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TaRaptee Pyasi Teacher ki Moti Gand Mari

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TaRaptee Pyasi Teacher ki Moti Gand Mari

Hi friends, I am youth icon(name changed) a regular reader of these fantasies. You all have shared your experiences on the group and I also would like to share my first with you all. It is not a story but a fact of my life. I am from hosur,I was in std. 11th at that time. I was very good at studies. I had a sexy biology school teacher. Her name was Mrs. Purnima. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body specially by her boobs. They were very good & perfect in shape and size.she was newly married at that time. After few months she became pregnant. My interest in her started after seeing her in biology lab, where I got a glimpse of her cleavage. She is really a sex goddess. From that time, I masturbated many times thinking of her beauty.

She used to take care of me very well, as I was very good in studies. Later, after few months, when I was in 12 th std, she left the job as it was time for her delivery. She told me to keep in touch with her. After I finished schooling, I some how wanted to see her. So, one day after almost 1 year, I went to her house. Literally, I was surprised to see her, with her baby. She had put on a bit of weight, like a typical south-Indian house wife. I chatted with her husband for sometime. She gave me a coffee. While placing coffee on the table, she bent. I couldn’t take out my eyes from her boobs. She even noticed it. But, didn’t take it seriously. I decided to fuck her somehow. So, came after few minutes of chatting.

The real story starts now. Now I am doing my MBA. So, made up an idea and called her asking, there is some vacancy for biology subjects in a school. She told, as she has take care of her baby, she can’t take up job. She invited me to her house to talk further. Then I went there, she was wearing nighty, she became a bit fat. I told about it. She told you are a naughty boy, if I eat and be in house, it will be like this only, she told. Her child was playing near me, she came to give her baby a little water. As she bent, I was unable to control as two water melons were hanging infront of me. She noticed it and gave me a sexy smile. After sometime, baby slept. She chatted with me freely for sometime. Then, our topic diverted into girls and sex.

She asked how are the junior girls in our school. I replied, I had visited school last week, all small girls were grown into sexy figures in 3 years time. Then, she asked, so you are enjoying with that girls? I told no madam, my dreams are entirely different. She asked what? I toldsearching for a girl someone who will be like you. She was shocked for sometime. I know, she is getting seduced. Then, to seduce further, I asked few doubts about reproductive system. She tried to clear my doubts. But, I acted innocently. Then, she was upto what I expected. She told she will explain everything practically. I was very happy.

Then, she understood the situation, was really hot. She was bitting her lips."What about a kiss?" she said, and took her by her hand and pulled her towards me. We looked at each other's eyes. I was holding her by her waist and she was holding me by my neck. "But what if someone comes to know about it? Please don't tell anyone anything about our present situation." "Oh come on darling, rest assured no one will come to know anything about what we share with each other, but u r only a bit older to me, we can always satisfy each other." She kissed me on my cheeks. I kissed her on her cheeks too. She smiled. I said, "What about a lip-to-lip one?"

She felt shy. I started kissing her all over her face, cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead, ears. She was getting red in shy. I did not stop. I kept kissing her. I came down to her neck and started kissing her there. I kissed on her chest just above her breasts. Now she was holding me tight and my erect penis under my pants was poking into her inner thighs. She could obviously feel the erection, and I wanted her to feel it too. We kept kissing each other for a long time. Then she asked me to come to her bedroom. She closed the door and asked me to take my shirt off. I still had my pants on. She laid me on the bed and sat beside me. I pulled her on top of myself. She again gave a moan of shy, "Ohhhhhh ahhhhhh”.
I kept kissing her with her on top of me.

I slowly removed nighty and looked at her bulging boobs still cupped inside her bra. She smiled. I rolled her over and came over her. I started kissing those boobs from above the breasts. She was getting hotter and hotter and she started moaning. I took both breasts in both hands and started squeezing. She closed her eyes and pulled my head on to her breasts. Now she was in a petticoat and I still in my pants with my dick pricking hard from under my undies. I got hold of the bare breasts and started squeezing them hard. I pinched the nipples. She was enjoying it as much as I. I took one breast in my mouth and sucked on the nipple while I squeezed the other one with my hand. Then I did the same with the other one. She was moaning loudly, "Oh dear...please...I can't bear it..oh...ooooh..ah.."

"I love u", I said.

"I love u too, she replied."

I kept pressing her huge boobs and started kissing her on her lips. She started responding by putting her tongue into my mouth. I put my tongue into her mouth too. Saliva was running from our mouths. We kept kissing each other for a long time, me all the while pressing her boobs, squeezing them, and then I again came down and sucked those erect nipples of her which were hard. I pinched them, bit them, sucked them hard. She was closing her eyes in sheer pleasure and ecstacy. She sure was enjoying it.

Then I slowly started moving down and started kissing her inner thighs from above the petticoat. I gradually rolled the petticoat up and made my way up towards her love hole. She was shivering in expectation of what was to come. Now I could see the vaginal hair, it was a dark bush covering up her vagina. I placed my hand on it and it was all wet. Her juices were flowing. I squeezed the vagina and the hair on it. She shivered. I put my mouth on it and kissed her on her vagina. "Oh dear What r u doing? I have never had this pleasure before from my hubby, he never did this to me."

"But I am doing." Saying this, I started licking her cunt, and she was in heaven. She kept tossing and turning on the bed, closing her eyes, and giving out moans. "Oh yes...oh please...do this...do this to me...please..i have never had such pleasure..do it...just do it, damn it."

"Sure darling, I am all yours today."

