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Lund Ke Bhoki Kuttiya Aurat

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Lund Ke Bhoki Kuttiya Maa

My husband is a workaholic. You know the type... up early... home late... sneaks work in on weekends... never around to go to his kid's Little League games, or to take me out. He calls this a marriage, but all it is really is two people rooming together. I am the one who has raised our son, Kumar , and I've done a damn good job of it, too, if you ask me. He's 16 now, and 6'2" tall, 185 pounds of hard, lean muscle. He is the second string quarterback on his football team already, and he's only in his first year of high school. He also plays basketball and baseball, and gets good grades in school, too.

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Lately, however, I've begun to notice a change in him. He seems to look at me differently than he ever has in the past... in a way no son should look at his mother. I catch him stealing glances of my breasts whenever he can, and of my thighs and ass, and incredibly when he looks at me like that I am starting to feel something I haven't felt in a very long time... a tingling sensation in my cunt, coupled with gushing wetness. I am, I realize, becoming turned on over my own son!

After reading, and masturbating to hundreds of accounts on the Internet of mothers having sex with their sons, last week I finally decided to do something about my own lack of sex life. I realize what I did was a huge gamble, but it paid off. For several months I've known that Kumar masturbates, frequently, in his bedroom at night. How do I know? I've discovered his jackoff towel under the bed... sticky and gobbed with his stale cum. He also keeps a small jar of Vaseline mixed with some kind of baby oil or something in the drawer next to his bed. So he is masturbating. And, I hope, sometimes thinking of me when he does. I'm not the typical mother of a high school student. I was married very young, at 17, and had Kumar during our first year of marriage, so I'm only 34 years old. I also have been blessed with good genes, and my 135 pounds on my 5'7" frame are proportioned exactly like some of those centerfolds I've seen in Kumar's magazines. My 36C breasts are still quite firm, and my stomach is as flat and hard as it was when I was in high school. All this coupled with my long, straight blond hair and blue eyes has caused more than one man to tell me I'm beautiful.

It's not that I have a bad life, because I don't. I drive a beautiful new Mercedes convertible, and we live in a secluded, very large home in Westport, Connecticut, with a pool, hot tub, and our own tennis court. When we first moved here Alan, my husband, used to love to swim and play tennis with me. Now all he loves to do is work, and make more and more money each year. So Kumar and I aren't deprived of anything material. We just both don't have much of a father or husband any more.

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So it was with these things in mind when I dared do what I did last week. As I said, for months now I've known about Kumar's masturbation, as well as his what I assumed was desire for me. The thing that clinched it for me was one night last week when I happened to be walking past his room for something and heard him moaning, "Oh yeah, Mom, fuck me!" I stopped immediately and listened at his closed door as he masturbated, and then came, all the while saying nasty things like, "Yeah, Mom... suck my cock... fuck me... oh God, I'm gonna come all over that beautiful face of yours... and in... your... mouthhhhhhhh!"

I was so turned on I stood there with my fingers in my pussy coming right along with my handsome stud of a son. Right then and there I knew I had to do something to make Kumar's fantasy come true... for him as well as me.

And so I did. The next day after he left for school I went into his room and replaced his jerkoff towel with a pair of my stained and fragrant panties... the very ones I'd worn the night before in which I had masturbated, drenching them with my pussy juices. I knew Kumar would find them that evening, and to make sure he understood I knew about him I left a note pinned to them that said, "Kumar... use these tonight instead of your towel. I love you. Mom."

All day I was on fire... I think I masturbated at least three times, maybe more, and when Kumar came home after football practice I greeted him in one of my shortest tennis skirts with nothing under it than a pair of French cut bikini panties. On top I wore a tube top with no bra. It was white, and I knew he would be able to see my nipples through it. God I felt so slutty, and I loved it.

When Kumar arrived home, driving the bright red Jeep Wrangler Alan bought our son for his sixteenth birthday, I greeted my handsome stud at the kitchen door wearing my sexy clothes.

"Mom, geez, you look terrific!" he grinned. God he's handsome... I wondered if he was still a virgin, and decided he probably was not.

"Hmm, thank you, baby," I purred, hugging him, pressing my body into his.

"Mom, I'm still all sweaty," he protested, but I noted that he was not backing away from me.

"Hmm, I like your sweat, darling," I cooed. "But you need to go up and shower now. Would you like to go for a swim before dinner?"

"Yeah, that sounds great," he said, staring at my hardening nipples.

"Good... I'll see you at the pool," I said. "Hurry, okay?"

He did. He was back downstairs and out the door in less than five minutes, looking fresh and clean. I was sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling my legs into the water, still wearing the tennis skirt and tube top.

Kumar dove beautifully into the water, swam a few laps, then glided over to where I was sitting. Suddenly I wanted him to see my pussy, and when he was right in front of me I spread my legs for him, letting him see my scandalous panties. I was on fire, and if he had tried anything with me I would have let him, I knew.

But he didn't. Instead he just looked at my pussy, swallowed hard, and swam away again.

