Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sex In Car With Desi Komal At Ludhiana

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Sex In Car With Desi BabeHi, I am raman from ludhiana. My self is 32 years guy. I am running a car driving school here. My story is one month back. I am regular reader of stories. So i also decided to share my experience witl all of you.

Her name was Komal. She was 22 years old with 36-26-36. She came to my office with her mother for learning the car. Her mother was also too hot.

After admission, she started her training with some other guy. She learning very fast. After 10-12 days, one day, there was no one in the office to teach her car, so i decided to go with her. That day she was in skirt with blue colour top. Her hairs were open. She looks very shy nature.

After some time of driving, when i was telling her about gear system of the car, my hand accidently touch with her legs but she did not say any thing. Again after some time i deliberately touch her legs. But she concentrate on driving. After finishing driving class she smiled and left for her home.

Next day, she looks more smart then previous day, but that day, traninig guy was present, but on komal request, i accompined her. That day she wear short pink skirt with tight blue shirt. Her black bra was clearley visible. After getting in the car she says to me that she want to drive fast car, so we should go out the city traffic. Then we move out the city to some lonely road.
After reaching there she gave me shock. She said i know what you were doing yesterday. I little affraid and said that you did not oppose. After asking this i againg caught hers legs and start moving my hand in her skirt. She does not wear panty. First she resist but later she co-operate. she stop the car under tree and started kissing me.

After long kissing she remove my trouser and underwear, she hold my 10"long dick in her hand and started fucking with mouth. Soon i also remove her shirt and bra. Her boobs jump from the bra. Her boobs were so white that you can compare with milk and her nipples were jet black. I started to rub her,

After some time she remove her skirt and my shirt. Now we both naked. She said she want to enjoy my dick. We go to back seat of the car and i started to fuck her. She like it very much but saying that you some less than rahul her boyfriend.

Komal says where she and rahul encounter with sex she enjoy a lot. This thing embalance me. I put my full force and give big blows. After 15-20 blows she starts mourn, now she was enjoying She says don`t stop. I never enjoyed this excitment.
Now i understand she is really enjoying with me. After some time we finished our sex and back to office.

Next day, she did not come. On third day when she come we again enjoy the sex. After few days, she got married and asked me never to contact her.

I sincerly follows here order, I have her number and address but i never try to contact her.

Tell me how you feel after reading this story at diaryfarm2002@yahoo.com and if want enjoyment then freely write to me.

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