I kept licking and sucking at her cunt and juices flowed as if they would never come to an end. I put on finger in, and then a second, into her cunt, and it seemed a bit tight. After all, she had not had any penetration for 14 long bloody years!!! I kept fingering her love hole as I kept sucking and licking her cunt and she kept scratching my hair and pulling my head more towards her cunt. She wanted me inside her cunt, as if. I flicked my tongue on her clitoris, and she went wild. "Oh ...shit...do it again..oh...aaaah." I kept flicking my tongue on her clitoris and eating and chewing on it and kissing it and she went mad. "Oh yes..do it, just do it...u r mine...oh god...shit....what pleasure." Her body was shivering and she was on the verge of an orgasm, as I realised. She sat up and pulled me up. "I want to have an orgasm, but not this way. I want to come with u inside me."

"Sure darling, take ur petticoat off."

"U take ur pants off too."

I got up and got my pants off, and then my undie. By then she had removed her petticoat. She was sitting right in front of me on the bed, fully nude, my sweetheart, my darling. And I was standing right in front of her, nude, with my erect dick saluting her nude beauty. We looked at each other, and then we laughed. "Even at this age u look gorgeous, darling." I said. She pulled me towards her and kissed my dick. She was still sitting on the bed and I was standing with my dick right in front of her mouth. She kissed my dick for some time and then took it in her mouth. She started sucking it and masturbating it with a to and fro motion of her hands. She was trying to take it into her mouth as much as she could and shivers ran down my spine. Oh god, what a pleasure. She kept giving me a blowjob as I pulled her head on to my dick, wanting her to suck more and more. Even I was giving out moans now.

"Yes..oh yes..suck it darling..suck it, it's all yours...suck it."

"What a dick you got, your future wife is very lucky, she said.”

"Yes indeed...but for now...just suck it darling...it's urs now."

She sucked and licked along the length of the shaft and squeezed my balls. "I had never done this to my husband even...we never had oral sex." I laid her on the bed on her back and wanted to enter her. She opened her legs up, inviting me to enter. I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy and gave a little jerk. It felt tight still. She closed her eyes..."ahhhhh. I haven't had it for 2 long years..take care." I gave another push, and it went in a bit. I gave pushes after pushes and it kept going in. She grabbed me by my neck and kissed me. She closed her eyes..."OOOOh..oh god..I love u..do it darling...please do it..go into my hole and do it."

By this time her moist vagina was well lubricated to take the whole of my dick in, and I could feel hitting the end of the canal. I started fucking her pussy first slowly, then increased my speed. I could not believe my luck, I was actually fucking my beautiful teacher, nude and naked, pumping my instrument in and out of her pussy hole, and we kept kissing each other, embracing each other with our arms, moaning and hissing. I started sucking her breasts and her nipples while I fucked her and she kept moaning in pleasure. "Oh...oh god i love u..i love u...just do it..just fuck me..fuck me harder..oh yeah...ouch..yes..oh shit..god damn it..just fuck me...fuck me to hell.."

"Fuck u darling..fuck u..i love u."

I realised that this way I would not be able to hold my juices long, so I asked her to come atop me and ride me. She said "Okay." We changed positions, rolling over each other, still embracing each other, holding and clinging on to each other tight. She sat on my dick and pushed her pelvis down and in it went. Now my dick was lost in her cunt ,fucking me from above. Her breasts were tossing this way and that way and that got me even harder. I pressed her on those hanging and swinging boobs of hers and she kissed me on my cheeks, my forehead, then she started sucking my lips. "Oh..how much I love u..why did u take so long to do this..."

"I always wanted u...i always loved u darling."

"I love u too...promise that u will make me happy this way by fucking me regularly”

"Sure i will fuck u...i will always fuck u..I love u too."

She kept fucking and fucking me from above and then crashing down...she just had an orgasm. The pleasure in her face was something to be seen. "Oh...after such a long time, 2 years I have had this pleasure of an orgasm...just do it..do it more to me..i want more of u...please." I pulled her down from above me and before she could realise what I was up to I put my dick into her pussy from the behind. I was now fucking her from behind and she was going ecstatic. She got hold of the pillow and started squeezing it as I pumped her from the rear. I put my arms from under her arms on to her breasts and squeezed the breasts and pinched the nipples as I stroked in and out of her pussy. And she was moaning all the time as I did this.."Oh..I have never had this sort of a pleasure before..my hubby never did this."

I felt I was going to have an orgasm but I was not ready to lose my love juices so soon. I took my dick out and asked her to suck it. She sucked. She pushed my on the bed on my back, came in betweeen my legs, and started sucking my dick. Oh god, what a pleasure. I could not believe my fucked up luck! Next we tried the 69 position, and she sucked on my dick as I licked her cunt. She came in a huge force on my face with her next orgasm and I licked her love juices flowing.

"I want to fuck ur asshole", I said.

"But I have never done it.. "I will apply some oil on ur asshole and on the top of my dick and it will go in..don't worry."

I brought a bottle of oil from the toilet and put it on her asshole and then to my dick. She took her position. I placed myself behind her and pushed my dick in. Slowly and slowly it went in, though it was a bit painful for her initially. I started fucking her asshole, and she kept hissing and moaning. I fucked her long in her asshole, then brought my prick out. She lied down and I went on top of her and started fucking her again. Then she came atop me and started fucking me..."Ooooh...ah...ouch..oh shit...fuck me..fuck me...fuck me hard..kill me but fuck me..." She kissed me. She kissed my lips. I kept squeezing her breasts from underneath her. I wanted to suck those boobs. She placed one breast on my mouth and then the other one. I sucked her boobs as she fucked me from the top.

She again had an orgasm, the third one. Even I was finding it hard to hold on any longer and I told her I wanted to cum. final blowjob, and my she readily agreed. She sat up and started giving me a blowjob as she squeezed my balls hard. Oh god..what a pleasure. I could hold myself no longer. I came in huge volumes as my semen came out in heavy spurts and she kept sucking up all my love juices.

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