her ass. She responded well to kiss and opened her mouth. This was like heaven. I kissed her hard and explored her body. Then we went to bedroom, as it was not very comfortable on sofa. As we went in she opened my t-shirt and pulled down my shorts and i removed her sari and unhooked her blouse hook and threw her blouse and bra in hurry at one side and then opened her lehanga. Now i was only in my underwear and she was topless and at bottom had only black panty. We directly headed to bed and i was down. She made me lie down and then went down to my legs and then to toe. She started to lick with her tongue my toe and then started to suck. Then she slowly with her tongue came up to my knees and then to my inner thie's. I spread to give her access. She came to my bulged dick and over the underwear took it in mouth. It was too good. The lick was 1st in my life. Then she pulled down the underwear and slowly licked my dick from down the balls and then came up and took my dick in mouth. Oohhhh it ran shiver down my heart. As she sucked 1st time i was in full erection. My cock was never so hard before. She sucked licked my cock as fast as can. I have to tell she was expert although she did not look like one. She was very passionate in what she was doing and that made me happier. It was time that i would blow and i stopped her, as i did not want to come so fast. I pushed her back to bed and now it was my turn to lick her but i started from her ears then to her neck and the outer line of her boobs and then her nipple. When i sucked her boobs she moaned hhhhhhhmmmmm…. This really encouraged me. I sucked hard and made her nipple hurt as i sucked hard. She stopped me and i went little side to her under arm, which smelled of sweat, which was just too good. I went down to her navel and kissed her there and then pulled down the panty. Parted her legs side to get access of her chute, which was hairy. I went close to her pussy, there was a slight smell of soap, and i asked her what it was she said that she washed it deep with shampoo, as she was sure of sex with me today. That was too much for her guts. I continued and licked her outer pussy and slowly parted her pussy lips and licked her hole with my toung, time she moaned hard and lifted her upper body. Her boobs where getting hard by now. I licked it hard, fast in deep and she moaned hard and hard uuuuuuhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh, i asked to keep low as there where neighbors who will hear that. She holded my head hard and pulled my hairs. I inserted one finger and pushed it deep and started to stroke and lick the upper tip of her pussy at the same time. She jumped up and holden my shoulder and said she wanted my cock to suck. We went in 69 position where i could lick her pussy and she could suck my cock. She sucked and licked like a real professional. For next 2 to 3 minutes we sucked and licked each other. Then she did something, which i never thought of but had seen in blue movies. As i was over her she reached for my ass hole and inserted her finger in my hole. I was surprised and stopped licking her pussy. She asked did it heart, i said “no” and asked her to continue to suck my dick and play with the hole. She told that she would like to lick my hole. I thought for a second but then got of her and then lied in position where my face was on bed and ass up spread as seen in movie. It gave full access to my hole to her. She came right from my dick and then up to hole. She licked and licked my hole and then inserted her tongue inside the hole it was good. Although it was little ticklish but it was good. I had never imagined of sex at this level. After a minute it was now time for my cock to enter her pussy. I asked her to suck hard my cock for few seconds so that it would becomes real hard. She licked it so beautifully and sucked so nice that in couple of seconds it became hard and she covered my dick with condom. I made her lie below me lifted her legs on my shoulder and inserted my hard cock. It was wet and to my surprise it was tight. I enjoyed entering her tight chute. I stoked slow in starting holding her boobs while stroking. She was enjoying. She was all tight and was telling me to go hard and fast. Slowly i picked up the pace and she was moaning “aaahhhh ahhhh hard hard please hard”. Her moan made me hornier and i started to pump her so hard that my bed started to make noise and as i was about to leak i told her that i wanted to leak inside her mouth and she asked me to do that. I got outside very fast and removed condom and inserted my dick in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth till her throat. She was so good and took all the pain and i leaked in her mouth. I leaked and leaked in her mouth and she swallowed all the sperms. I was dry and exhausted and fell back on bed. She got up and licked my dick for left over sperms and cleaned the dick properly with her mouth. We both lied there on bed for few seconds as i played with her boob and she with my cock. I looked at her and she said that her husband never fucked her so long as it was almost an hour and 15minutes. She came over me and inserted her nipple in my mouth and took my hand and put it over her pussy. I sucked and lick her nipple for few seconds and inserted my finger in her chute which she liked lt. After 1 minute i was over it and took my finger out which she sucked and said that her chute tasted too good.

I got up and went to bath; from behind she also came in bathroom to give me bath. She cleaned each and every part of my body very carefully. And after bathing she again gave me a suck and this time also i spermed out in her mouth. Then she left for that day. That whole day i was thinking of her and in night shagged once before sleeping thinking of her. Now my dick was paining, as it has leaked 3 timed in the same day. I went to sleep and next day got up fresh in morning and was ready by 7.30 as usual. She came by sharp 7.30 and was looking stunning in blue sari, light blue blouse and black bra again. She entered in and was doing her sweeping work. She had worn sari very tight again. Seeing this ass round my dick again got hard and i took my dick out of my pants. She saw my dick and came forward and started to suck it. After 5 minutes it was full hard, i turned her around and asked her to bend forward and lifted her sari up and pulled down her brown panty in one stroke. Without a condom i entered in her pussy and it felt very nice. As her pussy was not so wet and inserted in without any condemn, it hurted little to me and to her. But with 2 or 3 stroke it was wet and i was in full flow. I inserted in finger in her ass on which she shouted please don’t fuck in ass. I told her to be quite and i will not fuck her in ass. I stroked faster and faster and in 2 minutes i was done, as i had to go to office, i leaked early. My sperms where dripping from her hole and she told me not to worry as she had her operation done and she will not get pregnant. I asked her to lick my dick clean, which she did. This continued for next few days and then my family returned. We use to fuck when ever we use to get chance until one day when she left job as she shifted to her village.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sexy Islamabadian Larki Ki Chudai

Sexy Islamabad ki Larki Ki ChudaiMy Name is rehan. I m 21. Basically I am from Islamabad, Pakistani m 5.9 in height with an athletic body I want to share my story with u. I have a girlfriend. Her Name is Shazia. She is also of 24 & she lives in near our house in Gujrat. She is the sister of my friend. Shazia is very beautiful girl with 34, 25, 34 figures. Her Height is 5 feet & 7 inches. She has nice boobs. Her skin is like a silk. We are interested in each other from the last few years. Shazia is also the friend of my sister. She often comes to see my sister. Especially, When I come back at home on leave. So, this interesting incident took place, when I came back at home on Bkara Eid. Eid was on 6th of March this year. On the very next day of Eid, Shazia came to see my sister but infect She had came to see me. Fortunately, My Sister was not at home & my parents were also not at home. Parents were out to see our relatives.

Now the story starts. On 7th March 2001 at about 11:00 am our door bell rang. I rushed to the door & there I saw Shazia with her little nephew. His nephew went back after leaving Shazia at the door. She asked me about my sister. I asked her to come inside. She came in & I told her that Sister is out to see some of her colleges. She asked me that when my sister will come back. I replied that she will come back in half an hour. So she decided to wait for her. I asked her about Cold Drink & Tea. But She said took nothing. I was waiting for this great chance for the last few years. Shazia was looking gorgeous & sexy in tight printed Shalwar Qameez. We were just talking about ourselves & Shazia was asking me that why not I see her daily on the roof. I replied her that I love u & like u. At this Shazia smiled & she also has same condition. After talking few minutes, I got courage & touched her hand & she took it normal. Then I came near her & said that Shazia I love u very much & then I tried to kiss her lips But She resisted at this & asked me that What I m doing? She got confused & stood up. But I told her that we both like each other & such chance will never come again.

So please Let us enjoy these golden moments of life. Then I kissed her beautiful lips passionately & she also responded me well. It was feeling very good. Meanwhile I was doing massage on her back & her whole body was shivering. She was also feeling good. Then I put-off her Qameez & She was wearing nice black colored bra. I kissed her boobs over the bra. She felt that good. Then I removed her bra & took her boobs in my hands. Those were nice & sexy. I took her right boob in my mouth. Shazia said Ohhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssss its great. Then after few minutes I took second one in my mouth & I suck it for about 5 minutes.

She was moaning as Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooood ccccccccccccccccccccc Her Boobs were becoming hard. She was enjoying it a lot & she was saying Ohhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhh that's good Ikhlaque. Then after sucking her boobs, I went her lower part & my goodness that there was Elastic in her Shalwar which made my job much easier. When I tried to pull her Shalwar down, she tried to stop me. But I did not pay attention on her saying. She was not having panty. I grabbed her sexy butts & she responded me nicely. Actually she was also enjoying this entire situation. Then I took her on my bed & I started licking her sweet pussy. Shazia said Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooo Hhhhhhhhh Ply Ikhlaque Leave me Ahhhhhhhhh. Her juices were coming out of her sweet pussy. She was rolling over my bed & I was looking all this. I was enjoying this entire situation. Now she was looking very Horney & She was looking for something in her pussy. Then I put-off my T-shirt & then My Pants & underwear. She saw me nude & this was her first time that she was looking any male nude in front of her. She was feeling very mush shame on looking me nude. But I tried to maintain her confidence. I kept on kissing her whole body & then I asked her to suck my 8 inches cock. But she resisted on it & I said Ok. I was already very much in form..

My 8 inches cock was hard like rock. But she touched it with her hand & said that Ikhlaque it's very hard & long. She asked me that what I will do with that. I replied her that Darling It will give u great joy. She asked me that How it will give joy. I replied her that I will enter this cock in your pussy & U will enjoy it. At this Shazia said but My Pussy is mush tiny & this is long & thick. I satisfied her by my reply & she got agree but also requested me to do that gently. I said ok. Now both of us were totally nude & I layer her on the bed. I put a Pillow under her Butts & I came over her. I opened her legs & tried to enter my penis in her tiny pussy. When I just entered the head of my dick in, She cried Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ikhlaque please do not do it. Its horrible. But I told her that As its urs First time & thats why u r feeling pain but after sometimes U will enjoy it. Then She again got satisfied & I came near her & directed my dick into her pussy & this time I entered that in a jerk. Shazia cried Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Mar Gaeeee Ohhhhhhhhhhh Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Ikhlaque Bara Dard Ho Raha Hay. Mujh say Naheen Ho Ga Please Stop it Ikhlaque. She was crying loudly aaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hay Bara Dard Hota Hay ccccccccccccccccccc. But I continued my job. Her eyes were full of tears by that Pain. Then I said her Ok. I just come. I went & took some Oil. I applied some on my cock & some on her pussy. Then again I entered & She again cried ccccccccccccccccc aaaaaaaaaaaaa . Actually She was Virgin & Her inner seal was torn by my cock's strokes. But after applying Oil, Her pain was reduced as compared to the prior one. Now Shazia was also enjoying all this. I was applying Big Strokes on her pussy & She was also enjoying them.

The whole room was full of her screams & I was also enjoying her moans & screams. Meanwhile She come twice & after sometimes I also got speed, my strokes automatically were fast. Shazia was crying Aahista Please Slowly Ikhlaque & then I came with great force & My whole Semen was on Shazia's Belly & Boos. She checked it by smelling it. Now it was almost 12:00am & I knew that My sister is now just to come back. So I thought Its enough for today. I laid over Shazia. She was also looking happy & satisfied. After Few minutes We got up & I saw that Bed-Sheet & Pillow both were red. These were red due to the blood of Shazia's Pussy. We rushed to the bathroom, washed ourselves as well as Bed-sheet & Pillow. After that We came 2 the drawing room & again started talking. At 12:15am door bell again rang I went 2 the door. Yes There was my sister. I told her that Shazia is waiting for u & then I left the home to see my friends. This great & lovely incident was truly remarkable & After this incident Me & Shazia often arrange such meetings whenever we get some chance. I request u people i.e readers to please send me views that How did u find my this story.

