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Real story of How I fucked my boss wife

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Real story of How I fucked my boss wife
Dear readers ... My name is Raj and I am unmarried athletic person residing at Patna and working as Asstt. Manager in a nationalized bank. Today I am going to narrate my real story about how I fucked wife of my boss a few months back. My branch manager shared my motorcycle for going to office, which was far away from Patna. As a result, I was a regular visitor to the home of my boss. Her wife was named Rani (name changed) aged 34 and was 10 years younger to him, and was milky white with nice round hips and firm white breasts, although she has given birth to one son.

One day my boss had gone for attending training at New Delhi for 1 week and had instructed me to deliver the salary amount to his home through the cheque he had given me. As per his direction, on the salary day I took the money from my bank and went to his home to give it to his wife. When I reached his house, her wife was alone as she said his son was away to his brother-in laws home for playing computer games. Further she said that she had to deposit school fees of his son very urgently at some local bank. I said she could give it to me and I will deposit it tomorrow, but she replied that this was the last date and from tomorrow a fine of Rs.100/- per day will be imposed. I said the she could give me the money and I will deposit it today, then she replied that she also had to operate the bank’s locker for some important things, so she insisted going there. Then she told me that her car had gone for repairs & painting and requested me to take her to the bank on my motorcycle.

I said she will not be able to sit properly, but she insisted and said she will take care. She changed into sari, and she sat on my motorcycle just close to me, I was trembling a bit bcoz whenever I pressed the brakes, her breasts touched my back and the soft touch was making me horny. Anyhow, we reached the bank and after finishing the job, we started off.

At that moment, I had become so tensed that I started my motorcycle without knowing that she had not yet sat on the motorcycle properly. As a result she fell off my bike, I was totally nervous at this situation. But she quickly stood up with some embarrassment and sat on the bike holding my shoulder.

Anyhow, we reached her home and she got off and I begged sorry repeatedly. She said it was all right and invited me to come inside. She went in the kitchen to make coffee. While talking she said she was feeling pain on her back as a result of falling from the bike. She brought an ointment and tried to apply the same with her hand on her back, but she was unable to massage it properly. She looked at me with looks for seeking help. I observed it but pretending innocently said, “Is there any problem?” She asked if I could apply the balm on her back. I said, “OK”, and then she stopped me and said that she will lie on her bed so it could be applied easily.

She led me to the bedroom still wearing the same sari and lied on the bed facing her head down on the pillow and handed the balm to me. I took some balm and applied gently on her back with just 2 fingers. She now insisted on pressing a bit hard on the back and massage the portion properly. Now I started using my full hand, again she insisted to massage with my both hands, and said with a giggle that you cannot even give massage properly, then how you do the job in the bank. I said the two things are very different and laughed, and with this reached her back with both hands and started kneading the soft skin with my hands. The skin was feeling cool and soft.

As a result of the excitement, my penis got erect in the pant. Now she requested me go a bit lower on the back. I took some more balm and applied on the lower back just above her hips and massaged it for some time. As result of the balm, some stains got over the portion of sari near her hip. I said to her” your sari is getting dirty due to the balm”.

She did not reply a word but raised her hip and pushed the sari & petticoat down revealing the crack line of the hips. I was totally taken aback by her action, but got courage and started going down and stared touching her hips. She did not react and kept silent to my act. Now I got bolder and pushed the sari & petticoat a little bit down to reveal her full hips and started massaging them without any balm. Now she started whimpering with sounds like”ooh, aah”

This encouraged me and I went on the bed lowered my pant and underwear and took out my penis and touched it slightly to her hip crack line. She was still facing head to the pillow but extended her hand to lower her sari & petticoat fully down to her legs. And instantly touched my penis and took hold of it and pulled it down to her pussy with slightly raising her hips. I was more than excited and instantly inserted my penis into her pussy but could not insert it fully so I took both her hips in hands and separated them to have full view & freedom to my penis. Then I lowered completely on her back and pressed hard on her hips and she thrusted her hips backwards to adjust my penis. She was not saying a word to me nor I was making any sound.

I now raised my chest from her back and opened her blouse buttons and then opened her black bra straps. After removing her blouse and bra, I took my hands to the sides of her breasts and started touching them. She knew my urge so she raised her upper portion of her body on her ankles. Now I took both of breasts in my hands started kneading them softly.

She now gave jolt of her hips to remind me to fuck her. So I started plunging slowly my penis in and out of her vagina, which was totally wet. After a few slow strokes, she thrusted her hips again towards my penis. I knew she wanted it faster so I gave 6-7 strokes faster and again went slow. I was going slow with fear that I may not be able to satisfy her as it was my first real sex with some women, so now she started thrusting her hips now & then. After 9-10 minutes of slow fucking, I was not able to able to control myself and started giving deep thrusts before discharging into her with my penis deeply buried. My penis went limp, but I did not get off her and humped her on hips and kept massaging her breasts and rolling the nipples in my hands. Soon my penis became hard, this time it seemed much harder than the last time.

Suddenly she got up throwing me to the side, and got on her hands and knees in doggy style. I got up and went behind her and inserted my penis again into her vagina and started giving her long & fast strokes. My thighs were touching her thighs and her hips were now making slapping noise. I extended my hands to her breasts again and pulled them a bit to cause some pain to her, but she was totally on fire. She was thrusting her hips back to me with much force this time. After 2-3 minutes, she started to shiver and tried to reach back and pull me with hips to her. Although this was my first real sex experience, but I had heard & read about woman orgasm. So I was happy and pushed my whole penis deeply into her vagina by immediately catching her front thighs causing her hips to flatten due to the pressure. This pressure gave me a lot of pleasure. After remaining in that position for about 20 seconds she released me and again got on all fours.

I started giving short & fast strokes still catching her with the front of her thighs. After fucking her for about 5 more minutes I again discharged into her and separated away as my penis went limp, and started wearing my clothes. This all happened without saying a word to each other. I clothed myself and went out and sat in the dining hall, while she went on to change her clothes.

She came out with some soft drink for her & me. I took one glass and started to drink without saying a word. She said to me that you should not tell anyone about this and said she does not understand how it all happened. I asked her if it could happen again, then she replied that it might cause bad name to her and affect her marriage. I promise her all the secrecy but she said plz don’t insist. So I kept silent and went after finishing my drink. I still go to her home but she remains very indifferent to me. I also do not wish to disturb her and exploit her bcoz I really don’t want anyone to get in trouble for my desires.

However, I am still unmarried and would like to have sex with any girl or aunty at Patna or nearby areas. Secrecy is guaranteed bcoz it would affect the other person as well as me. Anyone interested to have secret sex with me may email me on sexboy4gals@yahoo. Awaiting for your responses and emails.

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