Dinner that evening was strained. Alan read a business magazine while he ate, and Kumar and I kept stealing secret looks of lust at one another. Afterward Kumar excused himself and said he had some homework to do. He went up to his room, and I cleaned up the kitchen.

Later that night after Alan was sleeping I got out of bed and crept down the hall toward Kumar's room. I heard him gasping and moaning, and on impulse I carefully and silently opened his door. Peeking in at him I was shaken and thrilled to see him with my panties over his face as his cock stood straight up, his fingers gliding slowly up and down on it. God! He was HUGE! Much larger than Alan, and I knew I had to have him.

On wobbly legs I slowly entered his room, then closed the door behind me, locking it just in case Alan awoke, which he never does once he falls asleep.

Kumar didn't hear or see me, and when I was standing directly next to him listening to him whispering, "Oh Mom... oh Mom... your pussy smells and tastes so fucking good." I was wearing a very short negligee, and my panties were drenched as I stood there masturbating right along with my son.

Finally I could stand it no longer. I leaned down and slid my mouth over his cock. Just like that I changed the course of my life... and his.

Kumar jumped, and immediately pulled my panties off his face, staring at me incredulously.

"MOM! Oh my God, MOM!" he gasped.

"Hmm, I love your cock, Kumar. I've wanted to do this to you for so long," I sighed. Then, getting up, I crawled on the bed and straddled him, sinking down on his erect dick. "And thissssss...." I groaned as I felt him entering me....

God! This was incest, I knew, and I loved it.... I was fucking my own son while my husband slept just down the hall, a few feet away, and I was loving it.

"Oh God, Mother, this is wonderful. I've dreamed about this forever," he gasped, pumping up into me, filling me with his thick cock.

"Come, Kumar. Come in me. I want you to. Fuck me, my darling boy. Fuck Mommy. Fill me with nasty cum, Kumar. I want it... NOWWWWW!" I gasped as I felt the wonderful cock inside me swelling even larger just before it exploded, gushing hot cum into my pussy.

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I came so hard I almost passed out. It was the most wonderful fuck I've ever had in my life, and when he was through coming, I slid off his cock and down his legs and took his wet, slimy dick into my mouth, sucking him, tasting both of us on his hot flesh.

"Oh GOD Mom... this is incredible!" he gasped, and I felt him swelling up again already. Ahhh, youth. How wonderful it is at times.

I continued sucking my son's cock until I felt him groan again, and when he tried to pull away I wouldn't let him, mumbling for him to come in my mouth.

He did. Oh God how he did... my mouth was overflowing with cum he gave me so much, and afterward I licked some of what had run out of my mouth off his balls. Then I did something so nasty it even surprised me. I moved even lower and began to tongue my son's asshole, licking through his ass crack, probing his anus with my tongue... pushing up inside him as he lay there moaning and telling me how wonderful I was.

Afterward I crawled back up onto the bed next to him and kissed him, letting him taste some of his cum in my mouth. My face smelled dirty from his ass sweat and I discovered I loved the way it made me feel to have done what I'd done.... I felt like a dirty whore... like a slut... and I found I loved the feeling.

I promised Kumar we would do this again, as often as he wanted me, and just before leaving his room I whispered in his ear, "I want to be your sex slave, Kumar... your whore... your slut.... You can do anything you want with me, my love. Anything. Do you understand? No matter what it is, I'll do it."

I returned to my snoring husband's room and lay there next to him thinking of what I'd done. Instead of guilt or regrets all I could think of was doing it again, and soon.

The next morning after Alan left for work I went back upstairs and down the hall to my room. I was still wearing the negligee, under my robe, and I stripped off the robe before going into Kumar's room. He was still sleeping, and when I sat on the edge of his bed, leaning down to kiss him, he opened his eyes sleepily and grinned at me.

"Mom, hi," he yawned.

"Did you enjoy last night, baby?" I asked, taking his hand, pressing it against my tit.

"God, you mean it wasn't just a wet dream?" he sighed. "Yes I enjoyed it. I loved it, Mom."

"Want to do it again?" I asked.

"YES!" he hissed, and in seconds I was naked and straddling his erect cock while he fucked me hard and long this time. I came three times before he exploded inside my pussy, and when he came he filled me again with so much cum it ran out of my cunt and onto his balls.

"Lick me off again, Mom?" he pleaded.

"Hmm, try and stop me," I purred, crawling down to his thighs. I dabbed at the puddles of cum with my tongue, licking and sucking it... tasting it... before once again crawling between his legs to lick his asshole.

"Oh God, Mom, that's so fucking nasty," he groaned, lifting his legs, laying them over my shoulders so I could go deeper inside his ass.

"Hmm, yeah. That's why I love doing it, Kumar. I told you. I want to be your slut. Treat me like one, baby. I'll do anything you want... I'll fuck you... I'll suck you and eat your cum... you can jack off on my face if you want to... and I'll lick your asshole for you. Hell you can even bring your friends home to fuck me if you want, and I'll do them, too, Kumar. Just... use me... use me as your fuck toy slut mother, okay baby?"

