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Manu Darling ki Train me Chudai Lagai

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Manu Darling ki Train me Chudai Lagai
I am Sunny from Ludhiana (Punjab) India, I want to share a true story with all of you and I need your comments on this due to security the names is changed in this story, and I will use mix language called (hinglish) let me tell you about me first I am Sunny 30 years old 6' tall with beautiful health and great attractive personality married Businessman having own business in my business I have to travel a lot sometime by train and sometime by my car, I love all the beautiful ladies weather she married or not with bog boobs, Big Boobs always attract me, I love to suck them very much and both beautiful Upper and Lower lips. This incident happens few months back when I start my journey by train from Ludhiana to Agra via Delhi on that day I reached on station on right time and the Paschim express has to come any moment, at the platform I inquire about my seat from TT which was in Ac2tr. At the same time a beautiful Girl with the height of 5'5" , long loose hair and with very patlee kamar and with the Great Boobs in Tight white shirt with upper two buttons open and skin tight jeans( Name=MANU, later on I come to know) come to close us and asked to TT for her seat but bad luck of that girl she didn't get confirmation for her R A C ticket she get upset , she say's to tt that she has to go upto Bombay but without confirm seat how she manage this long journey.

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TT checked his chart and refuse to give her any Seat but after some thinking he suggest her a beautiful(for me) way to get a seat he said to her that this man(me "Sunnydgreat") has to get down at new delhi from delhi you can get his seat but upto delhi you have to share the same seat with him if u don't mind, After hearing this idea of TT mera dil kiya ke main is TT ko galle se laga kar jor se choom loon, . Pehle to who kuch pareshan huie phir usne mujhee bahut dhyan se dekha aur kuch sochne laggi phir bahut pyar se boli " Sir, If you don't feel any problem may I share your seat upto delhi, I will not disturb you and I will take very little place to sit on your seat". NOW FRIENDS TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO NOW , YES YOU ARE RIGHT I AM AGREE AT VERY NEXT MOMENT how I loose this great chance to travel with this beauty. And our travel partner the TRAIN comes and we entered in our compartment and I reach on my seat with her there I found my seat was a side seat and on upper side seat there were no one, after some time I come to know that seat's passenger was sitting with there friends in some other coach but I didn't tell about this to Manu, we adjust our luggage under the seat and adjust our selves also on the seat, the train leaves the station and now I think how I starts chat with this girl even I am not aware about her name,

she took a magazine from her purse and dropped in that, I c, her full attention was in her amgazine and mine was in her beautiful figure and trying to measure her from top to bottem I start from top, beautiful hairs,wide forehead good shaped nose and deep black eyes with eye shadow and the beautiful Great LIPS with lipstick just like Pc of Orange Slice, pure white neck and now the real one is coming her Boobs in her tight white shirt her Boobs seems like a Prisoner jaise kaidee ko jabardasti shrink kar ke kapde mein band kar diya ho but kaidee azad honnee ko machal rahaa tha, from her two open buttons us ke boobs ka upper portion saf dikh raha tha jo ke bahut hi bharra bharra tha or uske jara se hi hilnee se who bhi dherre dheere se hil rahee the or that scean wan fantastic I donn't have words to write about that. After that a flat stomac then great butt's but not visible due to her jeans and her pure white Feet she just look like an Angle. Main baitha yeh soch hi raha tha ke kaise baat shuru karon ke cold drink wala aaa gaya and I get the chance, I took mazza for me and asked her about the CD but she refuse but after little time she say I will also take mazza and trying to pay, but I won, with this little Fight of "who will pay" we open and my desire of chaing is fulfilled then we both introduce our selves.

