Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise Sex with Desi Maid

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This story is about my maid, whose name is Kaveri. She in real life is ready for a fuck with me but I am avoiding her as she works in my home and i dint want any trouble at home. Anyhow the story goes like this. I am rajesh, live in Bangalore along with parents, my wife and kid. My wife is from Delhi. We have a big house in bangalore and to maintain that we require maid as my wife and mother alone cannot take care of it. So for washing clothes, sweeping and washing kettles we engaged a maid by name kaveri. She is decent looking; whitish in complexion, in her early 30’s may be 32. She has a little tummy and heavy boobs and little over size butts. But her butts where her sex appeal. Although i never thought in direction of having sex but her boobs and butts use to give me hard on . She use to come home early by 7.30 in morning as she use to work in other house also, so she use to finish her work at our place by 10 and move to other house. 1st thing in morning she uses to dust and sweep floor. It happen to be april when my wife wanted to go to her place delhi as it was summer holiday for my daughter, for which we planned and i booked tickets for my wife and daughter on friday night which was last day of school for my daughter. As things where not going smooth at home my parents wanted to visit our family guru in delhi as well, so i booked tickets for them also along with my wife. I dropped them to airport on friday night and while returning home took few xxx blue films dvd. In night i saw couple of movies and shagged and went to sleep. Next morning i got up early and got ready by 7.30. Around 7.40 kaveri came and i opened the door. She was already informed about this situation. She smiled as i opened the door and i replied with the same. I lied on sofa in main hall and switched on the t.v. she took a broom and started to sweep the floor from room to dinning hall and then reached main hall. As she stepped in hall i notice sweat on her her forehead and also her wet blouse near her underarms. It gave me a little horny feeling right them. My mind got deviated from t.v to her and i watched her move as she worked and specially her ass and boobs. Her ass was in great round shape when she was bending and her boobs shape was just mouth watering from side. I starred at her assets but saving my eyes meeting hers. As she came close towards sofa, i could smell fresh flower smell, which was put on her hair. The whole atmosphere was spell binding. I was looking her ass crack when she was near sofa as she was cleaning under table turning her ass on my face and that to so close that i could almost touch her ass cheek from my nose. I was trying to search her ass hole under the cloths just then she tuned. I don’t know what she noticed but she had a different look of astonish on her face. She hurried and swept the rest of floor in hurry and mean while also tried to cover the boobs and adjust her pallu bottom to cover her ass. I was little ashamed and also surprised how she came to know that i was checking her out.

