Monday, March 17, 2008

Amazing Humera

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Amazing Sexy Desi Babe

My name is Waseem and I regularly visit Desilovestories.com for the romantic & erotic stories it presents. I am 26 years of age and live in Lahore. One day I had to rush to Islamabad in connection with my work. I could not find a seat in plane so I decided to tale Daewoo bus to Islamabad. When I reached the bus stand there were many a passengers but a few seats available. It was then when I saw my University friend Humeira also there. I had seen her after 2 years and she was still as stunning as ever. She has a very sexy figure and a very innocent face. I found out that she was also traveling alone going to Islamabad. She was working for a cellular phone company. We thanked our lucky stars when Humeira was able to get 2 seats from the ladies counter. Lahore is a very conservative city but no one suspected us and took us as husband and wife. The bus started at about 12:00 AM and total journey to Islamabad is about 4.5 hours.

We took our seats in the bus and started talking to each other. Humeira was wearing ‘white water’ cologne which was very attractive. The driver switched off the lights and it was dark all around. Her presence around me was giving me ideas but I was not sure how to initiate. Even during my college days I used to fantasize about her and had masturbated a number of times while thinking of her. 30 minutes have passed and almost all the passengers had fallen asleep. Humeira and I were still talking and our legs were touching each others. It was sending electric shocks in me and I was totally horny by now. I got some courage and put my hand on her leg. She didn’t mind and after sometime I started to move my hand up. It was then, when she held my hand and said ‘Waseem be careful, I don’t think so it is safe’. I said ‘ Humeira please let me do it’. She said OK but be careful. She has a very innocent face and her body’s fragrance was making me insane.. I got some more courage and started feeling her navel and went right up to her breasts. She adjusted her position to help me better feel them. Her breasts size is 36C and it seemed she had taken very good care of her body. By now she was also involved and enjoying it. I kept on fondling her breasts when her hand arrived in my lap and landed on my fully erect pole. She massaged it from outside and it gave me immense pleasure. Then she had an idea. She had a blanket in her bag which she put on us pretending it to be a protection against cold. Now we were under the blanket and much more free to continue our acts of love. It was then that she whispered to me that she wanted me to come inside her Shalwar. I was also in the mood of pranks. She was wearing elastic which made my job much more easier. I made my way way through her panties and felt her shaven pussy. It was really thriving and wet. I took her cum juice on my finger and started licking it. She was so amused by this.. By now she had also released my cock from my jeans and she was pumping it very hard. I asked her if she was virgin and she said “ Yes I am”. My cock was aching by now and she was doing a marvelous job. Then I held her face and brought it down to my cock. It was a sensational feeling, she giving me a blow job in a public bus…In short while I shot my cum in her mouth for which she wasn’t prepared. However, she managed it well. I gave her a tissue paper and she cleaned her face. Now I started to give her a finger fuck. After sometime she had her first orgasm and cum started oozing from her virgin pussy.

Now both of us had forgotten our important engagements and we had decided to spend next couple of days together. Once we reached Islamabad, we checked into hotel as husband & wife. Both of us took rid of our clothes and I started licking her pussy and she was moaning with pleasure. I was lapping her pussy like a dog and she was wriggling her whole body. After sometime she held my head and begged for deeper penetration of my tongue. At this moment I told her if I could fuck her. She said that ‘I am yours and be free to do whatever you want..’. I took a hotel towel, spread it on the bed and then put two pillows over it and made her lie down on them. She parted her legs and after a few attempts I had understood that it will be a difficult task for my big cock to enter her virgin pussy. She was also getting afraid. Luckily I had a tube of Xylocaine ointment in my bag. I applied some of it on her pussy and my cock. This time around the moment my cock was on her pussy lips, I gave a thrust and I was inside her. She shouted with pain and begged me to take it out. I told her to wait and after some time pain subsided and she started enjoying it. Now she was clutching my cock with her pussy and I was being very ruthless. She was also very excited and clutching me very hard. I had a feeling that I was about to come…At this moment I took my cock out of her cunt and spread my cum on her tummy and breasts. She had also come at the same time and we collapsed in each other’s arms. After thirty minutes or son we gathered ourselves and I saw that towel was red with blood stains. I asked her if she regretted losing her virginity. She said it was worth it. She was almost in love with my cock and made it hard again. Now she took me in her mouth and gave me a lovely blow job. This time around when I cam she swallowed each drop of my cum.

Both of us stayed in Islamabad for two days and thoroughly explored the joys of sex. She has become a friend of mine now and we schedule our love sessions once a month. Humeira has also introduced me to a couple of her other friends with whom I have had sex. Humeira is married now but still manages to take time out for me. In my later stories I will tell how I was able to fuck her real sister who is 4 years younger than her and a stunning, ripe beauty as well. P.S Humeira doesn’t know that I have fucked her sister. Any girls interested to establish a relationship with me please e-mail me at heavenlysex@apexmail.com. I will wait for your mail.

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