Monday, March 24, 2008

Desi Girls Consoling a Roomate

Posted on 2:56 PM by Desi World

Heres a new chapter from my video diary. It's me coming to you from my bed again but this time with the other NoHoGirls too!. Daniella has been feeling a little down so we end up talking ALL night long right through to morning. She's a tough girl but I know she's hurt pretty badly. Blue is there too to help (who actually ended up meeting a boy herself, something happened with him and Blue spills the beans!). Thanks again for all the comments everyone, it makes me smile to see that you guys are here for us NoHoGirls, we're here for you too!

Tags: NoHo Girls Cara Brimley Blue Nguyen daniella orleans north hollywood eddie bed wine talking all morning cute sexy funny

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