After sweeping she went to bathroom to collect dirty cloths and then to wash area to wash clothes, which was next to kitchen. Between kitchen and wash area there was a netted door. I went in kitchen to drink water after a while and noticed kaveri washing clothes. As i drank water i stood there watching kaveri, she had pulled her lehanga and sari up to her knees so that it does not get wet. Her side view of boobs was still very good and on that the half naked legs really gave me hard on. I stood there for few seconds and then kaveri noticed me standing behind that net gate and asked did i wanted any thing? I replied in hurry that i was looking for my pen and may be i had left it in my pants, which she was washing, and then i opened the door and went to wash area. She took out my pant from the soaked clothes and searched for my pen meanwhile i enjoyed her body looks. She was not exactly beautiful and hot but was attractive as she was an indian woman with sari exposure, which showed her assets. She said its not there and i looked in her eyes and she understood it was just a dum reason to be there for me. I saw a difference in her eyes from earlier in hall. It was more comforting and also inviting with a smile. I just thanked her and went back to bathroom from where i could get a glimpse of her through the exhaust fan hole. I looked at her and shagged early in morning and it was a real good shag.
She finished her work in hurry and was ready to leave by 9.30 so that i could go office in time. As she was leaving she told me that she would come tomorrow little late as it was sunday and her husband will be at home and she has to cook for him and then come for work. I said ok to that and she had a smile and looked straight into my eyes, as if asking me to talk to her. She left and i went to office. Back in night again i watched few xxx blue films late in night and went to sleep after shagging. I got up by 8 in next morning as it was sunday and it was holiday. Just brushed my teeth and took milk in morning and was watching t.v. as by 9 kaveri rang the bell and i opened the door. She smiled and moved in to work as usual. I lied back on sofa and started to watch her work and her sexy body. As she moved she many times looked at me and smiled very wickedly. I dint understand that. Today she was wearing a white transparent sari and fresh red flowers on her hair and bright light yellow blouse and astonishing black bra. The black bra was so prominent that i could see the complete shape of her boobs under the blouse and bra. I was excited to see her bra and transparent sari. She was looking like south indian women, who was ready for 1st night sex. Blouse also was so deep cut and her pallu covering only one boob and exposing right side boob and also the deep cleavage as she bent. She purposely wore sari very tight near her ass so that i could get a clear size and shape of her ass. She noticed me staring at her ass and boobs also caught my eyes once staring at her cleavage. She asked me what i was looking at and i with a hitch turned around toward television. She came close to me and sat on floor next to sofa and told “i know you have been checking me out since yesterday, do you really want to do something or just where watching? I was shocked and told what can we do? She said she has no work in other house she works as they have gone out today. “we can have nice time and i can really make you happy, more than the dvd’s. I was surprised and asked her how did she know that i was watching the blue films? She replied “while i was sweeping under the table here, i saw the cover of xxx dvd on the floor, which i covered under my blouse and took it out and saw the cover properly. There where picture’s of women sucking the cock, women being fucked in ass and being spermed in mouth. I can do every thing but it will cost you rs.5000 for 10days as long as your family does not come back. I was astonished to hear all this from kaveri as i thought she was very decent maid.