Super Sexy Saas Ki Chudai

Super Sexy Saas Ki Chudai

Hi all this is Harry I am going to narrate a true story(100%) which happened with me a month ago I just thought of posting this story once I am sure this is safe, a dream which I never thought of came true

I am 25 yrs old happily married though I never had sex with my super sexy wife as she is afraid of the pain it causes but she is not aware of the pleasure it gives, I however regularly have sex with my office girls and sometimes outside also. I even had sex with my wife best friend pooja(she is super sucker) but that I will tell later.

Let me tell you about my mom in law and family we all four are very open to each other and usually her father and mother (mom in law) used to ask me if their daughter is doing all the duties of wife including the sexual life so we used to be very frank with each other I used to change my clothes in front of them also without any shame. Now about my mom in law she is around 43 yrs old a sex goddess she is fair long hair big boobs big round ass protruding juicy lips brown eyes fair skin (as she is a beautician herself) her figure is 36d 28 34 every part of her body is asking to be loved 24 hrs 7 days a week, even my father has an eye on her.

This has happened a month ago when we went to our mom in law home my wife is more close to her dad than mom so I used to get a chance to be with her for more time than she used to be. This happened on the second day when we reached as we all used to get up early in morning, I saw my wife and her dad has gone for a walk and take milk and I knew it would take them and hour and half to come back.

I casually walked out of the room with nothing on my mind till that time but when I saw my mom in law just came out from the bathroom she just had a hair wash was wearing a red color full covered gown her skin glowing nipples erected because of cold water bath clearly visible she was busy splitting water out of her hair I just kept on watching her with out knowing her.

I just came and sat on the dining chair and kept on watching her as soon as she saw me she came and sat next to me with a glass of water and still adjusting her hair, every drop of water from her hair which fell on me while adjusting made me horny and my monster grew in my knickers. She asked general question that I slept good last night or not I came back to my senses and said yes.

Then out of blue she asked me that when I'm going to give them a good news for her daughter she used to asked me very frequently this ques but I used to say that when time will come I will tell them, but this time I took the advantage and told her the truth.

I told her daughter/my wife and I never had a sex because she is afraid of the pain I pretended that I try to convince her but she doesn’t agree, my mom in law was shocked to hear this. I told her that her daughter don’t even touch me and sleeps soon without even caring for my feeling I told her that most of time I remain unsatisfied.

On hearing all this I saw my mom in law speechless ashamed of her daughter she dint say anything to me I realized it and holded her hand(since we used to do it) she just looked into my eyes I tried to console her that its ok and we will adjust she just felt my hand warmth got up and went in her room and closed the room, I thought she just went in because she was feeling bad I went behind her but when I opened the door I saw her taking out her gown and change to normal clothing she had folded her gown till her knees and her legs were so beautiful and in shape I kept on watching her legs she hurriedly rolled her gown down I realised I'm in wrong state I said sorry and went out she called me from behind and came out hurriedly.

I was just standing at the door she came out she was breathing heavenly bcoz she came out running I saw her breast moving up and down she caught hold of my hand and took me in the room she made me sit on the corner of her bed she came and sit next to me and said that she is sorry that her daughter behaves like this and she is feeling guilty bcoz of this I said its fine and we will adjust she said NO(I was shocked to hear this)she said that since you have suffered so much because of my daughter and still loves her she said she will satisfy me of my feeling my cock by this time had formed a tent shape and it was difficult to hide it now.

She came close to me and said that I can love her anytime I want to to make up for the loss I have suffered because of my daughter, I just went near her and panted a kiss on her forehead and said "mamma its ok you don’t have to do it" she just put a finger on my lips and said "just keep quiet". she just got up and changed her clothes right in front of me it was the first time i saw her well shaped boobs and tight ass well shaped legs carved back, i just saw her she was looking like sex goddess fair from head to toe wet hairs.

she changed into normal clothes and said she is going to kitchen for making breakfast you get fresh i went to toilet but dint shag off as i wanted to save this took bath got fresh and came out i saw her in the kitchen with still sometime left before my wife comes back i just went behind her and holded her in my arms and pulled her to me she reacted and pushed herself on me i kissed her shoulder where some drops of water from her wet hair has fallen she moaned ahhhhhh and locked her lips with me i pushed her on the kitchen slab and kissed her wildly she just pushed her tongue into my mouth and tasted me and i did the same, i holded her back and with one hand started pressing her 36 d well shaped solid boobs we went on kissing for sometime now tired we separated.

I told her " I love you sassu ma( she later admitted that she loves being called sassu ma while having sex)" she smiled caught hold of my monster from the top of knickers and started massagin it she said "agar tumhara lund(penis)bahr se aisa hai to asli mein kitna bada hoga" i loved those words of her , the very thought of having sex my mom in law made me grow wild she just pushed me and said that you father in law will be back anytime now so next time we will have a great time, i dint want to waste this opprtunity and continued to love her from behind with my hard cock piercing in her tight ass she just kept on doing her work i massaged her both boobs she couldn’t resist it any more turned back and pushed me against the wall and started loving me.

she started kissing me wildly on the neck kissed my nipples and went down she with a stroke pulled of my knickers since I was not wearing the underwear and my cock rock solid it just bounced and slammed on her chubby cheeks she caught hold of my monster and was astonished the size and width of my monster she admired it for the moment but then we heard the main gate opening she immediately got up pulled her self to normal and started making food I just pulled my knickers up kissed her shoulder and went back to dining table and sat as if nothing has happened.

During the day we exchanged some sexy smiles I just couldnt take her eyes off her during the day time we got another opportunity to do some foreplay in the afternoon after my FIL and wife slept we both got up and went to the backside of the house where one room for her son (my brother in law) is there we just sneaked into his room and started loving each other.( he dosent stay here as he is in merchant navy)

she pulled off my knickers and started kissing my monster(this name was given by her) I was shocked as i never thought that my old fashioned saas will do this to me but she was a rockstar in doing this she sucked my cock just like a lollypop enjoying every length of it making sure it touches her throat she licked my penis right from the bottom to the top and then what she did send shivers to me she took both the balls in her mouth and played with them with her tongue sucked it like a specialist while sucking she kept on saying" mien shuru se yeh karna chahti thi per nahi kar payee appka karke ache lag raha hai" she was moaning all this time OHHH AHH all this time she was enjoying this like anything i was about to come when i told her to stop.

i wanted her to enjoy also i started to kiss her on her juicy lips sucked her lips kissed all over her body and slowly took out her kurta i couldn’t wait to suck those boobs i took off her bra now she was half nude in front of me half open hair red cheeks erected nipples what can i ask for more rather fucking a sexy 43 yrs old i started to suck her nipples like a small kid this whole time she was playing with my hair and moaning like a whore the whole room was filled with slow moans like ohhh ahhh harry please ab bas karo i saw her eyes closed enjoying her moment i saw her the facial expression made me more hot and i bite on her nipple she moaned little louder this time i put my one hand on her mouth and continued to suck her tits she pressed my head against her tits i slowly put one hand on her cunt which was wet to its fullest i could see the wetness on the pyjama which she was wearing i just rubbed her crotch from outside she just removed my hand from her mouth and dug her nails on back and said please fuck me plsss i was surprised to see my mother in law who used to keep calm and quiet was now acting wild.

i just pulled her pyjama off and rubbed her crotch from top of her panty she went wilder by now as slid my hand on her cunt and touched her outer lips she shivered with a touch ohhhh---- hmmmmmmmm were the only words she could say she kept on moaning she was so wet i went ahead and planted a kiss on her cunt i tasted the wonderful juices of my mom in law she moaned with pleasure i started to suck her and i sucked her till the moment she shivers i saw her shivering with pleasure with my two hands caressing her boobs and my tongue in her cunt it was a dream come true her moans now got louder i tried to stop her but she couldn’t resist it any more we saw that father in law(FIL) has awake because of the sound i told my sassu ma to collect her cloth and hid in the attached bathroom she did so i put on my clothes and sat in the room and pretended as i am playing game in my mobile. My FIL asked about her and i told her she has gone to market he said ok and went back to his room.

i told my sassu ma to come out now as its safe she came out fully clothed hugged and pushed me onto the bed kissed me deeply and sat on me got hold of my hands and put on her boobs made me press them hard she kissed me hard again came close to me and said almost whispering "i love your monster (thts where the name came from) mujhe aaj bahut acha laga" she left as soon she said it left me asking for more.

She went again in the kitchen and while on way back i sneaked into the kitchen pinched her ass she shyly smiled and told me to leave so that no body comes to know of little secret affair, i knew next three days would be best.

next day i got up early and saw nobody at home i sneaked into another room and saw my sassu ma sleeping i went and slept behind her adjusting my fully erect rod in her ass and kept my hand on her boobs she wore a very sexy nightie she just turned around and we kissed like young lovers without brushing she laid on top of me kept on kissing her morning face was looking so innocent and beautiful her unkept hair and the satisfying expression on her face was the best thing she said "hum nahane(bath) ja rahe hain pakad sako toh pakdlo(catch me if you can)" with this she ran out of room and me behind her we played like kids around the house i finally caught hold of her in the verandah she was laughing and was out of breath with every heavy breath her breast would go up and down she saw me looking at her breast and said "harry yeh tumhare hi haim inhe nazar mat lagao" i went wild on listening this and took her in my arms laid her in the verandah

Since i was feeling the pressure of the monster she pulled it off and it again slammed on her cheeks we both bursted out of laughter and laid there i asked her"sassu ma you wanted to take bath na" she said yes i went picked up the hose pipe and started wetting her with the water the cold water on her body made her shiver and she was enjoying in as if she is 18 yrs old again she smiled and came running towards me hugged me tight and said "make me your lover" i laid her on the ground took off her nightie she was nude lying in the verandah feeling the coldness of ground made her go wild i laid on top of her and inserted my rock solid monster in her cunt she yelled with pain and moaned with pleasure, now if somebody sees us we will not be able to go back i started slowly but increased my pace with every insertion she moaned louder and louder ahhhhhhhh.....ohhhhhh.... harry dhire se with every word i got strong i inserted it and we reached a point where she could not control anymore and moaned ...... chod do mujhe harry please ab mein pagal ho joungi please chodo aur tez aur tez, with every stroke she enjoyed and i saw her muscles shivering with pleasure she organs med thrice during this....

i told her im about to cum she dint say anything i understood and loaded off myself in her cunt she laid there wet with the water and with my liquid in her cunt we laid there for next half an hour got up took bath where i again fucked her but this time in her mouth.

