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My Sensitive Great Lover

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My Sensitive Great Lover
One day I had some important work with my HO which is in a foreign city. So that night, I found myself on the late-night Air India flight. I took my favorite seat, in the last row of the J-Class section, thanking my stars that I was not bumped off the over-booked flight like some of the other unlucky souls. Just before the stewardess closed the doors, a tall figure entered the cabin. He was wearing one of those cheap checked slacks one gets on Mumbai streets and a T-shirt. Immediately a hush descended in the cabin, and the portly Gujju auntie in the front seat was gushing that the person who entered was Mr.X, one of India’s top action heroes. He settled into the seat next to mine. I paid no attention to him as I did not particularly like either him or his movies. Salman and Sunny were ‘MY’ kinda guys. NOT him. He was showing a lot of interest in a rather good-looking airhostess, A Bengali female with large, firm bosoms and generally nice figure. He noticed me looking at his lusty glances and gave me a sheepish smile. We then got introduced, and to my surprise, he mentioned his original (pre-film) name. I am not the chatterbox types, and went right back to my laptop, while he went back to giving the girl lusty looks as she walked up and down the aisle.

After take off, almost the entire cabin, including my neighbor, whom I shall call ‘R’( The first letter of his pet name) drifted off to sleep almost immediately. I had to complete some work, so I switched on my laptop and immersed myself in my work. A little later I felt some jerky movements in the seat next to me. Though it was almost pitch dark, I could see a little as my reading light was switched on. ‘R’ was lying on his side, facing me, and almost covered by his blanket, was jerking off! It had been a long time since I had had a lover and I was flushed with excitement. I strained hard to catch a glimpse of his cock, but couldn’t see anything as it was almost dark and his cock was covered by his large hairy hands. He looked up to see me staring at him, and quickly straightened up. He then looked at me and gave me his famous gummy smile. I smiled back and gave him a sympathetic,’it happens’ look. I had obviously ruined his ‘moment’. For he straightened his seat and switched on his reading light, and after a moment of silence, started a conversation, probably trying to explain away the situation. I did not know what to do! I was obviously very excited, but at the same time, didn’t know how he would react if I made a first move. I had heard stories about Salman Khan being gay, but ‘R’ here was supposed to be straighter than a straight line! His blanket was around his knees, and the bulge in his slacks was just too obvious.

He caught me looking at it, and again gave his gummy smile. As I put my laptop away, and reclined my seat backwards, he asked me to put my blanket around him as well. It was then that the first seeds of doubt were planted in my mind. Perhaps this guy was also interested! I couldn’t believe my luck! We kept talking for some time, in whispered tones so as to not wake up the other passengers. About our personal lives and all. He told me about his pre-film days and all, about how he wanted to quit films and settle in Canada. He pronounced ‘Canada’ in the typical Punjabi way and I thought it was pretty cute. Hey, I thought: this guys is pretty human after all and I started becoming genuinely interested in making friends with this guy. He then started talking in length about the gorgeous stewardess, and ended it with a ‘I just couldn’t wait’.

‘Don’t worry yaar! I actually enjoyed it!’, I said.

He gave that cute smile again, (Gawd! Why does he have to give that smile over and over again?) And pretended to be shocked and all. He switched off both our reading lights, and we settled back into our reclined seats. After a little more ’school-boy’ talk, I felt him grab my hand, and take it to the bulge in his crotch. Even his semi-erect cock was making a huge bulge in his slacks. I caressed him over his slacks and he was like really enjoying himself. So much perhaps, that he forgot he was with a guy, b’cos he almost unconsciously reached for my chest region and started feeling my ‘tits’. His immediate reaction was of disappointment, but it soon turned to surprise, as he felt my nipples hardening. I felt it too, and when he pinched my nipple, I almost screamed with pleasure. Once again, he gave that smile of his, and started undoing the top buttons of my shirt, He reached inside and started fondling my rather large nips, making me wiggle in my seat. That day I discovered that the most erogenous zone in my body were my nipples!
He whispered in my ear, that he wanted to be sucked, down there. I slithered down like a snake till I was kneeling right between his legs. I pulled up his T-Shirt and kissed his hairy stomach. I kissed his bulge which was fully hard now, and could clearly feel it throbbing beneath his clothes. He loosened his slacks and I pulled his slacks down to his knees. In the very dim cabin light, I could make out that he was wearing a very sexy pair of briefs and my! Was it bulging or what. The outline of his Hard Cock was now clearly visible. I started nibbling and almost biting it through his briefs. I pulled his cock out and kissed its base, and making my way up to the tip. It wasn’t very long, but it wasn’t small either,