I grabbed the opportunity and reached for her boobs and kissed her on lips. She pulled back and said that she will do every thing but will not take cock in ass, as his husband will come to know as till today she has never done that. I agreed and pulled her over myself and started to kiss her lips hard and with my one hand i squeezed her boob and with other hand i reached for her ass. She responded well to kiss and opened her mouth. This was like heaven. I kissed her hard and explored her body. Then we went to bedroom, as it was not very comfortable on sofa. As we went in she opened my t-shirt and pulled down my shorts and i removed her sari and unhooked her blouse hook and threw her blouse and bra in hurry at one side and then opened her lehanga. Now i was only in my underwear and she was topless and at bottom had only black panty. We directly headed to bed and i was down. She made me lie down and then went down to my legs and then to toe. She started to lick with her tongue my toe and then started to suck. Then she slowly with her tongue came up to my knees and then to my inner thie's. I spread to give her access. She came to my bulged dick and over the underwear took it in mouth. It was too good. The lick was 1st in my life. Then she pulled down the underwear and slowly licked my dick from down the balls and then came up and took my dick in mouth. Oohhhh it ran shiver down my heart. As she sucked 1st time i was in full erection. My cock was never so hard before. She sucked licked my cock as fast as can. I have to tell she was expert although she did not look like one. She was very passionate in what she was doing and that made me happier. It was time that i would blow and i stopped her, as i did not want to come so fast. I pushed her back to bed and now it was my turn to lick her but i started from her ears then to her neck and the outer line of her boobs and then her nipple. When i sucked her boobs she moaned hhhhhhhmmmmm…. This really encouraged me. I sucked hard and made her nipple hurt as i sucked hard. She stopped me and i went little side to her under arm, which smelled of sweat, which was just too good. I went down to her navel and kissed her there and then pulled down the panty. Parted her legs side to get access of her chute, which was hairy. I went close to her pussy, there was a slight smell of soap, and i asked her what it was she said that she washed it deep with shampoo, as she was sure of sex with me today. That was too much for her guts. I continued and licked her outer pussy and slowly parted her pussy lips and licked her hole with my toung, time she moaned hard and lifted her upper body. Her boobs where getting hard by now. I licked it hard, fast in deep and she moaned hard and hard uuuuuuhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh, i asked to keep low as there where neighbors who will hear that. She holded my head hard and pulled my hairs. I inserted one finger and pushed it deep and started to stroke and lick the upper tip of her pussy at the same time. She jumped up and holden my shoulder and said she wanted my cock to suck. We went in 69 position where i could lick her pussy and she could suck my cock. She sucked and licked like a real professional. For next 2 to 3 minutes we sucked and licked each other. Then she did something, which i never thought of but had seen in blue movies. As i was over her she reached for my ass hole and inserted her finger in my hole. I was surprised and stopped licking her pussy. She asked did it heart, i said “no” and asked her to continue to suck my dick and play with the hole. She told that she would like to lick my hole. I thought for a second but then got of her and then lied in position where my face was on bed and ass up spread as seen in movie. It gave full access to my hole to her. She came right from my dick and then up to hole. She licked and licked my hole and then inserted her tongue inside the hole it was good. Although it was little ticklish but it was good. I had never imagined of sex at this level. After a minute it was now time for my cock to enter her pussy. I asked her to suck hard my cock for few seconds so that it would becomes real hard. She licked it so beautifully and sucked so nice that in couple of seconds it became hard and she covered my dick with condom. I made her lie below me lifted her legs on my shoulder and inserted my hard cock. It was wet and to my surprise it was tight. I enjoyed entering her tight chute. I stoked slow in starting holding her boobs while stroking. She was enjoying. She was all tight and was telling me to go hard and fast. Slowly i picked up the pace and she was moaning “aaahhhh ahhhh hard hard please hard”. Her moan made me hornier and i started to pump her so hard that my bed started to make noise and as i was about to leak i told her that i wanted to leak inside her mouth and she asked me to do that. I got outside very fast and removed condom and inserted my dick in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth till her throat. She was so good and took all the pain and i leaked in her mouth. I leaked and leaked in her mouth and she swallowed all the sperms. I was dry and exhausted and fell back on bed. She got up and licked my dick for left over sperms and cleaned the dick properly with her mouth. We both lied there on bed for few seconds as i played with her boob and she with my cock. I looked at her and she said that her husband never fucked her so long as it was almost an hour and 15minutes. She came over me and inserted her nipple in my mouth and took my hand and put it over her pussy. I sucked and lick her nipple for few seconds and inserted my finger in her chute which she liked lt. After 1 minute i was over it and took my finger out which she sucked and said that her chute tasted too good.

I got up and went to bath; from behind she also came in bathroom to give me bath. She cleaned each and every part of my body very carefully. And after bathing she again gave me a suck and this time also i spermed out in her mouth. Then she left for that day. That whole day i was thinking of her and in night shagged once before sleeping thinking of her. Now my dick was paining, as it has leaked 3 timed in the same day. I went to sleep and next day got up fresh in morning and was ready by 7.30 as usual. She came by sharp 7.30 and was looking stunning in blue sari, light blue blouse and black bra again. She entered in and was doing her sweeping work. She had worn sari very tight again. Seeing this ass round my dick again got hard and i took my dick out of my pants. She saw my dick and came forward and started to suck it. After 5 minutes it was full hard, i turned her around and asked her to bend forward and lifted her sari up and pulled down her brown panty in one stroke. Without a condom i entered in her pussy and it felt very nice. As her pussy was not so wet and inserted in without any condemn, it hurted little to me and to her. But with 2 or 3 stroke it was wet and i was in full flow. I inserted in finger in her ass on which she shouted please don’t fuck in ass. I told her to be quite and i will not fuck her in ass. I stroked faster and faster and in 2 minutes i was done, as i had to go to office, i leaked early. My sperms where dripping from her hole and she told me not to worry as she had her operation done and she will not get pregnant. I asked her to lick my dick clean, which she did. This continued for next few days and then my family returned. We use to fuck when ever we use to get chance until one day when she left job as she shifted to her village.

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