After bathing when we came out she went in the kitchen to make breakfast i again got hold of her ass and started poking her ass i opened her salwar and let it fall on ground i turned her back and started kissing her cunt from outside i made her sit on slab opened her legs tear her panty and started licking it she was so turned on my this she started screaming in pleasure i continued to suck her till she cummed and drank all her juices then i made her laid on the kitchen slab her back towards me she was just enjoying herself not knowing what’s next...

i turned her back towards me took the oil from the kitchen slab rubbed in on her ass and inserted my monster in her before she know what happened at this very moment she gasped for her breath and told me to stop but i couldn’t i started pushing inside she screamed with pain but started to enjoy it later i increased my pace she told me not to stop now as i increased my pace she cried with pleasure she started to throw the utensils on ground to make up for the sound of moans which was increasing with every stroke i shooted my load in her ass she turned back slapped me hard on my face went down and started sucking my cum soaked cock she said why are you wasting such beautiful thing by letting it drop on ground she sucked me clean...

while she was doing it my monster grew back she sucked my cock like crazy licked it she was crazy about it she used her spit to wet it sucked it till it touched her throat it went on till 15 min and then i cummed in her mouth she drank all of it in one go got up pulled her salwar up as i tore her panty and got back to work and that very moment i saw my wife and FIL came back.

we dint had anymore sex that day next day was our return in the morning as soon as they left i was sleeping tired of yesterday i felt something moving on my monster as i opened my eye i saw her sucking my half risen cock what she did next was most shocking she got up sucked my monster till its rock solid took off her clothes and sat on my cock she was so wet it went in without any pain she started jumping on my cock the voice of thump made when she would hit my lap filled the room with moans from both me and her i was enjoying my 43 yrs old sexy sassu ma big boobs jump up and down she continued to do so this for next 10 min when she got tired we changed into 69 position i sucked her so hard i almost ate her i lost the count of her cumming i lifted her put her on the bed and inserted my cock in one go she moaned with pleasure ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh plsssssssss chodo mujhe aur tez harry aur tez after 10 min i cummed in her we both laid there and slept on each other.

we later bathed together where i washed every part of her gorgeous body fucked her in the ass once more.

we had regular sex after that and when this time she came to delhi i fucked her in the car where she sucked my cock while i was driving and fingure fucked her. we always enjoy the little time we get we kiss each other like young lovers spent good time together.

i would share my next sex with sassu ma as it happens.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bakarar Lund or Bomb Bhabhi

Bakarar Lund or Bomb Bhabhi
Aaj jaise hi mujhe pata chala ki Bhaiya bahar 3 din ke business trip par ja rahe hai to mai man hi man khushi se jhum utha aur raat ka intazaar karne laga. Meri Bhabhi bahut hi sexy lady hai, unka figure bhi bahut hi akarshak hai, bade bade boobs, gora rang, madmast cheez hai. Ab chunki Bhabhi se pahle sex kar chukka tha sliye hum aapas me khul gaye the. Is baar kafi dino ke bad yeh mauka aaya tha. Sham ko Bhaiya ke jane ke bad Bhabhi kitchen me kam kar rahi thi to mai kitchen me jakar Bhabhi ko pitche se pakad liya aur bola my Bhabhi aaj to mai doodh peeunga, to wo hanste hue boli pee lena abhi garam to hone de, maine hanste hue kaha to garam karo na mai to peena chahta hun, to wo boli aaj special doodh kesar dalkar pilaungi.maine kaha mujhe kali bhainsh ka nahi, tumhara peena hai isse special aur kahan hoga- Bhabhi hans ke boli badmash ho gaya hai chal bhag, kam karne de. Bhabhi jaldi karna aur mai bahr aakar Tv serial dekhne laga aur phir Tv par ek adult film aane lagi bahut sexi film thi mai use dekhne laga, Serial khatam hone par Bhabhi apane kamare mein jate hue boli “to doodh garam kar ke rakha hai jakar pee lena, maine kaha mujhe yeh nahi pina, mai sone ja rahi hoon aur khyal rakhna jyada der nahi ho” Bhabhi doodh lekar pahale apane kamare mein gayee. Mai samajh gaya. Aur maine jaldi hi Tv band kar Bhabhi ke room me chala gaya dekha to Bhabhi leti huyee thi mai bhi unake bagal mein jakar let gaya. Mai Bhabhi ke boobs par hath pherne laga,

Blowse ke button khol rakhe the. Maine kaha Bhabhi kya hua aur maine bra ka hook khol diya ar bola kyo kaid kar rakha hai inko kam se kam raat ko azad kar do aur maine unke boobs ko daba diya unhone blowse utar diya Ab Bhabhi ki choonchiya ajad thi. Kya mad mast thi aur Bhabhi boli doodh side table par rakha hai, pee lo na aur Bhabhi uthkar doodh ka glass layee, maine unke petikot ka nada khol diya aur wo sat se neeche aa gira aur wo neeche kuchh bhee nahi pahne thi...phir wo boli yeh doodh pee lo” maine kaha jab samne khud itni sundar doodhwali khadi ho to yeh kali bhains ka doodh kaun piyega aur maine unki choochiyo ko jor se daba diya aur unhe muh me le liya Bhabhi ne kaha “par isamein doodh kahan hai” yah kahte hue mere muh me se apanee choonchi chhurakar uthi aur doodh ka glass utha kar mere muh me laga diya. Maine ne thoda piya aur glass lekar baki pine ke liye Bhabhi ke muh mein laga diya. Bhabhi neb hi thoda piya muh se glass hatate hue kaha, “mai doodh pi liya tha” es beech doodh chhalak kar Bhabhi ki choonchiyon par gir gaya. Mai use apanir jeebh se chatane laga.

Ab to Bhabhi glass lekar apani choonchiyon par dhire-dhire doodh girati rahi aur mai maja le-le kar use chatate gaya. Choonchiya chatane se Bhabhi ke sare badan mein sursuri hone lagee, is beech thora doodh bah kar Bhabhi ki nabhi se hota hua choot tak chala gaya. Meri jeebh doodh chatate-chatate neeche aa rahi thi aur Bhabhi ke badan mein sansani fail rahi thi. Bhabhi doodh giraye ja rahi thi doodh boobs se hota hua bahi se neeche aa gaya tha Ab mere hoth Bhabhi ke bur ke thik upar hokar doodh chat rahe the. Mai phir jheebh ko uupar ki taraph kar boobs ke pas le aaya aur unke boobs daba kar jor jor se chusne laga Bhabhi bhi exite ho rahi thi aur bolne lagi “Oh raja! Esi tarah choosate aur chatate raho …bahut …achchha lag raha hai… maine kaha kya mast doodh hai aisa nasa aur kahan hai ….mujhe to yehi peena hai roj…. Bhabhi boli……ye kya kar rahe ho …. Main masti se pagal ho rahi hun…..

Oh rajjjjjaaaa chato aur….. Jor se chustoooo….bahut achchha lag raha hai …meri Bhabhi….aur mai unke boobs ko chusta raha phir Bhabhi ne mere lund ko hathon me le liya to mai bola tum bhi pee lo na iska doodh …boli isme doodh kahan hota hai,,,mai bola doodh nahi to malai to hoti hai naa….aur uspar Bhabhi ne doodh gira diya aur glass me jo malai thi mere lund par dal di …aur use apne jeebh se chatne lagi …aur apni jeebh ko golai me phirane lagi …maine uske sir ko pakad kar kaha chus le na ab iska malai wala doodh …aur lund ko Bhabhi ke muh ki taraf thela ..aur ab to use chusne lagi aur mere lund ko aandar bahar kar jor jor se chusne lagi ummmm….ummm ahhhhh…ki aawaj aa rahi thi mera lund tan kar bada ho gaya tha aur chudai ke liye pura tayyar tha Bhabhi bhi ab ruk nahi pa rahi thi. Bhabhi ki bur bhi bhi use pane ke liye bekarar thi.

Mera lund bhi ab Bhabhi ki bur se milane ke liye bekarar tha. Bhabhi ab sidhe let gayee aur usne chudai ka nimantran de diya. Mai bhi turant hi Bhabhi ke upar aa gaya aur ek jhtake me Bhabhi ki bur mein apana pura lund ghusa diya. Bhabhi bhi neeche se kamar utha kar lund aur bur dono ko apas me milane me sahayog dene lagi. Dono es samay es prakar mil rahe the mano kaie baraso bad mile ho. Maine rafter bharahte hue puchha, “kya karun rani Bhabhi?” Bhabhi boli andar tak to kar diya ab puchhta hai kya karun chal chudakkar kahin ka” unhone mere hoth chum liye aur boli kiye ja jaise teri ichha.

Mai ab ar dhakke laga raha tha aur Bhabhi ki bur niche se unaka jabab de rahi thi. Ghamasan chudai chal rahi thi. Aur Bhabhi ke siskariya nikalne lagi…ahhh…uiiiiiiiiiiiiii… .kya kar raha hai re……..jor se chodo rajaaaaa chadoooo … meri bur bhi kam nahi hai….. Kas-kas kar dhakke maro mere rajaaaaaa, chodo jor es sali bur kooooooo, jo har samay chudane ke liye bechain rahati hai… chooooo..dooooooo…… Ab to mai bhi tufan mail kee tarah chudai karane laga. Bur se pura lund nikalata aur puri gaharai tak pel raha tha. Mai to swarg kee havao me urane laga.. Bhabhi kya mazza aa raha hai meri rani ..kha..jamke. . “hai rajjjja ! Our jor…seeeeee … bara majjjjjjjja aaaaa aa raha hai……our joooorrrr seeee……. ..ohhhhh maaaaa oh mere raja bahut achchha lag raha hai…mai bhi ab upar se kas kas kar dhakke par dhakka lagate hue bol raha tha, “ hai raniiiiiii..

Tumhari bur ne to aaj mere lund ko pagal bana diya hai….wah es sundar bur ka diwana ho gaya hun…..ese chod chod kar jab tak tum chahogi jannat ki sair karungaa…. Rani bahut maja aa raha hai….” Phir Bhabhi bhi boli uiiiiiiii….chodo…chodo….chodo …aur choddoooo, raja sath-sath girana….ohhhhh haiiiiiiiiii aa jao …. Chod doo…. Oh….ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh esssss Mere sanam…..hai ab nahi ruk paungeee ohhhhh mai … mai…gayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e.” Idhar mai kas kas kar dochar dhakke lagakar sath-sath jhar gaya. Sachmuch es chudai se mai bahut khus tha aur Bhabhi bhi puri masti me chudai ka bharpoor maza liya. Ab dono jhar chuke the maine Bhabhi ka jordar kiss liya aur Bhabhi ki chunchiyon ke beech sir rakha kar unke upar thori der pade rah kar apane sanso ko snayat karne ke bada Bhabhi ke bagal mein hi letane ke bada pas me lipat kar so gaye, subah Bhabhi ne uthaya aur kaha uthna nahi hai kya…… aur mere lund ko daba diya ….kaha jaldi fresh ho jao ….mai brush kiya phir Bhabhi chay layee aur humne chay pee.

Phir maine dekha Bhabhi aur apne chutar matkati hui bathroom ki taraf chali gayee. Mai bhi Bhabhi ke pichhe pichhe bathroom me chala gaya aur andar jakar gate lock kar diya. Bhabhi ne apne kapde utar diye, maine bhi sare kapde utar diye aur ab maine shower khol diya. Ham dono ke nange jism par pani ki phuwar parane lagee. Bathroom mein lage bare sheese mein main dekh raha tha, shower ke neeche Bhabhi ke uttejak badan aur badi badi choonchiyo par pani par raha tha, wo choochiyo se tapkata pani jo pairon ke beech Bhabhi kibur se hota hua paron par chhoti-chhoti dhar banate hue neeche gir raha tha. Jo bahut hi sexi lag raha tha Meri chhatiyo se girta hua lund par se dhar banakar bahta pani aaj bahut achchha lag raha tha. Bhabhi ne mera land hanth mein le liya aur supare ko kholane aur band karne lagee. Lund hanth mein aate hee karak ho kar khada go gaya.

