Friday, May 5, 2006

My Servant Gisele

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My Servant Gisele
I’m 34 live in the US now. The story took place in Haiti I was 18 yrs old at the time. Gisele was 3 yrs older than me. She’s dark skin large breast and a firm onion ass which I used to take a peak every chance I got. We had no privacy in the house we lived; we all share the same room. My bed was the biggest bed and was all the way in the back of the room. I had a queen size bed because I roll all over when I sleep. One day I woke up earlier than usual and found Gisele in bed next to me. I was surprise to see her next to me, so I got up and went on with my daily morning workout which consisted of a half mile run and a 25 minutes of strength training. I got back everyone was awake and doing their daily shores. I went to school that day with one thought in my mind, wondering when did she get next to me and why. Days go by without finding out why she was next to me and she did not come to my bed either. So I thought it was a one night thing. And went on with our lives like it nothing had ever happen. I had no intention of sleeping with her, all my effort was on seducing my neighbor’s daughter. I would spend all my afternoon at her place and even wrote her some poems. I would go home disappointed, cause I couldn’t get nowhere with her. In school my friends used to brag of having sex with their servant and used to say servant pussy is the best pussy ever. I used to judge them and why should I lower my standard and for a lower class than I. Let me get back to the story. It was on a Friday after school which got of early and I phone home and told my guardian that I would spend the weekend over my best friend house, and they agree. I went to his house to spend the weekend, when we got there he introduce me to his family. I went to his room and turn on the saga genesis game on and we started playing. Night came exhausted from the game and school I went to bed. I was awaking by a very unusual sound to my surprise it was my friend fucking is servant.

I went back to sleep like nothing had occurred. The next morning I went home angry and without explaining why. I got home and no one was around so I thought I had the house to myself, so I drop my bag and went in the living room to watch a movie. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and to my surprise walk in on Gisele in the nude who’s about to take a shower. The site of seeing her in her glories sent an uncontrollable sensation to my bodies. I stood at the doorway and walk to her and grabbed her waist and put her left breast in my mouth and the other hand cupping her Wright. She couldn’t react quick enough to stop me and with such vigorous suction on her breast she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying the sensation. Here’s me Maxi who was angry at his best friend for fucking his servant, and I was about to do the same to mine. As I was sucking on her breast and cupping it, I began to realize how sexy she was and decided to slow down my pace. I release her breast proceed to her naval area and withdrew from her she didn’t even notice that I step back look at her with her head back and eyes closed. I had to stop for a moment to see the masterpiece in front of me, her dark silhouette and a very nice pubic area not too much hair. I believed she started to shave when I walk in on her. I went back to her naval area. She had deep belly button that seem endless from the surface. I started circling my tongue around her hole and stick my tongue in and out of it. I stop there and proceed of taking my clothes off I called her name out Gisele and brought her out of her trance. She stood there and I asked to step in the tub with me wish she did without saying a word. I turn on the shower and finished the job she started with the razor and shaved her pubic area. We switch place now she stood under the water while I lower myself between her now clean shaved vaginas. I took her left leg put on my shoulder so could have access to her pussy. She started to moan softly and gently. With the water running on her body and my head berry deep in her us both went to heaven. I had my tongue flicking on her clits and going in and out of her. She had her hand in my hair, her body tense up and I felt all her weight on me and she relax soon after.

I stood up in front of her and her than lean her head on my chest. She was breathing heavily, while she tries to regain her composure and said:” se premiye fois mwen foyer kousa” (that was her first orgasm) I asked her if that was her first time, she says no she had plenty of experience with the male servants in the neighborhood. And asked her where everybody was, she reply they all went on the country side for the long weekend and left her behind just in case I came back early. I was very happy to hear that we had the house to ourselves for 3 days now. We came out the shower and went to the bed room I picked her and place her in the center of the bed and opened her leg she grabs hold of my penis and say that I was well gifted for someone my age. I told her that I also know how to put into good used, her laugh out loud that remains to be seen. She took my rode and guides me to her wet hole. As I enter her I raise my hip so that I could also get her clitoris while I was going through the motion. Within 20 min of fucking her in such she started to get tense and I pick up the rhythm, so I stop moving my hip and let her come to her first ever intercourse orgasm. She then asked me to stop and said you do know how to put it to use well. We continue to fuck and every positions that we known.

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