Monday, March 17, 2008

My Student Gulabo

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My Desi Sexy Student Gulabo
Hi desi friends , i am sunny living in lahore, Pakistan. I am going to narrate thefirst sex experience i had a week ago in early March. I wanna descirbe you myself first,I am 20 years old,5'9" tall, fair and stong bulid to attract any kind of a girl.It all began when saw Gulabo first , she use to come to our house to take tuition from my siter. She is 18 years old 2nd year student and had quite beutiful pair of boobs at this age and a silm attractive body with a thight round ass. She measures 36-24-34 which i came to know when i had fucked her.

On 7th of March when she came for study, i opened the door and she was there in a purple "shalwar Kameez" and looking gorgeous. Fortunately my sister was not at home and she had told me to teach her. I described it all to her, she just noded her head and followed me. We went to drawing room where my sister use to teach her, she opened the computer book and want me to teach her internet browsing. I told her to come to my room and we should do it on my PC. I andshe went to my room where i offered her a seat while she was sitting I had an idea i put my hand on chair and she sat on my hand I feel her round ass which was quite firm. She gave me a stare and I withdraw my hand from her. I connected to net and after showing some sites i opned pornsites and she was bit nervous.

She asked me sir what are u doing?, I repied to her is not it look great , while looking into her eyes, she smiled a bit and keep looking at porn pictures. Her breathing become havier and i took her hairs in my hand and plant a kiss on her lips , firstly at once as she came out of dream and keep her mouth away but when i asked her that i love her and it is not bad doing itshe smiled and i got courage to carry on with my kiss, her lips were soft and pink, i put my tounge in her mouth and mix it with her's as we were doing this she was massaging her thighs.I put one hand on her right boob and started to squeeze them hard , she moaned loudly and said "please sir do it softly", i awnsered her no sir i am your lover. I soften a bit and than i pulled her Kameez off and what I saw was a wonderful scene in my life, there were milky white pair of boobs waiting for me, I quickly grabed one and started to suck it hard. She moaned and i put one hand under her shalwar and find out that she was not wearing any panties and i could feel her hot shaved cunt. I inserted a finger in her cunt hole and i found it tighter as she look to me virgin. Afer 5 minutes of sucking i took other boob in my mouth and sucked that while fingering her down in her pussy and messaging her clit.

She began to brath havier and little moans started to come ot of her mouth as she does so i turned off the computer and took her too my bed. where i pulled her shalwar and than asked her to undress me she pulled my t-shirt and than pulled my trouser and uderwear to release my 8 inch monster, she was amazed to see such a huge cock and asked me are you going to put it in my PHUDDI (pussy) i replied yes i am, but it'll pain a lot as it is quite big, i said to her let me do it, and believe me it could pain a little but you would enjoy it a lot. I applied cream on her pussy and some on my cock and open her pussy lips apart and enter my monster's head in, a hell of screams came out and she was saying "sunny please mujhe jane do main mar jaoon gi , aaah hhh ahhh ummmmm ahh ahhh" but i slowly kept on and she was now enjoying i liked her very tight virgin cunt and lovely body to fire my sexual desire.

I kept on in and out of her pussy and she gave me kiss on lips and wraped her legs around my waist and she was now saying " chodo mujh ko zor se, aaj mujhe zindagi ka maza de do main sari zindagi tumhari ban kar rahoon gi, meri phuddi main zor sai lun dalo aur zor sai" I was heat up by hearing such and speed up my fucking to her while i had her nipples in my mouth, I really was enjoying my first encounter, suddenly i picked up the speed as my balls were building the presure. I said to her "i am gonna come" she said " come inside me", but i dont wanna make her in problem i took it out and she held it in her hand and started to suck and with 2 or 3 strockes of her sucking my cock i came in her mouth . To my surprize she drank all my cum and sucked my cock dry. We layed on bed beside each other, and kissing passionately, i was tired a bit and I saw bedsheet having mess of our cum and blood which came out when i tored her pussy, as she was a virgin.

I quickly put on my cloths and changed the bedsheet and we both returned to drawing room where she use to study. After that i had never got a chance to fuck her , but we fondle each other for quite a while. ANY GIRL WOMAN FROM LAHORE WANNA HAVE SAFE RELATIONSHIP OR FRIENDSHIP MAY MAIL ME AT shabhuss@usa.net RESPONSE WILL BE GIVEN TO ONLY GIRLS AND WOMEN NOT MEN, I HAVE ALSO A SECRET FLATE IN MOON MARKET ALLAMA IQBAL TOWN TO HAVE FUN AT THERE.

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