Anb maine Bhabhi ke boobs ko aur sare shareer ko apani chhati se chipaka kar unke hoth apane hothon mein le liya. Bhabhi ki kasi hui badi badi choonchiyan mere sine mein ragar khane lagi phir Bhabhi ne mere lund ko pakar kar apane bur se sata liya aur thora pair fala kar bur par ragarne lagee. Phir maine Bhabhi ke sare badan par sabun lagaya unke boobs ko aur bur ke upar bhi khub masala phir hum dono ek dusre ke badan par fisalne lage Bhabhi apne boobs ko pure badan par dabakar phisla rahi thi, bada maza aa raha tha phir maine shower ko tej kar diya aur sabun dho li. Iske bad mai Bhabhi ke boobs ko dabate aur sahalate hue Bhabhi ke hothon ko choos raha tha aur mere lund ko Bhabhi ki bur apne hoth se sahla rahi thi.

Baithkar nahane ke liye rakhe stool par Bhabhi ne apana ek pair utha kar rakha liya aur mere land ko bur me ghusane ka mauka mil gaya. Shishe mein dikh raha tha unaka lund undar bahar hote hue meri pyari bur se khilwar kar raha tha. Bhabhi ki Bur use pura apane muh me lene kee koshish kar rahi thi. Kuch der bad Bhabhi apne apane ko chhura kar bath-tub ko pakar kar jhuk gayee. Bhabhi ke gol gol bade bade chootar uthe hue the mai unhe dab daba kar jhebh se chatne laga aur dant se kata bhi Bhabhi boli kya karta hai ab raha nahi ja raha hai aur maine Bhabhi ki bur o dekhne laga. Maine us par apane tannaye hue lund ko laga kar thakka diya. Pura lund gap se bur mein sama gaya. Phir kya tha lund aur choot ka khel shuru hua. Sheeshe me jaise blu film chal rahi ho, jisaki heroin Bhabhi thi aur hero mai. Mera lund Bhabhi ki bur mein andar bahar ho raha tha jisase Bhabhi ki bur pagal ho rahi thi par mujhe sheeshe mein lund ka ghusana aur nikalana baut bhala lag raha tha.

Shower se pani ki fuhar ham dono par pad rahi thi, hamlog usaki parvah na kar tan ki aag mitane me lage the. Mai peechhe se Bhabhi ki choonchiyan pakar kar barabar dhakke lagaye ja rahe tha. Shishe mein apani chudai dekh kar Bhabhi bhi kafi garam ho chukee thi esliye Bhabhi bhi apane chutar ko aage pichhe kar gapagap laure ko bur mein le rahi thi aur bolti ja rahi thi, “are yaar….. ! Bahut achchha lag raha hai….es chudai mein choddo mere sanam jindagee ka pura maja le lo ….hai !!!!!! Mere chodu balam…… tumhara laura bara jandar hai…… maro raja dhakka….. Aur jor se….. Hai raja aur jor se…. Aur jor se…… hai! Es jalim laure se phar do meri burrrrrrrrrr bbbbbbbahut achchhaaaaaaaa laggggggg rahaaaa haiiiiii….”

Peechhe se chudai mein mere hanth jhuke-jhuke dukhane lage maine Bhabhi boli- “raja jara ruko, is tarah puri chudai nahi ho pa rahi hai, leta kar chudne mein pura laura ghusata hai to jharane mein bahut maja aata hai” phir maine shower band kiya. Aur Bhabhi vahi geele jameen par let gayee aur boli, “ab upar aa kar chudai karo” ab mai Bhabhi ke upar the aur Bhabhi ki bur me lund dalkar bharpoor chudai karane laga. Aur Bhabhi ki bur me lund pura ka pura andar bahar ho raha tha aur Bhabhi neeche se uchhal uchhal kar sath dete hue barbara rahi thi, “ab chudai ka majja mil raha hai maro raja maro dhakka… Aur jor se han! Raja esi tarah se chodo is bur ko… Ahhhhhh esssssssssss ohhhhhhh. Mai kas-kas kar dhakka mar kar Bhabhi ki bur ko chod raha tha.

Thori der bad mera lund Bhabhi ki bur kee gahrai mein chal gaya aur hum dono sath-sath khalas ho gaye. Bhabhi safe period mein thi Bhabhi ne pahle bata diya tha..es liye parvah nahi kiya. Tab mai bhi towel lapete kar bath-room se bahar aa gaye aur kapde pahan kar tayyar ho gya. Phir Bhabhi bhi bathroom se nikal kar kapde pahankar tayyar ho gayi. Hune raat ko phir bharpoor masti li.

Meri bahan ki shadi abhi haal hi me hui hai. Jiju malti-national co. me ek achchhi post par hai. Sajeele sunder naw jawan jisaki chahat koi bhee laraki kar sakati hai. Meri bahan bari seedhi hai aura pane duniya mein hi magan rahati hai par mujhase kuchh bhee nahi chhupati. Shadi ke baad jab pahali bar ghar aayee to usane bare hi sahaj bhav se apani suhagrat kee puri bat bata gayee thi. meri didi bhi bari sunder hai, ham dono ne muhalle kee neend kharab kar rakkhi thee. Maa ke sajag rahate hue bhi ham dono chup-chupate thori-bahut masti kar hi lete the. Mujhe didi bahut pyar karati hai aur apani har cheej share karane ko tayar rahati hai.

Kal Ratna (didi) ka phone aya tha ki Ratnesh (Jiju) ek hafte ke liye office ke kam se yahan aa rahen hai didi unake sath nahi aa rahi hai, usaki sas kee tabiyat kharab hai. Mammy se pooch kar maine didi ka uparwala kamara theek kar diya. Aur unaka intajar karane lagi kyoki didi ne unake aane ka koyee samay nischit nahi kiya tha.

Mera man bar-bar is awasar ka phayada uthane ke liye mujhe uska raha tha. Mera ian-badan bechain ho raha tha aur yaonguha kisee ke swagat mein palak paware bichhaye guye thee. Main pahali bar unase kaise chudwaungi isaka khwab dekhane lagee. Didi se to main yah jaan hi chuki thi ki ve bare chudakkar hain.

Yahan main batana chahun gee ki mere papa jo Engg. hain unhone ham bhai bahano ke liye bara sa ghar banavaya hai. mera aur didi ka kamara upar hai jisame ek combind bathroom hai jo dono ke kamare mein khulta hai. Samane bhaiya-bhabhi ka flat numa apartment hai jo lagbhag khali hi para rahata hain kyoki mere bhaiya-bhabhi Haidarabad me rahate hai aur bahut kam dino ke liye hi ghar aa pate hain. Ve jab bhi ate hain apane sath dheron cheejen late hai aur mauj-masti kar ke jate hai bhabhi meri saukeen tabiyat kee hain aur isiliye mere ghar mein computer, TV, DVD pleyar, handicam etyadi sabhi chijen hain. Unake chale jane ke bad unka sab saman main hee stemal karati hun. Meri bhabhi bhi bare khule vicharno kee hai aur jate samay apane almari ki chabhai dete hue boli “dekho! Almari mein kuchha adult CD, DVD. Album aur books rakhi hain par tum unhe dekhana nahi” unhone muskarate hue chabhi pakara dee thi. Ground-floor par mammy papa ka bara bed room, drawing-room, kichen, store, veranda, lown, tatha peeche alag ik chhota sa gest house hai jo kabhi-kabhar shahar mein padhane vale larakon ko kiraye par bhi de diya jata hai.

Jiju shukrawar ko subah 8 baje aa gaye. Maine muskara kar swagat kiya unhone pyar se mere peetha par ek dhaul lagaya. chye ke dawran mummy ne hal-chal liya main unki aakhon mein kuchh padhane ka prayas karati rahi, fir jiju Jaldi-jaldi tayar hue, nasta kiya aur apane office chale gaye. Dopahar dhayi baje ve office se laute, lunch kar mummy se bole “rat tarin mein theek se so na saka main ab thora aaram karana chahoonga” main unhe upar didi ke kamare mein pahucha kar neeche mammy ke pas aagayee.

Usake bad mummy mujase boli, “babuaji (Damad) so rahe hai, main sochati hun jakar katha sun aun. Renu (maid sarvent) aati gogi baratan dhulva lena. Babuaji so kar uth jayen to chay-nasta karva dena. vaise to naste mein kafi cheejen hai lekin kuchh garm bhee bana lena garm khane ka swad hi alag hota hai” Aur katha sunane chali gayi. Main socane lagee ki jiju ko garm kya khilaun man mein ek vichar kaundha ‘main hoo na garam’ sare shareer mein ek lahar daur gayee, phir socha meri bartan majane wali Renu aati hogee usaki sahayata se kuchh bana lunge. Renu hum umra hai aur hamesha hansi-majak karati rahati hai. Abhi kuchha din pahale ek din jab mummy ghar par nahee thin to ham don one bhabhi ke kamare mein jakar ek blue film dekhee thi tab se to vah mere sath bahut khul gayee hai. us din kee bat main fir kabhee bataungee.

Mammy ke jate hi mai upar gaye, dekha Jiju ast-vast so rahe hain. unaki lungi se unaka pyara Laura jhank raha tha. Sapane main ve jarur bur (pussy) ka deedar kar rahe honge tabhi unka laura (cock) khara tha. Mere pure sharir mein jhurjhuri fal gayee. Main kamare se nikal kar barje pe aa gayi. Samane park mein ek kutta kutiya kee bur chat raha tha. Main ek kursi par baith kar bare dhyan se unake karname ko dekhane lagi. thori der bad kutta kutiya ke upar charh gaya aur apana laura usaki bur mein andar bahar karne laga. Oh kya chudai thi kutte ka laura sata-sat andar bahar ho raha tha.jiju ka khula laura dekh kar main vase hi garma gayee thi aur is kutte kutiya kee chudai ne to mujhe pagal hee bana diya. meri bur paniya gayee aur main apanee bur aur boobs ko kapare ke upar se hi sahlane lagi. Thori der bad kutta ke lund ko kutiya ne apani bur main fansa liya. Kutta usase chhurane ka prayas karne laga es prayas mein vah ulat gaya. Vah chhutane ka prayas kar raha tha lekin kutiya usake laure ko chore nahi rahi thi. Yah sab dekh kar man bahut kharab ho gaya. Tabhi jiju ka hanth mere kandhe par para main harbara kar uth kharee hogaye. jiju bole “kya dekh rahi ho meri Sali sahiba?” aur unhone peeche se mujhe daboch liya aur mere boobs ko sahalane lage. “Hato jiju aap bahut gande hai” maine kaha to jaroor par maine unake hantho ko hatane ka koi prayas nahi kiya. “oh jiju oh… kya kar rahen hai…” jiju mujhase aur chipak gaye aur main unake kkare land kee chubhan apane gand ke bich anubhav karane lagi. Unka ek hanth tahalate huye meri bur ko panti ke upar se sahlane laga. Main oh.. ahh… ke aage barh hi nahi pa rahi thee. Lekin jab unhone ne dheere se mere skart ka batan khol diya tab jakar ahsas hua kee ham dono khule barje par khare hai aur yahan koi hamaree karastani ko dekha bhi sakata hai. main khule skart ko neeche jameen se utha kar bheetar kamare mein bhag aayee. Peeche-peeche jiju andar aa gare aur mere ontho ko apane muh mein le kar chusane lage. Main kamatur ho unke land ko lungee se bahar nikal kar hantho mein le liya. Oh kya halabbi lund tha. ayase lambe land ko hanth mein le kar jab maine samane lage hue shisha mein deha to laga sakshat rati kamdeva ka lund pakare khari hai aur kamadeva rati kee choonchi pakare ek doosare me samane kee chesta mein lage hai.

jiju blaus utarane lage to mai boli “Oh ahh jiju kya kar rahe hai ghar mein akeli pakar mujhe nangee kar saitanee par utaroo ho gaye hai. oh choro bhee kya poorae kapare utar denge” main jiju ko yah batana chah rahi thi ki ghar par koyee nahi hai chahe to ve poori nangi kar chudai kar sakate hai. Jiju samajh gaye aur bole “are wah mummy nahi hai tab to apani Sali ke sath pura maja liya ja sakata hai” aur unhone aanan fanan mere sare kapare utar nangi kar diya aur mujhe utha kar palang par le aaye aur chit lita kar par faila kar bur ka sakshatkar karane lage “Chameli tumhari bina bal kee bur bari la javab hai” kah kar unhone meri meri bur ko choom kar choosane lage. mere shareer mein ek tufan uth khara hua. Main boli “jiju apan ehar kariye na mai bhi aapke tagare land ka maja lun”. “vah meri chameli ye hui na bat ab maja aayega” ve 69 ke pose mein aa gaye. Maine dekha

Oh Jiju la laura kitana pyara lag rha tha usake chhote se oth par chamak rahi bund (peecum) kitana achha lag raha tha ki main bata nahi sakati, laura itana garam tha ki jaise vah lava fekane wala ho. Use tanda karne ke liye maine use apane mauh mein le liya. Laura lamba aur mota tha is liye hanth mein me lekar pure supare ko chusane lagi. Jiju bur ki chusai bare man se kar rahe the aur main Jiju ke laure ko jyada se jyada apane muh mein lene ki koshish kar rahi thi par vah mere muh me sama nahi raha tha.