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"Hi, I am Sunny" and she says "Hello, I am Manu". And chat is starts, she was a doctor a ladies doctor and going to Bombay for a conference, we talked about so many things and finally topic comes to sex, from her I come to know that she is not married but she enjoyed the sex and she love to sex and love to talk about sex, she told me lots of things about her patients, and finally I praised her about her beauty and she says " I know that I am so beautiful and every man wants my closeness" my reply was " then I am so lucky to have you nearby me" and we both laugh. And ambala came from there I took the famous cholle kulche for both of us after having cholle kulche she feels some problem like (Khancee) I gave my bottle of water to her with excersize my was touched to her breast little bit I said "sorry" she egerly drank the water straight from bottle and water falls on her white shirt, its wet now, and from her wet shirt her white bra is visible, and bra's stiching lines was so cleare and also her nipples which became hard after seeing this that I notice all these things, now my all the attention on her boobs. she said to me "what are u looking" I shaked my head and said "nothing nothing" she said "why u said sorry " "b'coze I touched you at wrong place" " oh its ok" and that was a news for me .

then again our conversation starts , she asked how is your married life and here is the green signel for me I said its good, she says if any beautifull girl like me prapose u how u react again shocking news, I said "I will except" she says "kya aisa kar ke app apni wife ke sath dhokha nahi Karen ge" "Nahi dhokha kaisa ek pyari chez ko pyar karna dhokha thodi hota hai, aur wife har who kam bhi nahi kar sakti jo ek G.F karsakti hai" "Kaun sa kam" "Ab yeh sari detail discus karna to kuch jyada hi wild ho jayega" "carry on" "wife ko second time sex ke liye poochoo to manna kardeti hai and blowjob ke liye kaho to manna kar deti hai" "do u like blowjob" "yes I love that " "then how u fulfill ur blowjob desire" "whenever I go on tour where I stay I will find some G.friend or some paid girl for night" " oh I c" with all this chating I noticed that her cheeks become red hot and her nipples get full erection means she became hot and my pent is also became tent and she also noticed this and give a sexy smile to me now our chat become very romantic and we plan to stay at delhi for night and then we will go to our destinations.

So the plan was fixed and now I was waiting for delhi and its came. " If you don't mind may take some whisky" its me " ya but only 100 pipers" she said again a shocking news for me, so I took 100 piper and a good room in a good hotel at near karol bagh, my heartbeat become uncountable I was so exited ,after closing the door of our room I grab her and put my lips on her lips it was so hot I kissed her for a long time and she also cooperate. After some time she push me away and say's " Relex my dear its all night I am your's , u can have me all the way u want but lets have some bath first" ok, and then first I get bath and then she was gone to bath and in that time I prepare the glasses of wine for bot of us I was busy in my work and a call from bathroom " dear please give me towel" I took the towel and knock the door but it was not locked I opened the door and trying to look inside but she was on the backside of door she said " hey wat r u doing give me towel and go" I gave her,

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I get a turn and sudden from the mirror of bathroom I get the full view of my doctor's back she was standing fully naked and water was dipping from her beautifull body checked every part of her pure white body its looks so smooth mera dil kiya ke abhi ja kar pakad loon . she close the door. I again become busy in glasses, and door opens she came out and it's a great view , she was in towel only, aur main dekhta hi reh gaya and she come to me and very close the glasses was in my hand she came took a glass and gave a French kiss on my lips and gone to sofa and I was standing there like statue, I was stun to c that beauty, tabhi muzhe kisi ke jor jor se hasne ki awaz aye to mera dhyan wapis aya to dekha ke manu sofe par baithi muzhe dekh kar hass rahi thi, mai bhi baith gaya in front of her, and we did half the bottle of 100 piper, now her eye's totally red, there is so much lust in her eye's and on her smile, now I said to myself "sunny beta get ready to have this beauty" She says " so what now , I am hungry " Me " for what " "what ever u offer" and I stand up and gone to her sofa and sat there nearby her, she put her armes gainst my neck and put her very hot lips on mine I was in a heaven she kissed me for 10 minuts and then she put her toung in my mouth and trying to find mine and both met my hands was on her back from there I took my hands to neck then on her face and from there on her boobs ,

