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Nimi Real Kama Sutra Styles

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Nimi Real Kama Sutra Styles
Mani, my friend, we had been together from high school through to the engg college. He was good looking, smart and witty and there was no dearth of girl friends. Although he stayed in the men's hostel he had many relatives in the city and he used to visit them quite often. When I ask him he used to say, in the houses he visits there used to be one or two teen aged girls all cousins and he used to taunt them and come back. They all liked him and wanted him to stay but, when I asked, he said it is not worth that. Having sex with them is very easy and actually they wanted. The problem is that it becomes sentimental and they will immediately think of marriage which he did not want. Except fucking he used to tease the girls in every possible way, press their boobs, kiss them, even finger fuck them, some are prepared to give him a blow job. Once you fuck them you get locked and then there is no escape, because sentiments take over. He used to advise me never fuck a virgin girls, go only married and frustrated women, you can have great sex.

He narrated an incident in the house of a distant uncle. Uncle had a daughter, having married without children, was frustrated because her husband recently got a promotion and transfer to a distant city. He cannot come home frequently but only once a month. Her name he mentioned as Nimi, just 22 years, was beautiful, well figured, well educated was going out to study computers just to kill time. Mani says knew she was going in search of someone with whom she can have sex.

Nimi used to get dressed up nice and go in the evening to the computer class and return only by 9 pm. She took this as an excuse for not going with her husband. On his first visit she fell for him. He had a glib tongue he can go on telling stories which the girls like about the scandal of film stars, some sex jokes etc. Nimi asked him to visit them daily. Mani says it is dangerous to go daily. You should keep yourself scarce. Nimi looked sad because whenever he goes he makes her laugh on all the stories. One day she said will you come to accompany me to a cinema. Mani asked which cinema. She mentioned the name of the theater which is far away. Mani said no, no, I dont have a vehicle and going that far without a vehicle is risky. She said she will take her husband's car which was lying idle. Uncle and aunt supported her since she was feeling bored sitting alone doing no work. Mani said ok and then they started. She started an ambassador car. It is a heavy car for ladies to drive, let me do the driving you sit in the front seat, said Mani and he started the car. She sat in the front seat, well dressed. The moment they turned the corner, She placed her hand on his lap.

Since his both hands are on the steering wheel he did not resist. She mover the hand closer to his crotch. Mani said it was very difficult to have a beautiful girl sitting in the front seat and searching his crotch while he is driving. He said his dick was rising and formed a bulge.She placed her hand on the bulge and trying to unzip him. He said he slowed down the car and turned to a bye lane. Nimi never bothered but was busy with his zip. He knew her intentions and hence turned the car to a deserted spot and parked there. By that time she had pulled the zip down and inserted her hand inside his pants. He laughed and asked what her intentions were.

Nimi already breathing heavily said that she just wanted to see his cock and taste it. Ok, I will help you he said and pulled out his semi erect cock and put it out dangling. Suddenly she took hold of the cock and took it in her mouth and with her tongue playing with it in her mouth. She licked from bottom to top and sucked it head like children sucking lollypop. She dragged his hands and placed them on her boob and asked him to press them hard. Mani says why waste an opportunity, he inserted both the hands inside her blouse and felt her ample boobs. Keeping his cock still inside her mouth she undid her blouse buttons so that he amy get more space for holding her boobs. She undid her bra hooks and her both boobs were free.

He went on kneading the boobs and pressing her nipples. She went on moaning softly but her sound was muffled because her mouth was filled with his cock. Her body position was such that in that condition he cannot reach her pussy. He changed his position a bit and he inserted his right hand between her thighs, she kept it wide open to give him more access. Her panty was totally wet. Somehow he pulled it down and felt the hot pussy. It was full of stubbs. He leaned forward and licked her pussy and his tongue probed inside her cunt. He pulled out her clit and softly sucked it. Nimmi was in ecstasy and started to moan loudly rolling her head left and right. Mini gave her oral sex and a good orgasm. Nimi wanted him to fuck her but there was spacea and it was getting late for the movie. Somehow she sucked him off and took his entire cum in her mouth and gulped it. She requested him to stay back and fuck her in the night.

He agreed reluctantly. After the movie when they reached home it was very late and his uncle insisted that he should take supper and stay with them for the night. After supper uncle took him to the spare room they had for guests and gave him a lungi for changing. Uncle felt sleepy and went to his room for sleeping. Within half an hour nimmi came to his room tiptoeing. She closed and bolted the door behind. She was in just a nightie and with nothing inside. Because of lack of sex, Nimi was like a tigress to jump on him and to maul him. Without even waiting for him to change his clothes, she pounced on him to pull out his cock and suck it. Somehow Mani managed to undress and pull out her nightie. Both nude figures with hugging themselves and rushing to the bed. She wanted him to lie down and she suck him taking his cock deep upto her throat. Mani just allowed her to have her own time. After wards she just climed on him with her feet on either side of him and with her hand she just inserted his cock inside her cunt.

He said wait I will do it. She said no, I will take it in. In two or three jerky movements his cock found it way inside her cunt and with up and down movement of her hips she got it fully inside. Her full boobs with erect nipples were dangling in front of him. He just pulled her down and took one nipple in his mouth and with his fingers squeezed her other nipple. Nimi was roaring with passion and her movements became brisk and His cock was going in and out comfortably. With her on top, it was a new sensation for Mani. With his hands he pressed her ass down so that his cock may go deep inside. her. She was rotating her hip so that his cock may touch new sensor points inside her vagina to enhance her pleasure. Finally she growled like a lioness and collapsed on him to indicate her reaching orgasm. With a few quick gerks he too got his orgasm. His cock was not loosing its erection and hence she refused to unmount him.

They had three or four sessions in different poses and they both were tired. In the early morning he got dressed and left before uncle could get up. Mani said Nimmi was a hot girl and needed sex almost everyday. He had to fuck her on every alternative day otherwise she used to threaten him offering to come to his office. Nimi's husband used to come once a month and stayed for two nights when he was at hom Nimi never called.

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