Maine Jiju ke laure ko muh se nikal kar kaha, “ hay Jiju! yah to bahut hi lamba aur mota hai”

“tumhe usase kya karna hai?” Jiju meri choot se jeebh hata kar bole.

Ab main apane aape mein na rah saki, uthi aur boli “abhi batati hun chodu lal mujhe kya karma hai”

Main ab tak chudane ke liye pagala chuki thi. Maine unako puri tarah naga kar diya aur upar aa gayee, bur ko unake laure ke sidh me kar apane yaovan dwar par laga kar neeche dhakka laga baithi lekin chikh mere muh se nikali, “oh ma! Mai mari….”Jiju ne jhat meri chutar dono hantho se daboch liya jisase unaka aadha lund meri bur mein dhasa rah gaya aur ve meri choonchi ko muh mein dalkar chusane lage. Chunchi chuse jane se mujhe kucha rahat mili aur meri chut chudai ke liye fir tayar hone lagi aur chutar harakat karane lagee. Tav-tav mein itana sab kuch kr gayee lekin lekin ab aage barhane ki himmat nahi par rahi thi lekin muniya (bur) chudane ke liye machal rahi thi.

Main Jiju ke oth chum kar boli, “Jiju upar aa jao”

“kya chudasi chameli chodogee nahi”

“nahi chudavaugee apane chudakkar raja se”

bina bur se laura nikale ve bari safai se palate aur main neeche aur ve upar aur land meri bur me jo ab thori naram ho gayee thi. Unhone mere oth apane oth mein le liya aur bur se laura nikal kar ek jabarjast shat laga diya. Unaka pura laura sarsarate hue meri bur mein ghus gaya. Dard se main behal ho gayee. Meri avaj mere muh mein hi ghut kar rah gayee kyoki mere oth to jijai ke oth me the. Oth chusane ke sath ve meri chunchiyo ko pyar se sahla rahe the fir chunchiyon ko ek-ek kar chusane lage jisase mere bur ka dard kam hone laga.

Pyar se unake gal ko chumate hue main boli, “tumane apani sali ke bur ka kabara kar diya na”

“kya karata Sali apane bur ke jhant ko saf kar chudane ke liye tayar thi”

“Jiju aap ko galatfahmi ho gayee mere bur par bal hai hee nahi”

“yah kaise ho sakata hai tumhari didi ke to bahut bal hai, mejhe hee unako saf karna parta hai”

“han! Aisa hi hai lekin vah sab bad mein pahale jo kar rahe ho use karo”

mere bur ka dard gayab ho chuka tha aur main chutar hila kar Jiju ke mote lund ko adjust karne lagee thi jo thire-dhire andar bahar ho raha tha.

Jiju rafter barahte hue puncha, “kya karun?”

Main samajh gayee Jiju kuch gandi bat sunana chah rahe hain main apani gar ko uchhal kar boli, “hai re Sali chod! Itana jalim laura bur kee jar tak ghusa kar punchh rahe ho kya karun… hai re bur chod … apane mote laure se math kar meri mutani ka shudha-ras nikalanahai ab samajhe… chudakkar raja” maine unake oth chum liya.

Ab to Jiju tufan mail kee tarah chudai karane lage. Bur se pura lund nikalate aur puri gaharai tak pel dete the. Mai swarg kee havao me urane lagee..

“hai rajjjja ! our jor…seeeeee … bara majjjjjjjja aaaaa aa raha hai……our joooorrrr seeee……. ohhhhh maaaa! haiiiiii meri burrrrrrr jharane wali hai……..meri burrrrrrr keeee chithare ura doooooooooo….. haiiiiii mai gayeeeeeeee”

“rukkkoooo meri chudasi raaaaani main bheeeee aaaaaaaaa raha hun….” Jiju das barah dhakke laga kar meri bur ko apane garam lava se bhar diya. Meri bur unake viry k eek-ek katare ko choos kar khus ho gayee.

Mere chunchiyon ke beech sar rkha kar mere upar thori der pare rah kar apane sanso ko snayat karne ke bada mere bagal mein aakar letane ke bada mere virya se sane bur par hanth ferate hue bole “ han! Ab batao apane bina bal wali bur ka raj”

Main es raj ko jaldi batane ke mood mein nahi thi, maine bat ko talate hue kaha, “are ! pahale safayee to karane do, bur chipchipa rahi hai. Es sale laure ne pura bhiga diya hai” main uth kar bathroom mein chali aye…………

Bathroom mein mere pichhe-pichhe Jiju bhi aa gaye. Maine pahale Jiju ke laure ko dho kar saf kiya phir apani bur ko saf karane lagi. Jiju gour se dekha rahe the, shayad ve bur par bal na ugane ka raj janane ke pahale yah yakeen kar lena chah rahe the ki bal uge nahi hain ki ese saf kiya gaya hai. Unhone kaha “lao main thik se saf kar doon” ve bur ko dhote guye apani tasalli karane ke bad use chumate huye bole, “vakayee tumhare bur ka koi javab nahi hai” aur ve meri bur ko choosane lage. Maine apane paron ko phala diya aur unaka sar pakar kar bur chusawane lagee. “Oh Jiju…. kyaaaaa karrrrrr raheeeeee hain…… ohhhhhhh ……”

Tabhi call-bel baj utha. Maine jija se apane ko chhurate hue boli, “bartan manjane wali Renu hogi” our ulte sidhe kapare pahan kar neeche darwaja kholane ke liye bhagi. Darwaja khola to dekha Renu hee thi. Maine rahat kee sans lee.

Andar aane ke bad Renu mujhe dhyan se dekh kar boli, “kya bat hai didi! Kucha ghbarai kuchh saramai, ya khuda ye majara kya hai” phir bat badal kar boli “subah Jiju aye the, kahan hain” main boli, “upar so rahe hain mai bhi so gayi thi”

“Jiju ke sath?” hasate hue wah boli.

“tu b hi soyege” maine palat war kiya lekin vah bhi manji hui khilari thi boli, “hay didi! etana bara bhagya mera kahan?”

usase paar pana mushkil tha, baat badhane se koi phayada bhi nahi tha, kyoki vah hamraj thi, es liye boli, “ja apana kam kar, kaam khatam kar Jiju ke liye chaye bana dena, main dekhati hun ki Jiju jage ki nahi”

niche ka main gate (darwaja) band kar upar aa gayee, Renu se main nischint thi wah bachpan se hi es ghar mein aa rahi hai aur sab kuch janati aur samajhati hai.

Didi ke kamare mein lungi pahan kar baithe Jiju mera intajar kar rahe the, jaise hi main unake pas gayee mujhe daboch liya. Main unase chutane ki nakam koshis karate hue boli, “Renu bartan dho rahi hai ab usake jane tak intajar karma parega”

Jiju bole, “are! Use samay lagega tab tak ek bajee kya do (two) bajee ho sakati hai” ve meri boobs ko kholkar ek boob ke nipple ko muh mein lekar chusane lage aur unaka ek hanth meri bur tak pahunch gaya. Bath-room mein me Jiju bur chus kar pahale hi garma chuke the. Ab main apane ko na rok saki aur lungi ko hata kar laure ko hanth me le liya. Main boli, “Jiju yah to pahale se bhee mota ho gaya hai”

“Han jab yah apani pyari bur ko pyar karega to phoolkar kuppa ho jayega”

“hai! Mere chodu sanam! es shatan ne meri muniya ko deevana bana diya hai…. ab ise usase milava do…” maine unake laure ko hanth marte hue kaha.

Jiju ne mere ve kapare utar diye jisase main apani nagnata chhupaye hue thi aur mujhe palang par lita kar mere pairon ko faila diya. ab meri madmast raseeli yowan guha unake samane thi. Unhone use phir apani jeebh se chhera.

Kuchh der to unaki deevanagi ka maja liya lekin main param sukh ke liye bechain ho uthi aur unhe apane upar khich liya aur boli, “Raja ab un dono ko milane do”

Jiju meri nipple ko muh se nikal kar bole, “kisako”

maine unake laure ko bur ke muh par lagate hue boli “enako …..bur aur lund ko….samajhe mere chudakkar sanam……. Meri bur ke khevanhar….. ab chodo bhi…”

es par unhone ek jabarjast shot lagaya aur meri bur ko chirata hua pura lund andar samaa gaya, “haiiiiiiii marrrrrrr dala ohhhhhh mere chodu sanam …… meri muniya to pyar karna chahti par es motu ko dard pahuchane mein jyada maja aata hai……. Ab ruke kyo ho?......... kuchh pane ke liye kuchh to sahna parega……ohhhhhh maaaaaa …… ab kuchh thik lag raha hai……. Han ab thikkkkkkk haiiiiiiiiiii far dalo es lalachi bur ko…..” main chudai ke unmad mein niche se chutar utha utha kar unake land ko bur mein je rahi thi aur Jiju upar se kas kas kar shot par shot lagate hue bol rahe the, “ hai chudasi raniiiiiii.. tumhari bina jhant vali bur ne tou mere lund ko pagal bana diya hai….vah es Sali muniya ka divana ho gaya hai…..ese chod chod kar jab tak yahan hun jannat ki sair karungaa…. Rani bahut maja aa raha hai….”

Main chudai ke nashe mein Jiju ko kas kas kar dhakke lagan eke liye protsahit kar rahi thi, “han raja !!!!!! chod lo apani Sali ke burrrrrrrrrrrrrr koooooo aur jorrrrrrrrrrrrr seeeee farrrrrrrrr doooooooo es saliiiiiiii burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ko ohhhhhhhhhh rajjjjjjaaaaa main jannat keeeeeeeeeee sair kar rahi hooooon………..chodo raja choddddddoooo aur jor seeeeeeee haiiiiii kas kas kar maro ….ohhhhhh bas main aneeeeee waliiiiiii hunnnnnn ui maaaaa main gayeeeeeeeee…….” Meri bur ne Chudasi Chameliras chhor diya par Jiju dhakke par dhakke lagaye ja rahe the jharane ka nam hi nahi le rahe the, maine kaha, “Jiju jara jaldi! Renu chaye le kar aati hogi”

“main tou kab se chaye lekar khari hun. Chaye thandi ho gayee aur main garam” yah Renu kee aavaj thi.

