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Puja ki Pyasi Choot Aur Bhukha Lund

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Puja ki Pyasi Choot Aur Bhukha LundHi friends, thanks I got very good response for my first experience I share with Kangna. Kangna son was back for his study. It was around 15 days back I got call from Kangna. She informed me that her Son has left and she is at her motherhouse and will be back to her home by Saturday. She told me to come to her house on Sunday as she has one surprise for me. I was happy that I would again have a chance to fuck Kangna, the beauty. Since my cousin is tenant at Kangna’s house, I was little bit worried that if she saw me I will have to spent some time to her house and it will be nothing but waste of time. So I have decided to go by bus to Kangna’s house so that my cousin will not have any idea about me.

I reached Kangna’s house at 11.00AM and rang the doorbell. Surprising, there was no one to open the door. I press the door and found that the door is open. I opened the door and closed the same after entering the room. It is only a one room set house. I called Kangna but there was no response. I heard some noise in bathroom so I thought she must be taking bath. I knocked the bathroom door and with little press it got open. I was shocked to see a different women standing nude taking shower. I said sorry and closed the door.

I came back to the main room and sat on the bed. My body was shivering and my cock was totally erect. I called Kangna on her mobile and she told that she has come out to market and will be back in next two hour. She told me to wait at her house and her husband’s sister (Puja) is at home. I was sitting on bed and lots of thoughts were going on in my mind. Suddenly Puja called me from the bathroom. Naveen I have not taken towel, can you please give me the same. I searched in room and found the towel lying on second corner of bed. I took the towel, while taking the towel I found her bra & panty lying there. I touched the panty and had a smell. It was nice. She again requested me for towel and I knocked the door and handed over the towel to her. After few minutes Puja come out from bathroom with towel on her body. She was looking awesome and there was big bulk under my pant. I said sorry to Puja that I come inside the bathroom, for which she smiled and told not to worry. She starts rubbing her body with another small towel and told me would I mind if she will have her cloth infront of me, it was like a good invitation for me and I immediately told no, no problem. She first takes her panty and then her bra. I was thinking that after some time I would surely pull out these cloth from her body.

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She then went to almirah and take out blue jeans and white shirt. After wearing the cloth she came near to me and sat on chair. My eyes were viewing her beautiful body parts. She was having nice body, though I have seen her nude under shower and have seen her while she was having her clothes but believe me it white shirt and blue jeans she was looking so sexy. I like to see women first in full cloth and it gives a different pleasure to pull out the cloths one by one. Puja was having nice figure, she was having nice boobs 34 to press and her ass was 38.

She asked what happen to me and whether I have not seen any girl. I told that I have seen lot of girls but Puja you are different from all other. She passed smile and told that I am making fun of her. I told no Puja its right, any man can do anything to get you. Immediately she told me leave others, what you can do for me. I was speechless and told anything. She came near to me; I take her hand on my hand and give a kiss on her hand. I gave a kiss on her cheeks and put my lips on her lips, she gave me way to enter her mouth and within seconds we were playing with each other tongue and my hand was pressing her back and then my hands were on buttocks. I pinched there, she whispered, you are naughty Naveen. I kissed on her neck and earlobes and give a big smooch. We were kissing to each other for next 15 minutes. I start removing his shirt by opening the buttons and she helped me to remove the shirt. I kissed her nice boobs on her bra and have asked her to open her bra. Ladies likes to ask them to open their bra. She opened her bra and here two mangoes with grapes over there were there. Without wasting time I take her boobs in my mouth and start sucking and with my hand I was pressing the next one. I sucked her boobs for next half an hour one by one and suddenly I noticed that Kangna might come in next one hour and it will be good to finish the scene as early as possible. I came to her belly and sucked there and start removing her jeans. Puja told that it is not fair and start removing my clothes. I removed my t-shirt and she starts kissing on my chest and sucking my nipples, my road becomes so hart that it would come out if Puja not started removing my jeans. I was in my boxer and she put her hand on my cock. She opened my boxer and kissed on my cock and start sucking it. Oh friends she has given me such a good blowjob, which I have not enjoyed till in my life. She sucked in such a way that I came in her mouth, we again kissed each other. Then I told now it’s my turn. I opened her jeans and put kiss on her thighs and panty. She removed her panty and I kissed on her pussy. I take her clitoris and bite there. She told suck me Naveennnnnnnnn, yes, I like it, give me the fun, suck me and fuck me, Kangna bhabhi was right, you are really a good sucker. I put my tongue in her pussy and sucked very fast. She cummed twice while I was busy in sucking. She told Naveen now I can’t wait, put your cock and fuck me hard. I asked whether you are virgin, she told no I will tell you later, at this moment fuck me hard and show me your cock. I put my cock on her pussy and start fucking her, it was very hot pussy, I start pumping her hard, after 10 minutes when I was suppose to cum, I take out my cock and asked her to be in doggy style. She bends down on her knee and her ass was in front of me. I put my cock in her pussy and start pumping, my full cock was moving to & fro in her pussy and after giving fast storks I cummed in her pussy. She told that Naveen you have given me pleasure of sex, which I was not having from my husband. I was shocked to hear that she is married. She starts playing with my cock and told that she wants to ride over me. I lay on my back in bed and she came over me and took my cock in her pussy and start riding over me. I liked a lady to ride over me and Puja was just fantastic in doing this. While fucking me her boobs were flowing up and down, I start pressing and pinching her boobs. After 10 minute we both cummed together and she laid on me kissing my chest. I told Puja I want to fuck your ass, she told no it will give pain. After sometime I was able to convince her and she again bent on her knee, I put one finger on her ass and to keep her attention away, I start sucking her pussy; she starts moaning and pressing her fingers on pillow. I put my fingers in round in her ass and take her cum from pussy and put the same on ass to make it lubricated. I took my cock on her ass and start pumping; it was small but lovely whole to enter. She told no Naveen, it is very small, it will torn if you enter your cock, lets leave this act. But I was not in mood to listen, I again start pumping and my half cock was in her ass, I start pressing her boobs and give another stroke and my full cock was in her ass. I start moving my cock in her ass and she put his mouth in pillow to avoid the noise. After few strokes I cum and loaded her ass with my cum. We both laid on bed and kissing each other. Suddenly bell rang, it was Kangna. I take my dress and Puja went to bathroom. I open the door and Kangna came inside giving me a smile. She told Sorry Naveen, I keep you on wait. I hope you have not faced bore. I told not at all, and was giving thanks to Kangna to be out and giving me chance to fuck Puja. After few minutes, Puja came from bathroom in her dress and sit on bed. I asked Kangna that I will leave now; she asked me to stay and asked Puja to prepare tea for us. When Puja was in kitchen, Kangna came near to me and kissed me I hugged her and we have good smooch, while kissing me she told me Naveen I hope you have got your surprise as I promised. I was shocked to know that whatever happened few minutes back was planned.

Kangna told me that now she will go back to her Mother’s place and will stay there as her mother is not feeling well and she has also nothing to do here in this flat as her Son has gone to hostel. She has promised me that she will call me whenever she will come to her house.

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Now days I am waiting for call from Kangna, yes I am enjoying my family life and having sex with my wife. But the satisfaction, which Kangna & Puja have given to me, unfortunately I am not able to have from my wife.

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