Around 7.5 inches. But GAWD! Was it thick or what! The head of his cock was like amazing, and I pleasured it with my tongue. It was now his turn to wiggle in the seat with pleasure as I went down to suck on his balls.He reached down to fondle my nipples again. The moment he touched my nipples, I drew a sharp breath. This must have given him immense pleasure, as my mouth was on his cock. He asked me in a whisper whether he could enter me. I seriously didn’t understand him immediately. But as soon as I did, I refused, since I didn’t think that would be very safe. He didn’t push it. He put his hands on my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and almost into my throat! Now he started thrusting into my mouth. I could see that he was close to cumming, as his cock started throbbing wildly. He then ejaculated at least a litre (ok that’s an exaggeration, but it was a lot of fluid!) Of cum into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow his whole load and more than half of it fell on his seat between his leg. He was clearly exhausted by the effort, and we lay right there for what seemed like ages, before we straightened up and cleaned up. When I was going to the loo, he asked me pretty seriously, whether he could come, which I turned down. Already, the Gujju auntie in the front seat was giving us dirty looks!

As we got off the flight I thought that our romance was for a few hours only, and I didn’t even swap numbers or email-ids. Imagine my shock 4 days later, when I get a message from the receptionist at the HO that ‘R’ had called up and given his hotel number. I did not want to call him up. But since he had managed to trace my company number, he could come down as well, and I didn’t want him coming down to my office! So anyway, I called him up, and we met at the pool of the hotel. I couldn’t help but get excited as I saw him emerge from the pool in a slinky pair of blue micro bikini-briefs that left nothing to the imagination! The guy sure had great taste in underwear! He put a sexy thigh length bath-robe and ordered tea for himself. We chatted for sometime, and he told me that he had come there for shooting some song, and planned to leave the next morning itself as his work was over. He had postponed his departure because he wanted to meet me, and invited me to spend the evening/night with him. After he had changed, we went on a tour of the city. We returned after a heavy dinner to his room. I had planned to return to my own apartment, but this guy seemed to be in no mood to let me go! I was calling up my room-partner and telling him that I wouldn’t be coming home that night. I was still on the phone, when ‘R’ put his hand into my shirt and starting fondling my nips. I quickly hung up the phone, breathless with excitement. He gave me that gummy smile of his, and put his mouth down on mine. We kissed for over a minute, tongues duelling with each other.

He removed his jacket, and then his shirt, and proceeded to remove mine. His hairy chest and sexy physique really turned me on. I reached down to feel his tight butt, as his mouth attacked my nipples, sucking and nibbling on them. He stepped out of his trousers, and once more I could see his bulging cock aching to jump out of his briefs. I pulled off his briefs and pounced on his cock and tormented it with kisses. He was now totally nude, and I could see his tight butt swaying in mirror behind me. Did he have a sexy butt or what! He was near to coming, when he suddenly pulled his cock out. He pulled me close and tormented my nipples for another few minutes. He then kissed me and asked me if he could enter me. I was a virgin as far as anal sex goes, and was afraid that his huge cock would rip me open. But at the same time, I badly wanted him. So, as an answer, I pulled him close and kissed him, sucking on his tongue. He removed my trousers and briefs, and remarked on the large size of my own cock. He felt my smooth ass, and twitched with pleasure, as his fingers caressed my butt-crack. He did some more foreplay for some more time. He wanted me me to lay on my stomach, but I asked him to do it ‘missionary style’. He pulled out a tub of cold-cream from the dressing table and took a large amount of it on his fingers. ‘Yeh lagegi’ he said, and proceeded to rub in the entire amount in my butt-crack. He inserted 2 of his creamy fingers into my butt crack, and I screamed. He then slowly inserted his tool. It was like damn painful, and so he did it pretty slowly.

After it was completely embedded, I could feel his throbbing cock, almost in my stomach! After a little more foreplay with his cock embedded in me, ‘R’ started thrusting into me, very slowly at first, but eventually going at it like a bull in heat, until he climaxed some 10 minutes later. I reached my climax much earlier than him, and my cum was deposited on his belly, which he proceeded to lick off. That night we made love at least 3 times. After he had got ready to leave the next morning, he insisted on having a quickie right there and then! We did it in 2 minutes, with his jeans around his knees! I haven’t seen him in quite a while. He calls up once in a while.

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