Main chudai ke tufan mein es kadar kho gayee thi kee Chmeli kee taraf dhyan hee nahi gaya, Main Jiju ko apane upar se hatate hue boli, “tu kb aayee” “jab aap chodu sanam se chudava rahi thi aur chudakkar rani ko Jiju chod rahe the”

“achha! thik hai! Yah sab chhor jab tu yahan aakar mar hee gayee to bur khujalana chhor aa Jiju ko samhal” main uthi aur Renu ke sare kapare utar diye aur use Jiju ke pas palang par dhakel diya. Jiju ne use daboch liya. unhone apana lund usake choot mein laga kar dhakka diya. Usake muh se ek karah si nikali. Mota lund jane se dard ho raha tha. Main dhire-dhire usake urojon ko masalane lagi jisase usaki uttejana barhati jaye aur dard kam. Dhire-dhire Jiju apana pura land Renu ki bur mein ghusa diya. Ab usaki taraf se pura sahyog mil raha tha.

Jiju ab apane lund ko Renu kee choot mein andar bahar karane lage aur Renu bhi apane kamar ko utha kar Jiju ke lund ko apane choot mein aaram se le rahi thi, dono ek dusare se guthe hue the champa Barbara rahi thi, “didi! Jiju mast chudai karate hain ….Jiju chod do …. Aur jor se … aur jor se…. mujhe bhi ane dena ohhhh aaj bahut dino kee pyassssssss bujheeeeeeeeeee geeeeeeee ab aa jao didi ke chodu sanam …..ohhhh maaaaa main gayeeeeeee…” Jiju ke andar ubal pahale se hee uth raha tha jo bahar aane ko bechain tha. Thori der me dono sath-sath khalas ho gaye.

Thori der Renu ke sharer par pare rahane ke bad jab Jiju uthe to main Renu se boli, “garmi shant ho gayee? Ja ab chudakkar Jiju ke liye phir se special chaye bana kar la kyon ki Jiju ne teri special chudai kee hai” “didi aap bhi……” vah apane kapare uthane lagi tou maine chhin leye aur boli, “ja aise hi ja” “nahi didi kapare de do, chaye lekar Jiju ke samane nange aane me sharam lagegee” mai boli, “jaa bhag chaye lekar aa, nangee hokar chudane mein sharam nahi aye, achchha ja ham log bhi yahan nange rahenge” shaitan Renu yah kahate hue nangee hi bhag gayi, “nange rah kar chudai karte rahenge”

Renu niche chaye banana chali gayee. Jiju mujhe chirahte hue bole, “malkin kee tarah naukarani bhi jabarjast hai” mai boli, “Jiju use jyada bhav na deejiye ga nahi to vah jok ki tarah chipak jayegee. Par Jiju vah hai bari bhali, bas sex ke mamale me hee thori kamjor hai” “aane do dekhata hun kamjor hai ki khilari hai”

Renu ke jane ke bad saf-safayee ke liye ham dono bathroom mein aa gaye. Maine saver khol diya. Ham dono ke nange jism par pani ki fuhar parane lagee. Bathroom mein lage bare sheese mein main dekh rahi thi, saver ke neeche mere uttejak badan per pani par raha tha, mere tane mummo se tapkata pani jo pairon ke beech meri bur se hota hua paron par chhoti-chhoti dhar banate hue neeche gir raha tha. Meri supust choonchiyon se girta hua pani aaj bahut achchha lag raha tha. Jija ke chaure seene se bahata pani unake laure se dhar banakar bah raha tha jaise ve moot rahe hon. Maine unaka land hanth mein le liya aur supare ko kholane aur band karne lagee. Lund hanth mein aate hee sajag go gaya aur meri bur ko dekh kar akarne laga. Maine Ratnesh (Jiju) ke nange supust shareer ko apane chhati se chipaka kar unake oth apane othon mein le liya. Meri kasi hui choonchiyan Jiju ke sine mein ragar khane lagi. Maine unake shishn (cock) ko pakar kar apane bur se sata liya aur thora pair fala kar use apane youvandwar (cunt) par ragarne lagee.

Jiju mere boobs ko dabate aur sahalate hue mere othon ko choos rahe the aur unaka lund ko meri muniya apane oth se sahla rahi thi. baithkar nahane ke liye rakhe stool par maine apana ek pair utha kar rakha liya aur aur unake land ko bur mein aage barhane ka mauka mil gaya. Shishe mein dikh raha tha unaka lund undar bahar hote hue meri pyari bur se khilwar kar raha tha. Meri muniya use pura apane muh me lene kee koshish kar rahi thi. Kuch der bad mai apane ko chura kar bath-tub ko pakar kar jhuk gayee. Mere chootar uthe hue the aur mera yoavandwar dikhane laga. Jiju ne usapar apane tannaye hue lund ko laga kar thakka diya. Pura lund gap se bur mein sama gaya. Phir kya tha lund aur choot ka khel shuru hua. Sheeshe me jaise blu film chal rahi ho, jisaki heroin mai thi aur hero the mere Ratnesh jija. Jiju ka lund meri bur mein andar bahar ho raha tha jisase bur bawali ho rahi thi par mujhe sheeshe mein lund ka ghusana aur nikalana baut bhala lag raha tha.

Shaver se pani ki fuhar ham dono par par rahi thi, hamlog usaki parvah na kar tan ki tapis mitane me lage the. Jiju peechhe sw meri choonchiyan pakar kar barabar dhakke lagaye ja rahe the. Shishe mein apani chudai dekh kar main kafi garam ho chukee thi esliye main apane chutar ko aage pichhe kar gapagap laure ko bur mein lerahi thi aur bolati ja rahi thi, “Jiju ! bahut achchha lag raha hai….es chudai mein choddo mere sanam jindagee ka pura maja le lo ….hai !!!!!! mere chodu balam…… tumhara laura bara jandar hai…… maro raja dhakka….. aur jor se….. hai raja aur jor se…. aur jor se…… hai! es jalim laure se phar do meri burrrrrrrrrr bbbbbbbahut achchhaaaaaaaa laggggggg rahaaaa haiiiiii….” Peechhe se chudai mein mere hanth jhuke-jhuke dukhane lage maine Jiju se kaha, “raja jara ruko, is tarah puri chudai nahi ho pa rahi hai, leta kar chudne mein pura laura ghusata hai to jharane mein bahut maja aata hai” maine shaver band kiya aur vahi geele jameen par leta gayee aur boli, “ab upar aa kar chudai karo” ab Jiju mere upar the aur meri bur me lund dalkar bharpoor chudai karane lage. Ab mere bur mein laura pura ka pura andar bahar ho raha tha aur main neeche se sahyog karte hue barbara rahi thi, “ab chudai ka majja mil raha hai …… maro raja….maro dhakka…. Aur jor se…… han! Raja esi tarah se……bhar do apane madan ras se bur ko….. ahhhhhh esssssssssss ohhhhhhh. Jiju kas-kas kar dhakka mar kar meri bur ko chod rahe the. Thori der bad unake lund se lava nikala aur meri bur kee gahrai mein jhar gayeaur main bhi sath-sath khalas ho gayee. main seif period mein thi es liye parvah nahi kiya.

Kucha der pare rahne ke bad mai bur ko saf kar jaldi bahar nikal aayee. Bahar aa kar bistar ko theek kiya kamara byavasthit kiya aur bhabhi ke kamare se ek blue CD lakar dressing table ke drawer mein dal diya. Tab tak Jiju towel lapete kar bath-room se bahar aa gaye. Ve fress dikh rahe the shayad unhone sabun laga ker thik se naha liya tha. Unhe dekh kar “main bhi fress ho kar aati hun” kah kar bath-room mein ghus gayee.

Esi bicha Renu chaye lekar aayi aur kamare ke bahar se avaj dee, “Jiju aankhe band kariye chaye lekar ayee hun” main bathroom se nikal kar bahar aane wali thi, tabhi socha, dekhen ye log kya karte hain. main darwaje ke shishe se in dono ko dekhane lagee.

Jiju bole, “ aankh kyon band karun”

Renu bari masumiyat se boli, “nangee hun na” Jiju bole, “ab aa bhi jao, Chudasi Chameli bathroom mein hai, mujhase kya sharmana” Renu chaye lekar nangee hi andar aa gayee. Es bar chaye ketali mein thi. Chaye table per rakh kar apani choonchi aur chootar ek ada se hilaya mano kah rahi ho ‘magata hai to raja le le, nahi main ye chali’ phir usane jiju ki tauliya khinch liya. Jiju ne use apani bahon me bhar liya. Vah apane ko chhurati hue boli, “phir chaye thandi karani hai kya?”

“Chudasi Chameli ko bathroom se aa jane de sath-sath chaye piyenge, tab tak tu drawer se sigret nikal kr le aa” Renu ne drawer se sigaret aur machis nikali. Ek sigaret apane munha me lagakar sulga diya aur ek lambi kash laga kar sigaret ko apanni bur ke muh mein khons kar boli, “Jiju ab meri bur se sigret nikal kar piyo masti aa jayegee” Ratnesh jija ne sigare bur se nikal kar usaki choot ko choom liya aur phir aaram se sigaret pine lage. Chmeli boli, “Tab tak main apana sigaret piti hun” aur usane Ratnesh ke laure ko apane munh mein leliya. Ratnesh ne sigaret khatam hone tak laura shusavane ka maja liya phir use lita kar usake upar charh gaye aur apana laura usaki Choot mein pela diya.

Pahale to Renu tilmilai phir her dhakke ka maja lene lagee, “ Jiju aap adami nahi sand (bull) hai…… jahan choot dekhi pil pare….. ab jab meri bur mein ghusa hi diya hai to dekhungee ki tumhare laure mei kitana dam hai….. chodo raja chodo esbar chudai ka pura sukh uthaungee…. Hai mere chudakkar jiju far kar lal kar do es bur ko ….. aur jor se kas-kas kar dhakka maro ….. ohhhhh ahhhhhhhh isssssss bahut maja aa raha hai” Renu janati thi ki mai bathroom mein hun isliye mere nikalane ke pahale jhar lena chah rahi thi jab ki main bath-room se nikal kar in dono ki chudayee ka khel bahut der se dekh rahi thi. Renu gande-gande shabdon ka prayog kar Jiju ko jaldi jharne par majbur kar rahi thi aur niche se chutar utha-utha kar Ratnesh ke lund ko apani bur mein nigal rahi thi. jab ki Jiju kayee bar chod chukane ke karan jhar hi nahi rahe the. Ek bar Renu jhar chuki thi lekin Jiju usake bur me lund dalkar chode ja rahe the main un dono ke pichhe khare ho kar ghamasan chudayee dekh rahi thi meri bur bhi paniya gayee par meri himmat es samay aur chudane ki nahi ho rahi thi es liye Renu ko neeche se mimiyate dekh bara maja aa raha tha. Renu ne ek bar phir sahas batora aur boli, “oh maa! kitani bar jharo ge mujhe lekin mai maidan chhor kar hatoongee nahi…. Chodo raja aur chodo …….bara maja aa raha hai……chodoooooo ohhhhh balam harjai ……aur kas……kas kar chodo aur mjor se maro dhakke far do bur…….. ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh essssssssss han! Sanam a baa bhi jaoooooooo choot ka kabara kar ke hi dam loge kya? Aoooooooo ab aa bhi jaooooo”

Jiju upar se bole, “rooko rani ab mai bhi aa rha hun” aur dono ek sath jhar kar ek dusare mein sama gaye.

