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My Lovely preethi and her mother

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My Lovely preethi and her mother
Hello every body !

This is Rajan m 42 , now and I am here to confess about my sex unions with my wife and her mother in a day more than 16 year's back. I had then been married for 1 year and living with my wife Preethi, only one to her mother. After marriage we came to stay here in Baroda (when i used to work there ). I was then aged 26 and my wife is of just 21. After six months of marriage my mother in law decided for a visit to us and a one month stay here with us as she was alone in her home.

Her husband i.e. my father in law had died 10 years back at that time she was very young but for the sake of her daughter she kept herself out of another man in her life. My wife was extremely happy on hearing this. We had made arrangements in house hold matters etc with regard her visit and stay, as we are newly married and my flat comprising only two rooms, kitchen with a toilet only. And also we were in little confusion and fear about the sleeping arrangements, privacy etc. matters.

My mother in law is a widow of about 41 / 42 of age having good physical assets. she has an attractive personality. She has a sexy shape. Her boobs and buttocks are not very big and looks like not of a 40 yrs or not of a mother’s. For first 2/3 days of her stay with us we were very busy with visitors and visiting etc. of neighbors. In house she used to wear sari at day time and in the evening after a bath wear nightie. When she was in sari she used to wear it down below her navel exposing her round stomach, very lower exposing a pleasant view of her stomach, navel button and the whole area, her boobs (mulas) in 90 degree supported by very tight bra. In the evening, generally having a most pleasurable and hot seen for me with her in her nightie which allows a very good view of her boobs and the well shaped sexy pair of panty free butts. When ever she bend down to pick some thing or wake out of sitting I used to peep in to her back side having very erotic site that her plain underskirt (pavadai) alongwith her nightie hugged by her lovely butt cracks and she simply used her fingers to pull it back always.

For 3-4 days my wife didn’t allowed me to have sex after a long period. She was totally inhibited and shied to have sex because of her mother in next room and feared about sound, light, etc. as there was some privacy problems with us. As the structure of the flat –that is we can use toilet etc. entering from both rooms with door to both rooms. Even during toilet times one have to lock the other room’s entrance to it. Other wise if some one in the other room (generally not) can enter into toilet when one is in toilet (comprising bath and closet –two in one). My wife was more reserved type so that she denied me sex for 3-4 days. And me every time with a strong desire, inspired by MILS body in mind, every night continued my attempt to have sex with wife. 5th day I managed to win her body.

With the thirst of 4 days interval, after a pee, I forgot to lock the bath room door or to switch off our bed room light, for a moment, I forgot about the guest in the other room, sitting hear while my wife lying in bed I succeeded in un buttoning her gown, my finger on top of her bra cups pressed hard and she got some hotness so she allowed me to un buckle her bra by turning into a side and freed it. I take her brown nipples little hard with my handling taken in mouth lips and started to suck it hard and my hands caressing her other nipple and the breast fully. At last she opened my lungi to sides and took my penis already hardened- she commented- how big your andi today (she always call my kunna `andi’ during romance and sex she wondered `grown so big in four days’ and started to fondle and shook and caressed my little hairy testicle bag. At last she freed her body herself out of gown and pavada- she normally not wears panty at night except her m.c. days) and positioned her thighs vide enough to have a direct entrance for my kunna .

I started to explore my wife’s pooru- little hairy (she used to apply hair remover once in a month) already wet with love drops, nibbled and rubbed her (clit) kanth for some time, lastly she pulled me to her body and guided my kunna to her swollen pooru and started my action with a hard thrust `Haiyyoooo’ hammmee…`Pathukke…’ `Pathukke…’ she uttered. In shot, we had completed one shot within 10 minutes time because of 4 days gap. My wife got exhausted so much that she couldn’t get up even to have a pooru (cunt) wash. She felt very tired she did not get down from bed, closed and tighted her thighs in the same position and turned into a side and into deep sleep in ecstasy in nude posture exposing her white big kundi (butt)with a brown colour kundi crack. After a while I got out of bed full nude went to bathroom door then only I thought of the mistake that I had done in not locking toilet door.

Suddenly I remembered of MIL in other room, I return back to bed and tied my lungi and entered into toilet there I saw the entrance door to toilet from MIL’s room remained open. Standing there in Toilet I peeped to her bed where I saw she in sleep (or pretend to be)- lying with her back- wearing a single coloured nightie, her hands were back to head side – a pleasurable seen – her boobs were like peaks, with a clear view of her `grape’ on both boobs and her thighs were so wide and her pavadai and nightie bottom open and resting upto knee leaving her feet to kneels visible, her heavy, hairless and wheatish colour thighs, I felt a very hard hardon to my whole body, thinking she is so sexy than her daughter-i.e. my wife and having good assets at this age, and start to think about how she managed to control her sexual desires for the last long 10 years. But she had been maintaining her body very neat and clean, minimum fashionable, but with flexible kundi, vibrating one-two basis when she walk. While viewing her by standing there in short distance suddenly she take her one hand from head back side, her hand started to open up front side of her nightie and pavadi bottom end where it was resting and pulled upwards upto her waist- my heart started to beat heavily- but I hadn’t able to withdraw my eyes from there.

................................ more when i hear from you ............my dearest friends and especially my female readers may kindly send in their comments and similar experiences to me. I would love it if all indian readers send in their comments and their experiences in English , I repeat my e-mail address cycrod@gmail.com

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