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Desi Sexy Kashmiri Apple Babe

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Desi Sexy Kashmiri Apple Babe
I am Ravi, 27 residing at Bangalore. I want to share a secret story of my life. Everybody, especially Indians know that sex activities are strictly prohibited in India being conservative and many of us has not had sex experience before marriage. The same situation was with me before just threes years ago. I have a best friend whose name is Aditya. My story starts just from his house.
It was a cold night when I was going to Aditya's house for some work, suddenly rain started and as I hadn't an umbrella my clothes became wet untill I reached his home. I rang the door bell two-three times but no response. I was shuddering due to cold so I knocked the door also. After two/three minutes his sister Sundari opened the door and offered me greetings and asked me to come in. I asked about her brother Aditya, she said that he is not present at home. I said ok and turned to go back. She stopped me to go back and asked to come in. I said that I had to meet with Aditya and since he was not at home so I had to go back. "What happened if Aditya is not present at home" "I am here" she said. She asked me to come in house and wait for him. However, on her insisting, I entered in her house. She regretted for opening the door late and told that she was enjoying the rain at the rooftop. I asked her if there was no one else except her. She said that her house inmates had gone to see her ill uncle and they will be back after 2-3 hours. She offered me a chair in drawing room and said that your clothes are quite wet and you may become ill, as the weather is very cold. So you should change your clothes just now. I thanked her, and said that I would change my clothes when I would back to my home. She insisted to change and gave me a dress of Aditya.
I asked her that her clothes are also wet. She said … yeah…. I know. I am also going to change my dress. You just stay here I am coming back. I was hesitating to change my dress just in the house where nobody was present except my friend's sister and this was the point which was growing something in my body. However, after 2-3 minutes, I started changing my dress. At first, I put off my T shirt and then Pants to wear other T shirt and shorts , which Sundari had given me. (when I wear Shorts, i removed my underwear which was also very wet). While I was stark naked and there was no cloth on my body, suddenly Sundari entered in the room. I put my hands on my cock at once in order to hide it but I think she had seen my hanging cock. She immediately returned back with a smile. It was very embarrassing situation and I was very confused. I immediately put on the dress. I was feeling ashamed of the incident and not able to meet my eyes with her so I decided to go back to my home. In the meanwhile, Sundari entered again in the room with a cup of tea. She looking me standing, asked me that where are you going. I told her that I have a urgent work, so I had to go to my home. She said that she would not allow me to go as there was still raining outside and took my hand and pushed to a chair. I could not expect behaviour like that particularly from my friend's elder sister. I was sitting in my chair and she was standing just in front of me with a cup of tea.
For the first time, I saw that she had changed her wet clothes and wearing a "nighty" I can see her panty, bra and whole body through her thin fabrics. I shocked of this scene. She bends on her knees to give me the tea. When I was taking tea from her, I saw her big boobs and also saw sexy invitation in her eyes. The passion and heat arose in me at once and there was a sudden erection in my cock. I was confused because she was sister of my friend and I should not think any thing bad about her. She asked me Ravi "what are you thinking". I replied no nothing. She looked down on my buldge and grabbed my hard cock in her hand and started rubbing it and asked " if you are not thinking anything then what is this". Her act surprised me very much. I grabbed her wrist to stop her and said "Sundari you are my friends sister , and thisis not right , please let me go home". She told me that she was my friend's sister and not my real sister. She said that "please Ravi this is what i want from you ever since i saw you first". I amazingly asked her if she was telling me truth. She said that she could swear upon that whatever she told me was 100% truth. I was really surprised to hear this but it also gave me courage to proceed forward. I left her wrist let her start rubbing my cock. She took my cock out and started licking and kissing it from top to end then she took my full 8" inch hard cock into her mouth. She was sucking my cock as an expert. I was so enjoying that I was about to cum in her mouth.
I caught her hairs and pulled them back. She saw in my eyes and said "is this the first time anyone has sucked your cock"? Off course, this is my first time with a girl, I replied. Then she stood and put off her nighty. Now she was standing with only bra and panty on. She played the tape recorder and began slow dancing. During the dance, she removed her bra and panty. I was hot and passionate with a throbbing dick after seeing her big perfect boobs and cute pussy. She came near to me, sat on my right leg and I took her left boob in my mouth and started to suck on it. I started sucking on her nipples and my other hand on her right boob pinching and squeezing it hard. She was continuously stroking my cock. All these things happening were unbelievable for me. I was feeling myself like in heaven. I took her to bed and lay with her and started kissing her rose petals (lips), cheeks, soft parts of her ear and neck. She was crying with joy. Then I kissed and licked her boobs which were like Kashmiri apples fair and flashes of pink, particularly her nipples were deserve to be sucked by lips and licked by tongue keeping them between teeths, through out the life without any stop. She also liked very much my sucking on her nipples. She said me that now it is impossible for her to wait for my cock and requested me to fuck her. On her request, I put my cock's head on the center of her shaved pussy and began to kiss her on her lips again. She said "Ravi , pls dont torment me any more i cant bear it , please fuck me hard". I entered my 8 " cock inside her cunt she moaned with pain . I started pushing my cock back and forth and she was crying of pain as her hole was very tight. I stopped then but she insisted me to do so I continued by increasing my speed. It lasted for 10 minutes.
I wanted to change the position then I made her in doggy style and entered my dick in her clit from the backside. I fucked her for fifteen minutes. We wanted to continue it forever. But we were too hot to cum. Suddenly she was breathing hard and stroking her buttock back to me and crying ….. I am cumming… Ravi I am cumming. I too, I replied. She laid on her belly in the same position my dick in her and I on her for the 10 minutes. We both orgasmed again in a wet noisy climax .
Though it was raining and cold , both our bodies was covered in sweat due to our hard intercourse and the heat and passion in our bodies. We lay in each others arms , cooling off , catching our breath and savouring our pleasures, murmuring praises of each other.
After that day , we meet regularily and enjoy sex in different positions. Sundari loves to experiment in different positions and different role plays . Sometimes , we are husband - wife, Doctor - patient , Teacher - student. This makes our sex more thrilling and fulfilling.
Any one wants to enjoy such role plays can get in touch with me

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