Jiju Renu ke upar the unaka laura Renu ke bur mein sukar raha tha, gand kuch fail gayee thi. Maine peechhe se jakar Jiju keg and me apani choonchi laga di. Jiju samajh gaye bole, “kya karti ho” maine chhonchi se do-teen dhakke unaki gand (ass) mein lagaye aur boli, “chodu lal ki gand mar rahi hun. Jahan bur dekhi pil parete hain” Renu Jiju ke neeche se nikalati hui boli, “didi main bhi Choonchi se Jiju ki gand marongee meri tumase bari hai” main hasate hue boli “chal hut! Main apane chuddaker jiju ki gand kisi ko marane nahi dunngi” Jiju hansate hue bole, ”ruko chudasiyon ! jab main tum dono ki gand marunga to pata chalega”

Renu kee chudai dekh kar mai garam ho gayee thi lekin mammy ke aane ka samay ho raha tha, phir chay bhi pini thi is liye mun par kabu karate hue boli, “ab sab log apane apane kapare pahan kar shareef ban jayiye. mammy ke aane ka samay ho raha hai”. Phir hamlog apane apane kapare thik se pahan kar chay kee table par aa gaye. Renu ketali se chay dalate huye boli, “didi dekh lo chay thandi ho gayee ho to phir se bana laun”

Jiju chaye peete hue bole, “thik hai, Renu is bar ketali mein chaye isiliye bana kar layee thi ki dubara chaye garam karane ke liye neeche na jana pare aur didi akele-akele…” Jiju Renu ki taraf gahari najar se dekh kar muskaraye.

“Jiju aap bare vo hain” Renu boli.

“Vo kya?”

“Bare chodu hain” sab hans pare.

Tabhi neeche call bell bajee. Mammy hongee, main aur Renu bhag kar neeche gayee. Darwaja khola to dekha to Shilpa thi. “Are Shilpa tu? Aa andar aa jaa” Renu boli “aap ki hi kami thi” “kya matalab” “are chhoro bhi Shilpa usaki bat ko vah har samay kuch na kuch bina samjhe bolati rahati hai. chal upar apane Jiju se milvaun”

Shilpa boli, “meri banno bari khus hai lagata hai Jiju se bharpoor maja mila hai..” phir Renu se boli “tub bhi hissa bata rahi thi kya?” Renu sharma gayee, “vo kahan, vo to Jiju…..” Maine use roka, “ ab chup ho ja…. Han! bol Shilpa kya bat hai” Shilpa boli, “chachi nahi hai kya? Mammy ne Jiju ko kal rat ko khane par bulaya hai” Renu se phir raha na gaya bli, “ Shilpa didi Jiju ko….. kal ki ……davat dene aye hai” Shilpa boli, “chal tu bhi sath aa jana. Han! Jiju kaha hai…..chalo unase to kah doon” main boli, “muje to nahi lagata mammy iske liye bhabhi rajee hongi, han! Tu kahegee to Jiju jaroor man jayenge” Shilpa ne kaha “pahale ye bata, tum dono ko to koi etaraj nahi, baki main dekh lungi” “Mujhe kya etaraj ho sakata hai aur Renu ki ma se bhi bat kar lunge par……” Shilpa boli, “bas tu dekhati ja, kal ki cocktail party me maja hi maja hoga”

Esi beech mammy aa gayee. Shilpa chachiji chachiji kah kar unahe pichhe lagi gayee, unake tabiyat ke bare mein punchha, didi kee bante kee phir avasar pa kar kaha, “Chachiji ek bahut jaruri bat hai aap mammy se phone par bante kar len”. Usane jhat apane ghar phone mila kar mammy ko pakara diya. Meri mammy kuch der usaki mammy ki awaj sunati rahi phir bole, “ aisi bat hai to Renu ko kal raat rukane ke liye bhej dungi usaki mammy meri bat talegi nahi…… babuaji (Ratnesh) ko baad mein Chudasi Chameli ke sath bhej dungee……. Abhi kaise jayegi……. Are bhabhi! Ye baat nahi hai……. jaise mera ghar vase aap ka ghar……… thik hai Shilpa baat kar legee……… hame kya etaraj ho sakata hai……… in logo ki jaisi marajee………. Aap jo theek samajhen……. Thik hai thik…… Chudasi Chameli program bana kar apko bata dehee……… Renu to jayegee hi …… namaste bhabhi” kah kar mammy ne phone rakh diya. Mammy mujhse boli, “Shilpa ki mammy tum sab ko kal apane ghar per bulaa rahi hain tum sab ko vahin khana khana hai, unhe kal raat apane mayake jagaran mein jana hai, bhaisahab kanhi bahar gaye hain, Shilpa ghar par akelee hogee ve chahati hain ki tum sab vahi rat mein ruk jao. Tumhare Jiju rukana chahen to thik nahi to tum unako liva kar aa jana, Renu ruk jayegee”mai Kamani ki buddhhi ka loha maan gayee aur mammy se kaha, “Thik hai mammy! Jiju jaisa chahen ge vaisa program bana kar tumhe bata dungee”.

Ham tino ko to jaise man kee murad mil gayee. Jiju hamlogo ko chhor kar yanha kya karenge. “Chalo! Jiju se baat kar lete hain” kah kar hum dono upar Jiju se milane chal diye, sidhi par maine Shilpa se punchha, “yah sab kya hai? tune to kamal kar diya. Ab bata program kya hai” mere kan mein dhire se boli “samuhik chudai…..ab bata Jiju ne teri choot kitani bar mari?”

“chal hat yah bhi koi batane ki bat hai”

“Chalo tum nahi batati to jiju se punch lungi”

Ham dono upar kamare mein aa gaye. Jiju almirah se CD nikal kar blu film dekh rahe the. Skrin par chudaye ka drisya chal raha tha. Unake chehre par uttejana saf jhalak rahi thi.

Shilpa thire se kamare mein andar ja kar boli, “namaste Jiju! kya dekh rahen hain”

Shilpa ko dekh kar ve harbara gaye. Shilpa remote uthakar CD player band karti hui boli, “ye sab rat ke liye rahane dijiye. Kal sham ko mere Ghar aapko aana hai, mammy ne dinar par bulaya hai, Chudasi Chameli aur Renu bhi vahan chal rahi hain.

Jiju samhalate hue bole, “Aap Shilpa jee hai na? meri shadi mein gali aap hi ga rahi thin”

“are wah Jiju aap ki yadast to bahut tej hai”

Jiju bole, “ayasi Sali ko kaise bhula ja sakta hai, kal jashn manane ka irada hai kya”

“han Jiju! Raat vahi rukna hai, raat rangeen karne ke liye apni pasand ki cheej apko lana hai….kuch… hot …hot. baki sab vahan hoga…”

“raat rangeen karane ke liye aap se jyada hot kya ho sakata hai?” Jiju use chherate hue bole aur usaka hanth khinch kar apane pas kar liya. Jiju kuch aur harakat karte main bich mein akar boli, jiju aaj nahi kal davat hai” Jiju lalchai najar se Shilpa ko dekh rahe the, sachmuch Shilpa es samaya apane roop ka jalva bikher rahi rahi thi usame sex appeal bahut hai. Shilpa ne hanth barahte hue kaha, “Jiju! kal apako aana hai” Jiju hanth milate hue use khinch liya aur usake gal par ek chumban jar diya.

Mai Jiju ko rokate hue boli “Jiju itani jaldi thik nahi hai” tabhi neeche se Renu nasta lekar aa gayee aur boli, “chaliye sab log nasta kar leejiye, mammy ne bheja hai” sab ne mil kar nasta kiya.

Shilpa uthati hui mujhase boli, “Chameli! Ab chalane de, Chalen! Ghar mein bahut kam hai phir kal kee tayari bhi karni hai, kal Jiju ko lekar jara jaldi aa jana.” Aur jiju ke samane hee mujhe apane baho mein bharkar mere onth choom liye phir Jiju ko dekh kar ek ada se muskara dee. Jaise kah rahi ho yah chumban aapke liye hai.

Shilpa ke sath hamsab neeche aa gaye. Shilpa mammy se mil kar chali gayee. Renu bhi yah bolate hue chali gayee ki ma ko bata kar kal subah ek din rahane ke liye aa jayegee.

Jiju mammy se bante karane lage aur mai kichen mein chali gayee. Jaldi jaldee khana bana kar khane kee meja par laga diya aur humlogon ne khana khaya. Raat khan eke baad mammy man-pasand serial dekane lageen. Jiju thori der to TV dekhate rahe phir yah kah kar upar chale gaye ki office ke kam se jyada bahar rahne ke karan ve regular serial nahi dekh pate es liye unaka man serial dekhane mein nahee lagata. Phir mujhase bole, “Chameli! Koi nayee picture ka CD hai kya?” beech mein hee mammy bol pari, “are! kal Renuka (meree parosan) devadas kee CD de gayee thi ja kar laga de. Han! Jiju ko sone ke pahale doodh jarur pila dena”. Maine kaha, “Jiju aap upar chal kar kapara badaliye mai aati hun” aur mai apana manpasand serial dekhane lagee.

Serial khatam hone par mammy apane kamare mein jate hue boli “to upar apane kamare mein so jana aur Jijaji ka khyal rakhna” mai CD aur doodh lekar pahale apane kamare mein gayee aur sare kapare utar kar nighty pahan liya aur devadas ko rakh kar dusari CD apane bhabhi ke kamare se nikal layee. Janati thi Jiju Sali ke sath kya dekhna pasand kare ge. jab upar unake kamare mein gayee to dekha Jiju so gaye hain. Dooth ko side table per rakh kar ek bar hila kar jagaya jab ve nahi jage to unake bagal mein jakar leta gayee aur nighty ka batan khol diya neeche kuchh bhee nahi pahne thi.. Ab meri choonchiya ajad thi. phir thora utha kar maine apani ek choonchi kee nipple se Jiju ke otha sahlane lagi aur ek hanth ko chadar ke andar dal kar unke land ko sahlane lagee. Unaka laura sajag hone laga shayad use usaki pyari muniya ki mahak lag chuki thi. Ab meri choonchi ki nipple Jiju ke much mein thi aur ve use choosane lage the.

Jiju jag chuke the. Maine kaha, “Jiju doodh pi leejiye”

Ve chhootate hi bole, “pi to raha hun”

“Are! ye nahi kali bhais ka doodh, vo rakhi hai glass mein”

“jab gori Sali ka doodh peene ko mil raha hai to kali bhais ka dooth kyo piyun” Jiju choonchi se muh alag kar bole aur phir use muh mein le liya. Maine kaha “par isamein doodh kahan hai” yah kahte hue unake muh me se apanee choonchi chhurakar uthi aur doodh ka glass utha layee aur unake muh mein laga diya. Jiju ne aadha glass piya aur glass lekar baki pine ke liye mere muh mein laga diya. Maine muh se glass hatate hue kaha, “Jiju mai doodh pi kar aayee hun” es beech doodh chhalak kar meri choonchiyon par gir gaya. Jiju use apanr jeebh se chatane lage. Main unase glass lekar apani choonchiyon par dhire-dhire doodh girati rahi aur Jiju maja le-le kar use chatate gaye. Choonchi chatane se meri bur mein sursuri hone lagee, is beech thora doodh bah kar meri choot tak chala gaya. Jiju ki jeebh doodh chatate-chatate neeche aa rahi thi aur mere badan mein sansani fail rahi thi. Unake oth meri bur ke oth tak aa gaye aur unhone use chatana shuru kar diya. Maine Jiju ke sir ko pakar kar apani yoni aage kiya aur apane pair faila kar apani bur chatavane lagee. Jiju meri chootar ko dono hanth se pakar liya aur meri bur ki teet (clitoric) ko jeebh se chatane lage aur kabhi choot ki gahrai me jeebh thel dete. Main masti ki parakastha tak pahunch rahi thi aur uttejana mein bol rahi thi, “oh! Jiju ye kya kar rahe ho …. Main masti se pagal ho rahi hun….. oh rajjjjjaaaa chato … aur….. andar jeeebhaaaa dal kar chatoooo….bahut achchha lag raha hai ….aaj apanee jeebh se hi es bur ko chod doo…. Oh….ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh esssss”

Jiju ko mrei choot ke madak khusabu ne unhe madmast banaa diya aur ve bari tallinata se meri bur ke ras (Chudasi Chameliras) ka raspan kar rahe the.

