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A Fantasy, A reality!

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Very Hot Desi WomanRekha looked out the window, and saw that it was still raining hard. She rubbed her arms absentlmindingly, pulling her thin silk robe more tightly around her. It had been now more two hours since her husband of two years had been gone. Rekha's thoughts wandered as her eyes slowly fell on the picture of her and Bobby on the shelf. It had been there for exactly two years now, but it didn't mean anything. Bobby had his arms around her, smiling into the camera, while Rekha was shyly gazing up at him. If anyone else had looked at that picture, they would have seen a couple obviously in love, but to Rekha, it was a fake, which in fact it was. Their marriage had been arranged, and although they had been good friends even before their marriage, they hadn't been able to love eachother as two married people would. They were still best friends, but no more than that. In fact, they hadn't made love for almost a year.

Rekha was jolted out of her thoughts by a knock on her bedroom door. She had forgotten about her husband's friend, Rashid, who was staying with them for a few days. Rekha liked him, he had a humerous personality. She made her way across the room, and opened the door.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, Rekha, but I wanted to know if Bobby had come back yet," asked Rashid. Was it her imagination or had Rashid's eyes lingered a bit on her breasts? "No, he hasn't yet," answered Rekha. "Oh" was the reply. He stood staring at her for a few minutes and then abruptly said good night and returned to his guest room. Rekha stood staring after him, wondering what was wrong with him.

Returning to her musing besides the window, she forgot all about Rashid. After a while, she went to bed, too tired to stay up for Bobby anymore. When she woke up in the middle of the night, Bobby still hadn't returned. Knowing he would have called her if something had gone dreadfully wrong, she shrug off her uneasiness and glanced at the clock. It was a quarter after 12. Feeling a strong thirst, she went downstairs for a glass of water. She was halfway when she realized that someone was in the living room. Thinking that maybe Bobby had returned, she changed her course and made her way into the living room.

At first, Rekha couldn't believe her eyes, she was so in shock. It wasn't Bobby who was on the sofa, it was Rashid. He had a picture of her in his hand, and with the other he was masturbating. His eyes were closed, and there was pleasure written all over his face. He was whispering words like "oh, Rekha....yes, like that...." Unwillingly, she made a small sound in her throat. Hoping against hope that he hadn't heard her, she turned back and ran up the stairs. Instead of going in her bedroom, she went to the library, her favorite place. It was here she always went whenever she needed to think things over, and it was here she went now. She couldn't believe it. Rashid, who she'd always thought of a friend, more like a brother even, fantasized about making love to her. But how was that possible? He'd never even given a hint that he thought of her more than a friend -- except just a few hours ago, when he'd been staring at her breasts. But she'd thought that was her imagination.

Rekha had no idea how long she stayed there, mussing things over. All she knew was that some times later she heard the familiar growl of Bobby's car. Glacing at her watch, she realized that she's been here for at least a half hour. In that time, she had gotten over the shock of seeing Rashid with her picture in one hand, and his cock in the other. In fact, she was starting to see Rashid in a new light now. Maybe he wasn't like her brother after all. She kept thinking about it all the way downstairs, not really paying attention to where she was going. Therefore, she was surprised when she crashed into Rashid at the bottom of the stairs. He seized her by the waist, steadying her. She could still hear the engine outside, but hadn't heard Bobby get out of the car yet. What was taking him so long?

Rashid didn't let her go. If anything, he held her tighter. Bending down a bit, he told her that he knew she had seen him. The only reason he hadn't come after her was because he wanted to give her time to think about what she had seen, get over her shock. But one of these days, he would pounce, and he would make sure that both of them enjoyed it. He let go of her slowly, lettin her feel his erection. Not daring to look in his eye, she hurried to the door, with her heart beating wildly. Bobby had gotten out of the car, looking dishelved. When he came closer, she saw that there was a lipstick mark just below his chin. Rekha immediatly realized the reason for his tardiness, but didn't say anything. She didn't mind Bobby's affairs with other women, since their relationship wasn't really loverlike. But she would have preferred it if he had at least bothered to give her a call that he would be late. They didn't actually hide their affairs from eachother, after all.

Long after Bobby had gone to sleep, Rekha lay there, thinking about Rashid's words. The next day, after Bobby had left to work, her thoughts kept wandering off to Rashid. Just thinking about him made her wet. She kept expecting him to pounce any minute and fuck her. But it didn't happen. As the day continued, she stopped expecting him to turn up, thinking he'd made an empty threat, but she still became wet whenever she thought of him. It must have been around 2 pm when Bobby called to tell her that he might be late today, as he was going to be spending some time with his secretary. Rekha told him to bring home some sweets on his way back, and they said goodbye. Turning around, she again crashed into Rashid. This time, however, he didn't grab her. Looking up at him, she saw his gleaming eyes. Immediately, without even a touch, she started feeling that familiar wetness between her legs. Without saying anything, Rashid grabbed the fron of her shirt, and ripped it apart. She gasped, with a mingle of excitement and shock. Automatically her hands flew up to cover her bare breasts, but Rashid grabbed them before she could do so. Staring at her breasts intently for a few minutes, he let go of her hands and proceeded to take off his clothes methodically, all the time staring at Rekha.

He was extroanarily built, she had to admit. He was very muscular, and seemed to stay in shape. He was also very well hung. His dick must have been at least seven inches long, if not more so. He allowed her to stare at her for a few minutes, then grabbed her by hair and bent her down till her mouth was level to his cock. Rekha didn't need any more persuasion. Within minutes, she had him in his mouth eagerly sucking him. She heard Rashid moaning, encouraging her. His hands were in her hair, pulling her closer. Within minutes, he came. His creamy cum filled Rekha mouth, who swallowed it all. They stayed like that for a few minutes, with Rekha still stroking him with her hands. After a while, Rekha felt a tug on her hair, and stood up. "I'm going to fuck you like I always dreamed I would, bitch," Rashid said. "Once I'm done with you, you'll be like a bitch in heat." These words, instead of offending her, only served to arrouse her more. Without another word, he harshly pulled down her shorts and underwear, and taking her by her hair, took her over to the table. He sat her down at the edge of the table, spread her legs, and with one savage thurst, pushed into her. Rekha screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain. "You enjoying that, bitch?" Rashid gave her time to adjust to having his cock inside her. Then he started pounding her hard. Between Rekha's moaning and screams of pleasure, Rashid verbally abused her, cussing her out. "You like that, don't you. You like having my cock up your cunt. I can see it on your face, whore." Rekha's hips moved with his rythem. Rekha's face was moving to and fro in an statement of extreme pleasure. She'd never had an aggressive lover before, and it served to excite her all the more. They came at the same time. When it was over, they collapsed on eashother, his cock still inside her. It was the best fucking Rekha had ever had.If you have any comments or questions about this story, e-mail sidhran@hotmail.com. I hope you enjoyed the story

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