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Fun with my friend's sister

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Fun with my friend's Desi sister
Hi All This is my first submission in this desi blog, so kindly bear with me for any mistakes or story styles My name is Manoj and is living in a Cochin, doing my degree course. I wanted to share some nice experience in my sexual life to you all.

It was during one of my study leaves, when I used to go to one of my friend's house to have combined study. His name is Binu, and his family had him, father, mother and an elder sister with her husband. His parents were away from his house for quite some days since they had to take care of their land property back in a distant village. His sister was older than him, named Bindu, married to an accountant in a local firm.

Bindu had an attractive figure which no one can resist looking for, but I managed to control myself some how. She was very fair, around 5' 6", big boobs around 36 and a nice body shape. Her eyes had a very powerful and erotic look that you cant resist. But her husband does not seem to be a perfect person for a lady like her, and was a workholic person coming late every day because of some pending work at office. They had a kid of around an year old.

She wears saree most of the times at home. Many a times, I could get a side view of her through the side of her saree. The big boobs are also exposed with blouse through the sides some times which could satisfy my subject in fantasies for the night. I managed to get a few good views every day without any one noticing me.

Most of the days, when I go there, I go straight to his room and start my exam preparations with him. One day, when I went to his room I was shocked to see Bindu feeding her kid at Binu's room. It was such a beautiful scene I could not illustrate having her beautiful boobs out on air. I could not resist looking at it for a second when she realized some one at door and looked straight at me. She had caught be red handed, covered her boobs, smiled at me and said

"Binu is not here Manoj, he had gone to our home or some urgent things and would be back in two days. He could not convey this to you since it was quick, and asked me to tell you this"

"Oh..ok..do you mind me copying some of his notes?" I asked her since I just wanted to be around there for some time with her.

"Ok, no problem..." She said.

I entered the room and sat on his chair. The chair was facing the bed and I could still see her feeding the kid. Suddenly the kid pushed the saree and it exposed that beautiful piece of art again in front of me. I could not stop staring at it even though I knew that she was looking at me.

"Manoj, you should not look like that", she smiled and put her saree back.

By the way she was behaving, I was sure that she will co-operate with me if I make a move. Else she would have already asked me to get out of the house. With that confidence I said

"How can I stop staring the very beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life", I winked and smiled at her

"I am your friend's sister, you should not tell like this" She continued smiling.

"I know, but even if it was my own sister, I could not stop looking at the treasures of such a beautiful girl in this world". To add spice to the coversation I added.

"Am I that beautiful" She was curious about her beauty.

"I would do what ever I can without a question just to watch this princess's breasts" I started making it hot.

"You are not like what I thought. You are a naughty boy, again what did you tell? You will do anything?" She asked.

"Yea, sure. What do you want me to do just to see them for few minutes?" I asked

"Do you masturbate? Can I see you masturbating? I need to see your milk now...if you can" this time she was already getting hot.

"No problem, if you could show me your bare breasts" I told

"Ok, let me try. I will make the kid sleep, close the door and come" She took the kid and went out of room.

I waited in the room expecting her, each second was like an year to me. I could not believe that I am going to see the big, fair and attractive pair of breast of my dream lady.

After around 10 minutes she came to the room and sat in the bed. I stood up from the chair and walked towards the bed.

"No...Manoj, you should not attempt to touch or come near me. If you can show me your milk, its fine. Else I am going, dont force me" This time she was determined. Why should I spoil a nice chance like that, i walked back and sat on the chair

"Alright, as you like. But please show me your breasts which is my dream ever" I asked.

"Good boy" She smiled and said.

And then she took the pallu of the saree down and unhooked the blouse. Wow....there was no brassiers, bare globes in light jumped out of her blouse as she unhooked it. I could not believe my eyes, I kept staring at them.

"Ok, now your turn" She said.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my already erect cock from my inner wear. It was alredy hard rock after seeing the most ever wanted scene. I started shaking the rod slowly by looking at her sweet breasts, and not even closing my eyelids.

She started enjoying my act, and started teasing me by shaking her breasts and taking them one by one in her hand. She even squeezed milk from both of them to my direction.

It was getting too much for me, I started shivering and the load of few days of cum was boiling in my balls.

"Bindooooo....can I please touch it? Pleaaaaaaaaaasse...I cant stand this" I cried...

"Nooo..." she told...

"Bindooooo.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee....I will come in a minute...just a touch for less than a minute.....never again...pleaaaaaaaaaase...I will do what ever you tell me...." I cried on top of my nearing climax.

She was silent for a second, and then said "Ok...come on and play with it. But just for one minute" She seemed to be in mood already.

It was a boon for my ears, I jumped out and reached her. Cupped those sweet globes in my hand and slowly squeezed them. I touched her nipples, it was already erect. She was looking at my oozing cock tip. I took one of my hand and started shaking my cocking while other was squeezing her soft globes one by one.

I was flying with pleasure, and wanted to suck the breast milk. I knew that one more request is not needed, just quickly sat on the bed, bent down and took one of her nipples in mouth in less than a second.

"Manooooj....no...." She cried, but her voice was so feable.

I continued sucking it, my mouth started getting the sense of the warm sweet liquid - the breast milk.

I took her one hand and make it hold on my cock, held my hand covering it and started masturbating. With her hand holding my cock and her sweet breast giving warm milk to my mouth was a unimaginable situation. My balls swelled and I sucked her breasts hard.

Suddenly the heavy thrust from my balls found its way through my cock which was surrounded by Bindu's hands....Oooooo.. yes, my cock started pumping out hot, thick and lots of cum. The first thrust hit Bindu's face since she was looking at it closely. She pulled her face out, but it was still pumping and I was holding her tight. Milk spread all over the place mostly on her lap, few at her breast and the first on her face. Some where on the bed and floor too.

After everything came out, I continued holding her for a second and left her. She smiled at me and helped me in cleaning my cock with her saree. She cleaned her breasts also with saree and got up from bed.

"I really love you Manoj...you are so beautiful, and so if your cock." She smiled. "Please close the door when you go, I am going to have a bath" she added, and walked out of the room.

I could not believe what happned and sat their for some time. Then I went back to my home with the satisfaction about the time I spent with Bindu.

Friends, if you like it, please write to me at email4manoj76@yahoo.com. Will share my adventures with Bindu and the rest in remaining parts.

Till then....yours loving

Manoj (email4manoj76@yahoo.com)

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