Jiju meri choot par se muh hataye bina mujhe khinch kar palang par baitha diya aur khud jameen par baith gaye. Meri jangho ko faila kar apane kandhon par rakh liya aur mere bhagosthon ko apani jeebh se chatane lage. Main masti se sihar rahi thi aur chootar aage sarka kar apnni ghoot ko jiju ke muh se sata diya. Ab meri chootar palang se bahar hava mein jhool rahi thi aur meri makhamali janghon ka dabav Jiju ke kandhon per tha. Jiju apani jeebh meri bur mein ghusa diya aur bur ke androoni deevar ko sahlane lage. Main masti ke anajane par adbhut anand ke sagar mein gote lagane lagi aur apani chootar utha-utha kar apani choot Jiju ke jeebh par dabane lagi.

“Oh raja! Esi tarah choosate aur chatate raho …bahut …achchha lag raha hai …..jeebh ko andar bahar karo na….hai … tum hi to mere chudakkar saiya ho…..oh raja bahut tarapi hoon chudane ke liye…. Ab sari kasar nikal lungi…..ohhhhhh rajjjjaaaa chodoooo meri chooooot ko apani jeeebh se…..”

iijaji ko bhi pura josh aa gaya aur meri choot main jaldi-jaldi jeebh andar-bahar karte hue use chodane lage. Main jor-jor se kamar utha kar Jiju ke jeebh ko apani bur mein le rahi thi. Jiju ko bhi es chudai ka maja aane laga. Jiju apani jeebh kari kar ke sthir kar lee aur sir ko aage-pichhe kar ke meri choot chodane lage. Mera maja dugana ho gaya.

Apane chootaron ko uthate hue boli, “ aur jor se Jiju…. Aur jooooor se hai…. mere pyare Jiju …. Aaj se main tumhari mashooka ho gayee….esi tarh jindagee bhar chudaun gee…..ohhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaa ohhhh ..uiiiiiii maaaaa” mai ab jharne wali thi. Main jor-jor se siskari lete hue apani choot jiju ke chehare par ragar rahi thi. Jiju bhi puri teji se jeebh laplapa kar meri choot puri tarah se chat rahe the. Apani jeebh meri choot mein puri tarah andar dalkar ve hilane lage. Jab unaki jeebh meri bhagnasa se takarai to mera bandh tut gaya aur Jiju ke chehare ko apani janghon me jakar kar maine apani choot jiju ke muh se chipaka diya. Mera pani bahane laga aur Jiju mere bhagosthon ko apane muh mein daba kar javani ka amrit ‘Chudasi Chameliras’ peene lage.

Isake bad main palang par let gayee. Jeejaji uthkar mere bagal me aa gaye. Maine unhe choomate hue kaha, “Jiju! aise hi aap didi ki bur bhi choosate hain” “han! Par itana nahi. 69 ke samaya choosata hun par use chudane me jyada maja milata hai” maine Jiju ke laund ko apane hanth mein le liya. Jiju ka lund lohe kee rod kee tarah sakht aur apane pure aakar mein khara tha. Dekhane me etana sundar aur achha lag raha tha ki use pyar karne ka maan hone laga, supare ke chhote se oth par preecum kee bund chamak rahi thi. Maine uspar ek-do bar upar-neeche hanth fera, usane hil-hil kar mujhase meri muniya ke pas jane ka anurodh kiya. Mai kya karati, muniya bhi use pane ke liye bekarar thi. Maine use choom kar manane kee koshish kee lekin vah muniya se milane ke liye bekarar tha. Ant mein main sidhe let gayee aur use muniya se milane ke liye ijajat de dee. Jiju mere upar aa gaye aur ek jhtake me meri bur mein apana pura lund ghusa diya. Main neeche se kamar utha kar un dono ko apas me milane me sahayog dene lagi. Dono es samay es prakar mil rahe the mano ve baraso bad mile ho. Jiju kas-kas kar dhakke laga rahe the aur meri bur niche se unaka javab de rahi thi. ghamasan chudai chal rahi thi.

Lagabhag 15-20 minat ki chudayee ke bad meri bur harane lagee to maine gande shabdon ko bol kar jiju ko lalkara, “Jiju aap bare chudakkar hain… chodo rajaaaaa chadoooo … meri bur bhi kam nahi hai….. kas-kas kar dhakke maro mere chudakkar rajaaaaaa, phar do es sali bur kooooooo, jo har samay chudane ke liye bechain rahati hai… bur ko phar kar apane madanaras se ise sinch dooooooo…..ohhhhh maaaaa oh mere raja bahut achchha lag raha hai ….chodo…chodo….chodo …aur choddoooo, raja sath-sath girana….ohhhhh haiiiiiiiiii aa jao …. Mere chodu sanam…..hai ab nahi ruk paungeee ohhhhh mai … mai…gayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e.” Edhar Jiju kas kas kar dochar dhakke lagakar sath-sath jhar gaye. Sachmuch es chudai se meri muniya bahut khus thi kyo kee use laura chusane aur pyar karane ka bharpoor sukh mila.

Kuch der bad Jiju mere upar se hat kar mere bagal mein aa gaye. Unake hanth meri choonchiyon, chootar ko sahalate rahe main unake seene se kuchh der lag kar apane sanso par kabu prapt kar liya. Maine Jiju ko chherate hue punchha, “devadas laga dun?”

“aare! Achchha yad dilaya jab Shilpa aye thi to us samay mai us picture ko nahi dekh paya tha, ab laga do” Jiju meri choonchi ko dabate hue bole.

“na baba! Us CD ko lagane ki meri ab himmat nahi hai, use dekh kar yah manega kya?” mai unake laure ko pakar kar boli. “Apa bhi kamal ke aadami hai sex se thakate hi nahi. Apako dekhana hai to laga deti hun par mai apane kamare mein sone chali jaungee”

“oh meri pyari Sali! Bas dhori der dekh lene do, mai vada karata hun mai kuch nahi karunga, kyon ki mai bhi thak gaya hun” Jiju mujhe rokate hue bole.

Maine CD laga kar TV on kar diya. Maine nighty pahan liya aur unake bagal mein baith kar picture dekhane lagi. Shuruaat mein lesbian seen the, do larkiya nangee ho kar ek-dusare ko chaat choom rahi thi.ek laraki dusare laraki ki bur ko choosane lagee.mai dhyan se film dekh rahi thi. Mere hanth anjane hi bur tak pahunch gaye, tabhi Jiju ne meri kamar par hanth dalkar khicha to maine apane badan ko dhila chhor diya aur unaki goud mein adhaleti ho gayee. Jiju meri nighty khol kar meri choonchiyon se khelate hue picture dekhane lage. Main bhi apani nighty hta kae apani bur sahalane lagee. Screen par ab dono larkiyan 69 ki position mein thin aur ek dusare ki bur ko chat rahi thin jise camara angil badal badal kar dikh raha tha. Jiju ka lund betab ho raha tha jise maine thra position badal kar apani chutar mein daba liya aur dhire dhire aage pichhe karane lagi.

Tabhi screen par ek mard aaya. Dono larkiyon ko es halat mein dekh kar jhatpat nanga ho gaya aur land chuawane ke bad ek laraki ke bur mein apana lamba lund ghusa kar chodane laga. Usaka land bhi Jiju ki tarah lamba tha par shayed mota kam tha. Dusari laraki jo abhi bhi pahali larki ke neeche thi aadami ke andon ko jibha se chat rahi thi.

Mai dhire dhire garm hone lagi mine Jiju se kaha, “aao raja! Ab andar dal kar picture dekha jaye”

“bad mein mujhse kuch na kahna” kahakar Jiju ne apana lund bur ke andar kar diya. Es tarah bur mein lund lekar dhire dhire aage peeche hote hue ham dono picture ka maja lene lage.

Screen par adami kbhi upar to kabhi neeche aakar chudayee kar raha tha aur dusari laraki kbhi apani choonchi chuswati to kabhi bur. Mujhase ab raha nahi jar aha tha maine Jiju ke paron ko palang ke neeche kiya aur unaki taraf peeth kar laure ko bur mein dalkar unaki goad mein baith gayee aur picture dekhte hue chudai karne lagee. Ek hanth se Jiju meri choonchi daba rahe the aur dusare hanth se miri bur ki teet sahla rahe the. Es tarah hamlog picture ki chudai dekh rahe the aur khud bhi chudai kar rahe the.

Screen par vah adami ek ko chod kar leta tha aur ab dusari ki chudai ki tayaree kar raha tha. Dusari aurat uthi aur aadami ki tarf muh kar usakr laure ko apani bur mein dalkar batha gayee ab ve dono bath kar chudai kar rahe the. Mujhe laga is tarh se chudai karane me laura bur ke andar thik se jayega aur mai paltee aur Jiju ke dono oor pair kar unake lund ko apane bur mein lekar chudai karane lagee. Mejhe ab picture dikh nahi rahi thi par ab use dekhane ki parvah bhi nahi rah gayee aur hamlog apani chudai mei mashgool ho gaye. Jiju meri choonchiyon ko dabate hue neeche se chootar uchhal kar apane lund ko meri bur mein gahari tak pahuncha rahe the aur pain picture wali larki ki tarah uchhal-uchhal kar cudai mein sanlagna thi.. pictue dekh kar Jiju mujhe dusare asan se chudai karane lage ab main dogee style me thi. Jiju kabhi upar ate kabhi mujhe upar kar mujhase chodane ke liye kahte is tarah hamlogon ne jab tak picture chalati rahi mejhe tarh tarh se chodate rahe aur ve meri bur mein ek bar phir se khalas hue. Main Jiju ke neeche kuch der pari rahi phi jeejaji mere bagal mein aa gaye.

Jiju ne phir utha kar mere bur ko saf kiya aur bina balon vali bur ko choom kar bole, “oh! meri pyari Sali, es bur par jhante na hone ka raja ab to bata do”

Main boli jeeja jee aaj kai bar chud kar bahut thak gayee hun. Ab mai apane kamare mein sone ja rahi hun, baki bante kal”

Jiju bole, “yahi so jao”

maine kaha, “ yahan sona katare se khali nahi hai, mai tumhari ghar wali to hun nahi, ki koi dekh ya jan lega to kuchh nahi kahega”

“lekin adhi gharwali to ho”

“lekin aap ne to puri gharwali bana liya, chod chod kar bur ka bhurtalla bana diya”

“please thora aur ruko na, wo raj bata kar chali jana” Jiju minnat karane wale lahaje mein bole.

“kal bata dungee, mai koi bhagee to ja nahi rahi hun… achha to ab chalati hon” “phir kab milogee” “adhi rat ke bad……, ta… ta… bye… bye….”
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