I cresed her boobs from out side of towel and her moaaaam "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" came out from her mouth, then my hands gone to her butt's there was no any febric, FRIEND's I am able to explain the softness of her skin I thout my hand was on some pure silk her thigh was so smooooth and slowly-slowly I raised my hand to her inner thigh fron under the towel and there she parted her legs and was the pure green signal for me to do any thing, after a long way now I feel her shaved PUSSY my first two finger was on her pussy and I trying to feel that moment it was great and with the other hand now I pull her towel she give little space to clear the towel and the angle's all silky skin was in front of me ,

oh my god she has the great body a perfect figure which is made by god in some free time beautifull Boobs flat stomac well shaped butt , shaved pussy I got stand up to her also now she was fully naked in front me I took my self few steps back and uss ke gore-gore nangee badan ko bahut dhyan se dekhne laga maine usse apne hath straight karne ko kaha she did and with this oh my god I don't have words to explain her figure main usse dekhtaaaaaaaaaa hi raha to who Sharma gaye aur boli yeh to galat baat hai ki mera to sab kuch dekh liya aur apna kuch dihkaya hi nahi, maine kaha "catch me if u can" aur who bahut hi sexy style mein smile karti huie aur sexy style mein chalti huie mare pass ayee aur meri T-shirt uttarne lagi phir usne muzhe bed par baith jane ko kaha aur mere shorts uttarne lagee phir ussne mera pair apne hathoon mein le kar mere pair ka angootha apne lips par laga kar phiranne lagi then she opens her mouth and took my thum in her mouth aur choosne lagi phir who meri sari taang ko choomti huie upper aa gaie our is waqt tak mera cock purii tarah se khada ho chukka tha aur uss ka bhi dhyan mere cock ki taraf hi tha phir usne apne dantton se apakad kar mera underware uttar diya and here is hero and fully erected cock was infront of her eyes she checked my 8" long cock, aur apne dono hathoon se mera cock sehlanee lagii aur bolli " may I " and I say " ya ! sure its all your's now"

phir ussne mera cock apne lips par phiranna shuroo kar diya aur mera haal kharab hone laga phir achanak usne apne muh kholla aur mera cock ander le liya aur muzhe aisa laga ke jaise mera cock kissi jalti huie bhatti mein challa gaya hai, Friend usne phir jo choosna shurro kiya ahhhhhhhhaaaaaa main bata nahi sakta that was a great blow job she took all the 8" in her mouth aahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa ahahahaha ussne purre 12-15 minute tak choosa phir who bolli now its ur turn and my desire will fulfill, ab maine usse sofe par baith janne ko kaho to main usske tangoon ke bich mein aa kar baith gaya phir maine usski thigh's par kiss karta hua ahista-ahista upper anne lagga aur uss ke muh see aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ki awazen anne laggi and finally I reached to my final destination THE SHAVED AND SILKY PUSSY, her pussy lips was also pink

first I touched very littly with my toung to her pussy lips her get the shiwwer in her body phir maine ahista se usske pussy lips ko kholla and mere samne thi mari manzil ahaha the pure pink pussy hole what a great fregrnence was there, maine dheeree se apni jubban se ander touch kiya aur manu ne jore se jhatka mara aur aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aur main shurrro ho gaya oh what e taste maine usski pussy ko kam se kam 20 minute tak choossa aur iss 20 minute mein who 3 bar jhad chukki thi, aur usska haal kharab tha usski ankhen band thi aur muh se aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha nikal raha tha, phir maine usse aisse hi sofe se uthaya aur bed par litta diya aur hum 69 ki position mein ho kar let gaye who mere upper thi main uss ki pussy mein buzy tha aur who mera cock bahut josh ke sath choos rahi thi hum aisse hi karib 15 minut tak lagge rahe is bich who phir se jhad chukki thi aur 15 minute ke bad jub muz se control nahi hua to maine ussse kaha ke I am cumming and she says ok cumm on my boobs aur hum sidhhe ho gaye to mainee apna sara load uss ke boobs par khalli kar diya , load khalli hone ke baad ussne mera cock chat-chat kar achhiee tarah saaf kar diya , phir ussne uth kar cigrate jalai aur muzhe bhi de di, phir iss ke bad hum dono ne 2-4 peg aur laga kar apni thakan door karri, aur dinner kiya ,

