Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chakas Mami Ki Jam kar Chudai

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Chakas Desi Mami Ki Jam kar ChudaiHi I am Prakash,

My mami name is Usha she is very sexy and is 45, beautiful even at this age, and has nice body 36D-29-38. She loves wearing silk saris and sleeveless blouse. She wraps the sari tightly around her body showing her solid 38 ass and 36D boobs prominently. She wears sleeveless blouse showing her armpits when she raises her hand. I really love her ass and the sexy armpits and lusted for them for a long time. I am addicted to watch her body while moving in the house doing house hold work. She moves her ass seductively even in the house and I watch her as she walks moving my eyes with her body to catch the glimpses of her fleshy 36-D boobs when she bends. I love her ass more than anything in the world and am always fascinated by it.

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One fine day I got a interview letter of Delhi, and I visited my mama's place at Delhi.I saw her in full glow and wanted to fuck her.I went to attend interview on that day and came early to home, there was nobody in house except Usha mami. All of them went to office and were expected late night. She came in and sat next to me in the sofa. we talk about so many things , I feel that she is holding her head I ask what happen mamiji any problems she said nahi ray meraysar me dard ho raha hai subah se kya karroon sub log to gaye howe hain tu aagya acha howa , then I said mamiji kya main aap ke sar men oil dal doon, and I convinced her. I go to bathroom and wear Lungi so I can sit comfortable and massage my mami. She sat so close to me I was on sofa and she was sitting down on carpet so that I can massage her head good , her eyes on TV and I was behind her on sofa . and I can feel her body temperature. She was wearing a yellow color sari and black blouse, I started massaging her head and her pallow fell down and I can easily see her huge breast as I was sitting up on sofa, my lund was on top and I slowly massaging up and down and on neck then shoulders and trying to go down on her breast , she was feeling cool and closed her eyes and enjoying my hands on her sexy hot creamy body massage. It was about 3 in the afternoon, I just got up and dropped my underwear in toilet and came while returning back to the seat I placed one of my hand on her back and sat on the sofa. I was little bit tensed because If she says that to my parents then they are going to kill me.

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So I took some time and slid my hand slowly up towards the center of the breast. Luckily she did not show any resistance so I acted quickly and kept my hand on her breast. She looked at my face she was so hot and my lund also touching her back from sofa I was massaging slowly my lund on her back, she said uffffff and said prakash please mat kar aisa main teri mamii hoon. I asked her to sit on my lap so that I can massage well, and she agreed. I took my lungie off, I was not wearing underwear to touch my lund to mami's gand(ass). I asked her to remove her saree so that I can massage her body and that will appease her pain, she removed her saree and removed her blouse.She was not wearing panties. She was looking sexy in bra and petticoat. I asked to massaged my lund, She started playing with my lundd and said OH prakash TERA LUND TO TERE MAMA SE HI MOTA HAI THEN I SAID MAMIJI AAPKI MUMMAY TO GAND KA FEEL TO BAHUT AACHA HAI, PATA NAHIN CHODANE ME KEESI HOGI.

I slowly made her to lay on the bed. She took my lund in her mouth and started sucking and licking it. It was feeling really good for me. I removed her bra and petticoat and let one of my finger in..her pussy. It was hot and wet. I started to finger her up and down. She was moaning and sucking my prick. I slowly went down and kissed her pussy. I placed my mouth on the pussy and started to lick it. She was moaning heavily OOOOOHHHHHH...MMMMMMMM...AAAAAAAA HHHHHHHH. I said mamiji main aap ki gand marna chahta hoon she said later not now. ok I said I told her that I was feeling so hungry ....so we went to the dining table took some food and had it.

Next day also I returned home early, the situation was same. I offered her for gand(ass) chudai, she had to be convinced for new saree present. Now it was time to fuck my dearest mamiji's ass,I stripped her saree, blouse, petticoat (she don't wear panty). I turned her, spread my palm and placed them on the both the butts with my thumbs little away from crack. I pressed them and finally spread her cheeks apart with my thumbs. Her brown wrinkled asshole was visible and my tongue was out like a dog, I putted my two fingers in mouth made them wet and then stacked them on asshole. Rubbing them over asshole I pushed my face deep in her hot butt's crack and started licking her asshole. Revolving my tip of the tongue around it feeling its wrinkles I even smooched it. Then again I pulled her butts apart this time with my full hands even its asshole got stretched and I spit on the butts and asshole.

I came from behind..and pressed my throbbing cock on her big ass and started moving up and down..feeling her warm buttocks what a feeling and I could feel some sort of a grip around my cock.

I enjoyed her fucking from pussy as well as ass.

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