Kumar's cock jerked again, and amazingly another gob of cum spurted out and onto my face. I let it run down my cheek, staring into his eyes as I said, "I love cum on my face, Kumar. It's so fucking nasty... I love it. But I want lots of cum, Kumar. Lots of it. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, Mom," he grinned. "And if you meant it, I know some of the guys would kill to fuck you. They all say how hot you are. But what about Dad?"

"He won't even notice, baby. All he notices are stock prices. Besides, even if he finds out about us I doubt he'll care. He'll probably be glad I'm finally getting laid so he won't have to do it any more, not that he has in months," I scoffed.

And so it began... my life as a slut mother. Kumar and I fucked... often... in the house... in the pool... in the hot tub, and eventually even with Alan right there nearby.

I'll never forget the first time he caught us. We were in the hot tub, after dinner, and I thought Alan was working upstairs. Surprisingly, for some reason that night he decided to go for a quick dip before retiring. When he came outside, walking quietly toward the pool he saw us. I was against the wall of the hot tub, facing Alan. Kumar was between my thighs facing away from Alan. And my son's cock was buried deeply inside my pussy.

When Alan saw us he immediately stopped where he was and simply watched us for a moment, not saying anything. For a long while we stared directly at each other, neither of us saying anything. I realized he wasn't going to stop us, and remarkably I noticed his cock growing hard. I grinned at him, blew him a kiss, then said, loudly, "Oh God, Kumar, yes... fuck me... fuck your mother again, like you've been doing for weeks now, baby... Fuck me and make me come again, Kumar. COME... IN... MEEEEE!" I cried out, loving being on display.

I watched my husband as he slowly reached inside his bathing suit and began to masturbate. This turned him on, I realized... just as I had been that first time when I saw Kumar masturbating. I decided to give Alan an even better show then, and said, "Kumar... quickly... stand up and come on my face and in my mouth, baby. HURRY! DO IT!" I snapped.

Kumar stood on the step inside the hot tub then, masturbating his long, hard cock furiously as I continued to stare into Alan's eyes, rubbing myself now as well. The three of us masturbated together until I felt the first few splats of cum from Kumar's cock hitting me in the face. When he saw that, Alan began to come, too. A dark stain appeared inside his bathing suit, and his back hunched over slightly, as his eyes fluttered closed, then open again. His body jerked each time Kumar's hit my face with a gob of cum, and when my son and husband both had finished coming Alan turned and quickly walked back inside.

That night I wasn't sure what to expect from Alan when I went to bed. He had just come out of the shower when I walked into our bedroom. Some of Kumar's cum was still on my face, and I purposely walked over to Alan and kissed him, forcing him to taste his son's cum in my mouth and on my lips.

"Did you enjoy the show, Alan?" I asked, reaching down to squeeze his hardening cock.

"Yes! You're a pig, Jan. A slut. An incestuous whore."

"Yes. God yes. I am. And I love it. But so do you, my horny husband... so do you. Look at this cock. It hasn't been that hard in months," I said, meaning it.

"God help me... I know it," he moaned. "How long have you...."

"For several weeks now. And there's more, my conservative darling. He's bringing some friends home tomorrow for me, too. I'm going to suck and fuck some of his friends from the football team, Alan. I need sex like this. I AM a slut, darling, and I WANT to be a slut. I'm sorry, but I do."

"So who's stopping you?" Alan grinned, pushing me down to the floor, onto my knees.

"Hmm, Alan... what's gotten into you tonight?"

"You have, you fucking piece of trash," he said, jerking off furiously, suddenly coming all over my face. His cum was hot and sticky, just like Kumar's, and I stuck my tongue out to catch as much of it as I could, letting some of it run down my face as he wiped his deflating cock through the puddles of cum on my cheeks and chin and lips.

"I love it, Alan. Your wife is a cum slut now. I can't get enough of it. Tomorrow is going to be the most wonderful day of my life, and if you want you can bring men home for me to fuck, too. Do it, Alan. Pimp for me. I'll be your whore. Maybe it will help your business," I suggested, licking my lips, tasting the sticky cum he had put there.

"It just might," he grinned, "and I just might do that. Slut! Now go sleep with your son. You're no longer welcome in this bedroom, unless I tell you to come and service me. Do you understand, Jan?"

"Hmm, yes, darling," I teased. "Kumar will be thrilled."

"I'm sure he will," Alan said, turning off the bedside light as he rolled over to go to sleep.

I walked down the hall to my son's room and went inside.

"Mom, you're early," he said. I explained to him what had happened, and afterward crawled into bed with him.

"I even told him you were bringing some friends home from school with you tomorrow to fuck me, baby. Can you, do you think? I'd love it, and I think it turns your father on."

"Are you SERIOUS, Mom?" he asked.

"Absolutely," I smiled. "Can you do it?"

"Well yeah, sure... but what if they tell somebody."

"Fuck it. I'm a slut, Kumar. It's the true me, and I don't care if the entire world knows it," I sighed, curling up next to my son, drifting off to sleep in seconds dreaming of a room full of hard young cocks all just for me....

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