phir mere dimag mein ek idea aya to maine icecream manga li 4 plate last mein, waiter ke janne baad mainee usse kaha aaj main tumhen icecream khanne ka ek naya style sikhata hoon, maine uusee bed par leet janne ko kaha our 2 plate icecream us ke boobs se lejar pussy tak laga di to uusne kaha kya kar rahe ho maine kaha bas dekhti jaoo kya hotta hai phir maine dheerre-dheerre sari icecream uski body se choosne laga to who bhi puri tarahh e mast ho gayee maine khob achee tarah se icecream khatte hue uske boobs ko khoob jor jor se choosa aur who aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhha its so nice aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaits great realy great aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa karne lagee phir dheeree-dheeree main usski pussy tak aaa gaya aur ice cream khatte khatte use ki pussy ko choosne laga 2 plate icecream khanne mein maine poore 30 minutes laga diyee, iss bich usska bura haal hoo chukka tha main bhi poore josh main tha aur who bhi, phis ussne kaha ke main bhi aisee hi icecream khaoon gi to maine kaha "good ness and ask-ask" to ussne bhi sari icecream mere cock par aur ass-pass laga kar khoob mazaaaa le-le kar khane lagi, kha who rahi thi aur mazza muzhe aa raha tha ice cream khatam ho chukki thi lekin ussne mera cock chooosna band nahi kiya ahahahah kya choose rahi thi aisii blowjob kabhi nahi bhool sakti, phir maine usse kaha abb kuch asli kam bhi kiya jaye to ussne kaha ke tum bas lete rahoo baki sab main khud kar doongi, phir who utthi aur apni pussy ko mere cock ke upper la kar usske upper baith kar mera cock ander lene ki kosshis karne laggi

usski pussy ki garmi muzhe pagal kar rahi thi phir ussne jor se ek nichhee ko jhatka mara aur mera adhha lund uske ander challa gaya aur uske muh se cheekkkkkkkkhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuee mar gaye nikan gayee , phir who kuch der rukke rahi aur phir usne ek aur jhatka mara aur mera poora cock ander and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh mar gayee main to , kuch der apna saaans barabar kar ke ussne jhatke lagane shurrooo kiye to mera haal kharab hone laga kya jhatke mar rahiee thi, aur mere hath usski kamar par thee aur dhyan uuuss ke upper niche uchaal rahe boobs par tha kya gol-gol boobs thee ussne mere hath apni kamar se hatta kar apne boobs par rakhwa liyee aur boolii khinchoo inko main bhi aab tak uss ke jhaktoon se khoob josh mein aa chukka tha khoob jor-jor se uss ke boobs ko dabaane laga , aisse hi kareeb 10 minute tak jhatke marte marte usne kaha main thak gayee ab tumm bhi niche se dhakka maro main bhi usska sath denne lagga aur kuch hi der bad

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who jhad gayee aur mere upper let gayee aur mere lips choosne laggi phir maine usse uthne ko kaha our doggi style mein hone ko kaha to main usske peechee aa kar maine apna cock usski pussy par rakh diya aur kaha "dollooonnn" ussne kaha "han der mat karro bas ek hi jhatke mein dal do" to maine ek jordar jhatka mara aur poorrra ka pooora lund uski pussy mein sammma gaya aur aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh marrrrrrrrrrrr gayeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeee main to aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa bus phir kya tha jor dar jhatkee shurrooo ho gaye aur fuk-fuk and pach apch ki awajee anne laggi aur wo bhi apni kamar hillaaa-hillaa kar mera sath denne laggi kya mazzaaa aaa rahaaa tha jaisse main satween asmaan ki sair kar raha tha karib 15 minute ke bad maine kaha I am cumming where u want my cumm she says do it in side no problem I will take care but don't stop , aur meri spped pooorri peek par thi aur wo bhii jor-jor se apni kamar hilla rahi thi , maine ek jordar dhakka mara aur apna poora load uske andar khalee kar diyaaaa, wo bhi pooree mast thi aur phir ek bar mere sat hi jhad gayeee.

Hum dono ka bura haal tha 10 minute tak hum aise hi lette rahhe phir wo uth kar bathroom mein challi gayee fresh hone ke liyeee , wo ek bar phir naha ka aa gayee to main bhi nahane challe gaya. Issi tarah hum ne us raat 4 bar sex kya aur finally 5th time in bathroom at morning time. Kya mazedar raat thi bhullee se bhi nahii bhoolti then we have our brackfast and come to station I took her add. And phone number and it was a great surprice for me that she was also from ludhiana , then she was gone to mumbai and I gone to agra. After that now we both from same city we meet regular when ever we get chance she introduce me more of her couleg doctors and we have enjoy all together that some other time.

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